Punishing the Adult Child

by Eddie Knapps <Bbwrr2@aol.com>


an interview with

eddie knapps (a 45 year old boy)

In response to numerous requests, FATHERS AGAINST NUTURING NAUGHTY YOUTH (FA.N.N.Y.) and the SOCIETY to PREVENT ANTI-SOCIAL NAUGHTINESS by KIDS (S.P.A.N.K.) has contacted the "adult child," Eddie Knapps, to discuss with our memberships the issue of disciplining those "big boys" that we all occasionally come across. In his responses, Eddie talks quite openly about his status as an "adult child," and though he is primarily discussing situations involving men and "boys," certainly, his comments might be equally applicable to men and girls, women and girls, or women and boys. Readers are invited, of course, to respond to Eddie's remarks, ask him further questions, or offer their own remarks and experiences. He can be reached for the next few weeks at BBWRR1@AOL.COM, or always at his Post OfficeBox 07592, Detroit, MI 48207=2E

Q:Well, first of all, Eddie, perhaps you ought to explain the concept of "adult child."

EK:Actually, that is pretty easy. Most people, as they mature, develop a degree of self-discipline which allows them to get past the kind of system of rewards and punishment that children have at least traditionally been subject to. But there are those of us, both men and women, who don't achieve that. We may be very successful, highly paid professionals and so on, but we still need to occasionally "face the music," as it were, just like a child, submitting our behavior to review by an authority figure, and being corrected for our failings.

Q:When you say "corrected," Eddie, exactly what do you mean?

EK:Well, in 95% of the cases, we are talking about a good, hard spanking.

Q:Why a spanking?

EK:Again, it's tradition. Spankings are an extremely effective way to communicate disapproval. Getting spanked is a painful and humiliating experience for a boy or girl, and immediately indicates that the grown-up involved does not intend to put up with certain kinds of behavior.

Q:Now, how do we define an grown-up?

EK:Well, it certainly doesn't have to do with age. An 18 year old can be fully grown-up, and a 50 year old can be a pure adult child. As an example, a few years ago, I had a 20 year old man regularly reviewing my behavior and taking what steps he thought necessary to keep me in line.

Q:Does that mean he spanked you?

EK:He sure did! He was a very strict disciplinarian! He spanked me on a very regular basis for over a year. He'd take down my pants and turn me over his lap and truly blister my bare bottom! It was really severe!

Q:Wasn't that very embarrassing for you?

EK:Of course it was, but that was appropriate. Humiliation is an integral part of punishment, especially when you are dealing with an adult child. He often spanked me in front of others.


EK:Sure, he was in charge, and punished me when he chose to and felt I needed it. He, appropriately, dealt with me as a child, and so felt no compunction about lowering my trousers and taking me across his lap in front of others. Grown-ups see no particular problem in yanking down the pants of an 8 year old boy for a session across his dad's lap when he misbeahves when company is present, and they shouldn't have any problem in doing the same with an adult child like me.

Q:But certainly you must have objected to that!

EK:No, no. You must understand the psychology of us adult children. We NEED to be disciplined amd treated as the bratty boys we are. It may well be extremely humiliating, but humiliation is part of our punishment. When this young grown-up spanked me in front of his friends, I simply had to accept that this was part of the appropriate discipline he chose to administer.

Q:What position are you most frequently spanked in, Eddie.

EK:Well, that depends in part on what a man is using to discipline me. For the belt or switch, for example, it's probably most effective to bend me over the bed or the back of a chair. A high-back arm chair is especially useful, in that my feet are completely off the floor and adds to my feeling of helplessness. Most frequently, though, I am turned over the man's knee or laid across his lap with him sitting in a chair. There's a great deal to recommend this position. First off, it makes it clear to me that, in my disciplinarian's eyes, I no more than a ten year old. Older boys may get to bend over for swats, but I get taken over daddy's lap. Second, of course, this gives a man a great deal of control. Held firmly over a man's lap, a boy isn't going anywhere! And all the kicking and wiggling in the world isn't going to get my bottom "out of harm's way." Over a man's knee is a very clumsy position for the boy. On top of that, a man can use one leg, for example, to trap the boy's legs if he is kicking too hard. Or he can use his legs to spread the boy's legs so the man can spank those very tender spots in the crack and the inside of where the thighs meet the bottom.

