Roomie Games

by Sean<>

I really thought it was great when my buddy, Chad, asked me to share an apartment with him. I kind of figured he was gay, too, but I didn't know for sure: we mostly knew each other from work and school. Somehow, not knowing made the whole thing more exciting. Of course, I said yes!

Chad is a real stud: tall and buffed with powerful legs and a tight, round butt. He has dark brown hair and dark, almost cobalt blue eyes. He's got this really great smile and his hair is cut kind of long on top, so it's always falling in his face. He really looks cute when that happens.

We got a little two-bedroom apartment in the "Garden District", a real quiet neighborhood where a lot of students live. It is shady and cool there, and a lot of my friends live close by, so I felt right at home.

It didn't take long for things to get heated up at home! First off, Chad spends a lot of time at home in just briefs or shorts and a t-shirt. And his briefs are, well, pretty brief! He likes those thin nylon ones that don't cover much, or else he wears running shorts or spandex exercise shorts. Needless to say, I didn't mind that! It was easy to see the boy was hung like a horse! Naturally, my own horny _c_o_c_k_ stayed at full mast for the first two weeks. I was sure, by then, that he was queer (he seemed to be checking me out a lot, too), but I wasn't really sure until one rainy afternoon.

I was kicked back on the couch trying to study trig, in a pair of Umbros and a t-shirt. I say trying, because Chad was attired, as usual, in tight red spandex shorts and a tank top, and I was sneaking peeks over the top of my book as he stretched and stared out the sliding glass patio doors at the rain. God, he has a tight ass! I was acquiring a more and more obvious bulge in my shorts, too. Then Chad turned around.

"Brett, I'm bored _s_h_i_t_less," he said. "Aren't you?"

"Uh huh," I agreed, closing my textbook. I couldn't keep my eyes off the outline of his _c_o_c_k_ through the nylon: he had a real stiffie! He glanced down at my very obvious boner and grinned that grin, and his hair fell in front of his eyes when he did it. That was enough to make my _c_o_c_k_ come to full attention. I was so turned on, I was ready for anything!

"Wanna wrestle?" Chad asked. I knew he had wrestled in high school. I ran track and played soccer. I had wrestled a few times in gym class. I wasn't any good at it, and I knew it.

"Uh, sure. I guess," I said. He peeled off his shirt. I did the same.

"Shorts too!" he said. I grinned and dropped my shorts. I was wearing a jock underneath. Chad checked me out and whistled appreciatively. "Brett's got a boner!" he teased.

"So do you!" I snapped. Every contour of his hot, hard _c_o_c_k_ stood out through the thin nylon. It stood straight up!

"One thing, Brett. Just to make it interesting. Winner gets to spank the loser. Okay?"

"Sure!" I agreed readily. I could just imagine that gorgeous ass across my knees! Yeah! Even if I lost, the prospect of having my hot little behind turned red by this steamy hunk was just as much a turn-on! We got into wrestling position, Chad beneath me, and he said "Go!".

In a second, I was on my back, pinned, and looking up at a triumphant, grinning Chad.

"That's your ass, Brett, my boy!" He straddled my hips, rubbing his bulging boner against mine teasingly. I was so turned on I couldn't stand it!

"Okay, Hamilton," he let me up, taking a seat on the couch. "Over my knee!"

"I don't think so!" I protested. He reached out and grabbed my shoulder and pulled me down, across his muscular thighs.

"Ooh, Brett! Are you gonna get it now! I've been meaning to get your cute little ass over my knee for a long time now! You're gonna get the spanking of your life!"

"C'mon, Chad! I was just kidding!" He sounded like he meant it! I suddenly realized what a position I was in! His powerful hand pulled my right wrist behind my back: I couldn't move, except to squirm. I wanted him to spank me, but what if he did it too hard? I tightened my ass up in anticipation.

Then his rock hard palm smacked my butt hard! It burned like fire! Before I could protest, he smacked me again, and again! I howled!

"Chad! Oww! Please, Chad!" He just spanked harder. With only my jock for protection, my naked bottom was all but bare! I writhed and pleaded for mercy, even as my _s_e_x_ual excitement mounted. This was fantastic!

"Shouldn't have smarted off, Brett!" He laughed, never breaking rhythm once, whacking my burning ass again and again, as I writhed in pain and pleasure and hot tears ran down my face. "A smart-ass brat deserves an ass that smarts!" Whack! Whack! Whack!

Then, he stopped. Hooking his hand behind the waistband of my jock, he pulled it off. Now, my throbbing, tingling _c_o_c_k_ was pressed against the slick red nylon covering his rock-hard thighs.

