Miscellaneous Author Index to MMSA Stories M/M Spanking Archive

1 Good Nurse : Testicle Squeezing of Boys [discipline Technique

1 Master : Mastery of Boys (Testicle Squeezing)

7thson : An Essay

A Ayers : What a Choice

A Helpful Neighbour : A Neighbour's Story

A. Smith : Mistaken Identity

Aaaron : Mr. Luke Gets Respect

Aardvark 51 : Snowspank

Abashed : Pain and Humiliation

Abbot Hall : Abbot Hall Reformatory I

Abdofessee : Erreurs De Jeunesse : Un Vol Qui Coûte La Peau Des Fesses

Abra Kadabra : 1- Spanked Stripper

Across a Mans Knee : Bullies Taught a Lesson

Adam Collins : Adam Starts Work - Part 1

Adam Wallace : Fifteen

Adel : Baseball Punishment

Aharonbendover : Sid and Hank

Ahmed Kamal : Die Saturday Evening Post - German

Alan Mack : Tawsed and Tingling

Aldo : Dave's Nephew Paul

Alejandro Magno : Peticion (spanish)

Alf : Kenny and the Ping-Pong Paddle

Alfie Legrand : The Jonster

Alger Non-Swinburne : Verse and Worse

Alistair : Another Scottish Punishment

Alistairs Dad : The Slipper

Allan Thomas : Spankings I Got As a Young Man

Allen Todd : Good Room Mate

Alonzo : A Lesson in Respect

An151170 : Kevin Tries

Andiffm43 : Micha's Erstes Spanking

Andrew Goodyear : Joe Reid's Ruined Fourth of July Picnic

Andrew L. : 2 Strip Poker

Andy : The Reformatory, Chapter One

Andy A : My Dads Love

Andy Emm : Two at Once

Andy L. : 3 Three Mentors

Anime Spanker : Gohan Gets a Spanking.

Anita : Harry Revord Himself

Ano : Big Brother Spankes But Little Brother Get Revenge

Anony : Billy's Beating

Apples1946 : When a Young Man Needs a Spanking

Asianspank : Colleague Stripped and Spanked

Aust : The House By The River

Austin's Dad : Austin's Dad Explains

Authoritative Pip : Ta Tawsing and a Change of Uniform Part 1

B&b : An Old Irish Punishment

B. Wheeler : Red Rifle Butts Pt.1

B.B. : Double First.

BN : Friday's Suprise

Babysitting Spanker : Spanked 14 Year Old

Badlad : Daddy's Spanking Sessions

Bakerboy17 : My Birthday Surprise

Bareassed Boy1 : Bare Assed Caning in Devon

Barry Spockings : The Good Old Days

Bastian G. : Die Geschichte Vom Pagen Julian

Bavaria : Dinner Party for Jack

Belt Strapper : The Attitude Adjuster

Beltman : Sorry Now

Ben : Ben, Matt And Josh

Ben Stevens : Naughty Schoolboy

Benjamin Bunzhurt : Possum Poke 1: Ben starts over

Bent Boy : 14 And on Fire!

Bentboy : Paddled at School

Bentoveryourknee : Throwing Snowballs

Ber Bacc : Hadrian's Justice

Bill Derk : Had Brothers Sons Over

Bill's Son : My First Visit

Bill.B : Punished Theif

Billybob : Growing Up on My Cousins' Farm

Blb1285@hotmail.Com : Smoking at Both Ends

Blistered bunnds : Old Time Spanking

Blowboybutt : Loving Boy

Bluhendas : Tough Drunk Love

Bobby : Getting My Spankin

Bobbyboymi : Bobby in College

Boy Meets Woodshed : Uncle Jesse Gives Me a Whippin'

Boy in Ohio : Naughty Little Boy

Boy_wondr : Developing Myself

Boybuzzable : Josh's Summer

Boyspank Advisor : Final Advice

Bradspank : My Friend Alex - Part I

Bradspanked : Brief Encounters

Brat : Dads Comparing Notes

Brent & Snow : Andrew

Brian Winters : Advanced D&d

Briefboy : A Brief Spanking

Brpledge : The Luck of the Draw

Bryan77 : My First Spanking Experience - 1989

Buckcub : The French Boy

Butts LA : Chopstick Spanking

C.E. : Spanked by a Friend

CThead2 : The Camping Trip

Caleb : Playing with Fire

Calgary Steve : Camper's Delight 2

CalgarySteve : Camper's Delight!

