Bad, Bad Buddy

by Sean<>

Tom didn't know what he was getting into when he took the job of "sitting" for fifteen year-old Buddy, the son of his favorite professor, Dr. Kern. No-one could blame Tom for that, though: he was a bright young man, but totally unprepared for the devious and twisted mind of a precociously twisted brat.

Outwardly, Buddy looked just like a million other spoiled suburban teenagers: lanky, but athletic-looking, with brown hair that spilled over his face and brown eyes, and a perpetually annoyed half-grin. He was sprawled on the couch watching MTV, wearing a black Megadeth t-shirt and ripped, faded Levi's.

"Watch out," Dr. Kern had warned. "He looks harmless, but he's devious. Give him an inch and he'll take everything. You do whatever you feel is necessary to keep him in line, short of actually killing him, of course. We'll be back in two weeks."

With that, the Kerns left for Acapulco, and Tom was left alone with Buddy. The teen flashed him a friendly grin, but there was something devious and evil beneath it. Tom decided to be on his guard.

Around eleven, Buddy went up stairs and got ready for bed. He came back down in tight pajama bottoms and a white tee, and proceeded to crank up a video game. Tom ignored it for about half an hour, lost in calculus. He finally noticed the time and said something to Buddy.

"Bedtime, kid. Okay?"

"Okay yourself. I'm busy" came the snotty reply.

"It's a school night. You can stay up late tomorrow night." "_f_u_c_k_ you." Tom felt his face get hot. He stood up.

"Look, Buddy. I'm not taking any _s_h_i_t_ off of you..."

"Eat me." He went on playing the video game.

"You get your ass to bed, right now ... or else!" Tom raised his voice, without realizing it.

"Or else what?" Buddy sneered. "Whaddya gonna do? Spank me?"

"I might ..." Tom had been thinking of strangling the boy, but his snot nosed comment gave Tom a sudden idea.

"Ooooh, I'm sooooo scared!" That did it. Something in Tom snapped. This little brat was going to get it now! Crossing the room, he seized Buddy by the elbow, pulling him away from the TV.

"Hey!" Buddy squealed. "Knock it of!" Tom sat down on the sofa and pulled the lanky teen over his lap. Buddy squirmed and twisted, but high school and college wrestling had equipped Tom to handle a little _s_h_i_t_ like Buddy.

"Hey, dude! I'm sorry. I'll go to bed now. Please don't ..." His tone was frightened and pleading. His little pink boy-butt dimpled under the thin fabric.

"Too late, Buddy!" Tom said. He smacked the boy's bottom, hard. Buddy squealed.

"Oww! Please, Tom! Don't! I'll be good!" But Tom had had enough. This brat was going to learn his lesson.He whacked the boy's quivering ass again and again, as Buddy pleaded and sobbed for mercy. He only quit when his hand got too sore to go on. Buddy stood up, whimpering, rubbing his burning butt. Tom noticed that he had an obvious erection.

"No fair," Buddy sniffed. "I thought you were cool."

"Get up to bed. Now." Buddy got.

Upstairs, the boy shut the door to his room, a satisfied grin on his face. It had been so easy to goad Tom into it! And Tom had to be the hunkiest stud who'd ever sat for him! Standing in front of the mirror, he pulled down his pajama bottoms to check out his rear end.

"Oh, yeah!" he giggled. His pert little ass glowed a deep crimson. His _c_o_c_k_, surprisingly large on his young frame, was hard as a rock. Buddy was going to be a very bad boy, he thought, as he started stoking his throbbing member, watching himself in the mirror. His ample balls swung back and forth as he stroked, and he shivered with delight.

Fueled by powerful, raging hormones, Buddy's wild, exclusively homo_s_e_x_ual fantasies were frequent and vivid. Even though he was still a virgin, he was always on the lookout for a cute guy at school who might share his deliciously perverted lusts. He had discovered his fascination with spanking earlier that year, when the coach had caught him and Pauly Moore smoking behind the gym. They had gotten three licks each, with a paddle, and Buddy had almost shot off in his jock strap!

The rest of that day, he had had a continuous boner. When he had finally gotten home to his room and locked the door, he had experienced the hottest orgasm he had ever had! He groaned, remembering the experience, then shot a copious stream of boy-juice across the dresser. Milky liquid dripped down the mirror as he fell back onto the bed.

Oh, yeah! It was gonna be a great two weeks, but it would take planning. He couldn't let on to Tom what was going on ... the gorgeous jock looked straight, and, anyway, he wouldn't be interested in a kid Buddy's age. He curled up under the covers and pulled out a well-worn copy of his favorite one handed magazine. He was going to have to plan this carefully if he was gonna get what he had fantasized for three years about: a really, really red-hot, bare-assed spanking!

Buddy was the best little boy all week long. He was tempted, like major, during gym, especially. He had swimming practice, and he had plans for him ... and Pauly. Tom was planning to be out with his girlfriend that night. Buddy invited the hunky little redhead to spend the night, dropping hints that they would have the run of the house. Pauly assented, with a wide grin. Little did he know the full extent of bad Buddy's plans.

Pauly was his bud. Pauly was built, and Buddy had fantasized about him since they were in Jr. High, at Hoover. He told Tom that Pauly was staying over, so when the winsome redhead showed up, Tom barely looked up. When Tom announced that he was going out, both boys were on their best behavior.

