Peter Put Back Into Shorts

by Crispin



"Jenkins, go to your dormitory! Now!"

Peter looked out of the dormitory window that overlooked the quadrangle, thinking of the last words the headmaster had shouted at him. He had never seen Dr. Edwardes look so angry. True, Peter had been up in front of the head five times in the last three weeks. Surely he hadn't done anything really serious, he thought to himself, smiling as he remembered how he had been caught by Mr. Pryce, the History master, flicking food from his fork at Bill Marsh, the Form swot, at lunchtime. That wasn't really serious, just a bit of fun, but the head had seemed furious.

Peter started worrying about why he had been sent to his room. The headmaster had not told him to prepare for a caning, he thought, but Peter wondered whether he should change into his sports shorts and gym vest. That was the clothing the headmaster insisted a boy must wear when receiving the cane. He had never been caned by the new headmaster, but he had heard from one of the fifth form boys that he really laid it on.

Dr. Edwardes was also looking out of the window. He was wondering just what to do with Peter Jenkins. Why, the boy was almost impossible. You would think that a third form boy would behave better than this. After all, the boy is fourteen years of age; and yet he behaves no better than the little boys in the Preparatory School next door. "I wonder?" he said to himself as he walked over to the phone on his antique desk, which he had brought with him from his last school. "I think it might just work..." He picked up the receiver and dialed. "Hello Matron," he said, with a hint of a smile playing on his usually stern face, "I have an idea how we can teach young Master Jenkins some common sense."

Peter sat on his bed. "I wonder how long I am to wait," he thought to himself. After all, hadn't he already been in the dorm for over an hour? Looking at his hands as he nervously wrung them in his lap, he hoped that the Headmaster had not contacted his parents. Not that his mother would say anything, but his father would be absolutely livid. He could just imagine what would happen, he thought as he scratched off a little mud that had got on to the bottom of his trousers when he had run back from the Headmaster's study. He did not like what he was thinking. He knew that his father would probably use that new birch that had been in his father's den for months just waiting to be used. And the old one had hurt badly enough.

"Ah, there you are, Jenkins," Matron said as Peter looked up at the door. "The headmaster says that you are to go to tea now, and return here when you have finished."

"And no flicking food at people either," Peter heard her shout as he went down to the dining hall.

Peter left the dining hall having only picked at his food. He still did not know what was going to be done to him and this made him feel very scared. Possibly he might get the cane, but why was it taking so long? The old Headmaster would have you in without any delay, tell you why you were to be punished and how many you would receive, and then you would get it. And the old Head really knew how to lay it on as well. Why, the last time Peter had been caned he had had the marks for three weeks!

Peter entered the Dormitory. Standing by his bed were the Headmaster, Matron and Peter's Form Master, Mr. Walters. "Come here Jenkins," said the Headmaster as Mr. Walters left the room, "I have something to say to you." Peter walked over to the bed very sheepishly, noticing at the same time that there was a large brown parcel at the end of his bed.

"As you insist on behaving in a thoroughly irresponsible and childish manner, I have decided there is only one course of action to be taken," said the Headmaster angrily to Peter as he arrived at the bedside. "That is," he said moving to the end of Peter's bed, "that if you insist on behaving like a child then you will be treated as a child!" he said, throwing open the parcel that Peter had noticed just a few moments before. At first all that Peter noticed was a blazer the same color as his own, but then he noticed the badge on the blazer pocket. It was the badge of the Prep school! And there was a cap to go with it too!

"Oh sir, no!" cried Peter as he realized his fate, "please don't make me wear that!" the horror sounding in his voice. But Peter's voice died with shock as he saw what was under the blazer that Matron was now hanging in his wardrobe, four pairs of short grey school trousers, as well as six pairs of long grey socks and two ties, all in Belmont Court Preparatory School colors. There were even two pairs of white short cricket trousers that only junior prep schoolboys wore. "You will wear this uniform until you prove to me that you can conduct yourself in a proper, and orderly manner and not like an undisciplined five year old," said the Headmaster, "and to ensure that you do, I am instructing Matron to relieve you of your uniform and all the other long trousers you have, to be kept in safe keeping until such time as you can prove your conduct. You will now get changed and report to me in one half hour."

When the Headmaster had left Peter sat down on the bed and sobbed. "Its not fair, it's just not fair. I can't wear those," he said indicating the short trousers laying on the bed, "everyone will laugh at me," he said, still sobbing.

"You should have thought of that before you started," said Matron in an consoling tone, "but never mind, it will only be for a short while if you set your mind to it. Come on now, let's get you changed and over to the Headmaster's study before you get into more trouble for being late." With that she took all of Peter's St. Matthews uniform out of the wardrobe and put three pairs of the other trousers onto the shelf. She waited for Peter to take off his blazer and long trousers. When he had done so she left the dormitory, with his clothes in her arms. When she had left Peter suddenly had a funny thought. "At least I will not have to wear any silly grey shirts," but at that moment Matron returned to the dorm and said, "I have already laid out your shirts in the cupboard, so hurry up you naughty little boy."

"Why did she have to call me that?" thought Peter as tears started streaming down his cheeks again. "Oh well, I suppose I had better get dressed," he thought, sadly.

First of all he took off his shoes and socks. The socks he put into the bottom of the wardrobe, and wondered how long it would be before he wore them again. Then he took a pair of those nasty long socks and started to put them on. He had always thought them horrible in his old school as he was always being told off for having them down around his ankles. "I had better make sure that I keep them pulled up or I'll be kept like this forever," he muttered, "because I cannot keep my self looking smart." He pulled them up over his knees and turned the tops with the two blue bands over and checked them to make sure they were level. Then he slowly picked up the trousers. They were lined in white, just like the ones he had worn four years ago. He'd had no idea that they were even made in his size. He pulled them up over his now bare thighs. He looked down and noticed they did not even come down halfway to his knees. Oh, how was he going to survive all the taunts?

When he had changed his shirt and tie and put his shoes and new blazer on he turned round to face Matron. She looked at him and thought that, apart from being just a little taller than her own son, how similar they were. Part of that was probably the fact that Peter was quite small for his age and that, more than anything else accounted for his looking like a nine year old. "Right, you had better be off and report to the Headmaster," she told Peter, and as he went to leave she said, "and don't forget your cap!"

"Oh why do I have to wear that!" thought Peter sadly.

Peter made his way to the Headmasters study without being seen, and knocked quietly on the door. "Who is it?" a voice called from inside.

"Jenkins sir," replied Peter, a little nervously.

"Come in Jenkins, and be quick about it" the voice ordered. He opened the door and saw in the office two people. "Ah Jenkins," Dr. Edwardes said as Peter approached the desk, "This is Mr. Thomas, the Headmaster of Belmont Court." Peter said good afternoon to the man, feeling almost naked in his short grey trousers.

"Well take off your cap boy, you're not outside now!" ordered Mr. Thomas. Peter meekly removed his cap and put it in his pocket.

Dr. Edwardes continued, "I have arranged with Mr. Thomas that on Sunday you are to go with his third form pupils on an outing to the Nature reserve. You be outside the school gates at ten o'clock, with a packed lunch that cook will provide for you. Is that understood? Well boy, is that understood, I said?"

Peter looked up thinking how humiliating it would be, going through the town with a bunch of nine year olds, especially with him dressed the same way. "Yes sir," was all Peter could say, looking down at the floor.

The Headmaster was speaking again. "While you are on this trip you will be treated as one of Mr. Thomas' boys. Any disobedience and you will be punished accordingly."

"Oh no!" thought Peter, the shock showing on his face. Pupils at Belmont Court, when punished, were taken out in front of the class and spanked! Right there in front of all of those boys! How could he face it!

He thought to himself that he would definitely have to behave himself. Dr. Edwardes turned to Peter and said, "You may feel that having to dress like a Prep school boy is punishment enough, but there is still the question of your behavior at lunchtime to be settled. Come here Jenkins!." The Headmaster brought a chair over from against the wall and set it in the middle of the room, and sat down.

Peter was certainly not prepared for what happened next. He was paralyzed with fear as Dr. Edwardes began to undo his shorts. Peter pleaded and cried with the Headmaster but, even with the Head of Belmont Court facing them, he soon found himself spreadeagled across Dr. Edwardes' knees. Then, to Peter's horror, he felt his pants being pulled down too. Within seconds he was having his bottom spanked both loud and hard and, even though Peter was trying to salvage some sort of dignity in front of Mr. Thomas by "taking it like a man," he failed and, overcome by this traumatic turn of events, he bawled his head off.

Dr. Edwardes indicated that, should there be any more bad behavior, he could expect more of the same. Peter was then told to go and stand in the corner of the room with his trousers and underpants down and to stay there until he had repented his misdeeds of the day. Peter shuffled over to the corner and stood there, facing the wall. His cheeks were glowing from the spanking they had just received and were more than a little sore. Peter fought to control the sobs that were shaking his body. "If only I could do something to show that I will be good," thought Peter, but as fast as he thought it, he knew that his past indiscretions would take more to erase than just words.

After 15 minutes Peter was told he could get dressed. He pulled his underpants up slowly, rubbing his bottom at the same time. It was very sore, but then what could you expect, after the tanning it had received. He refastened his shorts and when he had pulled up his socks he turned around.

"I'm sorry sir" he said to the Headmaster, in a voice so low it was almost a whisper. "What!" said Dr. Edwardes, sternly, "I can't hear you, speak up lad!." Peter raised his head and slightly louder said, "I'm very sorry sir, I won't do it again sir." The Head looked at him and told him to return to the dorm. As he watched Peter leave the room he thought to himself, only time will tell.

Peter walked slowly back to the dorm. He thought about the paddling he had just received and what everyone in the school would think when they saw him and knew he was in for a lot of ridicule and taunting. Shrugging to himself he opened the door.

"See, I told you he was!"

Peter looked at the boy who had just called out to everyone in the room. "I said he was dressed like a Preppie and I was right, wasn't I?" The speaker was Steven Jones, one of the boys from the dormitory next door. Peter looked around the room and saw that everyone in his form was in the dorm and they were all staring at him in his little boy's clothes. He felt very uncomfortable. Suddenly Bill Marsh, the boy who Peter had been flicking food at lunch started chanting, "Peter's a Preppie, Peter's a Preppie. Just look at his little uniform! Who's a naughty little boy then?" Everyone joined in the taunting and Peter knew this was only the start. The taunting and the tanning all became too much for him and for the third time today he started to cry. He ignored the jeers of "Little blubber boy" and just hoped that he could convince the Head that he could behave quickly.


The next morning, Peter went down to the showers early. He had slept very little and when he looked at his watch and saw that it was nearly seven o'clock, he decided to get up. He hoped he would be able to get dressed and down to breakfast before the rest of the school came down to the dining hall. He wondered if any of the tutors knew what had happened and whether they would try to embarrass him in front of all his school chums. He did hope not. It had been bad enough last night with everyone making fun of him. The last thing he needed was the other boys thinking that if the teachers could poke fun at him, so could they.

As Peter was showering he thought of how he looked in the uniform. Only two things consoled him. One was that, as he was small for his age, only four foot ten inches, he looked like a senior Prep school boy. At least if anyone who did not know him saw him, they wouldn't think anything of it. Also, he had very little body hair. He had never really considered this before but, looking down at his legs he noticed that there was hardly a hair on them, only a few at the very top of his legs, and they could hardly be seen, they were so fine. Why he didn't even have very much pubic hair, nowhere near as much as most boys of his age. Considering his present predicament he felt quite pleased with himself. At least it wasn't as if he had hairy legs. That would make it too obvious that there was something strange about his clothing.

He returned to his room. No one was awake. Peter hoped that no one would wake up until he had a chance to get dressed and, if possible, get down to breakfast. Peter wondered just how long the Headmaster intended keeping him in these clothes. He hoped not long, as he took off his bathrobe, folded it up and put it away in the wardrobe. He thought it silly that any change of clothing had to be put away before putting on the other clothes, but admitted to himself that at least it kept everything tidy. Putting on his vest he thought of his bedroom at home. Until he had gone to school his mother had always tidied up after him, but now he always kept his room clean, even to putting his toys away when he had finished with them. Pulling on his white underpants he remembered his ordeal in the Head's study the previous day. How humiliated he felt when he had his short trousers and underpants taken down like a little boy of six, and in front of a stranger!

Peter put on his shirt and tie and frowned. If only Matron had not got him these grey shirts. None of the boys at the school wore them and it only helped to point out the obvious fact that he was, to all intents and purposes, a little schoolboy. Peter put on his shoes and socks, and then the trousers. Peter found it strange that he had secretly enjoyed wearing short trousers again. In fact he found that he was beginning to feel quite proud of himself. He wasn't going to let all the taunts and jibes from the other fellows get him down. Feeling happier than he had since yesterday afternoon he threw on his Belmont Court blazer, grabbed his school cap from the shelf, put it on and walked out of the dorm. He skipped over to the dining hall, grinning all the way. Perhaps it wasn't going to be too bad after all.

Peter managed to get through breakfast quickly and the few remarks made to him didn't upset him as much as he had expected. He noticed quite a few of the younger boys looking at him and giggling amongst themselves. Peter realized this was probably due to the fact that would not have long been out of short trousers themselves and they found it funny that a boy older than them was wearing short pants still.

The first lesson that morning was History. Peter had always liked the subject. He loved learning about things that happened a long time ago and in far away places. More important though, was the fact that most of his friends were in his history group. Peter turned in his seat and looked at the boy sat next to him. Geoff Duncan was one of Peter's oldest and best friends. They had gone to the same prep school and when Geoff's parents went abroad on business, he usually stayed at Peter's home for the hols. Peter had noticed Geoff glancing at his shorts off and on during the lesson and wondered what his friend was thinking. He did hope that Geoff would not try to steer clear of him because of what some the other boys might think and say.

Peter turned back to his books. The class were studying the Carthaginian Wars, a particularly bloody time in history. Peter wondered what it would have been like to be a soldier in those days. His mind had just begun to wander when he was suddenly jolted back to reality. A hand was feeling under the edge of his shorts! Peter turned and looked at Geoff out of the corner of his eye. Geoff was leaning forward over his book, looking very studious, but all the time he was putting his hand further up the leg of Peter's trousers. They had often done it at prep school, but when the boys went into longs of course it had stopped. By now Geoff was fingering the elastic leg band of Peter's Y-fronts. Peter felt a stirring in his pants.

Just then the bell went. The hand brushed lightly over his willy and was swiftly withdrawn from Peter's shorts and the boys stood up, took their books to the front of the room and were dismissed.

Outside, in the quadrangle, Geoff stood next to Peter and said in a low voice, "You didn't mind me feeling up your trousers, did you?" he enquired, a serious look on his face. "It was just that we used to do it all the time and I did not know whether you might think it silly of me now." Peter turned to his friend and put his arm round his shoulder, and smiled.

"You know," said Peter, "in a way I'm quite glad you did," giving his friend's shoulder a little squeeze. "I was starting to wonder if you would even talk to me. You seemed to me to be wondering if you should have anything to do with me the way you kept looking at my legs." Peter deliberately didn't mention his shorts in case he embarrassed his friend.

"No, all I was thinking was what you might do if I started feeling you like we used to when we were younger," said Geoff, now a little less apprehensive than he had just been. "I didn't know whether you would hit me or tell old Prycey!"

Peter turned and looked at his friend. Geoff was the same age as Peter, in fact they had the same birthday. He was also about the same size as Peter, only about half an inch taller. This had been one of the main reasons they had become such good friends. Geoff had never been any good at fighting, and because of his size, had been picked on quite a lot by the other boys at the school, most of them being three or four inches taller than them both. Peter had helped him out of more than a few scrapes and gradually they had developed a firm friendship.