"Man, Brett! Your ass looks like a stop sign! Ready for more?"

"Yes! Chad, whip my ass good! It's great!" I gasped.

He redoubled his efforts with enthusiasm, until it hurt so much I began to cry. I felt utterly humiliated and strangely penitent, as though, somehow, I deserved this exquisite punishment. With each stinging blow, my _c_o_c_k_ rubbed against his spandex shorts. As each fiery slap seared my burning bottom, the friction brought me closer to what was going to be the most incredible climax I had had in all of my 19 years!

"Oh! Oh! Oh!" I yelled, arching my back, as Chad spanked me like a bad little boy, and I felt myself gush what felt like a quart of hot jism all over Chad's spandex shorts. He stopped punishing my raw, blazing behind as I came and came until my balls ached.

"_d_a_m_n_!" Chad exclaimed, as I stood, sheepishly rubbing my rump, while droplets of semen spattered the floor. "You sure made a mess on my shorts! You must of been saving up jizz for a month!" He stood up. "Now, it's my turn! On your back, on the floor!" I obeyed. The cool linoleum felt good against my burning flesh. He straddled my hips. There was a big wet spot in the nylon of his shorts, near the head of his _c_o_c_k_. I began to rub it through his shorts.

He leaned back, moaning, as I rubbed his hard shaft and balls, feeling his _d_i_c_k_ jump up when I squeezed the thick round head. Then, I slid his shorts down, and his throbbing boner popped out at me. I grabbed it, hard, and started stroking it like crazy. Chad moaned and leaned back on his hands as I jerked him of furiously. Suddenly, with a loud groan, I felt his _d_i_c_k_ pulse in my hand, and load after load of hot cum splattered across my chest and into my face, and dripped down my ribs onto the floor. Chad fell back with a groan, and lay there on top of my legs for a long time.

After we had both cleaned up, we sat in the living room and drank coffee and watched the rain.

"That was fun," Chad said. "We've got to do that again!"

"Not now!" I protested. My poor butt was still burning.

Of course, we "wrestled" a lot after that, and it was always fun. Chad and I got to be really close, and we slept together a lot. Still, I always lost in our "roomie games", and what I really wanted, what I had wet dreams about, was doing to Chad just what he had done to me. I decided to expand our "games".

The only trouble was, in just about any other contest, like shooting hoops, for instance, Chad always beat me! I got so desperate that I tried three different games one weekend. Well, sitting through lectures on those hard wooden seats on Monday was no fun, I have to tell you. I had to find something Chad didn't do better than me.

We tried board games: Monopoly, Risk, checkers: my little ass couldn't take much more of this! Then, I thought of chess. I had played chess in high school, but I knew Chad had too. I bought a book on chess and read it when he wasn't home. Then I got a computer chess program (I put it on a hidden file in my computer, so he wouldn't find it). I even started hanging out at a coffee house (where all the black-clad geeks hang out) and playing games with anyone who came along. Finally, I decided I was ready.

"Wanna wrestle?" Chad said, with that devastatingly cute half-grin that never failed to make my crotch tingle. He looked hot in tight jeans and a striped t-shirt.

"How about something different?" I said. "My choice of games, okay"

"Sure," Chad laughed. "It's your ass!" I pulled out the chess board and began to set up the pieces. "Hey. Chess? Really, Brett: I'll slaughter you!" He sat down at the kitchen table with me.

Well, he didn't. After the first game, he shook his head in disbelief.

"Best two of three?"

"Sure, Chad," I said. It was my turn to grin, now. "But, if I win this one, your ass is mine. I mean, I don't want you wussing out on me."

"I don't wuss out!" he said, pouting. "Set 'em back up!" I did.

Once again, I skunked him good. He just sat there, shaking his head slowly, from side to side. I got up from the table and went into my room. When I got back, he was still sitting there, staring at the board. H did a double take when he saw the hairbrush and fraternity paddle in my hands.

"Okay, Chad," I said. "It's payback time!"

"Hey! You never said anything about a paddle!"

"Wussie? You wussing out?"

"I don't wuss out!" he said, angrily. "I can take anything you can dish out!"

"Then assume the position!" I commanded. He got up from the table. I made him stand in the middle of the floor and grab his ankles. His hot, round ass stretched the seat of his Levi's tight. I grabbled his belt and gave his jeans a good hard pull upwards, until I could make out the outline of his briefs through the thin, faded denim. I could feel my _c_o_c_k_ starting to stiffen in my own jeans. God, Chad has a luscious butt!