Cane Stroker : Brett's First Spanking

Captain Rumbelly : Comeuppance

Captain Tanner : Embassy Discipline

Carl : Lawyer Spanks Another Lawyer

Carson : Paul's Dinnertime Dilemma: November 1998

Cat : The Post Office Job

Catface : The Mall

Ceebee : Special Therapy

Charles C : The Beginning..

Charles W. Fowler : It Still Happens

Chat Applet : Scotty Wants To Please

Cheekyboy Jimn : Steve 1 - Steve's First Thrashing

Cheekyboyjim : Schoolboy Reminiscences

Chidamen : Spanked Freshman

Chip : Late Again - Trepidation

Chip Bernardt : The Story of Donny R

Chris Reynolds : Military School

Christian : Final Exams

Christopher J. Noyes : You're Too Lazy, a Fantasy

Claudio Cane : Spanisches Rohr German

Colin Izzard : The New English Teacher

Colorado : My Worst Day at School

Congotron : Double Header

Corey Matthews : Black Maria Part 1

Court : Thinking Time

DBH : The Boss Man Strikes Back

DJ : Bad Boy Mikey

DP Peal : Paul's Party Paddling

Dabo Menk : Dad Went Back to Doing It Right

Dad'sstrap : My First Time with the Strap

Daddy Paul : Eli

Dadrwl : Poker for Punishments

Dadsboy34 : Worst Spanking Ever

Dadsstrap : The Strap Again!!

Damion Sturry : Finally Got My First Spanking

Dave : Paddling My 18 Year Old Last Summer

Dave from Cleveland : Naughty Guy in the Taut-y Slacks

David Conroy : Trading Places With Ricky

David H. : History Lesson

David_ : Lars' First Spanking

Davoom : Repair Man Taught a Lesson

Dayman : Brothertime

Deadeye : Deadeye's Worst Spanking Ever

Declan : He Never Said a Word

Dennis : Buddies Weekend

Derricand : Devon

Derrick : 1 - the Bear

Dg : The Taming of Drew

Dick Johnson : The Principal's Paddle

Discipline King : Freshman Lacrosse Player too Cocky (part 1)

Dkq Smith : The Final Cut

Dodo : Run-Away Gets Spanked

Dongbei (China) : Soldier and teenager

Doug : Scottish Punishment

Doug Dunnie : Mongolian Welcome

Dragonfly : Dragonfly Diary

Drinipita : Elevander's School

Dwight Goddard : Bandung

Eager Cheeks : Alternate Lyrics For Daddy

Ed : Ed's Cousins

Ed Moore : Even Cowboys Cry

Eddie and the Gang : Best All-Time MMSA Stories Spanking Stories

Edward : Not Sitting Down Anytime Soon

Edward.Cc : A Letter to Derek

Ein Bengerl : Verkehrsraudi

Eisaac : Eisaac's Piano Lessons

Elevander : Our School

Elroy Linc : My Dad's Poker Night

Embarrasser : Paul in Front of the Whole Class

Eric Byton : Timberlake Trouble

Eric T : A Visit to Uncle Nick's - Part 1

Ethan : Paddled By the Basketball Coach

Eustache : Une Situation Embarrassante

F-Her : Beg for Mercy.Part 1

FN61 : Timmy And the Thrift Shop (Part One)