"You know," said Geoff seriously, "I think you look very smart in that uniform, Pete. Most of the others think you look kind of silly but I don't," he said to his chum. "In fact," he whispered to his friend, "I wish I could wear shorts as well, these long trousers itch like hell and I'm always getting told off by Matron when I fall over and tear the knees." Peter looked at his friend. He knew what Geoff meant. He was a good enough sort but he did keep tripping over things. In fact it was only two days ago that he'd been running across the quad on his way to tea, when he had tripped on his own shoe lace.

But there was also something else about Geoff, thought Peter as he stared at his friend's face, something he could not quite figure out. There was almost a hint of jealousy showing in his eyes, and Peter wondered if he might just know what it was. "Is that the only reason?" asked Peter, with a knowing look in his eye.

"Wellll," replied Geoff, bashfully, his cheeks reddening just slightly as he realized what his friend meant, "I was just thinking what fun it would be if we could do what we used to do before." Peter remembered. They used to sit at the back of the class feeling up each others trouser legs and playing with each other's willies. He remembered that, although they were supposed to wear underpants at all times, they used to conveniently forget to put them on so that it was easier to get hold of each other.

He also remembered that Frank Smith, another boy in their class used to join in with them when they used to watch the cricket matches at their old school. Frank was also at St. Matthews, and Peter wondered if he would like to get back into shorts and play around like they did when they were younger. Peter said to Geoff, "I wonder what Frank thinks of me wearing these?" he said, looking at his shorts in a wistful sort of way. "He thinks you're a lucky beggar, even if you do have to wear them! I know, he told me so this morning when he saw you in the dining hall," his friend replied, wondering why he'd asked. "Come with me, I've got something to show you," said Peter as he pulled his friend towards his dorm. "I think you might like this."

When they got to the dorm, Peter opened his wardrobe and pointed to the shelf. "What do you think of those?" he said, as he pointed to the pile of short grey trousers on the shelf.

"Would you like to try a pair on? If they fit you, you could have them, and then when we go out on Sunday you could wear them under your longs and we could find somewhere quiet and, Oh," Peter suddenly exclaimed, and he told his friend what Dr. Edwardes had arranged for him. "Oh how awful," exclaimed his chum, "I think that's a rotten thing to make you do, and he said you would be spanked if you were bad or anything? In front of all those little boys? How horrid!" and Peter agreed with him.

"Anyway," Peter quickly changed the subject, "nobody's likely to come in here yet, why don't you try them on and see if they fit you?" he suggested as he gave Geoff one of the pairs of grey shorts from the shelf. Geoff took them and, looking around to make sure nobody was coming, slipped his longs off and was soon stood next to Peter in them. "How do they look?" asked Geoff, turning round in front of his friend so that he could have a good look.

Peter looked at his friend's new trousers. He knelt down on the floor and looked up the legs, checking to make sure that there was enough room to slip his hand in. "I think they look very good" Peter told his chum, as he stood up. "How do they feel?" Geoff told him that they felt great. "They're yours then, okay?"

"Do you really mean it?" asked Geoff, amazed at his luck, hoping that his friend was not just joking with him. Peter told him that he was not joking, and in fact, if Frank wanted to, he could have a pair as well. "We could have a jolly good lot of fun then couldn't we eh?" asked Peter. "You bet!" replied Geoff, a smile on his face.

Just then the bell for the end of the break went, and Geoff hurriedly slipped his longs on over his shorts. He would enjoy knowing that under his long trousers he had something only he and Peter knew about. This gave him a feeling of being very naughty and he was thoroughly enjoying it.

That evening, as Peter was getting ready for bed, Geoff was in his own dormitory, doing the same. He had forgotten he still had his new short trousers on. He was talking to the boy in the next bed as he started taking his trousers off. He suddenly remembered the shorts and turned around, unzipped the shorts as well and slipped both pairs of trousers off at once. He glanced round to see if anyone had noticed, but everyone was still busily undressing, ready to go to bed. Geoff decided that from now on he was going to have to be more careful when he was wearing his new short grey trousers. He carefully pulled them out of his longs and hid them at the back of his shoes, in the bottom of his wardrobe.


The next morning, being Saturday, the rest of the boys in Peter's dorm went into town. Peter was not invited and he knew why. They did not want what looked like a little prep school boy tagging along with them, that would be too much, so Peter decided that today he would have to have a word with Frank.

He found Frank at lunch time. While he was in the queue for food he looked round and found Frank staring at him, or to be more precise, his trousers. When Peter had finished collecting his dinner, he walked over to Frank's table and sat down opposite him. He was glad that there were not many people in to lunch today, and that they had the table all to themselves. They sat and exchanged news for a while before Peter told Frank that he wanted to show him something. Frank asked what it was, but all Peter told him was to meet him at one o'clock in his dorm. Frank agreed, and when Peter had finished eating he rushed off to find Geoff. Quickly he told him what was arranged and told him to come prepared. Geoff grinned and said of course he would be prepared, try and stop him. Peter went back to his dorm.

Meanwhile, as Geoff was getting his shorts from their hiding place and slipping them on under his long trousers, Frank was wondering what it was that could be so important that Peter wanted to show him. He could only think that Peter had received something special from home. He liked Peter, and although he was sorry that Peter had been made to wear little boy's school uniform, he secretly wished that it had happened to him. Shorts were a lot more fun, he'd decided, than long trousers, and he smiled when he thought of all the things that Peter, Geoff and himself had got up to when they were younger. Not that he wasn't having fun in this school though. He thought about the football match last week. He had been one of the boys selected to go with the fifth form football team to help in the dressing room. One of the older boys, a reserve, had stayed behind in the dressing room with him, and had allowed Frank to watch as he had rubbed his _c_o_c_k_. He had seen a lot of creamy stuff shoot out of it and, when the older boy had seen how surprised the youngster had been, he had sat Frank on his lap, unzipped his fly and taken his _c_o_c_k_ out and shown him what to do. Frank had seen the older boy since then but he never showed any sign of recognition. Frank looked at his watch and saw the time. "Oh well," he thought to himself, "I'd better go and see what it is that Peter wants to show me."

Geoff got to Peter's dorm he could hear from the voices inside that Frank had already arrived. By the sound of it, Peter had already shown him the shorts, but was having trouble getting Frank to try some on. Well there was only one thing for it, he would just have to convince Frank himself. Looking up and down the corridor to made sure no one was about, he slipped his longs off and after rolling them up and pushing them up underneath the back of his blazer he strolled into Peters room. He saw the look of amazement on Frank's face. He must have thought he'd walked all the way across the school like that! Oh well, if it made Frank less apprehensive, what did he care?

The two boys finally convinced Frank to try a pair, assuring him that no one would see him, and that they would barricade the door so that nobody could get in. When they had done that, Geoff knelt down in front of Frank and undid his trousers and slipped them down his legs. Frank lifted his feet so that his friend could remove them completely. The two boys in shorts could see that their friend was as excited about this as they were by the little bulge in his Y-fronts. Peter passed Geoff a pair of the short trousers from the shelf and in next to no time the boy had put them on his friend. As he zipped up the fly he gave his friend a pat on the front of his shorts. He knew that within a very short while there would be three pairs of hands in more places than the outside of three pairs of shorts.

The boys soon ended up on Peter's bed, reliving their earlier days. By the time it was time to go down to tea, Frank had shown them both what he had learned the week before and it was three very exhausted little boys who went down to tea. All three in short grey trousers, except that two of them had longs on over the top. Peter smiled. They had a secret they would share for a long time, and rekindled a friendship that would last even longer. As they walked to the dining hall Peter thought that he must ask his parents if he could have his two friends to stay for the hols. They could go camping on that little island he had found along the river near his father's house. Such a sweet little island too, totally out of view of everything except the sky and the birds. What fun three little boys could have!


The next morning Peter woke up at eight o'clock. He jumped out of bed and rushed down to the washroom. He did not want to be late today! He washed so vigorously that, by the time he had finished, he glowed bright pink. Returning to his room he took off his pajamas and put them away. He looked down at his legs and thought of all the times he had wished that he would grow some hair on them, thinking now how much better they looked without it. He slipped on his vest and pants and sat down on the bed. Pulling his socks up as far as they would go, he hoped that they would stay up, thinking what might happen if the teacher took it into his head that Peter was an untidy little scruff. That might be just the excuse he would need to teach him a lesson, Peter thought wryly to himself, checking that his socks were straight and that the two blue bands were level.

Peter had decided that he would not wear the shorts he would be going out in down to breakfast. He wanted to be as smart as possible when he had to go out with those younger boys, and if he wore his shorts to breakfast they would be all wrinkled from his sitting down. No it would be better if he had breakfast and then came back and changed. He put on the trousers he had worn for the past two days. Then putting on his shirt and tie (making sure that the knot was tight!) and slipping on his shoes, he looked out the window. Even though it was March it was still very sharp first thing in the morning so, rather than risk getting his blazer dirty, he put on his St. Matthews pullover. He felt sure that nobody would object, after all he was only wearing it to go to the dining hall.

While he was eating breakfast, the cook came over to him and told him that he was to collect his lunch bag at a quarter to ten. He glanced up at the clock on the wall. It was already twenty five past nine! He quickly finished his breakfast and dashed up to his room. After quickly combing his hair he grabbed his blazer, and making sure he had done all the buttons up his pulled his cap on his head and ran out of the dorm.

He had just reached the front gate as the group of boys from Belmont Court arrived. They were told to stop and a man walked over to Peter and enquired if he was Peter Jenkins. "Yes," gasped Peter, trying to get his breath back.

"Yes what?!" demanded the man staring down at Peter. "Do they not teach you manners at school boy?"

"Sorry sir, yes sir" was all the boy could stammer, realizing that he had not started the day off very well at all.

"That's better, but just remember, I do not like rude little boys," he said, "or scruffy ones either!" pointing down at Peter's left sock which had fallen down to his ankle as he had run up to the gate. "Smarten yourself up and go to the front of the line where I can keep an eye on you," ordered the teacher.

When Peter had pulled his socks up and stood next to the young boy at the head of the line, the teacher told the boys to move off. "That's Mr. Beech, our form master," whispered the boy next to Peter. "You'd better be careful what you do today 'cos he's told us if you're naughty he's going to smack your bottom just like he does ours. My name's David, what's yours?" enquired the boy. Peter told him his name and the two boys talked together all the way to the nature reserve. David asked him why he was wearing their school uniform, so Peter had to tell him all about what had happened. "Gosh, you must have been very naughty!" exclaimed the young boy.

By this time they had arrived at the nature reserve. Mr. Beech split the boys up into groups of four and gave them each a book of questions that they had to answer. He explained that they could find all the answers by observing the plants and animals in the sanctuary.

Peter's group set off to find the first answer. He was pleased he was in the same group as David, and he had discovered that being with the younger boys was not as bad as he had thought it would be. The younger boys asked him all about what it was like at his school and, between answering the questions in his book, he told them all about St. Matthews. When the last boy had finished his book, they all headed towards the picnic area where Mr. Beech had told them to meet.

As they entered the clearing Peter saw the teacher sitting on a tree stump talking to the boys who had already arrived. He looked up and indicated that they should sit down on the grass in front of him and wait for the others.

When everyone had returned, Mr. Beech took in all the books and said that they would have a quiz now, on the things they had seen and learned around the reserve. Peter noticed that most of the questions were fired at him but, as he knew most of the answers, this did not worry him much.

When the teacher was satisfied the boys had indeed learned something from the trip he said that they could eat their lunch. One of the smaller boys asked if he could take his blazer off as he felt very warm. Mr. Beech smiled and said what a good idea. He told all the boys to remove their caps and blazers, as he removed his own jacket. Peter had just started to unwrap his sandwiches when he heard the teacher bellow, "And what is the meaning of this?!" Peter looked up, thinking one of the boys must have written a silly answer in his question book, but as he looked at Mr. Beech he saw the man striding over towards him, and he did not look very pleased. "Just what do you mean wearing that?" said the teacher, pulling him up by the ear and pointing at his pullover. Peter looked down at his jumper. He had forgotten to take it off when he had got back to his dormitory. Peter suddenly had a very bad feeling about what was going to happen.

By now, the teacher was pulling him by the ear out to the front of the class. "Well?" the teacher asked, as he sat down on the tree stump, still holding on to Peter's now red ear. "Would you kindly explain to me why you are wearing a St. Matthews School pullover when you were expressly told you were only to wear Belmont Court uniform?"

Peter tried to explain. "Sir, I'm sorry sir! I... Ow, my ear sir! I put it on to go to breakfast and forgot to take it off again sir! Oh sir, please sir, my ear sir," he rambled, the pain in his ear causing him more than a little discomfort.

"That is not good enough, Jenkins, you were told what to wear but you decided to disobey those instructions. You are a naughty little boy, what are you?" he demanded.

"A naughty little boy sir," howled the fourteen year old, as the teacher pulled his ear.

"And what happens to naughty little boys, eh?" enquired the teacher, turning Peter round to face the boys sitting on the grass.

"Don't know sir," Peter replied, knowing full well what did happen.

"Don't know sir?" roared the teacher, "Don't know sir! Would one of you boys like to inform master Jenkins here what happens to naughty little boys who do not do as they are told?" he said, lifting Peter's face by his ear until he was looking straight at the rest of the group.

One young boy raised his hand slowly. "Yes Cook?"

"They get their bottom smacked sir," replied the little boy, who smiled when the man agreed with him. Peter flushed, horrified that he was going to be spanked in front of all these little boys, little more than half his age.

The boys sat on the grass, looking straight at Peter. They could not believe that their form master was going to smack the older boy in front of all of them. Of course he had done it to quite a few of them, but that had been in a classroom, not out in the open. They did not know about what had happened in the Headmaster's Study at St. Matthews a few days before, but Peter knew quite well that the teacher holding him by the ear really did intend to spank him, and in front of all the younger boys.

Mr. Beech now turned Peter round to face him. Peter's heart sank as the man reached out and undid the waistband of his short trousers. He unzipped the fly and, taking hold of the leg of the boy's short trousers, pulled them down to his ankles. He then laid Peter across his knees and lifted his pullover and shirt, and pulled his vest out of his underpants. Peter felt the teacher's fingers grab the waistband of his white briefs.

"Please no sir!" pleaded Peter, as he tried to stop the teacher from removing his final straw of dignity, but the man grabbed hold of Peter's wrists with one hand, and jerked the terrified boy's Y-Fronts down to his knees with the other.

The young boys gasped! They never believed that Mr. Beech would actually take Peter's trousers and pants down. They all looked at the boy's naked bottom. The sun was shining right down on it through the trees, framing it like a picture, the pink cheeks quivering in the cool breeze that blew around it. They saw also, because of the angle they were sat at, Peter's stiff little _c_o_c_k_ jutting out from his hairless crotch. Some of the boys who had older brothers were quite surprised to see that Peter had no hair down there, thinking that all boys Peter's age had at least some growth in that area. They had all noticed earlier that the older boy had no hair on his legs, but would never have thought that the absence of hair would reach this far up.

By now Mr. Beech was ready to commence serving punishment on Peter's posterior. He had pulled the boy right up onto his lap and secured him with one arm across his shoulder blades. With the other hand he had spread the boy's legs as far as his clothing would allow and was prepared to begin. He noticed from the slight red pallor of the boy's cheeks that he had been spanked quite recently, and thought to himself wryly that the young boy could probably take a few more strokes than an unprepared junior boy could manage.

He felt the boy's bottom, looking for a good place to start. Having found a nice soft area, he began.

