Boys' Nite Out

by Sean

Cody sure was glad when Saturday night rolled around! He and Mark had been planning a wild night out since before exams and their friend Steven, a hunky grad student and party buddy, had promised them a time they would never forget! Steven was four years older than Cody or Mark, and he always had something really kewl to do.

Cody stepped out of the shower, toweling his short blonde hair dry. He slipped into bikinis and black 501's and a black t-shirt. Black showed off his light hair and ice-blue eyes, and those jeans fit his tight, skinny butt just right. Cody's boy-next-door good looks always got him noticed when he went out.

Mark knocked on the door a minute later. Like Cody, Mark was 20). He was Cody's best friend (and occasional boy-toy). He was dressed as usual, in khaki shorts and a rugby shirt that showed off his broad shoulders and muscular legs. He had long black hair and dark brown eyes. Mark lived in rugby shirts. He had a small gold loop in his right ear.

"What's up, dewd?" Mark grinned. "Where's Steve-o?"

"He said he'd be here at ten. I think I hear his car now."

Sure enough, Steve knocked a moment later. Steve was kind of like their big brother: he was cool, and liked hanging out with Mark and Cody. He was wearing tight, faded jeans and a white t-shirt. Steve worked out all the time: the dude was built. He carried a gym bag, which he sat on the table. He unzipped a pouch and took out a foil packet, from which he produced three white pills.

"Here it is," he said. "Go for it!"

"Oh, wow!" Mark exclaimed. "Is this _s_h_i_t_ really as good as everybody says?"

"You won't believe how good," Steven answered. "Go on. It takes about 15 minutes or so to hit you. We'll be on the dance floor by then."

Both boys chewed theirs up, as they had been told to do. The stuff was bitter, and Cody made a face.

"Let's go. When it starts to really get good, we'll take a little road trip."

"Road trip?" Mark sounded puzzled. Steven grinned back, mischievously.

"You'll find out. C'mon. Let's split."

They all three dashed downstairs and jumped into Steven's jeep. Ten minutes later, they were in "The Pit", the town's hottest gay disco. "The Pit" featured hot mixes, a hotter light show, and dozens of the hottest boys from the university every weekend. It was the best place to dance yourself silly.

Cody slugged down a beer, while Mark and Steven hit the dance floor. The place was packed, and he joined the other two. As usual, Mark was in his own world, dancing like a maniac. Steven's butt looked so good in his tight Levi's, and the bulge at his crotch was a turn-on, too! Surrounded by hot dancing guys, they danced for a good ten or fifteen minutes, 'till Cody was almost out of breath.

Cody started to feel really good. His skin tingled and his hair stood on end and he shivered delightfully. Just the way his muscles moved around made him feel wonderful. He glanced up at the huge projection screen which showed the floor scene from a camera in the DJ booth. He could see the three of them dancing. He could also feel himself getting a real boner. It must be the 'X', he thought.

The music stopped for a moment, and the three went to the bar to cool down with beers.

"So, how you guys feel?" Steven asked, with a huge smile.

"Wow! It's like ... it's great!" Mark grinned back. "And I'm getting a woody, too!" He raised his shirt up. It was too obviously true. Cody laughed. He felt wonderful, with cool sensations running up and down his body, and particularly between his legs. This was ecstatic! Steve put a hand on his friends' necks and they both shivered involuntarily.

"Ow!" Cody said.

"Road trip time!" Steven laughed, and headed for the door. Exchanging puzzled shrugs, Cody and Mark followed him.

The ride back to Cody's apartment was awesome! He could hardly keep his butt still in the seat, the vibration of the road felt so good. The cool breeze was like an alcohol rub.

"This is sure great!" Mark said, as they headed up the stairs.

"Yeah, Steve-o. Thanks!" Cody managed."

"The best is yet to come, boys!" Steve said, leading the way into the apartment. Cody closed the door. Steven rummaged in his gym bag.

"Ummmmmm!" Mark murmured, falling back on the bed, the bulge of his erection plain through his khaki shorts.

"Okay, guys! Get those pants down!"