Felix : To _f_u_c_k_ Like Bunnies Or Thrashed Like Boys

Fessecie : Fessée Au Bois

Flannigan : The first from Tim

Florian : Halbjahreszeugnisse

Footboy : A Quiet Night In

Frank Cappio : Ray and His Coach

Fratratus : Job - Part 1

Freeman : Public Humilition

Frenchythomas1982 : Invalide, Alors Fessé

Freshbutt : Scotts Long Wwwkend Part 1

Fridgehh : Die Sklavenauktion Im Schulinternat German

GEE : Musings of a Masochist

Gabriel : My Mentor at Highschool

Gabriel Eisaac : Modeling for Uncle Tom

Games of Chance : Rules For Our Version of Spank Poker

Garry : Fifty-Five and Still Think of Revenge!

Georgiadavid : Spanked By College Landlord

Goodspank : Daddy's Visit

Grammer Boy : P.E.

Guyver : A Meeting With the Principal

Haley : Surprise Discipline By a College Professor

Hankd : Eric's Story [Parts 1 and 2]

Hans : Jens, Timmy & Jonathan

Hdiez : Humiliated and Tortured By a Gang of Young Men

He Who Must Not Be Named : The Punishment

Henry Kent : Summer Adventures

Henrydiez : The Wrath of the Khan

Hermes : Tims Torture

His Grace Duke Morbid : Correspondence to His Grace Duke Morbid

Hobo : My New Life

Holkham : Public Punishment 1963

Huck : The First Time Spanking I Ever Gave in San Francisco

Hugh : Hugh Continues the Story “slave Marco Meets Master Rob”

Humberton : I Met His Dad in the Bar

Hunter E. Black : Ecce Homo! a Memorial to 7thson

Irishspanker : Red Spanked Basketball Playing Butts Both Twins Get It

J.E. : Peter

J.K.T. : Mikey and J.J. Get Punished

J.O. Dickingson : The Boogeyman Meets the Brewsters

J.R. : First Time for Nephews

J.T.A. : Witness to My Cousin's Spanking

Jackman : Taking the Belt

Jackson Amacher : The Rivalry (male bondage and humiliation)

Jaime : My Late-Night Spanking from Uncle Dave

Jake : My Friends and I Get Three Spankings

Jake Moore : Takin' Me Back

Jake Paul : Timmy Moves In

Jamesm : James' First Spanking at Home.

Jamey : Der Ledergürtel Meines Vaters (German)

Janie : The Prison Xx

Jared A Morgan : Swim Boy

Jared A. Morgan : Spanking My Nephew Brandon

Jason A. Andreson : The Order -- Chapter 1

Jasonbspank : All Play and No Work

Jawan (Pen Name) : Venugopal's Ordeal Part One

Jayspanker : Jayspank- the Naughty Son

Jeff : Dad Spanks

Jer : Stepdad Spankins

Jeremy : Pro Paddling

Jerod : My High School Coach

Jhall : A New Life with My Uncle

Jimmy H : Thomas First Spanking

Jizzman : Stop Peeking

Jnick : Clean Slate

Joel : A Spanking Mystery

Joel Carter : Dave and Tom

Joel Lewis : Young Mechanics

Johnb : How It Happened

Johnny B. Good : Adam's Second Visit

Johnstonewild : My Ukrainian Uncle

Jojo4 : El Aprendiz De Relojero Spanish

Jonathan : Devon - Part 2

Jonathan Carter : Tutorial Session

Jonray : My Board Shorts Get the Board

Jose the Hurter : Fraternity Initiation

Joseph R. : Getting Paddled

Josh Bowen : My Last Parental Spanking

Josh K. : Bathroom Spanking

Josh in Boston : My Worst Spanking

Joshinboston@aol.Com : Spankings I Got Growing Up

Juan Samtiago : Basil - Part 6

Jugendfreund : Ein Joint Zuviel

Junta : Judicial Caning

Justinn : The Gardener's Son

Jwellington : Algebra--Parts 1 & 2

K.C. : My Babysitting Experience - Part I

Karl Gatt. : Betrayal and Bittersweet Revenge.