I took a stance to his left and swung the paddle back. Chad squinched his eyes shut.

"KA-POW!" The hard oak paddle contacted Chad's rear end with an incredible sound!

"YEEEEEOOWWW!" Chad stood straight up, grabbing his behind. He looked at me with a shocked, hurt expression. "B-b-brett? That hurt ..."

"Bend over, wussie-boy. You think that one hurt? When I'm through with your ass, you're gonna be bawling like a little baby!" He slowly bent over again. "Grab those ankles, Chad!" I demanded.

"KER-WHAP!" went the paddle, over Chad's tight little bottom.

"Brett ... PLEASE?"

"Right, Chad. Like you ever showed my little ass any mercy!"


"OWWOOOOO!" I had a raging boner, now. I was going to blister this boy's bottom!"




"Not as sorry as you're gonna be! Get that butt in the air, bitch!"


"PLEEEEZ!" His face was red. He started bawling. My _d_i_c_k_ was incredibly hard, now ... with every swing, I felt it's swollen head, tight in my jock strap, rub deliciously against the rough denim of my own blue jeans.


I must have given him about thirty or so, until I had to take a break. My arms were tired.

"C-c-can I stand up?" Chad sniffled. His face was wet. I nodded. He did so, rubbing his sore rear end.

"You can get those jeans down, too," I ordered. I popped a brew and gulped a couple of sips. "Go on. I'm not through with you yet!"

"Okay, Brett," he said meekly. He unbuttoned his jeans and slid them down to his knees.

"Turn around!" He obeyed. "And pull your briefs down! I wand a look at that butt!"

Chad's tight, round bottom was deep red! Boy, I sure had given him a licking! My _c_o_c_k_ was incredibly stiff, and, when Chad turned around again, I could see his big, thick boner straining against his skimpy bikini briefs. I took a seat on a kitchen stool, and motioned him over.

"Please, Brett," he whimpered, but I could detect a note of arousal in his tone. "My ass is so sore! Don't whip me too hard!" He bent across my lap obediently.

Looking down upon those two perfect globes of flesh, glowing bright crimson, stretched taut over my knees, sliding my hands over the hot, tortured flesh and feeling my studly roomie quiver as I did, I almost came in my jeans.

"Ready?" I asked, picking up the thick wooden brush I had bought at Wal-Mart just for this very purpose.

"Yes," Chad whimpered. I drew the brush back.

"WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" I gave it to him hard and fast! He twisted and squirmed to avoid the avenging blows, but I popped him right on the tenderest parts of his tormented, quivering bottom! He cried. He BAWLED! He begged, but I could tell he was loving every second of it as much as I was. I could feel his throbbing boner rubbing against my jeans. After about fifty or so, I let him stand up.

He stood there, hair in his face, tears streaming down his cheeks, rubbing his bottom like a naughty little boy caught in the act of something really, really bad by an angry father. I went to the fridge and filled a plastic bag with ice. I slipped out of my own jeans and stood there in my bulging, moist jock. I motioned him across my knees again, and he complied.

"I'm sorry, Brett! Please don't spank me anymore! I'm really sorry"

"Yeah, right!" I said. I applied the ice to his tortured bottom.

"Ooooohhh!" said Chad, as I cooled his hot flesh with the baggie full of ice. "Oh, god, Brett! This is the best!"

When his red rear end was cool to the touch, I reached down and pulled the belt out of my jeans. He tensed his ass in blissful anticipation.

"Oh, yes! Yes!" he moaned, as I striped his lovely ass again and again with wicked strokes. Each blow of the belt raised a thin welt on his bottom. He reached between my legs and began to jerk off furiously.

"OHHHHHH!" Chad's throbbing _c_o_c_k_ sprayed hat cum over my legs. His ass tensed and rippled with each juicy spasm. I kept on whipping him, harder and harder. His hand found the bulging pouch of my jock, and he began rubbing me towards what I knew would be an incredible orgasm. His ass was covered with welts, now, as I applied them to the tenderest spots with gusto.

Finally, I spurted, right in my jock. I felt the wet pulsations of my own jism fill the pouch and drip down my balls and legs. I shuddered, moaning, as I came like I had never come before.

"Wow," was all I could say, when I was over.

That was only the first time that Chad got what he had given me so often. Amazingly, after that, he seemed to lose out to me, even wrestling, as often as I did.

So, these days, if you see Chad or me in class, and we don't look terribly comfortable in the hard classroom seats, you'll know that the blissful smiles on our faces are the results of some really hot roomie games!