"Wow! Orgy time! Good idea!" Mark exclaimed, sitting up and pulling his shorts down.

"Nope. Believe me, you couldn't come if you tried, right now, and I have. Get those jeans off, Cody." Cody complied. Steve had his own jeans off and then his briefs. He was tugging a jock strap on. "C'mon! Put on your jocks! Time's wasting!"

"You mean ... under our clothes?" Cody asked, puzzled.

"Hey! Wasn't the deal that you guys did what I said? Now come on!"

Cody slipped out of his bikinis and rummaged in his dresser for a jock. He found a light-weight one he wore when running, and slipped it on. It felt strangely erotic the way it hugged his erection tight.

"Us, ... I don't have one," Mark said, standing there with his _c_o_c_k_ sticking straight out.

"I brought you one. Here!" He tossed the jock at Mark, and it landed on his face. Cody, pulling his jeans up, cracked up.

A minute later, all three had jocks on under their clothes.

"How's that feel?" Steven asked.

"Weird ..." Cody answered. It felt strangely erotic, too, the straps gripping his ass tight and holding his hard _c_o_c_k_ firmly in place.

"Yeah ... " Mark echoed. "But kewl!"

"Wait 'till we're back on the dance floor!" Steve said. "C'mon!"

Awhile later, all three were dancing again. Cody was astonished at the result. The jock held his _c_o_c_k_ and balls in place as he danced, and the tight denim rubbed deliciously against his erection until he thought he would shoot off in his jeans. Mark was dancing slowly and sensuously, with his eyes half-closed and his mouth half open. Steven was wiggling that round ass of his in wide circles, a prominent bulge in the faded crotch of his jeans.

"Wow!" Cody gasped, when he and Steven paused for a few sips of beer. "It's like ... masturbating while you dance!"

"Yeah!" panted Steven. "And that ain't all! We'll take another road trip in just a ..." He was interrupted by cheers and clapping. Glancing up at the screen, they saw a camera close-up of Mark, shirt off, dancing wildly on top one of the low platforms near the stage.

"What a nut!" Cody laughed.

"Road trip! C'mon, let's get him!" They pushed their way through the crowd to Mark and Steven pulled him down off the platform.

"C'mon, Marky, time for a road trip!" They escorted Mark to the door, amidst loud applause. "I know just what you need!"

"But I was having fun!" Mark protested.

"We'll come back. Don't argue. Let's go"

Back at the apartment, Steven fiddled in his bag, then pulled out a video camera.

"You do the recording," he said, handing it to Cody. He pulled up a chair and sat down. "Mark: get over here!" Mark did. "Now you'll get what you really need. Bend over my knee!"

"Hey, man ..." Steven grabbed his arm and pulled Mark across his lap. "Just trust me, okay?" Cody, really turned on by now, turned the camera on and trained it on the helpless Mark.

"You're a naughty little boy, Marky, and you're getting a good spanking!" He tugged the waistband of Mark's shorts up, so the material was tight over his hot little butt. Then. he smacked Mark's ass hard.

"Ow!" yelled Mark, but he didn't struggle. Steven proceeded to give the youth a good, hard spanking, smacking his butt harder and harder.

"Oh, yeah!" Mark moaned. "Harder! Oh, yeah! It feels good!" His tight ass quivered with each loud smack. Finally, Steven stopped.

"Stand up, and drop those shorts!" He commanded, and Mark obeyed. His ass was a bright pink. Steven reached behind him, into the bag and produced a wooden ping-pong paddle. The rubber pieces had been removed, and there were hole drilled in it. "assume the position!" he barked, and Mark bent over willingly, his butt in the air.

SMACK! went the paddle, SMACK! SMACK! and Mark writhed in pleasure, raising his butt up for each blow. With every blow, his ass got redder and redder, until it glowed a deep crimson.

"Okay, Mark. Stand up!" Mark did so, rubbing his sore behind. His boner stuck out half a foot in his jock. "Now, take the camera from Cody. It's his turn." Mark did so.

"It's fantastic!" Mark told Cody. It burns like fire and tingles! Man!"