"No bull_s_h_i_t_, ok?" Tom warned. "I mean it!" Picking up his jacket, he noticed an envelope on the hall table. Inside was a short note:

"TOM: I give you full permission to discipline my son, Paul. Signed: J.O. Wilder." Funny, but Mr. Wilder's handwriting looked, well, juvenile. Oh, well. Tom put it in his pocket as he left.

When Tom got back, he was horrified. The place was a wreck. He smelled marijuana, and when he entered the den, it was worse.The place was a wreck! Amidst a mess of beer cans and pizza boxes, the two teenaged assholes were gleefully giggling as a disgusting porno flick flickered on the projection TV. Tom was livid.

"You boys get to bed!" He ordered, sternly. His command drew sneering replies from Pauly and Buddy.

"So what?"

"Get _f_u_c_k_ed!"

Tom surveyed the wreckage with dismay. Buddy wore a tee and white cotton briefs. Pauly, the redhead, stood up. Pauly was bare-chested in tight levi's. Tom felt oddly pleased that he had caught the two misbehaving: it gave him a ticklish sensation between his legs.

"Pauly! Come here!" He pulled the boy across his knee."You are going to get it, good!

"Hey, man! You can't! I'm too old to be spanked!: Pauly squealed as Tom's muscular arm jerked him to the sofa.

"We'll see about that, young man!" Then, to Buddy: "You stay right there, Buddy. You're next!" Buddy scowled back at him. The brat had an obvious boner. He turned his attention to Pauly, who was strangely quiet, now. The sight of the boy's tight, round behind, tensed under faded denim, gave him a thrill. He brought his hand back and down with a vengeance.

WHACK! went Tom's big flat hand on Pauly's tight little ass. "YEEEOOWW!" went Pauly, bucking and struggling. WHACK! and WHACK! again, and Pauly whimpered and pleaded. After twenty or thirty more, he let the boy up. Pauly stood up, rubbing his rear end and sniffling.

"Have a seat on the sofa,: he commanded. The redhead complied, gingerly, wincing as his well-spanked bottom touched the cushions.

"Now," Tom said, coldly. "For you, Buddy." He pulled his belt out, through the loops. "Get over here!" Buddy obeyed, hesitantly. He seemed about to cry.

He pulled Buddy over his lap.

"Please, Tom! Not again! I'm sorry!" he whimpered. "Let me put my jeans on first! Please!"

"I warned you before, Buddy!" Tom said, sternly. "You're going to learn, one way or another!" He pulled the boy's briefs down to bare his little round butt, tensed in anticipation. Pauly stared at the scene, unbelieving. The warmth from his own burning bottom and the sight of Buddy's helpless, bare ass over Tom's knees made his _c_o_c_k_ swell in his jeans. Pauly had always dreamed about a scene like this, and now, it was happening in front of him! It was even better than when Coach had paddled them both!

"Please, Tom! Not on my bare bottom! I'll be good! Oh, please!" Buddy's boner was about to poke a hole in his briefs.

Tom's belt slashed down across the boy's exposed ass cheeks with a loud CRAAACK! It left a bright red stripe on the firm, pink flesh. Buddy howled in pain. Tom's own ample _c_o_c_k_ was swelling under his chinos. He was really enjoying this!

"You get twenty more. Slow, so you'll feel each one. You count them, too! Miss count, and I'll start over." The thin leather belt whistled through the air again.

CRAACK! "Owooooo!", went Buddy, writhing. "One, he whimpered. CRAACK! "Owwwooo! Two!"

It was heaven! It hurt so good! With each blow, Buddy's ass burned and his balls tingled. His throbbing _c_o_c_k_, trapped in the pouch made by his bunched briefs, rubbed deliciously against Tom's powerful thighs.

By the last stroke, Buddy was sobbing openly, tears running down his handsome young face.

"Stand up!" Tom commanded. Buddy did, pulling his briefs up over his tender bottom cheeks. On the sofa, Pauly was rubbing his own erection through his jeans. The sight of Buddy's well striped rear was almost more than he could stand.

Buddy stood, rubbing his butt and sniffling. His _c_o_c_k_ stood straight out under the white cotton, and there was an obvious wet spot around the plum like swelling of his _d_i_c_k_head.

"Upstairs, both of you!" Tom ordered, and the two teens scampered out of the room. What was wrong with these brats? Well, they were going to learn to behave if he had anything to say about it. He rubbed his own erection, savoring the events of the past few minutes. Besides, he kind of enjoyed it.

Up in Buddy's room, Buddy stripped off his underclothes in front of Pauly. He bent over, displaying the red welts on his ass. When he straightened up, Pauly had his jeans down and was beating his own meat furiously.

"Oh, yeah!" Buddy exclaimed, as he started to masturbate. A few minutes later, both boys were rewarded by wild gushers of steaming boycream.

"Can I stay over again, soon?" Asked a panting Pauly.

"Sure," Buddy grinned. "If you promise to be a bad, bad boy!" Both boys broke out laughing.

"Shut up, up there!" Came Tom's voice from downstairs. Giggling, the two culprits crawled into bed.

A week later, Dr. Kern called Tom into his office for a "private" chat. Tom was sure he knew what it was about.

"Look, Dr. Kern," he started, faltering. "I can explain about Buddy ..."

"You don't have to explain, Tom," his professor grinned back. "I don't know what you did with Buddy, but he's been on his best behavior! You don't know how many sitters have quit on us before. And Buddy thinks you're the greatest. From now on, you've got the job, whenever you want it!"

"Uh, thanks," Tom murmured, and headed for his next class. He just couldn't get rid of the feeling that somebody was putting one over on him. Oh, well, he thought, at least he knew how to handle bad, bad Buddy.