Peter winced as the first blow landed. He hoped that he would not get too many. The headmaster had given him twenty, but the man now spanking his bare behind was a lot harder a hitter. Peter flinched as he received another. He did not know how much of this he could take. He did not want to start bawling in front of all the little kids watching his public humiliation, but he knew he would have a hard time controlling his tears with the paddling he was receiving. Two more slaps rained down on Peter's smarting bottom and the tears began to well up in his eyes. "It's not fair," thought Peter to himself, "and all because I forgot to take of this silly pullover."

Mr. Beech landed an extremely painful whack on the boy's now sore bottom and Peter wailed like a baby. He could no longer control himself. He no longer had any thought for the boys, watching wide eyed at his beating, but just kept bawling and sobbing his eyes out. He tried to stop the teacher smacking his rump by putting his hands in the way, but the man just pushed them aside and continued with his relentless beating.

Finally Peter could stand no more and screamed out to the teacher to stop. "Please s-s-s-sir, I'm v-very s-s-sorry sir. I pro-promise to be a good b-boy sir, I really d-do!" he sobbed.

The teacher gave his now raw backside one final slap. "Will that teach you to do as you are told?" barked the teacher, resting his hand on the boy's warm rump.

"Y-Yes sir" sniffed Peter, glad that the lashing tirade had ended.

"Good, then let that be a lesson to you, you naughty boy" said the exhausted teacher, punctuating the last two words with a slap across the back of each of the boy's legs, just above the knees. "Well get up and dress yourself then," Mr. Beech told him, "and heaven help you if I get any more trouble from you today," he said. "You'd better give me that pullover until you return to school," the teacher suggested, holding out his hand impatiently.

Peter pulled the offending garment over his head and handed it to the form master. He noticed the boys who had quietly watched the whole thing, sat on the grass. He suddenly realized, as he stood rubbing his sore cheeks, that not only had they been treated to the sight of his bare bottom while he had actually received the punishment, but that he was now giving them a full frontal view too!

He fumbled for his underpants, not knowing which way to turn as he attempted to get dressed again, a real case of more haste less speed as he tried to put a brave face on what had just happened. He pulled his white Y-fronts up, carefully tucking in his vest. Reaching down to pull his short trousers up he realized that he was no longer acting like a fourteen year old, but more like one of the Prep school boys whose company he was now in.

When Peter had finally finished dressing and had stopped crying, Mr. Beech announced to the boys that he would buy them all an ice cream. Peter wished he had brought some money with him so that he could get one too. You can imagine his surprise when, at the ice cream van, Mr. Beech presented him with a cornet. Peter remembered to thank him and, looking around at the sea of little faces, went to stand over by David. The young boy handed Peter the sandwiches that he had not had a chance to eat, and asked him if his bottom hurt very much. When Peter confided that it did indeed hurt a lot, David told him that Mr. Beech was in fact the hardest hitter in the school, and that nobody liked being sent to his room if they had been naughty. Peter said he could understand that, rubbing his backside through his shorts.

When everyone had finished their ice creams, Mr. Beech told the boys that it was time for them all to return to school. He told the boys to line up in twos ready to walk back, putting Peter in front with David again. Peter found it was extremely uncomfortable walking all the way back to the school with his cheeks still stinging but was pleased that he was returning to St. Matthews School.

When they got to the big gates, Peter was a little dismayed to find that the Headmaster was waiting for them. He told Peter to go to tea, and as the boy walked slowly over to the dining hall he heard the two men discussing his behavior, and his spanking. The last words Peter heard the headmaster say as he climbed the steps to the hall were, "I can see Peter is going to be a little boy in shorts for a long time yet!" Peter frowned.

When Peter went into the dining hall he was aware that everyone was watching him. He heard the sniggers and caught the sly looks as he queued up at the servery. When he had collected his tea he walked over to Geoff and Frank, who were sitting together on one of the side tables. He sat down, the stinging in his bottom still making the action difficult.

Geoff leaned across to Peter and whispered, "We've got our shorts on too, under our longs. Frank and I decided that we would wear them as long as you have to!" Peter smiled at his friend. He hoped that they would not get caught. If they did, it would be obvious where they had got their short trousers from, and Peter felt that might cause him even more trouble than ever. He told the two boys to be careful not to get caught wearing them. They said the would be very careful.

Frank noticed that Peter was very aware of everyone staring at him as they took their trays back to the hatch. He wondered why the boys were acting so strangely. After the first couple of days everyone had seemed to not notice Peter's clothing, but now they were all staring again. He looked down at Peter's grey shorts and suddenly realized what everyone was looking at. Two bright red handprints on the backs of Peter's thighs. So he had been smacked after all!

When the three boys were alone again, Peter told them all about what happened. He dropped his shorts and underpants and showed the boy's his red bottom. They were amazed at how red it was, and equally shocked at the way in which the spanking had been received. Geoff said that he had some cream in his room that would ease the stinging, and when he returned with the tube of ointment, the two boys gently laid Peter face down on his bed and gently smoothed the ointment onto his raw cheeks. Peter soon had a small erection from the attention his naked bottom was receiving and he reached round and pulled his two friends long trousers down and felt up their shorts. They rolled him over and both boys took turns at rubbing Peter's stiff little _c_o_c_k_ while Peter pulled their's down the legs of their shorts and, with one in each hand, returned the favors the two boys were giving him.

When all three boys had cum, they wiped themselves down with a towel and tidied themselves up. As Geoff and Frank left the room, the first few boys returned to the dorm.


A few minutes after Peter's friends left, the dorm was full of boys, some of them from the other dorms. They started teasing Peter about the slaps on his legs and asking him was his bottom sore. A few of the boys were taunting him, trying to get him to lower his shorts so that they could have a good look. Peter just sat on his bed and wished they would just go away.

Suddenly Peter was grabbed from behind. Two of the boys had sneaked around behind him and grabbed hold of his arms. The rest of the boys piled on top of him and they managed to get him face down on the bed. Peter tried to struggle, but four of the boys were pinning his arms and legs out so that he could not move. He heard someone shout out to one of the boys to get Peter's trousers down, and felt an arm reaching under his body, feeling for his waistband. The hand lingered for a moment under his willy and squeezed it. The boy then moved his hand up and, after undoing the waistband and unzipping the fly of Peter's shorts, pulled his arm out from underneath the now sobbing boy.

Peter pleaded with the other boys to let him go but they all just laughed at him. He then felt hands brush his thighs and grab the legs of his shorts. In one quick movement his shorts were tugged down to his ankles. More hands grabbed hold of the waistband of his underpants, and in moments his pants were around his knees, his bottom now bare for all to see.

The boys stared at Peter's naked bottom. By now the redness that had been there earlier was starting to turn purple with bruising. Some of the boys touched it and felt the warmth that was still emanating from it. One boy said that Peter must have been slippered for it to leave such bad marks. Peter sobbing, told them what had really happened. Some of the boys were totally horrified at the thought that a hand could do such damage.

Just then Raymond Wilder said that was enough. Wilder, who was a Prefect, told everyone to leave the room. Slowly, all the boys filed out, and returned to their own rooms. When Peter looked up from his pillow again, he saw that Raymond was sat on the next bed. He rose and helped Peter to sit up. Raymond apologized for what had happened, and told Peter if he had any more trouble, to let him know, and he would sort it out.

Ray stared at Peter. He looked so defenseless sat on the edge of his bed with his short trousers around his ankles, and his underpants round his knees. For some unknown reason, Ray felt as if he wanted to take care of the younger boy. He told Peter not to worry, and reassured him that everything was going to be all right. He stood up, and after hesitating for a couple of moments, took hold of Peter's hands. He lifted Peter to his feet and slowly knelt down in front of him.

Peter was feeling just a little afraid. What was the prefect going to do to him. He hoped he would not be in any more trouble because he would never get out of shorts again. He was quite relieved when all the prefect did was pull his Y-fronts up and then his trousers. The prefect patted Peter's bottom and told him to sit down again. When Peter had done so, Ray put an arm around Peter's shoulders and rested his other hand on the boy's knee. He told Peter that everything would be all right, and not to worry about anything. If any of the boys started picking on him again he was to tell Ray and he would make sure it didn't happen again. Ray then got up and left the room. He felt, as he had been sitting there, not only his interest in the boy arousing. He had never felt this way about one of the junior boys before. He knew he would have to find some way of getting to know the younger boy better. And if he could, become his friend. He could see in the young lad an awful lot of himself. He wistfully hoped that the younger boy would feel the same way. He knew that only time would tell.

The next few days showed a marked improvement in Peter's behavior. No longer was he boisterous or unruly. He was in fact very quiet and withdrawn. He said very little and just got on with his work. He was trying as hard as he could to be good. He had been taunted a few times by the other boys in his dorm, but he had got used to it. He thought once or twice about telling Ray about it but he very rarely saw the other boy. When he did see him, Ray was usually with at least one or two of the other perfects.

Peter tried as much as possible to stay out of the way of the prefects because he had earned himself a bit of a reputation for getting into trouble. On several occasions he had been given lines or even been slippered by one or other of the prefects when he had been caught doing things he shouldn't have. Although Ray had told him to see him if he had any problems, Peter still felt a little wary of the others. He would just have to wait until he had the chance to see Ray alone.

Frank and Geoff also noticed the change in Peter. He seemed so distant from everyone. Frank especially noticed how Peter had changed in the classroom. He no longer joked with the other boys in the lessons. He stayed very quiet and just got on with his work. Even in history and music, when they sat together Peter said very little.

Occasionally they would look at each other and smile but Peter would just look back to his books and carry on working. The two boys decided that they would really have to do something about it, and as soon as possible.

It was Geoff who thought of a plan. He sought out Frank one afternoon during break and told him what he had thought of. Frank agreed it was a good idea, but thought it might be wise if they did not tell Peter. They would surprise him, and what a good surprise it would be.


It was a Friday lunch time. Frank and Geoff sat next to Peter in the dining room. They asked Peter what he was doing the following day. Peter told them both that he was going to stay at school, as there was nothing else to do. Geoff said that his father had sent him three tickets to the fair that was opening the next day just outside of Southborough. He asked if Peter and Frank would like to go too. They could get the ten o'clock bus out to the fairground and a good time at the fair, and then catch the half past three bus back to school, in time for tea.

Frank said that would be a grand idea, and then waited for Peter to say something. Peter said it would be nice, but he didn't seem too enthusiastic about the idea. Geoff and Frank looked at each other and grinned. They had a feeling that Peter would enjoy himself, when he found out what they had planned. They decided to meet at the school gate at nine thirty the next day, to give themselves enough time to walk to the bus stop in the village. Frank and Geoff told Peter that they were both playing cricket for the school team that afternoon, and they finished their lunches and both left. As they moved away from the table they told Peter not to be late in the morning. He told them he would be there.

The two boys walked out of the dining room and walked over to the school gate. It was true that they were playing cricket that afternoon, but that was not why they had left in such a hurry. They still had an hour to go before they had to be at the nets. They walked down to the village and stopped outside the school outfitters. They both took something out of their blazer pockets, and with a quick glance at each other, they pushed open the door and went in.

Peter was also playing cricket that afternoon, but his was an interhouse match. In a way he was glad that he was not playing for the school. By now he had got used to the ribbing from his own school chums, but he knew he couldn't face the humiliation of playing for the school with all the boys from the other school around. As he walked back to his dorm to get changed he could just imagine what they would say.

Peter entered his dorm and walked over to his bed. He opened his locker and hung up his blazer. As he removed his shoes and socks he thought again about the trip the next day. He didn't really want to go with his friends to the fair because he would have to go in his uniform, and he felt it would be obvious to everyone who saw him what had happened, him in short trousers and the others in longs. It didn't even make any difference that he would be wearing Prep school colors, as no senior school boys ever went anywhere with preppies. He shrugged his shoulders. There was no way out of it now, he thought to himself as he undid his tie, and removed his shirt and vest. As he folded them and put them away, he knew he would just have to make the best of it. He took off his shorts and underpants and put them in his locker, and turned so that he could see his bottom in the mirror on the door. It was now a bluish green color, most of the bruising having faded. It still felt a little tender if he prodded it, but apart from that, it was not too bad. He sat on the bed and reached for his long white socks. They were not proper cricketing socks, but as none had been bought for him, he had to make do with his running socks. He pulled them on and carefully turned the tops over.

As he stood to get his shirt off of the shelf he noticed the marks on the backs of his legs had still not faded either. He wished they would hurry up and go away, preferably before to morrow. He slipped on the white short-sleeved shirt and buttoned it up. Then he took out a pair of the short cricket trousers. He felt a little silly as he pulled them on. White had always made him look younger than he really was, and with these being short as well, he really did look about eight or nine years old. He buttoned up the fly and clipped up the waistband. These shorts had a built in snake belt that he fastened, and then sat down. He took out his cricket shoes, and having done up the laces, stood up and closed his locker. "Oh well, here goes" he thought to himself as he left the dorm.


That night Peter did not sleep very well. He kept on thinking about the fair. Perhaps he could sneak away from the others. That way he could just be alone and it would not look so bad. He woke up the next morning with the idea firmly fixed in his mind. He would find some excuse to get away from Frank and Geoff and be on his own. He thought to himself, he might even enjoy the fair after all.

After breakfast the three boys met at the gate. Peter saw that they had their sports bags with them. He thought that they probably had some food and drink in the bags. He realized that he had not remembered to bring any himself. Well, he would just have to buy something at the fair. The three of them set off on the short walk to the bus stop. When they got there, they still had ten minutes to wait. Geoff said that he had to go to the toilet, and Frank said that he did too. Peter said that he would look after their bags while they went to the public toilets by the bus stop, but they said not to worry, and picking up the bags, walked over to the toilets.

Five minutes passed and the boys had not returned. By now three or four people had come to the bus stop and were waiting for the bus to Southborough. Peter looked up and saw that the bus was coming. He ran to the toilets and called to the boys. They told him they would be right there and to get on the bus. Peter ran back to the bus stop just as the bus pulled up. He got on and paid his fare, and tried to wait for his friends on the platform. However he was getting in the way of the other people and was told to sit down. He ran up the stairs to the top deck and sat down on the back seat, so that he could see the boys when they came out, but by the time he looked out of the window he saw Frank's head as he got on the bus. Peter breathed a sigh of relief, at least they hadn't missed the bus. Which was a good thing really, as Geoff still had all the tickets.

Peter sat looking out of the window. A woman came up the stairs and sat at the front of the bus. Peter hardly noticed her. Nor did he notice two boys in Belmont Court Prep school uniform come upstairs until they sat down next to him. Peter didn't look round at them, hoping that they did not notice that he didn't go to their school, and start asking embarrassing questions. By now the bus had started moving. Peter realized that he had not seen his friends come up the stairs. He thought that they must be sitting downstairs. As he was sat in the corner of the bench seat he knew he would have to ask the other boys to let him through. He turned to the boys to ask them to let him out, and got the shock of his life! There, sat next to him in full Belmont Court uniform, shorts, blazer, cap, the lot were Frank and Geoff. Peter could not believe his eyes. He sat, just staring at them for a couple of minutes, his mouth wide open. Never had he imagined that his friends would do such a thing.

Frank and Geoff sat on the seat grinning. They both felt a little self conscious, not having worn shorts in public for over four years. True, they had worn their shorts every day since Peter had given them to them, but that was always underneath their long trousers. They were at last realizing something of what Peter must have felt at school. Little did they realize that they were to soon feel more of what Peter had endured!

By the time the boys got to the fairground Peter was feeling more like his old self again. He was really looking forward to the afternoon after all. He thought to himself how good his friends looked in their little uniforms and he hoped that they would have an opportunity to really enjoy themselves before the afternoon was over.

At the gate, Geoff gave the other two boys their tickets and they handed them to the man at the turnstiles. He gave them a strange look as they entered the fairground, but none of the friends noticed. They were too interested in all the fun they were going to have. Had they stopped to ask the man what the matter was they might have saved themselves a whole lot of trouble!

