Buddy's Birthday Beating

by Sean <zebratiger@surferdude.com>

It was Buddy's eighteenth birthday, and he was on his way to his friend Joey's apartment. His best friend, Pauly had been teasing him for a whole week about it.

"It'll be a blast" Pauly had told him. "Joey and Duane really have something special planned." And he winked. Buddy sure hoped so: he had had the hots for 19-year old Joey for almost a year, and Joey's roommate, Duane, was pretty hot, too. He was hoping they had both got the numerous hints he had dropped about getting a birthday spanking. Buddy had been into spankings since his fifteenth year, when he and Pauly had tricked Chris, a student of Buddy's father's, into whipping them both soundly. Poor Chris never had caught on! Just remembering those hot occasions was giving him a hard-on!

They got to the party about seven. There were quite a few guys there, and they were all hot! Buddy was excited the whole time. They had a few drinks and pizza, and Stephen, another friend of Buddy's, brought out a cake. They had fun dancing (Brian had brought some good weed, as well, and Buddy got a really great stone going). Smoking weed always made Buddy tingle between the legs!

About ten or so, everyone had left except Joey and Duane and Pauly and Buddy. Buddy's anticipation was unbearable! The thought of a good, hot whipping by these good-looking, muscular guys had kept his _c_o_c_k_ aching for three hours.

"Well," Joey said, finally. "You ready for your birthday whipping?" Buddy tried to pretend that he had no idea what they were up to.

"Hey, man!" He protested. "Nobody said anything about that!" He pretended to head for the door, but the three other boys, laughing, wrestled him back into the center of the room.

"Don't pretend you didn't know ..." Davis said, evilly. "I hear you really like it! I hear you like it really hard!"

"Speaking of hard," Joey pointed to the crotch of Buddy's 501's, where his throbbing boner was all too evident. He slipped a hand down between Buddy's legs. Buddy shivered with delight. "Oh, yeah ... you're hot!"

"So, who's first?" Joey said.

"We'll let Buddy pick!" Pauly said.

"Uh, well," Buddy stammered. "I guess Joey ..."

"Yes!" Joey said. He disappeared into the bedroom, and came back with a ping-pong paddle. The rubber pads had been removed. He swatted it against his thigh. "Okay, Buddy!" He said, pulling a chair into the center of the room. "Get your cute little buns over here.

Buddy complied, meekly. Joey sat down and pulled Buddy across his lap. He tugged buddy's shirt out of his waistband and pulled his tight jeans up snug against his hot young butt. This was gonna be a blast.

Joey aimed for right between Buddy's tight ass-cheeks, where the seam of his jeans separated the well-rounded glutes. He brought the paddle down in a long arc.

Buddy tensed his bottom ... WHACK! It burned like fire! His throbbing boner was pressed hard against Joey's rock-hard thighs.

The second shot stung his right cheek. The third burned the left. Joey took his time, aiming at places he hadn't hit before. Each blow made Buddy's jeans-clad bottom quiver. Buddy squirmed and kicked. Joey concentrated on the tenderest area of Buddy's burning behind now: right above his upper legs, It was excruciating!

"Owww!" he finally cried. "Oooh! Oww!"

"Want me to stop?" Joey asked, not really wanting to, but he didn't want to hurt Buddy ... too much, anyway.

"Noo! Harder!" Buddy replied. "Whip me good! Harder!" He raised his pert little ass up, invitingly, and Joey laid it on. "Oww! Oooh!"

By this time, all the boys were turned on. Both Pauly and Duane had obvious boners. Duane had Joey's Polaroid and was documenting Buddy's agony of pleasure. Buddy's long red hair spilled over his face, which bore an expression of intense pain, and a smile of enjoyment.

Joey whacked Buddy's ass until his arm was tired. Buddy stood, rubbing his blazing rear end gingerly. He had a _s_h_i_t_-eating grin on his face

"Ouch," he said.

"Somebody wanna take over for me?" Joey said, wearily.

"My turn!" Pauly said. He began to pull his belt out of the loops of his jeans. Pauly had a bigger boner than Buddy did! They had played a lot of spanking games together, all through high school.

"Okay, Buddy," he said, swinging the wide leather belt in his hand. "Drop your jeans, and bend over the chair!"

Buddy unbuttoned his jeans obediently, and dropped them to his knees. He was wearing a tiny black bikini, and his ass and legs were red, all around the thin material. He bent over the chair, gripping the seat, butt in the air.

"Whap! Whap!" went the belt, and Buddy squirmed as the leather cut into his tortured seat. Joey, seated on the couch and watching, began to rub his own erection, through his jeans. The head of Buddy's raging boner strained the thin material, jerking every time a blow landed.

"Oooh!" Buddy exclaimed, whenever a really good one stung him. "Owww!" His back arched as Pauly's belt laid fiery welts across his bottom. Hot tears ran down his cheeks. It was ecstatic!

"My turn!" Duane said, when Pauly was done. His own _c_o_c_k_ was rock-hard. Joey, on the couch, had his jeans down and was massaging his own aching pole. Duane took a seat in the chair. Buddy bent over his lap, meekly.

Duane pulled Buddy's bikinis down, baring the boys beautiful butt: it was gorgeous! Buddy's tight ass was bright red, crisscrossed with angry red welts from the belt. He could feel the boy's erection against his jeans.

"I've always been a believer in good old bare-bottomed spankings," Duane said. "The kind I always got!"

SMACK! SMACK! went Duane's hand against the hot flesh of Buddy's bottom! Buddy moaned in delight as his already burning ass was subjected to even more punishment. As his butt was blistered once again, Buddy grasped his hard meat and begin to jerk it hungrily. Each searing smack brought him closer and closer to a climax.

"Ohh, yes! Yes!" came from the direction of the sofa. Joey's _c_o_c_k_ exploded, blasting hot cum all over the sofa and his jeans. He spurted again and again, then fell back against the cushions, exhausted.

You're a bad little boy, Buddy!" Duane said sternly. "You need to be spanked, hard!"

"Yes!" Buddy moaned. "Spank me! Spank my ass! Ohh!" And Buddy finally shot off, his thick _c_o_c_k_ spewing white cream across the wooden floor, his burning ass contracting with each spurt. He finally collapsed across Duane's lap, gasping and moaning.

When buddy could finally stand, he gingerly pulled his underwear and jeans up again.

"How was that for a birthday spanking?" Duane said.

"You can spank my butt any day!" Buddy grinned.

Over on the couch, Pauly had his pants down and was going at it, furiously.

"Uh, I think I'll spank something else, first," Duane said. He slid his own jeans down and begin jerking off, as well. Both boys were rewarded, soon enough, with fountains of fresh jism.

"You know," Joey said, after they were all seated on the couch again. "I've got a birthday next month. You think you guys could give me as good a whipping as we gave Buddy?"

"No doubt!" Buddy said. "I sure wouldn't mind having your hot ass over my knees!"

"Hey! What about me?" Joey said. "My birthday isn't for six months!"

"Well," Pauly finally said. "I'm sure we could come up with a good reason to tan you good, if we tried." They all laughed.

And, of course, they did.

The End

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