Q:I take it you usually get spanked that way with the paddle or hairbrush.

EK:The wooden hairbrush was what my daddy used on me right through high school, and it remains the implement I most dread. Boy, does it sting! Paddles are also VERY effective in keeping me in line. Hairbrushes and smaller faced paddles concentrate the power of a man's swat in a way that really gets through to boys like me.

Q:How hard do men spank you, Eddie.

EK:Well, of course, that depends on the man in question, but it surely always involves a lot of kicking and squirming on my part. I'm often spanked to tears these days, sent to the corner, and then spanked again; My bottom is usually red and sore for at least two days and sometimes more. I guess some people would say I get punished too severely, but you have to remember with us ACs, we're physically grown even if we are immature, so some severe punishment is called for to make us walk chalk.


EK:Oh, sorry, that's Adult Children. We use that among ourselves sometimes. Or BB, for Bad Boys or Big Brats.

Q:I see. Well, to get back to the subject--you actually stand in the corner?

EK:Oh, yes. That gives real emphasis to my status as adult child. There are few things that reinforce the lessons of spanking more than having to stand in the corner displaying a glowing bottom while the men, and sometimes women as well, present discuss whatever they want, either my rear end or the weather, if you see what I mean.

Q:You mean that sometimes grown-ups ignore the fact that you have your pants around your ankles and they've just seen you spanked?

EK:Sure. Men and women who are confident as grown-ups don't think much about it. They may laugh or joke about a spanking, but when it's over, they go on to what they are really interested in: business, sports, whatever. I was once very soundly disciplined for mouthing off when I was in Chicago, then got sent to a table where the man disciplining me had placed a penny, and had to bend over and touch my nose to the penny and display my bottom to him and his two friends. The table was right next to the TV, and they watched the Bears game.

Q:Are you always spanked bareass.

EK:That should be "bare bottom." Men have asses. Boy's who get spanked have bottoms.

Q:Why is it you insist on those kinds of words?

EK:Because, of course, they're juvenile. MEN have asses, teenagers may have "butts," but boys have bottoms, and as a boy myself, it would never occur to me to refer to my hindparts as anything else, anymore than I would think of calling my penis a "_c_o_c_k_." Regardless of it's size, it is a "pecker," a "dinkus," a "prick." If I called it anything else, I'd probably get my mouth washed out with soap, and then spanked!

Q:So are you always spanked "bare bottom?"

EK:From time to time, a man may give me a swat on the seat of my pants, or he may turn me across his lap and initially leave my trousers or underpants up. But I know they will eventually be pulled down. Having your bottom bared is a real sign the man is looking upon you as a little boy.

Q:Does the man always pull the boy's pants down.

EK:Well, on occasion, a man allows a boy to "let" them down, but I think most men feel--and I'd agree--that yanking a boy's trousers and underpants down is another way of reminding him who is in charge.

Q.. Earlier you mentioned women. As a "big boy," are you spanked by or in front of women as well?

EK:It hasn't happened that often, but it's certainly happened! Women are grown-ups too, after all. And believe me, a woman with a hairbrush in her hand can be a very effective disciplinarian! Some men who spank make it a point to have a woman present when they punish, on the theory that this will humiliate the boy even more. And believe me, I know how embarrassing it can be to have a woman guide me by the ear to the safe, take my drawers down in front of half-a-dozen people and settle me across her lap for some good, bare bottom correction!

Q:What else can you tell us about adult children like you.

EK:Well, I guess we're kind of like Boy Scouts, you know--thoughtful, obedient, brave, clean and reverant. And that is the way it should be. I am a boy after all. That means I treat all grown-ups with respect, and I mean ALL grown-ups, men and women. I say "Yes, Sir" and "No, Ma'am" to the kids at the counter at McDonalds if I know what is good for me! Anything less would be 'sassy," and I know where that gets me!