First of all, the boys just walked around the fair. They had plenty of time to spend and decided to first have a look at what there was to do. They planned a route around the fairground so that they would be able to have a go on all the rides and sideshows, and not miss anything.

They made their way over to the Big Wheel. They waited in the queue for the ride to finish, and handed over their tickets to the man at the box. He told them that they could all go in one chair as they were only little. He probably didn't realize the effect those words had on the three boys. They knew that they had passed the test. It seemed that everyone thought they were just three nine-year olds out on an outing. If it noticed at all that the boys were just a little tall for their age, no one took the slightest bit of notice.

The man closed the bar over the chair and the wheel turned. The boys sat still for a little while, while the rest of the people got on. When everyone was on, the wheel moved again. This time it just kept going round and round. Peter felt just a little scared at first. He had never been on a Big Wheel before and he held on tight to the bar. He looked over at Frank and Geoff. They were just a little nervous as well, but by the time the wheel had gone around three or four times, all three of them were enjoying themselves immensely.

It was not long before the wheel started to slow down. The three boys waited for the man to lift the bar, and then ran down the steps and over to the Helter Skelter. Geoff went in first, followed by Frank, with Peter following behind. As they were climbing the spiral staircase to the top of the tower Peter looked up, and noticed for the first time that he could see right up the legs of his two friend's shorts. You can almost imagine his surprise to find that neither of them were wearing underpants!

Peter had not put his on that morning because it had promised to be a very hot day. He had found that, with the extra thickness of the lining, hot weather could make him feel very uncomfortable. Peter became very exited at the thoughts that were racing through his mind, and he knew that he must find some way for the three of them to be alone. He must be able to, he thought, sometime during the afternoon.

By now, all three boys were at the top of the tower. It looked a very long way down. Once again, all three boys felt just a little nervous. Geoff laid his mat on the top of the ramp and sat down on it. He felt the rough matting prickling against his uncovered thighs. He was glad that it didn't take too long to get to the bottom. He was also glad that his shorts were lined. At least they offered a little protection to his bottom. For a moment he wished he had not let Frank talk him into leaving his Y-Fronts off when the two of them had got changed in the toilets. But he reminded himself that it was all just part of the plan that he and Frank had arranged. He set off down the ramp.

When the other two boys reached the bottom, they decided to go and get an ice cream and something to drink. They walked over to the refreshment stall. As they waited in the queue, Peter felt a hand tap him on the shoulder. Wondering who it might be, he turned and looked up into the face of the man standing behind him.

It was Mr. Beech, from Belmont Court School. He had brought his two sons to the fair and noticed what looked like three boys from his school. He knew that none of the boys were allowed out alone and had decided to go and see what they were up to. When he saw that it was Peter, he was just a little surprised. He knew that the pupils at St. Matthews were allowed out of school at weekends, but he never thought that Peter would want to go out dressed as he was, and especially with two of his own pupils. He thought that the older boy would have felt too humiliated. As he turned the other two boys around, he realized that they were not from his school. He demanded to know what was going on. Frank and Geoff, not realizing who the man was, said that they were waiting to buy some food. Peter said nothing, just staring down at his feet. Mr. Beech demanded to know why the two boys were wearing Belmont Court School uniform.

This time it was Frank and Geoff's turn to look sheepish. The teacher led them away to where he had left his sons. He told his sons, two boys of about seven, Peter thought, to go and get themselves an ice cream, while he talked to the boys.

When his sons had gone, the teacher's manner changed again. He demanded to know who Frank and Geoff were, and what they thought they were doing wearing Belmont Court uniforms. Frank timidly tried to explain what had happened to Peter, and how he and Geoff had decided to wear the uniforms to try and cheer Peter up, as he had been so unhappy.

Mr. Beech told the boys that the reason that Peter was made to wear such clothes in the first place was as a punishment for his bad behavior, and that it was to teach him a lesson, not to have other boys decide that they could just take things into their own hands to try and make things all right. Both Frank and Geoff wondered how this man knew so much about Peter, and were both surprised, and a little frightened, when the teacher told them who he was. They had never thought that they might get into this situation when they first thought of their plan. Now it appeared that the whole thing had gone disastrously wrong, and that they had got into trouble too.

Mr. Beech asked them where they had got the uniforms from. The boys told him that they had both bought them from the school outfitters near the school, with their own money. He said that as they had worn the clothes, that they would not get their money back, and that it should serve as a lesson to them.

As the teacher finished speaking, his sons returned, each one carrying a choc-ice. He told the three older boys to go and get their food and to come back to him when they had purchased it. The boys promised that they would, and walked slowly over to the stall.

While they were waiting to be served Frank and Geoff asked Peter if that was the teacher he had gone on the trip with. He told them that it was, and that he was sorry he had got them into trouble. The two boys both told him that it was not his fault, that they had got themselves into it. All three boys wondered why Mr. Beech had told them to return to him. All sorts of thoughts ran through their minds as they stood in line waiting to be served. None of them were very comforting.

While the boys were getting their food, Mr. Beech had been wondering what he should do about them. It was obvious that the two boys had only got their friend's best interests at heart, but they had to be made to understand that they could not just go ahead and do their own thing. They had to be made to understand that there were reasons for everything. He wondered if he should tell their Headmaster of their escapades, and let him deal with them accordingly. He decided that that was not a very good idea, but he knew that he could not just let the matter go unnoticed. As he saw the three boys returning, an idea struck him, and he decided that he would leave the decision to them.

Peter, Frank and Geoff walked back to Mr. Beech. By now they had decided that the only thing that the teacher could possibly do was to tell their Headmaster. Each one of them was afraid of the consequences and just wished that there was some way that they could get out of their predicament. When they got back to the teacher, he told them that they could stay at the fair, but that they would have to stay with him and his sons. This was because that, while they were dressed like his pupils, they would have to behave themselves, and set a good example for the school. He would not have three naughty children doing anything that might harm Belmont Court's reputation. The three boys were crestfallen. There was no way now that they could see that they would enjoy themselves.

The boys, however, were very much mistaken. Mr. Beech turned out to be a very entertaining person. He was very friendly towards the three friends, helping them on and off of the various rides, and treating them almost as if they were his own sons. His children were also very friendly. They introduced themselves to Peter and his chums. Their names were Christopher and Philip, and they told Peter that they too were going to Belmont Court at the start of the next term. At the moment they were at school in Winchester, where their father had taught before coming to teach in Trenton. It became obvious that their father had not told them anything about the boys when they asked what it was like at Belmont Court.

Luckily for the friends, the teacher just told his sons to wait and find out for themselves. Peter felt relieved that he had not had to invent a story for the two boys. After all the boys had one last turn on the Roundabout, Mr. Beech said that it was time for them all to leave. Peter looked at his watch. It was four thirty! They would never get back to school in time for tea. The teacher said that as the boys had probably missed tea at school, they could come for tea at his house. He said that it would give him some time to talk to them. The boys wondered what he meant by that, but they would find out soon enough. Mr. Beech led the boys out of the fairground and over to his car.


When they had finished tea, Mr. Beech took them into his study. It was a large room, with a desk in one corner, and a large open fire. One the ornate mantelpiece there were some cups and trophies. The boys noticed that they were for archery, and obviously won by Mr. Beech. There were also two large bookshelves filled with books on the other side of the room, and a sofa along one wall, facing a pair of large french windows that looked out over the gardens. The boys noticed how big the garden was. It seemed to go on for ever, with large lawns and trees at the bottom. From where they stood they could just see a small lake at the end of the lawn, surrounded by reeds and rushes. All around the garden there was a high hedge. It looked just perfect for games of hide and seek, or for building secret hideouts. The boys thought that Christopher and Philip must have a great time playing there during their holidays. They were out in the garden now, climbing one of the trees that grew at the side of the lake.

Mr. Beech told them to sit down, as he sat on the edge of his desk. He told them he had considered what he should do about them, and had decided to give them a choice. He said that he could either take them back to school and tell their headmaster what had happened or he could deal with them there and then, and there the matter would rest. He would not say anything to Dr. Edwardes. He told the boys that they could have five minutes to make up their minds, and left the room.

Frank and Geoff both asked Peter what he thought. He said that it was up to them, but if he was in their position, he would probably decide to let Mr. Beech deal with him. At least then it would be over and done with. There was no knowing what sort of trouble they would get into if the Head found out what they had been up to.

The two boys thought over what Peter had said. It was true that they were both very scared of what might happen to them if their headmaster found out, but they were also afraid of what the Belmont Court teacher would do as well. They had just made up their minds when the door opened and Mr. Beech reappeared. He asked them what it was to be.

"We would rather you dealt with us," Frank said nervously.

"Call me sir." The boys looked at each other and then at the man. "Yes sir," replied Frank. "Sir," was all that Geoff said.

"If you think that by picking me to deal with you, it's going to be easy, you might as well know now.....YOU ARE WRONG." Frank first looked at his friends and then at Mr. Beech. "We don't think that Sir, but what are you going to do with us?" he asked the man, nervously.


Frank and Geoff looked at each other, and a smile appeared on both their faces. The thought of a spanking seemed very mild to them as they would surely have received the cane had they decided to let Mr. Beech tell their Headmaster, so this would be nothing. Mr. Beech said, "YOU MAY NOT BE SMILING WHEN I HAVE FINISHED WITH YOU," as he pulled a large wooden chair into the middle of the room, in front of the french windows, and sat down.

He indicated to Frank to stand up. Frank rose to his feet and timidly moved over to the man. He was beginning to think that this might not have been such a good idea after all. He crossed the room and stood in front of the man. "You know why you are going to be punished?" asked the teacher, as Frank stood in front of him, his arms hung down at his sides, his fingertips playing nervously with the seams of his short trousers.

"I think so, sir," the boy answered.

"Well," asked Mr. Beech, "Why?"

"Because I'm wearing a prep school uniform sir, and I shouldn't be." Frank mumbled.

The teacher disagreed. "That is not the reason. You are to be punished for thinking that you had the right to take it upon yourself to deliberately undermine the authority of the person who had put your friend into short trousers as a punishment, and to possibly bring disrepute on not only your own school, but also onto the school whose uniform you are wearing. That is the reason."

He looked over to Geoff, who was staring at his hands in his lap. "And that goes for you too. I don't know who thought up the idea, either of you, but whoever it was should be very ashamed of their actions." He now turned his attention back to Frank. "Well, do you now understand why you are to be punished?"

"Yes sir," replied the boy, his chin quivering slightly.

"Right, then we will begin," Mr. Beech said, as he took hold of the boy's left arm. Years of experience had taught him about boys and their clothing. It was obvious to his expert eye that there would be no need to actually undo the boy's trousers. The lad was of such a build that just pulling on the legs of his short trousers would bring them down to his ankles, with the added advantage that, with luck, the waistband of the shorts would also pull down the boy's underpants as well. It came as a surprise then, to find that as he pulled the shorts, the boy was not wearing underpants at all. The teacher felt slightly disappointed, because he knew that it was a far more humiliating experience for a boy to feel his modesty being peeled away, layer by layer. He placed Frank across his knees and studied the boy's bottom. There was something about a young teenager's bottom that attracted the man. It was somehow firmer and more finely shaped than that of a younger boy. He thought of his own two sons. Their bottoms were somehow chubbier and rounder, he thought, as he remembered the evening before, when he had to chastise them both for arguing about who was to sit in a certain chair after dinner. He turned his mind back to the job at hand and began, lightly at first, to smack the young boy's bottom. Frank lay pinned to the man's lap, an arm held across his shoulders. The waiting was terrible. He kept hoping that the teacher would start and get it over with. When he finally began, Frank thought to himself that maybe this was not going to be so bad after all. He had received harder spankings than this from the Prefects at school. Gradually though, the smacks got harder and harder. Where he had been able to just lay still before, now he found himself squirming and kicking at every stroke. He had been trying to count how many strokes he was receiving, but when he got to thirty he gave up, the tears he had been trying so hard to hold back, flooding out down his cheeks, the pain in his buttocks driving everything else out of his mind. Finally he felt two stinging slaps across the backs of his legs and felt himself being lifted up by two powerful hands.

He was told to stand in front of the desk, with his hands on his head. He felt very childish as he shuffled over to the desk, with his trousers around his ankles.

Next it was Geoff's turn. By now he was feeling very scared indeed. He could see how red Frank's bottom was and could imagine just how painful it was. He walked over to the chair. He hoped that he would be able to take such a tanning. When they had been told that they were to be spanked, Geoff had never imagined that they would be smacked for so long, or so hard. He prayed silently to himself that he wouldn't cry, secretly knowing that he doubted if he could stop himself with such a strong man doing the spanking. He felt the teacher undoing his shorts. As the fly was unzipped he felt them drop to the floor.

Mr. Beech bent the boy over his lap. He had to lift the boy higher onto his knees to get him into position. He could tell by the way that the youngster was quivering that the young boy was obviously very frightened. Well, he was not going to get any less of a thrashing than the other boy. He set to the boy and very soon the lad's buttocks were glowing a bright crimson. He could tell by the way that Geoff was shaking that the boy was trying as hard as he could not to cry. When would boys understand that it only made things worse? He knew that, with any form of punishment, be it cane, strap, tawse or just spanking, that the final admission of submission was for a boy to cry. Then, and only then, could a master consider ending the punishment. Not at once of course, the culprit had to be taught that disobedience would only bring retribution down upon them, but once a boy had given into his tears, it was up to him whether he learned anything from the experience.

Geoff could bear no more. He had tried as hard as he could to hold back his tears, but the pain finally drove them out. He sobbed uncontrollably. He tried to pull away from the man but felt himself held down more firmly, and spanked all the harder for his resistance. When he felt the two blows across the backs of his thighs indicating the punishment was over, he could barely lift himself out of the man's lap, he was shaking so much. He too was told to stand in front of the desk, and shuffled obediently over to stand next to his friend, and put his hands on his head.

Whilst Mr. Beech had been spanking Geoff, he had glanced over at Peter. He was rather surprised to find the boy was actually smiling. He was obviously enjoying the sight of his school chums having their bottoms smacked. Up until then, the teacher thought to himself, he had no reason to spank Peter. But now it was a different matter. If he thought it was funny watching his friends discomfort, he would soon find out that it was not so funny. He thought of the paddle he had in the drawer of his desk. He had only bought it about a week before and as yet had not had the opportunity to try it out. Well, young master Jenkins had just handed him the opportunity. He finished the task at hand and told the boy to go and stand in front of the desk. When the boy had done so, he stood up and strode over to the desk himself, admiring his handiwork on the way. He decided that he had made a very good job of it, even if he did say so himself.

He walked round the back of the desk and took out the paddle. He could see the look of alarm on the faces of the two boys in front of him. They obviously thought that there was more to come. For a short moment he considered the possibility. No, he decided, they had taken their punishment well, and deserved no more. Peter on the other hand was a different matter.

He walked back over to the chair and turned it around to face the desk. He then told the two boys to turn around. When they had done so, the teacher sat down and spoke to them. "You both took your punishment very well boys, so I do not intend to punish you further." He cast his gaze over to Peter, "However you may be surprised to hear that your young friend here found it quite amusing to see your spankings, didn't you boy?"

Peter looked startled. "No, I d-didn't," stammered Peter looking first at his friends and then at Mr. Beech.

"Then why were you smiling, eh?" demanded the teacher.

"I wasn't," implored Peter, feeling very guilty because he really had got quite exited watching the man beat his friends' bottoms. In fact he had an erection from it, he was so exited.

