About Me

by Sean M

This is all about me and it is real. I get off by writing these stories as much as I know you guys get off reading them. Sometimes, just reading some of the stories I have written turns me on, too. I usually get turned on writing them. I usually get turned on by a lot of things. Sometimes I wonder if I am getting too kinky for my own good, but then I just say NAW, and do some more.

Anyway, I am 20 years old and a senior in college in (believe it or not) Microbiology. I want to get a Ph. D. and do viral research. I am pretty smart (I guess), and I have been pretty lucky. I have a sister who is eight years younger than me. My parents don't know I am gay, as far as I know, but they have to be wondering by now.

I have a boyfriend named Jason who is 25. We have been living together in a small house near campus for three years. Jason is absolutely gorgeous, and I am madly in love with him. He always gives me what I deserve!

When I was in Jr. High, my parents sent me to a boy's day school. That was okay by me, because I really never had any interest in girls. When I was a kid, when I beat off, I always fantasized about the cute guys in my class I had crushes on. Of course, most of them were straight. I don't ever remember being spanked by my parents, so I don't know why it turns me on so much.

I am 5'10", and weigh 155 pounds. I swam in high school and played soccer. I have ginger colored hair and green eyes, and I guess I have a nice face because everybody else thinks so. I am not stuck on myself, either. I work out all the time and ride my bike and I have a really cute butt and nice legs. I have been trying to build up my pecs, but I am still a little on the skinny side, but Jason likes that, so it is okay. Jason is very built and studly, with black hair and ice-blue eyes. He is working on a master's in sports medicine.

The first time I remember being turned on by getting spanked was in Jr. High. There were a bunch of older boys who let some of us younger guys join them at recess. We played a kind of tag game, and if you lost (which most of us younger guys did) you got spanked. They would take us to a sawed-off tree stump at the back of the athletic field and give us spankings across their knees. I used to let the older guys I liked the best catch me, and I would go home horny and jack off before my parents got home. That was the first experience I ever had with spanking, and it really turned me on a lot.

When I got into High School (at the same school) I played soccer and swam and played tennis. I had another hot experience with guys my age when a bunch of us from the swim team got together and us freshmen were "initiated". Our coach apparently knew all about it and never said anything to anyone.

The afternoon we were all initiated, the Seniors and Juniors made us swim heats until we were wiped out. Then they made us sit in buckets of ice, still in our Speedos, until we shivered from the cold and our balls shrank up. After that, they took turns paddling us with the team paddle, which we all had to sign afterwards. They also took some Polaroids of us getting it which circulated around among the swimmers. Believe me, we did the same things to the freshmen when we got to be Seniors!

I remember when I first got paddled. My butt was numb from the ice and the first swat tingled and I started to get hard. I got paddled until I almost cried, and then they made me sit in the ice and I got paddled again. It burned like hell and I popped a big boner, but so did a lot of the other guys, even the straight ones. After it was over, my ass was black and blue. A junior named Del drove me home, and I went straight to my room and whacked off about three times before I could get to sleep.

A couple of weeks later, we all went to a swim party at his house. His parents went to bed and just told us not to make too much noise. Del and two other guys took me and Donny, another freshman, back to the pool house, which had a bar and showers and all. We had some beers and then Del said I needed more initiating, and he put me over his knee and gave me a spanking in front of everybody, in my wet Speedo, and then Donny got one. Everybody left, and I stayed over, which I had told my Mom and Dad I was going to.

We smoked a joint and I had a raging boner. I had changed into jeans by then but Donny asked if I wanted to be spanked again, so I said okay. He put me over his knees and spanked me on the seat of my Levis, really hard. Then I had to pull down my jeans and bend over again, and he pulled my briefs down and gave me a really hard, bare-butt spanking. It was awesome!

Then he asked if I wanted to spank him, and he bent over my knee and I did it to him. That was a turn-on, too. He had a great little ass, and he pulled down his pants and I gave it to him on his bare butt until it was as red as mine. He got really turned on, too. I could feel his boner against my leg. We ended up jerking each other off and I shot like crazy, all over my legs and chest. I watched him get off, and that was great, watching his big _c_o_c_k_ spurt and spurt. We wound up having _s_e_x_ on later occasions, even though he was going out with girls. He gave me the first blow job I ever had, and showed me how to give him one, too. But, after a while, he started dating girls a lot, and we stopped doing it together.

When I got to college, I spent the first two semesters kind of alone. There were a lot of hot guys in my dorm, but I was afraid to come on to any of them. I met Jason in my second semester English class and we started hanging out together, although I was afraid to tell him I was gay because I was sure he wasn't. I got a big surprise one night when he took me to a gay bar. I felt really inhibited, and I still didn't think he was gay. Boy, was I dumb! He was trying to come on to me the whole time, and I just missed it. Oh, well.

One night, he told me we were going to have a great time. It was his birthday. We did X together (another first for me) and went to the gay bar we went to the first time. We danced together, and he slapped me on the ass, which really turned me on. About the time we were both getting off (all tingly!), we went back to his house. He went into the bathroom and came out and told me he had put on a jock under his jeans, and that I had to, too. I had never worn a jock except playing sports, and I thought it was weird, but he gave me one and made me put it on under my tight white Girbauds. It felt fantastic!

We went back and danced, and I had a boner all night, with the straps pulling on my butt and the jock rubbing my boner against my jeans. I ended up taking my shirt off and dancing until I was sweating. He finally said it was time to go home, and that I was going to get it good, too. That really made me hot!

By then, I figured that he had the hots for me and I was right. When we got back to his house, he told me that what I needed was a good spanking, and pulled me across his knees. He spanked me hard, too, and the X made it orgasmic, even if I couldn't get off (I never have been able to, on X). Then he pulled my jeans down and gave me a really hard whipping with a ping-pong paddle, with my jock on. It was the most fantastic thing I had ever felt! I kept thinking I was going to come while he was doing it.

He paddled my ass until it was on fire and I begged him to stop. I was so turned on that I tried to jerk off, but I couldn't come. We went to sleep in his bed, and in the morning, my ass was still sore, but I got another bare-butt spanking anyway. Then he sucked me off, and I sucked him. My poor little butt burned for a week!

To Be Continued ...

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