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I will never forget that hot summer day in 1976 when i was 13. I grew up on a farm in Kentucky. It was an extremely hot day and I was in the barn with just a pair of overalls on. At 13 any little thing will set your _d_i_c_k_ to twitching. The sweat was running down my chest and into my crotch area, of course i was not wearing underwear since it was so hot. I was working on one of the tractors and my hands were very oily. my balls started itching from the sweat running down to them so i stuck my hand into my overalls to scratch, and while down there i started to stroke my pecker a fate would have it just as i started in walked my grandpa.

"what you doing there boy" I heard from behind me. I jumped and turned around. "I said what ya' doing there"...I quickly responded by saying I was working on the motor. "looks like your working on something beside the motor" my grandpa said. Here i was standing there my _c_o_c_k_ straining against the overall pants leg and not knowing what to say. "No sir" I said. He looked at me then looked down at my crotch.." I will ask this only once and I want an honest answer, were you playing with that little peter of yours ?" again I said "no sir".

My grandpa grabbed my arm and spun me around so that my back was to him. I couldnt see his face but I knew his voice meant business when he said " I'm going to pull those overalls down and if i find oil around that _d_i_c_k_ your going to get your lilywhite ass beat for telling me a lie boy". he reached around and undid the two buttons holding up my overalls. the fell to my stomach but caught on my hard _d_i_c_k_. he yanked them down and my _c_o_c_k_ bounced back up and hit me in the stomach. we both looked down at the same time and the tell tell signs of oil was around my _c_o_c_k_. Before I knew what was going on I was over my grandpas lap and he was rubbing his dirty farm hands over my white ass. spreading my cheeks apart exposing my asshole to the warm winds. I was just getting use to the feeling when WHAM ! the first smack. I yelled at the top of my lungs. It felt so hard and my ass felt like a hot poker had been stuck to it. Then another SMACK ! this time his finger tip hit right on my asshole. Man it hurt and I started bucking like a wild stallion. "please let me up" I kept yelling...but agian another swat from his hand. this one landing on the bottom of my ass and again i begged for him to stop. " I swear I wont play with my peter again" I said.

The spanking went on what seemed like an eternity. Finally my grandpa said " five more and these five you will remember". He took his hands and spread my legs apart as far as they would go. He brought his hand up and landed the hardest hit I had yet felt. It caught me right on the ass and a little on my bag and balls. My _d_i_c_k_ went instantly hard. I started trying to get free, the oil on my _d_i_c_k_ rubbing with the oil on my grandpas pants. Again another hit and again landing right between my ass and balls..Man it hurt like hell but at the same time my _c_o_c_k_ was getting harder and more ready to shoot that manjuice.

I lay there waiting for the next slap..the third landed right on my balls. I jerked forward and as pulled back I felt that feeling that everyman knows, the moment before you shoot a load. as the forth swat came down right in the middle of my ass my _d_i_c_k_ exploded..I moaned and yelled at the same time. my cum spewing forth onto my grandpas leg. as the second load shot out the last swat came down and popped my ass harder than any of the others. I shot a third time this one just just barely seeping out of my _d_i_c_k_head. my grandpa stood me up and saw the mess on his leg and the cum mangled in what little pubic hair I had.

"what kind of little pervert are you" he said. A boy isnt suppose to get off on getting his ass whipped. He grabbed me and forced me to my knees. "maybe this will teach you a lesson you wont forget" He forced my head to his leg and told me that if i didnt lick off every drop of cum on his leg i would get a beating that made the one i just got look like a tickeling. I hesitated in licking my own cum off. expecially since it was mixed with a little oil from his pants. "I said start licking" he slapped the back of my head and I knew he meant business so i did what i was told and licked up every drop. I stood up and started to turn away when he said "not so fast boy". I turned to see what else he had in store, "one more thing" he said. I stood there thinking what else could i have to endure. He grabbed a belt that was laying on the tractor motor and told me to turn to the side. I did not knowing what to expect. My _d_i_c_k_ was still standing up someand sticking pretty far out. he raised the belt over his head and i thought to myself "what is he going to hit". I was soon to find out. WHAM he brought it down right on the head of my _d_i_c_k_.. I screamed and grabbed my _d_i_c_k_. It felt like it had been cut off. I had not cried during the spanking but this time i cried like a baby. laying on the ground holding my _c_o_c_k_ and rocking back and forth. My grandpa walked and stood over me. "answer me this boy" i heard him say. "are you going to play with that peter anymore?" I looked up and said "no sir"..My grandpa looked down and said to me with a smile "If you dont jack off ever again your crazy boy" "just dont let me catch you doing it" he said laughing..My grandpa only caught me one more time after that. and he was right this was like a tickeling compared to what i got..

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