"I saw you," said the teacher, "and if you think I will stand for it then you have another thing coming. Come here!" Peter knew from the tone of the man's voice that he was in for a sound paddling. He stood up and walked over to the man.


Any schoolboy to whom these words are directed recognizes the implication, and will almost certainly obey without further command, although there may be some token resistance or protest or even pleas for mercy according to the nature of the victim, and Peter was no different. They carry with them a power that outweighs the natural desire to avoid retribution. He realizes that he must bare his bottom and that there will not be any protection from shirt tails or underpants to soften the blows, however lightly or heavily they may be administered.

The teacher also knew that it was far more humiliating for a boy to have to remove his own trousers in front of other boys. When a teacher removed them, it was just another part of the punishment that they could not avoid, but to have to lower your own shorts and underpants, and bare your bottom to anyone else watching was an experience no boy relished.

As Peter undid his shorts and dropped them to his ankles, it became obvious to everyone else in the room the effect that watching his friends' spankings had had on him. The teacher stood up and pulled the boy over to him. He told the boy to kneel on the chair and pull his blazer and shirt up. He slowly positioned himself as the teacher had directed, his buttocks dutifully displayed in all their adolescent splendor. Mr. Beech told him he was to receive twelve on each cheek, hesitated for a second, and moved forward raising the paddle high in the air. As it swung downwards and slapped against the boy's bottom, Peter stifled a yell, but his bottom gyrated from side to side. "Stay still!" commanded the teacher. Peter had no option but to do as he was told.

With each succeeding swat, Peter's bottom flamed anew and he had to use all his will power just to stay in position. He was ashamed of his earlier actions, but he was determined to show the man that he could take his punishment. Mr. Beech on the other hand, was equally determined to master the boy. The plea for mercy as he administered the final lick of the leather to Peter's well thrashed bottom told the man that he had succeeded.

He was a little disappointed that he could not whack the boy's legs as a signature, but he had said that the matter would go no further, and the marks that it would leave would be sure to arouse somebody's curiosity. He had slapped the other boys' legs as he knew that they would at least have their long trousers to cover the marks.

Peter lay sobbing on the chair. He was not able to understand that his punishment was over until Mr. Beech lifted him gently to his feet. He winced as the man drew up his shorts for him and fastened them around his waist. "Now you know what the paddle feels like," he said, "so you'll be a good boy and apologize to your friends for gaining pleasure out of their pain." Peter rubbed his bottom and said he was sorry. Then Mr. Beech left the room, leaving the boys to finish getting dressed.

The boys heard a tap on the window. They turned around and saw Christopher and Philip trying to open the doors. Peter walked over and undid the catch and let the boys in. "I say," said Philip, walking into the room first, "Daddy didn't half lay it on, didn't he." The boys had forgotten about the two boys in the garden! Christopher told them that they had sneaked around inside the hedge and had watched the whole thing. Then Philip asked Frank and Geoff what they were doing. They had to explain that they didn't really go to Belmont Court, and neither did Peter. The two younger boys wanted to know why their father had spanked them then, if they didn't go to his school. Peter, feeling very embarrassed, tried to explain how it had all started, and how his friends had tried to cheer him up, and got into trouble themselves. Geoff also said that they had asked their father to deal with them, rather than have him tell their Headmaster. The youngsters decided that it seemed all perfectly normal, the way that young boys do, and they disappeared off into the garden again.

Peter shut the doors again and walked over two his friends, who by now had got changed back into their St. Matthews uniforms. He said that he was sorry he had got them into trouble. They both told him that it was not his fault, but said that he had been silly letting Mr. Beech catch him smiling while they had been smacked. They also told him that in a funny sort of way, they had enjoyed having their bottoms smacked like little boys, it somehow seemed to make buying the uniforms worth it. They decided that all in all, it was fun to be treated like eight year olds, and after all, they had got away with only paying half price on the rides at the fair!

Mr. Beech came into the room, followed by Christopher and Philip. He told the boys that they had better get back to school as it was getting on towards six o'clock. The three boys thanked the teacher for the tea, and said goodbye. As the boys slowly made their way back to school they decided that all in all, it had been a very good day out.


On the following Monday, Peter was told to report to the Headmaster's study. He knocked on the door and was told to go in. The headmaster told him to wait in his office as he had to go and get something.

When Dr. Edwardes had left the room, Peter wondered what it was that the head had gone to get. He could hardly hope that it would be his uniform. He had been very good recently but he had got the impression from the Headmaster that he would have to be good for a long while, before he would be allowed his own clothes back. He had just decided that what the Headmaster had gone for was to do with something else when Dr. Edwardes returned, followed by Geoff and Frank, once again in Belmont Court uniform. Apparently the Head had been at the fair as well, and when he saw the boys leaving with Mr. Beech, had gone round later that evening to talk to the man. He had tried not to tell him what had happened, but had eventually explained the situation to the Head. He also told Dr. Edwardes that the boys had been punished, rather more severely than they had really been, and that they had learned their lesson.

Dr. Edwardes had taken the two boys to the school outfitters that morning, but unfortunately had not been able to get them their money back. He was still not very amused by what the boys had done, and as a result had decided rather than see good money go to waste, he was going to make the two of them wear their new purchases until the end of summer term. He had however decided that, as the boys had been foolhardy enough to spend their money on part of the uniform, he would cut their allowances to pay for the rest of the clothing to match. This would mean that they would have very little spending money for the next few months. This he said would teach them a very good lesson, both in economics, and common sense. He also told Peter that he would have to wear his uniform until the end of the summer term as well. He said that there was at least one got thing to come out of the whole affair, and that was that at least they would find it difficult to get into any mischief, as they would be watched, not only by their own teachers, but by those from Belmont Court as well. He then told the boys to go back to their lessons.

When they had left the Headmaster's study, the three boys walked over to the classroom. The head had said that they were being made to wear the clothes they were now wearing. They all considered this for a moment and they all agreed that they didn't mind in the least. No longer would Frank and Geoff have to hide their shorts in the back of their lockers. They could wear them quite openly, and have lots of fun. Frank pointed out another good point. At least he would not be getting told off all the time by Matron for tearing the knees of his trousers. There were no knees to tear in short trousers, only his!

Peter considered the events of the past couple of weeks. He remembered first of all the humiliation of being put back into short trousers. His friends were now going to have to cope with the same problems as he had. He hoped that they would get through the initial ribbing. He also remembered the trip he had taken to the nature reserve, and his first encounter with Mr. Beech. Little had he realized at the time that he was to come into contact, literally, again, within such a short space of time. He rubbed the seat of his shorts, remembering the occasion, only to be reminded of his most recent meeting with the man. There was no doubt about it, the prep school teacher knew how to lay it on.

By now the boys had arrived at their classroom. As they entered, a ripple of muted laughter ran around the boys already seated. The tutor gave the three boys no more than a cursory glance and told them to take their places.

When the bell rang for lunchtime the three boys walked across the quadrangle to the dining room. They could hear the jeers and taunts from all the other boys, but they didn't really mind. After all, in a way, they had managed to get exactly what they wanted, albeit only for a short while. All three boys suddenly stopped dead in their tracks, smiling. They were to wear their Belmont school uniforms until the end of the summer term.

And it was only the middle of the spring term!


It was the day before Easter half term holidays. As usual, there were preparations being made. Most of the boys were going home for the holidays, and they were busy packing to go home. One of the biggest problems for the staff at a school like St. Matthews was trying to keep the boys under control at times like this.

Boys, being boys, were naturally excited at the thought of going home, and were apt to get very boisterous. One boy though, was not looking forward to the holiday. Frank Smith had just received a letter from his parents telling him that he would not be able to go home for Easter as both his mother and father would be in Europe on business. Normally this would not have caused any problems as he could have stayed with his Grandfather, but the letter had gone on to say that his grandfather had not been too well recently, and he would not be well enough to look after him. His father had decided that it would be better for Frank to stay at school, just this once. And Frank had so looked forward to going home.

Peter and Geoff had talked about their friend's problem. They thought it most unfair that Frank would have to stay at school, while most of the other boys went home. Peter decided he would ask his father if Frank could stay with them for the two weeks of the holiday. Geoff said that it would be an excellent idea, if Peter's father agreed.

Later that afternoon, after school had finished for the day, Peter and Geoff walked into the village to use the public telephone. They both went into the telephone box, and Peter dialled his father's telephone number. The phone rang four times, and a woman's voice answered the phone. It was his father's secretary. Peter told the secretary who he was and asked if he could speak to his father. For a moment the line went dead and then Peter heard a familiar voice on the other end of the line.

Peter explained the situation to his father. He told him how upset his friend was, and what a good idea it would be if Frank could come and stay with them for the hols. His father reminded him that, as he worked at the surgery during the day, there would no-one at home to keep an eye on them, especially since his mother had returned to work at the hospital since his younger brother David had returned to school after his recent illness. Peter had forgotten that his brother had not long been allowed back to his day school after a bad case of measles, which had kept him in bed for over a month.

Peter's father said however, that he would telephone the headmaster and try to arrange something. He then asked Peter how he was getting on at school. Peter wondered if he had been told about the uniform business. He hoped not. That was something he wanted to keep to himself, at least for the moment. He was still not sure how his father would react if he found out.

Peter told his father that things were alright, and he had lots to tell him when he got home. Peter's father reminded him that he would probably not get home until late Friday evening, and told him not to cause his mother too much trouble if she were to get home first. Peter promised him that he wouldn't, and also reminded him to try and sort something out about Frank. He said goodbye and replaced the receiver.

As the boys walked back to school, Geoff asked Peter what his father had said. Peter explained that his father was going to telephone the headmaster, to try to arrange for Frank to stay with him for the holidays. Both boys hoped that he did.

The next day, after lunch, Frank came running up to Peter in the quadrangle, a wide smile on his face. He told Peter that he had been called to the Headmaster's office and told that he was to stay with Peter's family for the half term break. He hugged Peter and asked him how he had done it. Peter told him that it had been his father who had telephoned the Head, and obviously the Head had agreed to the idea.

Over the last days of term, the boys planned out what they were going to do during the holiday. They all decided they didn't want to stay indoors, but rather wanted to go camping or something else outdoors, so that they could wear their short trousers. Geoff said that his family had a tent that would be big enough for the three of them to sleep in, as well as keep all their bags dry and under cover. Peter said that Frank could use his old bicycle, and that they could ride around the countryside and camp in a field or wood at night. All three thought that was a good idea, and spent the rest of the time working out what they would need for food and drink for the trip.

The day of the holiday arrived. The boys got dressed and packed their cases. The buses that were to take the boys to the station would be arriving at mid-day, but all the boys had to put their cases in the main hall, ready to be loaded when the coaches arrived. All three boys were very excited at the thought of their trip, and could hardly wait to go. Peter wondered what his father would think when he met the boys at the station, three boys in shorts. He decided he was not going to worry about it and just made up his mind not to think any more of it. When the coaches arrived, all the cases were loaded into the back, and the boys climbed aboard. The three friends sat on the back seats and waited for the bus to move off. They could hardly contain their excitement!


When the coaches arrived at the station, the form masters told the boys to behave themselves on their homeward journeys, and reminding them that they were easily identified by their uniforms and that if they heard of anyone behaving in an unruly manner, that they would be severely dealt with on their return to school.

Peter and his friends made their way to the platform to wait for their train. Most of the other boys lived in the west of the county, and so waited on the other side of the station. There were only eight boys going in their direction, most of them fifth form boys. It looked as if the three friends would be traveling alone, not that they minded though, they had become quite used to their own company over the last few weeks.

When the train arrived, the three boys climbed into one of the carriages. It was one of those trains that did not have a corridor, just compartments that seated eight people, four each side. They put their luggage up onto the racks and sat down, waiting for the train to go. Frank and Geoff said that they wanted to sit by the window, so Peter lowered the window in the door and looked out at the now deserted platform.

Just as the train started moving off, Peter noticed someone running for the train. It was Raymond Wilder, the prefect. He just managed to get into the boys compartment as the train left the station. He sat down heavily into the seat, puffed out. The boys were a little disappointed. They had hoped that they would have the compartment all to themselves.

Peter felt a little self conscious with the prefect in the compartment, so he leaned back out of the window with his feet wedged against the two seats in case the train lurched, rested his chin on his hands, and watched the countryside flash by. With the wind blowing in his ears, he couldn't hear his two friends talking to the prefect. He would have been quite surprised by what the boys were saying, however he would soon have a surprise of another sort.

He was so interested in watching the view he didn't notice Raymond kneel down behind him. It was only when he felt the older boy's hand brush his leg under his shorts that he looked around behind him. The prefect was wriggling between his legs. When he saw Peter turn, the older boy told him to keep looking out of the window, but to move back just a little. Peter felt very excited, and just a little scared. He knew that no-one could see into the compartment, but he wondered just what the Prefect was going to do to him.

While the train continued its journey, Raymond had managed to get into the position he wanted. He was sat on the floor between the younger boy's legs, with his head between the boy's groin and the carriage door. He reached up the front of Peter's shorts and with one hand holding the waistband, slowly unzipped the fly with his other hand. He pulled the grey material apart and felt for the opening in the boy's Y-fronts. Already Peter's willy was hard, and Raymond had a little difficulty getting it out of Peter's underpants. Finally he managed to get the boy's stiff little erection out into the open.

Peter still had no idea what was going to happen. He could feel the older boy's breath against his _c_o_c_k_, and it excited him. He looked round at his friends. The other two boys were sat either side of him, and were feeling up the legs of his shorts. He felt their hands working under the leg bands of his pants, feeling their way around his now quivering bottom. He could hardly believe it, his being fondled by his two friends, as another boy sat between his legs.

Suddenly he felt something wet around his willy. He leant back from the window and looked down to see the prefect taking his _c_o_c_k_ into his mouth. Peter shuddered with excitement, the sensation of the older boy's smooth wet lips sliding up and down his boyish member, gently sucking all the way down to the root. His friends were now holding the waistbands of their own short trousers as the elder boy unzipped them and took out their willies, rubbing them up and down against the fabric of their grey shorts. The two boys moaned and squirmed with the feelings they were getting, and Geoff reached down and undid the buckle of the bigger boy's belt, undoing his trousers and reaching into the boy's Y-fronts. He was quite amazed at the size of the older boy's _c_o_c_k_. It was about six inches long, and very hard indeed. Geoff began rubbing Raymond's _c_o_c_k_ as fast as he could, whilst Frank felt the boy's balls and chest.

Almost as if it had been planned, all four boys erupted at the same time, Frank and Geoff over their shirts, Raymond over his blazer, and Peter, writhing in the most powerful orgasm he had ever had, straight into the smooth, warm mouth of the prefect, all four of them continuing until not a drop more was left. Peter sat down on the seat. He was totally exhausted. He looked at the other boys. They were all in the same state as he was. No one said a word.

When the boys finally regained their composure, they all re- fastened their trousers, having moped up most of the mess with their handkerchiefs, and sat down. There was nothing much any of them could say.


Raymond finally broke the silence. He asked the boys what they were going to do over the holidays. When he heard what they had planned, he asked them if they would like to stop over one night at his father's farm. There was plenty of places they could pitch their tent, and they could have a meal with his family in the evening. The three boys said thank-you, saying that they would like that very much. The four boys continued talking while the train carried on its slow journey through the countryside.

After about twenty minutes Raymond stood up and walked over to the window. The younger boys noticed he was playing with himself through his trousers. He seemed to be thinking about something. The prefect slowly turned around and stared at Peter, sat by the window. The older boy quietly told Peter to kneel on the floor in front of him.

Peter did as the prefect told him, wondering what he would be told to do. He knelt down in front of the older boy and looked at him. He was feeling just a little nervous and shy now, but somehow he knew that everything would be alright. He looked at his two friends, sitting on either side of him. From where he was kneeling he could see right up the inside of their shorts. They both smiled at him.