Q:And where is that, Eddie?

EK:Across a man's--or woman's--lap with my pants down!

Q:What else?

EK:Well, like I said, we know to be obedient if we know what's good for us. There is nothing more annoying for a grown-up than a boy who doesn't mind his betters. Beyond that, well, it's not rocket science. We're subject to all the rules all little boys are subject to--asking permission, being polite, no cussing, no smoking, no drinking. Most men don't let us close the bathroom door when we use the toilet--you know what boys are prone to do sitting on the can with time on their hands! Or more than time! Some grown-ups don't even let us use sharp knives. I was out with a man and a couple of his friends once and he insisted I pass him my plate so he could cut up my steak for me.

Q:Do grown-ups ever discipline you in ways other than spanking?

EK:Well, a spanking is always part of it, but certainly there are additional punishments employed to make sure I get the point. As I said, sassiness or dirty words may mean I get my mouth washed out with soap, and I often have to stand in the corner before, during or after a spanking. Men also use the rectal thermometer and enema bag to remind us who we are, and sometimes those enemas can be pretty intense. Also, they frequently have us boys write lines, sometimes sitting our red rumps on sandpaper or a bristly welcome mat to increase our discomfort. One man even had me do that at a blackboard. Others have revoked my "pants privileges" for the day.

Q:Which means?

EK:Just what it says. My pants and underpants are taken away for the rest of the day. I am dressed in a shirt, shoes and socks, and nothing else, so my bottom is constantly bare and displayed.

Q:Do you get spanked again?

EK:That all depends on my behavior. Often I have to do chores, and if they're not done to the man's satisfaction, it's over his knee I go for some further "encouragement." One man out in California blistered my bottom, revoked my pants, and then sent me to his well-concealed backyard to do some weeding in his garden for an hour in nothing but my t-shirt. I was pretty pouty about it, and of course that meant I got dragged into the garage for an even worse paddling. Then I still had to do that weeding. His guests got quite a kick out of his red-rumped gardener.


EK:Oh, yes, he was having some friends over for a barbeque. It was pretty embarrassing, something I could have avoided if I had done what I was told in the first place. I would have been done with my chore and the man had told me I could put my pants back on when I was finished. As it was, everybody saw me out there with my rear end in the air, and I was kept pantless for the rest of the evening. As it turned out, I got another spanking before the night was out for being sassy. Q:Before the interview began, we talked a bit about shaving. Should boys like you be shaved?

EK:That depends on what a boy's personal situation, and what his primary disciplinarian decides. Some men find it amusing to spank boys with hairy bottoms, and I must admit, when I see another boy get it, there is something particularly exciting about seeing what would appear to be a man's ass is really a boy's bottom. But there is controversy about this. Some men argue that adult boys should be immediately identifiable to all grown-ups by having ALL body hair shaved off. There is some sense to this. My dad stopped spanking me in public for the most part when I started to get body hair at 13. I suppose if a man is very serious about blistering his adult child, then the boy should be shaved completely, everything below his eyebrows, to make it obvious he is a boy, though I guess his red bottom would make that obvious anyway.

Q:So you would be willing to be completely denuded of all your body hair?

EK:Under the tutorship of a real man, of course. It would be a sign of my real respect for him, and a sign of his viewing me as a little boy. Too, you must remember that big boys like me should be made to appear not _s_e_x_y but ridiculous when we are in the presence of men. And MEN, of course, have body hair. There are few experiences quite as humiliating as stripping in the gym in front of everybody and having a bright red bottom and no hair anywhere, even in my crotch, much less my rumpus.

Q:And this has happened to you?

EK:Oh, yes, a few times. I've been taken to health clubs by a couple dads, bushless and smooth-rumped as a nine year old and with a brightly blistered bottom to boot!

Q:And what do you think the others think?