Keith David : Stafford Fashions Part I: My Arrival

Kemp : Strict Brother

Ken_19 : The House to Myself

Kenb884516 : Spanking At Tommy's

Khashka : Gary's Story

Kirk Brothers : Shaman's Penance

Knickeless : Starmates: First Lullaby

Kurt : Curly the Whipmaster

Kyle : Stepdad

L.J. Klein : Klein's Tom

Lance Kester : Frat Brothers

Larry Fisher : Incidents in Colorado

Le Fesseur Français : Première Fessée

Leanbicycler : A Birthday to Remember

Leather Strap Production : Asked For It

Lee Leeds Uk. : Internet Meet.

Lensman : Driving and Crying

Lian : A Whipping

Lil' Strapper : Partners Part 1

Lionel R : Vol De Slip

Little Marky : A Very Naughty Jim

Lochgelly User : A Boy Again

Lord Byron : The Woods

Lostcub : 20 Swats

Lowell : Lowell Gets a Whipping

Lthrcat : Secret, Secret Service

Lymber : Paddled Cousin

M. Bareassed : My Wife's Reunion

M. T. Quill : Parenting Journal - an Uncle with Hard Job

MCap79 : Frank Spanks: part 1

MRspankee : Sentenced to CP

Maguy : An Afternoon at Sea

Male_man_00000 : Boy Spanked for Playing with Weapon

Manx Bircher : The Last Isle of Man Birching

Marc E. D. Sade : Plantation Whipping

Marc Leffesseur : Frère Jacques Part 3 ( Flashback)

Marc_le_feseur : Frère Jacques 3 Flashback

Marion : A School Moment

Mark A : The Paperboy

Mark End : Whacked in Front of an Audience

Marshall : Alicia and Kenny

Mature Do It Better : Fulfilled

Max Warmseat : Kit's First Surfside Spanking

Mccarthy : Minnesota to California-- and One Spanking

Michael Collins : Punished Skinhead Schoolboy

Michael Graves : A Spanking By My Teacher

Michael Retailer : I Chose the Cane

Michael Saward : The Paper Boy's Story

Michael. : Vandalism on a Train.

Mike E. & Abbabaer : Who Dares to Wear Underpants Underneath His Gym Shorts?

Mike Olson : Bad Day for Christopher

Mike Robin : Ha Ha Mo Get's Spanked

Mikeo24 : On a Roll

Milan.Spank : Amsterdam

Miles Paul : Miles in at the Deep End

Mine : Spanked By My Own Hands--The First Experience

Missy : Maid to Serve

Mr Spank : Spankings Resumed for Bryan

Mr. C. : The Spanking You're Going to Get: I'll Spank the Cum Out of You.

Mr. Spank : The Soccer Coach

Mspank : The Crack of the Paddle--Part I

Muscleche : Young And So Evil, Chapter 8

Mx : Ass Whippin in the Big Easy

N.J.B. : What a Good Puppy!

Nakeel : My Family

Naughty Czech Brat : A Well Punished Little Czech Boy

Nbamaguy : Truck Stop

NekedJoe : Caught

NephewSpanker : An Unforgettable Evening

Nicholas : My Worst School Punishment

Nico.Nan : My First Real Spanking

Noah : Bar Mitzvah Spanking

O Safadinho : O Caloiro

Orphan1 : My Introduction to Being an Orphan

Otk Guy : School Overseas

Otkuncle : Over My Knees For Nephew

Paddled Butt : My First Adult Paddling

Pandora's Box : Institute for Naughty Boys

Pantoffelheld : Der Pantoffel Meines Vaters

Pantsdownson : Flying Coach

Parkerj : Cold Tree - Warm Tail

Patrick : Turnier der Sklaven (german)

Paul : Douglas House - a New Start

Paul D. : Bathed And Spanked

Paul M : Mark's Punishment

Paul Staley : Severe Corporal Punishment

Paulie : Not Too Old for a Paddling

Paulm44143 : Jewel Thief

Paulus the Woodgnome : The First Hairbrushing

Pavo : Boy Scouts Butts on Fire at Summer Camp

Pedher : Doctor Rubme

Pedro : My Sister´s Macho Boyfriend

Peter Brown : A Private Caning at Cambridge

Peter Dickens : In Memoriam : Frank Benson

Philipscottmalachy : Acceptance of Fate

Pi Kapp : Real Teens Discuss School Discipline in Online Forum

Pierre : Une Vraie Fessée - a Real Spanking

Pinkened : Big Boys Don't Cry

Pogo : My Last and Won't Forget!