Raymond stood up in front of Peter. He put his hands on Peter's head and lifted the boy's face to look at him. He told the younger boy to unzip his trousers and take out his _c_o_c_k_. Peter slowly reached up and took hold of the zipper, slowly pulling the fastener down the front of the older boy's trousers until he had completely unzipped the fly. He could see the soft white cotton cloth of the bigger boy's Y fronts and also the ribbing around the edge of the opening that was concealing the other boy's much larger _c_o_c_k_. Peter could see the bulge that it made through the prefect's underpants, and smell the aroma of the older boy's manhood. He felt just a little afraid as he started to pull apart the opening in the briefs, wondering what he would be made to do. He felt inside the opening, and finding what he was being told to release, slowly drew it out of it's white confinement. He noticed that it was already stiff again.

Once Peter had drawn the prefect's _c_o_c_k_ out of his underpants the older boy told Peter to sniff it. The small boy put his nose right up to the skin and started to smell the aroma. It was a funny smell, that seemed to be almost sweet to his nostrils. Peter was very excited at what was happening to him, and he could feel a new stirring in his own Y-fronts.

After a short while, Raymond lifted Peter's face up again and started speaking to the young lad again. He told Peter to open his mouth and stick his tongue out. When the kneeling boy had done what he had been told, the prefect slowly moved his hips around, so that the tip of his now firm _c_o_c_k_ lightly brushed the younger boy's tongue. The older boy could tell that Peter liked what was happening by the way his tongue moved, following the movement of his member as it gently moved from side to side. He told the other two boys to kneel on the floor as well, telling them to explore their friend's shorts all over. Geoff ran his hand lightly over Peter's grey shorts, noticing as he did so, his chum's now stiff little _c_o_c_k_ pressed hard against the material, while Frank touched the cloth covering his friend's small firm buttocks.

All this attention was driving Peter wild. His friend's attentions were nothing new to him, but combined with the excitement of the older boy's ministrations, Peter could hardly contain himself.

Raymond gradually slowed the movement of his hips, bringing his _c_o_c_k_ to rest on the younger boy's tongue. He was ready to try the next step in his seduction of the youngster. He slowly moved his hips backwards and forwards so that the tip of his _c_o_c_k_ pressed against the young boy's lips. He was not surprised to find that almost immediately the younger boy opened his jaws wider to allow entry into his waiting mouth. As the prefect slid his young manhood past the boy's eager, waiting lips, he moaned softly, the sensation of having his _c_o_c_k_ inside a younger boy's moist, willing mouth sending shivers of ecstasy up and down his spine.

Peter felt Raymond's hands tighten on his head as the older boy slowly slid more and more of his hot, rigid flesh into his mouth. He tried to remember how it had felt when the other boy had done it to him, and slowly he started to close his lips around the shaft and draw his cheeks in, in a sucking action he had felt against his own earlier that afternoon. He could still feel his friends' hands feeling him through his short trousers. In fact, Frank had one hand down the front of his shorts and was squeezing his willy through his underpants. He wished the train journey would never end.

All of a sudden he felt Raymond shudder. Immediately after, he felt something warm shoot into the back of his mouth. It had a salty taste to it and he realized that the older boy had shot into his mouth. He tried to swallow it down his throat, but with the older boy's willy already in his mouth, he found he could not manage to get it down. As he felt it dribbling out of his lips, he felt the now familiar tingling feeling in the pit of his tummy, and a dampness spreading out against his skin. He could tell that Frank had noticed the dampness as the other boy rubbed harder and harder against his willy, sending wave after wave of violently pleasant feelings surging through the young boy's body.

Eventually both Peter and Raymond sank to the floor exhausted. Raymond pulled Peter to him and, forcing his tongue into the small boy's mouth, kissed him roughly on the lips, at the same time fondling the small boy through his shorts. Geoff looked out of the window and noticed that the train was pulling into their station. Quickly the boys tidied themselves up and, by the time the train had stopped, were all sitting on the seats, looking for all the world as if nothing had happened at all.

As the boys left the station, Raymond gave Peter the address of his parent's farm, telling them to drop in when they were nearby. He handed Peter the paper and, making sure no-one was looking, patted the front of the young boy's shorts, telling the three of them to make sure they had a good time as he walked off to the bus-stop.

Peter looked around. He hoped that no-one had seen the prefect touch him there, as he was sure that he might be in trouble if anyone had. Geoff noticed that there was a large white mark down the front of Peter's blazer. He said it must have been when he had dribbled Raymond's stuff down the front of it.

They all walked over to the public toilets and went in. Frank and Geoff helped Peter remove the stain from his blazer. When all the traces were finally removed, the three boys left the building and walked down the road, and turned into the lane that lead to Peter's house.


When the three boys arrived at Peter's house, Peter was surprised to find everybody out. He took his three friends around to the back of the house and they went into the kitchen. Peter called to see if anyone was in, but there was no answer. He opened the refrigerator and took out three cans of Coca-Cola, opening one for himself and passing the other two to his friends.

Frank asked if Peter would show him where he would be sleeping. Peter told him that he would be staying in his room, where his parents had put the spare bed up for him. He led the way through the dining-room to the front hall. All three boys went upstairs to Peter's bedroom. Peter was quite surprised to find three beds in the room, until he remembered that his father had written to him, telling how he had turned his younger brother's room into a games room for the two of them, and moved David into his bedroom. Peter wondered where his brother was. He should have been home before them. Perhaps he had stopped off at one of his friend's houses. In a way, he was quite pleased that his brother wasn't there.

Two of the beds were side by side with a small bedside cabinet between the two of them. Peter showed Frank which would be his bed for the holiday and sat down on his own, dropping his case in the middle of the room. He indicated with his finger the wardrobe and chest of drawers, telling Frank that he could unpack his clothes and put them in there.

As Frank unclipped his case, Peter noticed that Geoff was also opening his own case. He took a bag out of it and started to take of his Belmont Court uniform, folding it away, and taking his St. Matthews out of the bag. He explained to his friends that he was a little afraid of what his father might do if he saw him in shorts. Peter remembered the time they had both been caught by Geoff's father scrumping apples from a neighbor's garden. He had taken their shorts and pants down and spanked them in front of the neighbor. Peter agreed with Geoff that it would be a good idea if he changed, and he told his friend that he could leave his Belmont Court uniform in his wardrobe, so that Geoff's parents wouldn't find it. Geoff thanked Peter, but reminded him to make sure that he brought it with him when they went camping. Peter said that wouldn't forget it and playfully smacked his friend's bottom as he pulled on his long school trousers.

When Geoff had finished dressing, he told his friends that he would have to go now, but hopefully would be able to come back later in the afternoon. Peter and Frank walked down to the front door to wave goodbye to the boy.

Back upstairs again, Frank and Geoff talked about the train journey home. Frank wanted to know what it was like, having another boy's _c_o_c_k_ in your mouth. Peter said that it was nice, but a bit difficult at first. Frank looked down in the general area of his friend's willy thoughtfully. Did Peter think, he asked, he could try, just to see what it was like. For an answer, Peter moved to the edge of the bed and opened his legs, indicating to his friend that he didn't mind in the least.

Frank dropped to his knees. He slowly unzipped his friend's short trousers and took out his willy. It was quite soft and limp, but Frank put his lips around the end and gently licked the shaft. Peter told him to suck on it, and slide his mouth up and down the whole length. As his friend slowly became more sure of himself, Peter put a hand on each side of Frank's head and gently ran his fingers through his hair. For the third time that day, Peter found his _c_o_c_k_ going stiff and hard. He thought how much nicer it was having a mouth around his willy than just rubbing it in your hand.

Just then the boys heard the front door open. Frank quickly stood up while Peter ran over to the wardrobe. He didn't want anyone to see him in his little boy's school uniform just yet. He also suggested to Frank that he should get changed as well.

They had almost finished changing when Peter's father knocked on the door and came into the room. The boys just had time to close the wardrobe door. They had changed into jeans and white shirts, and no-one would have guessed that only moments before they had been dressed in anything else. Peter's father asked them how the journey had been, and apologized for not picking them up at the station. The boys glanced at each other with a look of relief, not having even thought of that possibility! Imagine what might have happened if Peter's father had seen them both in their short grey trousers. There would have been a great deal of explaining to do!

Peter asked his father if it would be alright if he, Frank and Geoff went camping during the break. His father said that it was a good idea, and asked them when they were planning to go, and how long for. Frank said they would like to leave Saturday morning, and if it was alright, to go for the week. Peter's father said he would think about it, and tell them after dinner. In the meantime, why didn't Peter show Frank around the village. He was sure that they would find something to do until dinner-time. Peter and Frank looked at each other, smiling. They certainly would, probably something to do with an interrupted experience that both boys were more than eager to conclude.

When Peter's father had left the room and gone back downstairs Peter suggested that they should go by bicycle to Geoff's house. That way they could cut through the woods at the back of the house. Frank agreed readily, already grasping the idea that Peter had in mind. The two boys quickly removed their jeans, put their grey short school trousers on, and put the jeans back on again. Peter also took out Geoff's shorts as well, just in case he was allowed out as well. They went down to the garage and took out the bikes. Peter had to pump up one of Frank's tires as it had gone a little flat, but soon they were pedaling down the drive, and round the back of the house.

Both boys felt very restricted by the extra clothing they were wearing. It probably had something to do with the fact that they had neither of them worn any sort of long trousers for some weeks, and their legs soon felt quite hot and sweaty. By the time they reached Geoff's house, both boys were feeling a little uncomfortable. They left the bikes against the side of the house and walked around to the front door.

It was Geoff himself who opened the front door. He took them upstairs into his bedroom, explaining that his brother, who was four years younger than him, was downstairs in the front room with some friends from school. He told them he had felt a little annoyed that his brother had brought his friends home, because he didn't feel that he had anything in common with the younger boys. Peter remarked that they all had more in common than Geoff realized, when Graham, Geoff's younger bother, walked into the bedroom with Peter's brother, David. Both boys went to the same school, and the older boys noticed that the younger boys' school uniform was almost identical to the one that they had to wear, except of course for the badges on the cap and blazer. Why, even the tie was the same!

Graham asked his brother if he thought it would be alright if he went out with his friends for a couple of hours. Geoff said he thought so, as long as he was back by tea time. Graham said he would be back before then and turned and left the room. Peter told his brother that their father was already home, and not to be late home. David said he wouldn't, and followed his friend down the stairs.

When the younger boys had gone, Peter asked Geoff if he would like to come out on his bike with them, and pulled his friend's grey shorts out of his jacket. Geoff grinned at the two boys and told them to just try and stop him. In no time at all, he had taken off his long grey trousers and replaced them with short ones. He still had his long socks on as well. He quickly took out a pair of jeans and pulled them over the top, and the two boys went outside while Geoff got his bike out.

The three friends rode across the road and into the woods. On the way over Peter had noticed a small clump of bushes that had already got quite a lot of leaves on. He remembered how he and Geoff had once dug a hideout under them and spent many happy hours there, safe in the knowledge that Graham would not be able to find them and insist that they let him play with them as well.

The three boys got off their bikes and wheeled them into the bushes. Peter quickly pulled the branches across the entrance to the hide and lifted the corrugated iron sheet that formed the door to the hideout itself. He was pleased to see that it was still dry inside, and that there were candles and matches on the rough table that he and Geoff had made out of old orange boxes. He climbed down into the hole and called the other two down as he carefully lit the candles. Geoff said that he was surprised that the matches were still alright, because neither of them had been down here for ages, and they should have been very damp. However, work they did, and soon there was the distinctive smell of hot wax and burning wick floating around in the air.

Geoff reached up and pulled the hatch down. With it closed, it felt quite warm and cozy, although maybe just a little cramped. The three boys sat down on the pallets that they used as a floor and looked at each other. All three of them seemed to want to say something, but didn't quite know what to say.

It was Peter who finally broke the silence. He said that it was getting quite warm and sticky, and that he at least was going to take his jeans off and get more comfortable. This was not an exactly easy task, as there was barely enough room for the three of them to lay down in, and the hole was not quite deep enough for them to stand straight up in either. In the end though, Peter managed to get his jeans most of the way down, with Frank and Geoff pulling then off of his legs as he sat down and lifted his feet in the air.

Eventually, all three boys were sat there in their short grey trousers. Frank told Geoff what had happened after he had left Peter's house. Geoff said he was sorry he had left so soon, but why not try it with all three of them?

Peter and Frank looked a little puzzled, how could they all do it at the same time? Geoff explained his idea. He quickly unzipped Peter's shorts and took his willy out, whilst at the same time taking his own out. He told Peter to lay on the pallet on his side. Peter still looked a little confused, but went along with his friend. When he was in position, Geoff told Frank to get his _c_o_c_k_ out as well, and to lay at an angle to Peter, and put Peter's willy in his mouth.

Frank gently stretched out on the pallets and started sucking Peter's now hard little _c_o_c_k_. Finally Geoff lay on the floor so that his willy was rubbing against Peter's face, and carefully moved his body until he was able to reach Frank's with his own lips. The three boys were really enjoying themselves now, each having his own willy sucked as he sucked on a `lollipop' of his own. Peter slipped a hand up the leg of Geoff's shorts and started to feel the boy's bottom through his underpants. They were all so engrossed in what they were doing they didn't notice the corner of the hatch lifting and a group of small faces staring down at them in astonishment! It was David, Graham and their school friends. The three boys in the hide out quickly tried to put their _c_o_c_k_s away, but they couldn't do anything about it in such a small space.

David asked them what they were doing wearing little boy's trousers, and what the three of them had been doing with each other's _c_o_c_k_s. Geoff just looked at his brother, unable to say a word. One of the young boys said that they must have been doing something naughty, and should have their bottoms smacked. The three boys pleaded with the younger boys not to tell on them.

Richard, the boy who had mentioned the smacking said they would not tell on them, but only if they let the younger boys smack them instead. The three friends were horrified! It had been bad enough having younger boys seeing them being spanked by Mr. Beech, but to actually have their bottoms smacked by younger boys, that would be too humiliating. Richard said that they either let them do it or they would tell Graham and Geoff's daddy, and he would hit them a lot harder than they would.

In the end, the three friends had no choice but to let the younger boys have their way. Graham told them to come out of the hideout, and to bend over and touch their toes. When the three boys had done so, Graham, David, and another boy called Colin moved around to the back of the three older boys.

It was Colin who suggested taking their short trousers and pants down and smacking their bare bottoms. It was obvious to the older boys that the youngsters were enjoying humiliating them. The small boys tugged on the shorts and pulled them down to the boy's knees. They saw for the first time older boys bare bottoms in the position for punishment. Richard suggested that David and Graham should smack their brother's bottoms, and that he would do Frank's.

Graham was the first to start. He swung his arm back and started to smack his big brother's bottom as hard as he could. Geoff didn't realize how strong young boys could be. In a matter of moments all three of them were begging the small boys to stop. However the younger boys had different ideas. They picked up some thick twigs that were lying on the ground at the base of one of the bushes and, using them like canes, began to thrash the bigger boys' bottoms. In no time at all the three friends were crying and pleading with the younger boys to stop.

In the end, when the younger boys had had enough, they stopped their beating. Peter, Geoff and Frank all had little weals appearing where the small boys had caned them. They had been none to accurate either, and there were marks on the backs of the boy's legs, almost down to their knees. Colin told them they could pull their pants and shorts up. The three friends were relieved to hear that the younger boys were finished. Their bottoms felt as if they were on fire! They could feel the ridges of the weals as they pulled up their underpants. They knew they would have those marks for a long time, even after they had returned to school after the holidays. It was going to be very embarrassing trying to explain the marks to the other boys in the showers after sports!