EK. Interestingly, even now, I think men, gay or straight, accept the idea the idea pretty easily, Certainly, some of those present seemed almost envious of the MEN WHO SPANK who take me.

Q:But how often is it that others would see an adult boy's "bottom."

EK:Well, obviously, it happens at the gym, in the locker room.. I've had my rear end stared at in the showers many time, which on some occasions has led to conversations either with other boys or with MEN WHO SPANK, and has resulted, again on some occasions, with my getting spanked then and there or later. . And a shaved boy, well, in shorts and a short--sleeved shirt, it can be pretty apparent.

Q:When you get spanked, how is it usually done.

EK:Mostly as my daddy did it, pants down across a man's lap with a wooden hairbrush, but I've been spanked pretty much any way you can imagine in terms of positions and implements. The man makes the decisions where that's concerned. Paddles, belts, switches, rulers, you name it, and across pretty much anything. About the only constant is the bare bottom. Q:And you've indicated you believe that having a bare bottom is essential

EK:Oh, absolutely! Probably all spankings should be administered on the bare bottom, and especially with older boys, and certainly with adult boys. The bare bottom is the sign of the man's power over a boy, it's what distinguishes men from boys! Men decide when they let their pants down, they have a right to modesty. But boys don't. At any moment, a man could bare a boy's bottom.

Q:And that's the threat you constantly live with.

EK:Not as much as I and other boys like me probably need. We need what one man described to be as "healthy fear," the possibility that, when we screw up, we are going to get a good spanking on our bare bottoms, no matter where, no matter when. This is what boys at least used to live with very naturally.

Q:What do you mean?

EK:There's not much understanding of adult children out there! You must remember I"m a boy. I have been out with men in, say, a shopping mall, and they've said under their breath when I've misbehaved: "Boy, are you going to get it when we get home." Sometimes, I've even gotten spanked in the parking lot. But in that best of all possible worlds, the man would be able to take my pants down right then and there and blister my naked bottom thoroughly the way I need in front of everyone.

Q:You think that would be good?

EK:Of course, it would show everyone that "you're never too old for a good spanking." It would probably be healthy thing for everybody to see. Just recently, I sassed a clerk at a shoe store where my dad that day had taken me. On the way home, he pulled behind an abandoned gas station, took the paddle he keeps out from under the seat, and spanked me right then and there. And that wasn't nearly the blistering I got when we got home! Boy, did that hairbrush sting, and I was crying like a little s.o.b. by the time he was done with me, both over his lap and in the corner. But he said if he had his druthers, he would have pulled down my pants and spanked me right there in the shoe store in front of that clerk, and that he might have invited him to spank me as well.

Q:What else are boys like you subject to?

EK:Well, we're boys, and that's what men treat us like. AS I mentioned earlier, men always take my temperature rectally. Again, they take my pants down and expose my rear end, but it is no big deal because I am a boy. Likewise, they may inquire about my bathroom experiences, and I may end up with my fanny in the air for a good enema. The point is, the man makes these decisions, the boy doesn't.

Q:I've heard that boys like you often get buttplugged. That seems to violate the notion of disciplining an adult child.

EK:Well, yes and no. That kind of thing wasn't, to my knowldge, used to discipline kids in ancient Greece, but it WAS used to punish petty criminals. They would publically have a radish, and sometimes a turnip, shoved up their behinds and have to keep it in their rectums for a period of hours. A turnip can certainly be as big as any buttplug, and much rougher!

Q:You're right there. So you have been buttplugged?

EK:Oh, yes. It's another part of the discipline for us BBs. Sometimes a hot lubricant--Vicks, even BenGay--is used to make the experience even more memorable. Walking through a mall with a large plug up my very sore, red rumpus is quite an experience!

Q:I imagine that's true. Is there anything you'd like to add?

EK:Not that I can think of. I guess I'd just encourage adult children like myself to "come out" and admit what they need, and encourage grown-ups both to accept us and to do their best to keep us in line. I think there are a lot more strict men out there than we know, and a lot more naughty boys like me.

Q:Thank you, Eddie.

EK:Thank you.