Prefect : Little Mark

Prep School Boy : Simon Gets His Bottom Smacked

Prepschoolboy : First Spanking By Matron

Prof : Football Team Slaveboy Professor

Pwiacont : A Father's Perspective

Qparker : Learning To Obey My Boyfriend

Quentin : Jason Asked For It

Qurioskid : Palm

Qwerty : A Dare Spanked Off

R.A. Swain : Psyched Out Eight:Judd Nelson

RAspanker : Life As an Ra

RC : My Idaho Dad.....A meeting from the Internet

RJ Reilly : Letter to My Dad

Randy O : Brothers Meeting with the Board of Education

Ranger & Rolf : Knife to the Heart

Ray : Ray's Last Spanking

Rd : Spanking My Sons

Redbutt : Babysitting the Boys

Redd Butts : The Hitchhiker Gets Whipped

Resis : The Pouffe and the Coffee Table

Rev. D : The Lord's Work

Rex Frean : Pether Brothers Spank Me

Rick : Thanksgiving Spanking

Rick Andrews : Rick & Alex 1

Rick Hollins : The Truant

Rl40 : The Battle of the Paddle

Rob : A Contract for a Boy Needing Punishment

Robbie K. : Beach Spanking

Rodney : How Eminem Got Me a Spanking

Roewood : Ben

Rolf And Gayspankee : The Truth Hurts, And Heals

Roseblush : The Huntsville Honey

Rough Rider : Lessons in Spanking Little Boys By Little Boys

RuffStud : Getting What I Need

Ruffcop : Cop Spanker's E-Mail

Ryan : Uncle Dan

Ryan Fenton : A New Beginning

Ryan T. : Summer With Uncle Don

S-Punk : En La Comisaría.

Same As Above : Count Down Erster Teil

Samhexum : The Brig (A Continuation...)

Sammy : Mistress Anne, Part 2.

Sampanratt : A Florida Morning

Sbpadl : College Fraternity Initiation

Sc : Taking My Time

School Shorts Boy : Rory - Strapping a Scottish Schoolboy

Schoolboys : The Principal Spanks

Scots Guy : Larchfied Reform School

Scott B : The Amplifier

Scott Berryman : The Baby-Sitter

Scotty : Semi-True Survey --- Memories of Leather & Wood

Sean M. : Halloween Party

Sergeant Ken : A Royal Spanking

Shade139 : Spanked at University

Shari Roan : Spank Your Kid, Go to Jail? -- Los Angeles Times

Shay Scott : Sleeping With the Enemy

Short Shorts : School Daze Part One

Sitzheizung : Der Klassenparia 2 Michael

Skinnyboyspanker : Mein Knochenduenner Bruder

Skipper : Snickers Sneakers

Slave Hugh : Second Meeting

Slave Mack : Trip to the Cottage

Slipper : Presente De Aniversário

Slow Learner : No Alcohol Week One

Smartass : For Joel

Soccer Boy : The Coach's Spankings

Sockluver : Phillip Moves to England

Sopranovex : Just Come on in II

Sore Bum : Busted

Sore_asss : The Good Old School-Days... Part 1

Sorensorry : Hush My Mouth

Southern Comfort : Eggs

Spank Boys : Fantasies Fulfilled

Spank and Fuck : Fucked by the Least Likley Person Ever Part 1

Spankboi30 : Houseboy Service

Spankboyzbunz : A Party to Remember Or 'rough Hands'

SpankedTeen : Jason's Paddle

Spankedbum : Ryan's Spanking

Spankedladbn1 : Meeting Chris

Spanking : Three in Trouble

Spanking Advisor : Letter to Parent 3

Spankscot : Spanking on the Farm

Spanku4fun : My Last Spanking

Spankyourarse : Bamboo Massage

Spkatlanta@aol.Com : Str8 Man Spanked Outdoors By Older Man

Sporto : Some Times...