The younger boys decided that they would be going, and walked over to their bicycles. As they rode off, the three friends were still rubbing their bottoms. They were very sore! They also decided to go home, as none of them felt very much like doing anything after the caning they had received.

It wasn't until they went to get their jeans that they realized they had been taken! The younger boys must have taken them with them when they had left. The three older boys were absolutely horrified. They would have to go home dressed only in their grey short trousers!

All three boys were now very scared. They knew they had no choice now but to ride home in their school shorts. They also knew they that unless they could manage to get home and up to their bedrooms and change into some long trousers, they would have to face the chagrin of having to tell how they came to be wearing them in the first place. They were very scared indeed!


The three boys walked over to their bikes. Peter peeked out of the bushes to see if anyone was around. When he was sure that there was no-one around, he called to his two chums that it was safe. The three of them slowly walked out of the bushes, pushing their bicycles in front of them. After one last look to see if anyone was around they jumped on their bikes and rode home. As they drew near the edge of the woods, Geoff noticed two faces looking out from a bush. It was David and Graham. They called to them, beckoning them over to the bush. The three older boys rode their bikes around the back of the bush to where David and Graham were stood, waiting for them. The younger boys told the friends that they had waited for them, and told them that they had their jeans, but that they had hidden them. The three boys demanded that they tell them where they were hidden, but all the younger boys would say was that they had promised their friends they would not give them to the boys until the three of them had been caught wearing their little schoolboy shorts. David told the older boys he didn't think it was fair that they should get into trouble. He said that he would give them back, but only if they told him why they had been wearing school shorts. The three friends looked at each other, and Peter turned to his brother and his friend and told them all that had happened at school.

David and Graham listened as the older boy told them everything that had happened during the last term. When Peter finished the story though, David and Graham were still not convinced. They asked them where the rest of their uniform was. Geoff told his brother that all three of their uniforms were at Peter's house.

David and Graham insisted that they wanted to see all of them in their full uniform. The three boys argued with them that it was impossible, as Peter's father was at home, and they would not be able to get them, but the younger boys said that if they didn't let them see them in their little school-boys uniforms, they would not give them back their longs!

In the end, David said that he would let Peter have his jeans back, so that he could go and get the uniforms, and bring them back to the woods. The other two boys tried to tell David and Graham that Peter would probably not be able to bring the uniforms back, but Peter's little brother would not listen. He told them to wait there while he went to get Peter's jeans. He said that it would be a waste of time following him as he had hidden each boy's jeans in a different place. The boys had no choice but to sit and wait for him to come back.

After about four minutes, the young lad came back with Peter's blue jeans. He hurriedly pulled them on. Frank and Geoff told him to be as quick as he could, as it was getting quite late, and they would all be expected back quite soon. Frank also told Peter to be careful not to let his father see him. Peter promised he would get back as fast as he could, and got on his bicycle and rode off in the direction of his house.

When Peter got home, he found the house deserted. His father had left a note on the kitchen table, saying that he had had a call from a patient, and would be back about six o'clock. Peter looked at his watch. It was five past five. He raced up to his room, and quickly took out the three uniforms from the back of his wardrobe, took out his sports-bag, and hurriedly pushed the clothes inside it. He then ran back down the stairs, through the kitchen to his bike, and cycled as fast as he could to where the other boys were waiting.

When he got off of his bike, David and Graham immediately asked him if he had brought the uniforms. Peter said yes, he had got them in his sports-bag. David and Graham then told the three boys to change, so that they could see them. The three boys reluctantly did as they were told.

When the three of them were dressed in their uniforms, David and Graham told them to stand in a line. The two boys stood in front of them for a moment, and then walked all the way around them. David said to Graham that they looked just like some of the nine year olds that went to their school. He was just about to say something else when all five of them heard a sound on the other side of the bushes. The three friends rushed into the bushes, leaving David and Graham behind the other bush.

The younger boys quickly looked through the bush. Their plan had worked perfectly. They saw the rest of their friends the other side making a lot of noise. David quickly collected all of the clothes up and pushed them into Peter's sports-bag and zipped it up. He then crept around the other side of the bush to his friends, and told them what had happened. The younger boys sniggered and giggled amongst themselves. They decided that they would leave the boys there, and take their clothes. They crept away from the bush, and when they were far enough away, called to the older boys.

Peter, Frank and Geoff heard their names being called, and came out of the bushes. They saw that their other clothes were gone, and David, Graham and their friends running across the road. They realized that they had been tricked! Now they were dressed in full uniform, and there was no chance at all of getting their other clothes back. For the first time since Mr. Beech had caught them at the fairground, they were really scared.


The boys stood for a while, wondering what they should do. Peter looked at his watch. It was five past six. His father would be back home by now, and there was no way that he and Frank would be able to get back into the house without being seen. Even Geoff would not be able to get home without being caught, because his mother had returned home while Peter had been getting the uniforms. The three boys wished that they had never decided to go to the hideout! In the end they decided that the only thing they could do was to go home and try and explain why they were wearing what they were, and to tell their parents why they had been put back into short trousers. They all knew that it was not going to be a pleasant task. Geoff said goodbye to his friends and got on his bike. With a final wave he rode across the road to his house, and went indoors. Peter and Frank waited until they saw their friend go indoors, and then they too got on their bicycles and slowly rode home.

When Peter and Frank got home, they were surprised to find Peter's father was waiting for them. He told the two boys to go up and get washed for dinner. He made no comment on their clothes, but Peter had a feeling that the two of them were in trouble. Both boys slowly made their way up to the bathroom.

When they returned downstairs, Peter's father told them to go into the dining room and eat their dinner. He also told them that he wanted to speak to them in his study when they had finished. The two boys looked down at the ground. They felt very ashamed, and also a little scared. Peter's father told them to run along now and eat their food. Peter and Frank walked slowly out of the room.

When the two boys entered the dining room, they found David already sitting at the table. He looked a little scared, and told the two friends that he was sorry he had got them into trouble. Peter just scowled at him and said he would get him later. Frank said very little.

The two boys didn't feel very much like eating. They were both rather afraid of what was going to happen to them after the meal. Peter looked over to his friend and saw that his lip was quivering, and he seemed to be on the verge of crying. Peter told his friend not to worry, trying to reassure himself at the same time, but he did not sound very convincing.

When the meal had finished, Peter's father came into the dining room and told all three boys to go and wait for him in his study. Peter looked over at his brother, and wondered why he had been told to go to the study as well. All three boys stood up and walked through to the study.

Mr. Jenkins came into the room. He stood in front of the boys and looked long and hard at each of them. He then walked around his desk, and picked up a piece of paper, looked at it, and then returned his gaze to the three boys.

He spoke first of all to Peter. He told him that he had been told by the headmaster about the punishment he had received when arrangements had been made for Frank to stay for the holiday. He told Peter that he was very disappointed in his behavior, and that if it hadn't been for the headmaster's assurance that Peter's behavior had vastly improved since he had been put back into short trousers, he would have been in for further punishment for not telling him.

However, he continued, that was not what they had been called to the study for. He told them that they needn't think that they would get off scot free. Peter's father told the two older boys that they were to wear shorts throughout the holiday, and that he would be keeping a close watch on their behavior, and that if they should misbehave, their headmaster had suggested the method by which they should be chastise. Both boys had a very good idea what that would be!

Mr. Jenkins now centered his attention on his younger son. He held the piece of paper in his hand up in front of him. He asked David to explain himself. Peter noticed that it was a mid-term report from David's school. It said that, even making allowances for David's illness, he was still not working hard enough. The report said that he was lazy, inattentive and cheeky. Mr. Jenkins said that he was not pleased at David's attitude at school, and that it was obvious that something would need to be done. Peter and Frank looked at each other. It was obvious to the two of them that the younger boy was going to be punished, but Peter could not believe that his younger brother was to be caned in front of the two of them.

Peter's father told David to take off his blazer. As the boy did so he indicated to Peter and Frank to stand at the other side of the desk. He then told David to drop his shorts and Y-fronts and to bend over the desk. When the younger boy had done so, Peter and Frank were told to hold David down.

Peter was quite amazed at his father. Never before had either boy been punished in the presence of the other. Peter also wondered when his younger brother had started to get the cane. Being only just ten years old, David, as far as Peter could remember, had only been spanked. Peter himself had not been caned until he was eleven years old. In a way, Peter felt it was quite unfair of his father to cane his younger brother at such a young age.

Peter was quite surprised then when his father produced a leather paddle from the desk drawer. It was just like the one Mr. Beech had used on his bottom only a few weeks before. Peter now understood why his father had asked them to hold David down. His brother would find this first paddling the most painful punishment he had yet received.

Mr. Jenkins told his youngest son that it was because of his laziness and bad attitude in school that he was being punished, and that he was lucky that he was not being caned. Instead, he was going to be given a good paddling. Mr. Jenkins told all three boys that he had bought the paddle on the advice of Peter's Headmaster, and that Peter and Frank could also expect the same treatment if they misbehaved during the holiday. Both boys looked at each other. Peter could remember very well the pain that could be inflicted by the paddle, but Frank had not yet had the misfortune to be on the receiving end of it.

Mr. Jenkins told David that he would receive twelve strokes as his punishment. Peter winced. He had received far more than that from Mr. Beech, but he knew that his young brother would find that quite painful enough. Peter looked down at his brother's face. Already, tears of apprehension were streaming down the boy's face, but he knew better that to attempt to use his distress to arouse pity.

Their father placed the face of the paddle against the boy's pale yet firm buttocks for a moment, then drew back his arm. The paddle flicked down, and David almost simultaneously cried out, trying to stand up at the same time, struggling against Peter and Frank who were both trying to hold him down. Rapidly, without pause, the paddle came down twice more. Again the boy tried to pull up with an even louder cry, but his father just waited for his son to settle before continuing. By now the young lad's bottom was starting to redden. The next two strokes were delivered. David tensed violently, almost pulling away from the two older boys holding him down. But as he started to raise up, he received another stroke on the upper part of his bottom which made him cry out again, but had the effect of making him drop back down onto the desk. The last strokes came very rapidly, and David let out a great shout, but stayed quite still, almost rigid. His father told him to get himself together, and when the two older boys had let him go, he gingerly pulled up his underpants and short trousers, veiling from sight the now bright red bottom.

His father said that he hoped his experience would help him to be a good boy in future. David wanted to assure his father that he would try and behave, but no words would come. Instead a flood of tears, held back until then, burst the floodgates and coursed down his young, handsome cheeks. Nobody moved.

Soon the young boy regained his composure, finished dressing and was told to go to bed. Peter and Frank were told to wait.

When Peter's younger brother had gone upstairs, Mr. Jenkins spoke to the two boys. He said that, in view of the circumstances, he would not be able to allow the two of them to go camping the next day. He did say however that, if they could convince him that they could behave well, he would consider allowing them to go on the following Monday. Both boys were quite surprised at the allowance Peter's father was making. Both boys promised that they would be good.

Mr. Jenkins told both boys that they could start to prove themselves by going to bed. Peter was just about to point out that his usual bedtime was nine o'clock, when his father pointed out to him that, if he did not want to be treated the same way as David in all respects, he would do as he was told. Peter apologized to his father, and after both boys had said goodnight, they went straight upstairs to the bedroom.


The two boys found David laying face down on his bed, crying. They both sat down on the bed beside him and tried to comfort the boy. David looked up at his brother but didn't say a word. The tears were still running down his face.

Frank whispered something in Peter's ear, stood up and walked over to the bedside cabinet. He took out a tube of cream and took it back to Peter. Peter took the tube from his friend and turned back to face his little brother.

Peter was a little worried. He had never done anything with his brother the way he had with Frank and Geoff. He could remember the time when he had thought it very naughty to do the things he now enjoyed so much. He wondered what his brother might think.

Very timidly, Peter slipped his hand underneath his brother, unclipped the waistband of his shorts, and unzipped the little boy's fly. David looked at his brother, but said nothing as the older boy gently pulled his short trousers down. Peter gently pulled his brother's underpants down and looked at the bright red bottom. It was quite amazing the effect a paddle could have.

The two older boys gently smoothed the cream onto David's sore little cheeks. They both noticed how hot it felt. They were rather glad that they hadn't received the same punishment. David winced a couple of times as the two boys touched sensitive areas, but just laid there while the two older boys tried to relieve the pain of the paddling.

David thought back to the events of the afternoon. He had been quite surprised when he had found his brother and his friends in the hideout. He was even more surprised at what they had been doing. He also felt happy though, as he realized he could now tell someone what had happened at school earlier in the week. He wondered what his brother might say!

When the two boys had finished, they told David that it might be best if he got undressed and went to bed. The younger boy agreed, and slowly got off of the bed and went over to the wardrobe. Peter and Frank went to the bathroom to wash their hands.

When the two boys returned to the bedroom they were quite surprised to see David sitting on his bed in his pajamas, rubbing his _c_o_c_k_. Peter was especially surprised by the size of his brother's willy. It was almost as big as his!

David told them he had been shown what to do by the Head boy at his school. He told them that, in each house at his school, there were two dorms, a senior and a junior. Leading from the junior dorm is a music practice and teaching room. Earlier in the week he had been doing his trumpet practice when Gareth, the Head boy, came in and interrupted him. He said that had been listening to him practice every day for the last week, as he could hear him in the senior dorm. He had asked if David could show him how to do it, so David made him buzz his lips and then put the trumpet mouthpiece to his lips. He made a sound but it was not very strong at all, and David thought that as the boy was bigger than him, he should be able to blow stronger, so he told him he had to take deeper breaths and did what his teacher showed him to do.

David told the two boys that he had put Gareth's hand on his tummy and took a deep breath in and out. As the boy moved his hand away he brushed it passed the front of David's shorts. This had made his willy twitch and he told his brother that he just smiled.

David said that Gareth noticed this and then smiled back. He asked if he could have a go and so David had put his hand on the older boy's tummy and felt him take a deep breath. David said that he could see that he was starting to bulge and he went a bit red. He then put his hand firmly on David's tummy and said do it again.

As he breathed in he felt the Head boy's hand move down towards his bump and saw Gareth feel his trousers. He told David to be quiet and unzipped the younger boy's shorts and pulled them down. David told the now excited boys that the Head boy then rubbed the front of his pants. By then Peter's brother told them that his willy was getting hard. Gareth then undid his own trousers and said look at this as he pulled down his pants.

His willy was very fat and he had started to grow hairs around it. He then asked if David had ever seen anyone wank? David said that he hadn't and asked the boy what a wank was. David said that he was told to rub the older boy's _c_o_c_k_ backwards and forwards whilst he played with David's.

David told his brother that then Gareth started to play with his bottom. First of all the older boy kissed it, and then he touched the naughty bit. He then took a pencil from the music stand and put some Vaseline on to it. David explained to the other two boys that you keep Vaseline in your trumpet case for the slides. Gareth then pushed the pencil right up David's bottom. The younger boy told them that he was a bit scared and it hurt a little bit, but after a while he got tingly feelings in his willy and all over, so much that he could hardly stand up. Gareth then took out the pencil and told David to keep rubbing his _c_o_c_k_, and to do it faster.

David told the two boys that he did as he asked. David said that he had been very scared that they would get caught doing this, and that had made him even more excited. He told his brother that his willy had felt all funny as Gareth played with it. Then Gareth started to groan and his willy started to twitch. David said he got a little scared and asked what was happening. "I'm going to spunk," said Gareth, "keep pumping my willy."

David said that he kept rubbing it and then whoosh, a huge jet of this spunk stuff shot all over his jumper and everywhere. He told his brother that he had been very scared when that happened, but Gareth had just said that it was meant to happen. After that, Gareth had pulled up his shorts and Y-fronts and left the room, leaving him to clear up all the mess and get dressed again before someone came in.