Cody took his position across Steven's knee, heart pounding. Steven pulled the denim tight over his slender, heart-shaped ass. The first blow stung like fire, and Cody's butt hole tightened and his _c_o_c_k_ jumped. Steven spanked him harder and harder until Cody was grinding his swollen _c_o_c_k_ against his friend's legs with each one. When Steven stopped, he stood, obediently and unbuttoned his jeans and shoved them down. Then, he lay across Steve's lap again.

The paddle really hurt! He writhed with pain and pleasure as Steven methodically covered his aching ass with searing, stinging blows. It was orgasmic. Finally, it was over, and he stood and pulled his jeans up over his tender rear end.

"Oooooh", he exclaimed. "That was GREAT!"

"Okay. Now, who wants to paddle me?" Steven asked, unzipping his own jeans and pushing them down.

"Me! Me!" both boys chorused. The flipped for it, and Cody won.

"Use the big paddle in the gym bag," Steven said, as he bent over the back of the chair, palms on the seat and ass in the air.

Cody got the big frat paddle from the bag. Grinning, he swung as hard as he could, laying a wide red stripe across the perfect round glutes.

"Hard! Do it hard!" Steven begged. Cody cracked the paddle across Steven's beautiful ass again and again.

"Oh, yeah! Harder! Harder!" Steven begged. In a little while, Steven's ass was a deep firey red, much redder than Cody's or Mark's.

"Okay," Steven panted, rubbing his butt. "Back to the club!"

If dancing in a jock strap had been fun, dancing with a hot, glowing butt with the straps pulling against it and the denim sliding over his blazing bottom was ten times better, Cody thought. They danced for at least half an hour, until Cody had to have another beer. Standing at the bar (sitting was a problem), he wondered where Steven had gone. Mark had his shirt off again and was up on the platform, dancing wildly.

"Enjoying yourself?" It was Steven, a beer in one hand. The camera was zoomed in on Mark again, and there was cheering and clapping. Mark was a stud, Cody thought.

"Yeah! Great! Uh, do you think we'll have time for ..."

"Sure. We can work in another trip or two. The night is young! But there's another surprise coming up, first!"

"Another one?" Mark exclaimed. What could be next? He glanced up at the screen.

"Oh, god! Look at Mark! That nut!" Mark had dropped his shorts now, and was dancing, clad only in his jock strap! The camera zoomed in on his bulging pouch and sweating bare chest. "MARKY!" flashed across the screen in giant letters. The crowd cheered him on.

"Keep watching!" Steven said.

The screen went blank for a moment, except for "MARKY!", in flashing red letters. "Bad Boys", the theme from the TV show "Cops" blared out.

Then, to Cody's astonishment, the screen on the screen changed to the interior of his apartment. There was Mark, across Steven's knees, receiving a good, hard spanking! Mark danced on, oblivious.

"Oh, no!" Cody exclaimed, realizing what Steven had done. His _c_o_c_k_, which had softened a little, sprang up hard again. There were his closeups of Mark's bare bottom, as the paddle turned it deep red. Mark finally noticed it, stared for a second, then mooned the crowd with a still-pink ass. The crowd cheered loudly. Then the screen went blank, except for the word "CODY!" in flashing letters.

"Oh, no!" Cody exclaimed, feeling his face get as hot as his butt had been.

There, for the world to see, was Cody, bent over Steven's knees, receiving his punishment: first on the seat of his jeans, then on his bare, jock-strapped bottom!

"I've never been so embarrassed in my whole life!" Cody said quietly, as they headed out for another road trip.

"Yeah! It was great!" Mark panted, pulling on his shirt.

"Well, it's the paddle for both of you, boys!" Steven said, grinning.

"No camera, this time!" Cody said.

"I guess you're both celebrities enough for one night. And I brought a few other, uh, toys we can play with, if you want to."

"Yeah! Sure!" they chorused.

And Steve was right. It had been a night to remember! And the next day produced more than one wild, shuddering orgasm. Steve and Cody and Mark went on to have a lot more fun together. But, that is another story. Or two. Or three ...