Ssaecin : A Most Sensual Experience

Step-dad01 : Jamie And His Step-dad

Stephen G. : Stephen G.'s Double Header

Steve B : The New Master Chapter 3

Steve NC : First Time For Nephew

Steve Nobles : Fun and Games

Steveboy18 : Steven Adam's Grooming Discipline

Steven B : The New Master Chapter 4

Steven Mills : Foster Home Discipline

Steven x : See Me After Class

Stewie : Better Than Probation

Sting : Teaching at Timeward Manor Boys School

Strict Sir : British Public School Discipline - the Initiation (Part One)

Summer Home : Summer Home Part 1

Supplejack : Taming Perkins

Swatter : Butt Bustings in Shop Class

Swatter@aol.Com : The Clock Incident

Swinburn : Charlie Collingwood's Flogging by Etoniensis

Teddy : Doctor Payne

Teenspankboy : Boy Scout Camp-Puberty And Punishment

Tender Troy : Tommy 1

Terry : The Beginning of an Era

The Dominant Male : Spanktherapy

The Journeyman Mage : Best Friends Who Spank

The Neighbor Boy : Punished By the Neighbor

The Pen Is Mightier : Mike's English Class

The Realistic Spanker : Oliver Murphy: My Life As a Little Boy…

Thomas Thomsen : My Best Friend Gets Paddles

Thorsten Orr : Taught a Lesson

Tiel : Mr. Smith and Me

Timmy : Dad's Super Bowl Party

Tjw : Practice Makes Perfect

Tjw29 : Sixers' Stripes

Todd : The Coach's Paddle

Tom Wms : The Young Babysitter

Tom. : Tarn and I.

Tommi E Arles : Nuoce Gravemente Alla Salute

Tommy : The Hi-Lo 'Fly-Back' Ping Pong Paddle

TopGun : The Importance of Being on Time

Tortureinsf : Torture Enslavement of Kyle 1

Travis : My First Submission

Trekboy008 : Babysitting Anthony

Trev : A Freshman's Many Firsts

Trisan : Blaine Returns

Two Spirits : Shaved Spanked & Speedo's

Ty of Green Bay : Headmaster's Solemn Duty

Uk Phil : A Right Royal Caning

Uncle C : My Nephew's Punishment

Uncle Dave : Colin and I - Summer of '98 - Part II

Ungezogener Junge : Mein Daddy

Volcano : The Coach and the Kid

Walrus : The Senator Gets It

Want_a_spanking : Do You Want to Give Me a Spanking?

WarBaby : Didn't Think it Would Ever Happen

Warden : Matt's Punishment

Wasp : Plantation Master

Watcher : I Spank My First Ass (True Story)

Watersport200 : A Kool Tough Dude Gets His Butt Roasted and Learns a Lot of Respect

Welly : Busted in the Barn Part 1

Wes : Steve Gives Simon a Good Time

Wildangell : Reb & Cheif in Spain

William Baker : The Housemaster

Wimpy Boy : A Young Man Reveals His Nature

Wireless : The Shame of It All: the Prison Story of Jason Bitkin

Woodshedotk : Male Ritual

Xcalibur : The Secret Camping Club

Xuxo : Frat Spank Piss

Y-Town : Co-worker Paddled for Bad Attitude

Ynky32a : Trading Shots

Young Boy : Bible Group

Zachary Jason Rogers : How I Got Caught

Znarf : Futurespank.It

Zoman : History Farm

_c_o_c_k_ydutch : Spanked and Diapered Teen Boys

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