David asked his brother why the stuff had come out of Gareth's _c_o_c_k_ but not his. Peter explained that only big boys could spunk, but that David would soon be able to do it as well. David then asked if he could see Peter's and Frank's _c_o_c_k_s. The two boys nodded and said he could if he got them out for them. They sat down on David's bed and leaned back against the wall.

David crawled down the bed and knelt between the two boys. He unzipped their flies and put a hand inside each boys' Y-fronts. By now, both boys were quite hard again, and the younger boy had problems trying to get them out, but in the end he had a stiff little willy in each hand. He asked the boys if he could rub them for a little while. Both Peter and Frank said that he could if he wanted to, but they ought to get ready for bed first, in case their dad came in. David said ok, and let go of them, so that they could get ready for bed.

Just as the two boys had finished putting on their pajamas, Mr. Jenkins came into the room. He told the boys to get into bed, adding that he did not want to hear a sound out of any of them. The three boys said good night to him, and he left the room, turning out the light as he went. Peter whispered to Frank and his brother that they would have to wait until tomorrow to play. The three boys said good night to each other, and one by one went to sleep, dreaming about what the next day would bring.


The next morning all three boys woke very early. David was the first awake, and he crept over to the two older boys' beds. He knelt down between the two beds and slowly slipped his hands under the quilts, and into the openings of the two boys' pajama bottoms. He was quite surprised to find the two boys' _c_o_c_k_s were stiff and hard. He began rubbing them, the way that Gareth had rubbed his at school. He quite liked the feeling of having two boys' willies to rub.

Peter and Frank woke to find their _c_o_c_k_s being played with. They both lay very still for a while, enjoying the feeling of it. After a while, Peter slowly turned his head to look at his brother. Peter could tell by the look on his face that he was enjoying it. Frank slowly pulled the quilt off of him so that he could see exactly what the young boy was doing. Peter removed his quilt too, and lay there, watching his younger brother pumping away at both older boys' willies.

Before either of the boys could do anything, they both spurted. It went up in the air and landed on David's hands. The little boy kept rubbing as both boys squirmed with the intensity of their orgasms. David had problems keeping hold of both of them, but he continued until both his brother and his friend flopped back against their pillows, totally spent.

David stood up and went and got some tissues from the drawer. He gave some to the two boys and wiped his own hands with the rest. Peter patted the bed, and told David to lay down. He told Frank to get the vaseline out of the cabinet and sit on the bed. Peter slowly untied the younger boy's pajama tie and eased them down. He signaled to Frank for the cream, and told his friend to take care of his brother's _c_o_c_k_. Frank positioned himself, and very slowly started to suck the young boy's willy.

Peter meanwhile opened the tube of cream. He put some on the end of his finger and smeared it all over. He then sat down on the bed, and slowly spread his young brother's legs. He could see the boy's little hole. He slowly started to probe it with his finger, being careful not to hurt him.

All of a sudden his finger slid into the hole. His brother moaned and wriggled a little, but did not move. Peter pushed his finger in a little more. It was very tight, and it felt like his finger was being sucked. He started to move his finger around inside his brother's bottom.

Every time Peter moved his finger, Frank felt the little boy's _c_o_c_k_ twitch in his mouth. He wondered what it felt like to have something up inside his bottom. He decided he would like to try it. Perhaps, if Peter agreed, he might even put his _c_o_c_k_ in there! He was brought back to earth by David shuddering. It was obviously the most powerful orgasm the little boy had ever had, as his back arched, and his legs kicked around all over the place. Frank noticed though, that the little boy had not shot anything into his mouth. Oh well, he thought, one day he would be able to spunk too!

Peter pulled his finger out of his brother's bottom, and wiped it on a tissue. Frank gave the boy's _c_o_c_k_ a final lick and sat up too. David just lay on the bed, totally exhausted.

The three boys chatted together for a while, and then Peter said they might as well get up, so all three boys got out of their pajamas, and got dressed, all three of them in the same clothes, grey shorts, shirt, socks and pullover. They looked for all the world like three small boys, which to all intents and purposes they were. You would never had believed that any of them were over nine years of age.

When they had all gone downstairs, Peter suddenly thought of Geoff. He wondered what had happened to him when he had got home. Peter decided that he would telephone his friend to see how he had got on. He looked at the clock on the wall. It was eight forty-five. Both his mother and father had gone to work, so he picked up the telephone and dialed Geoff's number.

Geoff's brother, Graham, answered the phone. Peter asked if Geoff was in. He heard the boy giggle, and call his brother to the phone.

When Geoff answered the phone, Peter asked him how it had gone last night. His friend told him that nothing much had happened, but that his dad had said that he would have to wear his shorts for the whole of the holiday, and that he was being taken into town to get some more, and a suit with short trousers for going out in. Peter said that he was surprised that his father was going that far, but Geoff told him that his father had decided that he was going to have to wear short trousers from now on, until he left school! Peter was shocked, he hoped his father wasn't planning the same, but Geoff told him that both their fathers had met last night, and decided that, as they had worn shorts until they left school, why shouldn't their sons? Geoff's father had also telephoned Frank's parents long distance and got their approval as well. Peter thought to himself, no wonder Graham had giggled when he answered the phone.

Geoff went on to say that it had been agreed that all three of the boys were going to town that afternoon to be fitted out for the suits, and to get the rest of the clothes they would need. Peter felt downcast. Imagine having to wear shorts until they left school!

Peter said that he would call Geoff later, but his friend told him not to bother, as they would see each other after Peter's father finished surgery, as he was taking them all into town in his estate car. Peter said okay, and hung up.

Peter wondered if it was all true. He was sure that his father would have told him if something like this was going to happen. Peter thought about telling Frank, but decided he wouldn't mention it until he knew if it was true or not. He turned and walked into the kitchen.

When he got there, he found the others had already started to eat their breakfast. David was having corn flakes, and Frank was making himself some toast. Frank asked Peter if he would like some while he was making his. Peter thanked his friend, and said he wouldn't mind a couple of slices. As Peter sat down at the table, David said that daddy had left a note for Peter. He had seen it on the dresser. Peter's heart sank. He knew then that what Geoff had told him was true.

He stood up and walked over to the dresser. He looked on the shelf and saw an envelope with his name on it, written in his dad's handwriting. He picked it up and slowly opened the envelope, pulling out the single sheet of paper inside it. Peter looked at the paper. On it his father had written a few lines, and Peter could have guessed what they were without looking at it. It read:


I will be closing the surgery early today as there are certain

things concerning you that have to be discussed. I will be home about

11 o'clock and I expect both you and Frank to be at home when I


After our talk we will be going into town, but I will tell you

about that when I get home.


When Peter read this he knew that everything that Geoff had told him was true. He called to Frank and walked out of the kitchen. He wondered how he was going to tell his friend what had happened.

When Frank came out into the hall, Peter closed the kitchen door to make sure that his brother would not listen. He told his friend what Geoff had told him, and waited for Frank's response. He was sure that Frank would hate the idea.

You can imagine Peter's surprise when Frank said it was great. The boy said that in the last few weeks he had got quite used to wearing them, and, he whispered in Peter's ear, he got quite turned on every time he put his shorts on. Also, he said, think of all the fun they would be able to have! Peter tried to point out that they were to be made to wear shorts until they left school, and that if they went on to take `A' Levels, that would mean they would be in shorts until they were eighteen!

Frank said that he doubted if it would go on that long. He said that they would probably have to last the year out in shorts, but that the grown ups would probably let them go back into longs eventually. He spoke in such a way that after a while Peter agreed that it would be kind of fun, and at least they would still be able to have as much fun as they had recently!

Peter thought it over. He decided that it might not be so bad after all. However, he still could not quite forget the fact that he had first been put back into short trousers as a form of punishment, and at the back of his mind this latest news seemed to be an extension of that punishment. Oh well, he thought to himself, Frank doesn't seem to mind, so why should he?

When Peter's father returned home, he took the two older boys into his study. He told them about the discussion he had with Geoff's father, and the telephone conversation with Frank's parents. He told the boys that they could see no reason why the boys should not wear shorts until they left school, and he said that he had contacted their headmaster, and that he had said it would be alright. He told the two lads that the Headmaster had decided that the boys need no longer wear Prep school uniform, and that they could wear their St. Matthews blazers and such with short trousers. Mr. Jenkins went on to add that the Headmaster had said that he wished all parents felt the same way, because not only did the boys behave themselves a lot better since they had been put back into shorts, the savings that could be made on the cost of the uniforms could amount to over a hundred pounds per term!

Peter's Father then told them about the trip into town that afternoon. Peter asked his dad about the suits that Geoff had told him about. His father told him that it would be like an ordinary suit, except that instead of long trousers, they would have short trousers made instead. He told the boys that when he was a boy, he had quite a few suits like that, and also a couple of casual jackets, that he wore with either his school trousers, or smart tailored shorts. He walked over to the bookcase and took out a photograph album. He showed the boys some photographs that had been taken when he had been seventeen. Sure enough, there he was in his short suit, at a wedding, and also a couple of photographs of him in casual jacket, on a trip up to London. Peter noticed in the pictures that a lot of people were staring at his father, and he mentioned that to his dad.

Mr. Jenkins told the boys that he had not had any long trousers until he was eighteen, and those he had bought himself out of his allowance. He told the boys that there had been three of them that had to go through the same thing, one of them being Mr. Duncan, Geoff's father. Peter's father told them that, as the other boys in their class started going into longs, at about the age of fourteen, he had felt the same as them at first, but he told them that you soon got used to it, and after a while you didn't even notice it. He pointed out to them that, after all, hadn't they got used to it at school?

Mr. Jenkins put the album back on the shelf. He told the boys that they had better get washed up ready for lunch. The two boys raced upstairs to wash their hands, and were back downstairs before Peter's father had even had time to get the salad out of the larder.

David asked them why they were in such a hurry. Peter told his younger brother that daddy was taking them to town. David asked if he was going too. Peter looked over to his father, who said that yes, he could come, as he might as well start now, too.

David asked his father what he meant, and his dad told him what had been decided. David said that he wanted a suit and stuff as well, and so Mr. Jenkins decided that they would all go to the tailors together.


By the time one o'clock came, all three boys had had their lunch, and had been upstairs and got ready to go out. When they came downstairs, Mr. Jenkins was waiting for them. He looked them over and, after checking that they had all washed properly, opened the front door and ushered the boys out to the car. Peter asked his father if they were now going to pick up Geoff. Mr. Jenkins told him that they were.

When they arrived at Geoff's house, Geoff, Graham and Mr. Duncan were waiting for them. Both boys were dressed almost exactly the same as Peter, David and Frank, in grey shirt, shorts, socks and pullover. The only difference was that the three boys in the car also had ties on.

The two boys squeezed into the back of the estate car. The two younger boys asked if they could sit in the back of the car. Mr. Jenkins said they could, but only if they promised to sit quietly and not play around. David promised that they wouldn't and the two youngsters climbed over the back seat and sat on the carpeted floor of the estate part of the car.

When Mr. Duncan had closed the passenger's door and put his seat belt on, Mr. Jenkins started the engine and they began their trip to town. As they drove into town, the two men in the front started talking to each other, so Geoff quietly asked the other two friends what had happened when they had got home. Peter told Geoff that nothing had happened, and asked Geoff what his father had said when he had got in.

Geoff told the two boys about what had happened. It was almost the same as what had occurred in the Jenkins' house, except for the fact that Geoff had been made to tell his father all about what had happened at school. Geoff told the other two that he had felt very embarrassed, having to tell his father about being put back into shorts, and all the ribbing they had received from the other boys.

By now, they were just coming into town. Being Saturday, Mr. Jenkins found it very difficult to find a parking space. Peter asked him why he didn't use his Doctor's card and park on a yellow line. Mr. Jenkins told his son that he only used that in an emergency, and if there were no other place to park. He also told Peter that he could be fined if he was caught using it when it was not necessary.

Mr. Jenkins managed to find a place in the public car park about half a mile from the menswear shop they were going to. They all got out of the car and waited for Peter's father to lock the car, and then they all walked out of the car park and went out into High Street. Peter and Geoff were quite well know in the town, and very soon both boys became aware that many people were staring at them. Geoff saw two boys that they had gone to school with, stood on the other side of the street, and they were pointing at them and laughing. Peter told his friend to just ignore them, and look straight ahead. Geoff tried to take his friend's advice but he could still hear the two boys laughing and cat calling to them as they walked down the road.

Eventually they arrived at the shop. Mr. Duncan opened the door and ushered the boys inside. Peter looked around the shop. It was quite small inside, with lots of old wooden shelves, highly polished, and dark brown with age. Also there were lots of drawers, the kind you see with glass windows in the front, so that you can see exactly what is inside. Along one wall there were lots of jackets and suits in all sizes, from little boy's to large men's sizes. Also on racks were ties and scarves, and in one corner a large table with all sorts of hats arranged on it. Peter walked over to one of the counters, and looked through the glass front.

This too was full of ties and bow ties, scarves, collars and cufflinks. The man behind the counter came around to the middle of the shop and asked Peter's father if he could be of some assistance. When Mr. Jenkins had finished telling the man what they were looking for, the shop assistant told him that they might have just the sort of thing they were looking for. The man explained that they had used to be outfitters for one of the schools nearby, but that it had closed down a few years ago. He told them that they still had a large selection of Sunday suits that the boys used to wear. He asked them to excuse him for a moment, and walked out between two large cupboards to the back of the shop. Peter's father turned to Mr. Duncan and said that it sounded as if they were in luck.

When the man returned, he told Mr. Jenkins that they had about forty suits left, in various sizes and colors. He explained that they didn't have much call for them nowadays, but he was sure that they would have something to suit. He led them all through the back of the shop to a large fitting room. The boys saw a large rack of jackets in all sorts of colors, dark grey, light grey, brown, blue, beige and green. There were even a few check suits, similar to the one that Peter and Frank had seen in the photograph of Peter's father.

Mr. Jenkins walked over to the rack with Geoff's father. They took one of the suits from the rack and looked at it for a moment. Then they turned to the shop assistant and said that they looked ideal. They asked if it would be possible for the boys to try the suits on. The assistant suggested that it might be easier if he took the boy's measurements first, that way they would be able to see what would fit, and save time searching through the racks. The two fathers agreed that would be the best idea, and the shop assistant measured each boys waist and chest. When he had done this he took some suits off of the rack and laid them down on the counter, each pile a different size.

Mr. Jenkins asked the man how much the suits were. He was told that the school had used to subsidize the uniform, and as such, depending on the size of the suit, they would be between fourteen and nineteen pounds each. Mr. Jenkins said that that was very cheap, and that if they could find some that would suit the boys, that they could have three suits each. He told the boys that they had better try on the suits, and that they could choose which colors they wanted, but that they should all have one of the dark grey suits each, the others they could select for themselves.

The shop assistant asked the two fathers if the would like a cup of coffee. They both said yes, and so the man led them to the office, while the boys started trying on the suits.

When the grown ups had gone, the boys started undressing. When they had all stripped down to their underwear, each boy picked up one of the grey suits, and taking them off of the hangar, tried them on for size. Peter pulled on the shorts, and was surprised to find that they were lined, the same as his school trousers. He went to zip up the fly, but was quite surprised to find that, instead of a zip, there were buttons up the front. Peter didn't know why, but he felt quite excited when he saw them. He would soon find out how handy those buttons might be!

Next he put on the jacket. He did up the buttons and looked in the mirror. His father had been right, the suit did look very smart. He bent down and pulled up his socks. He turned round to face Frank and Geoff, who by now were also dressed. He asked them what they thought. Geoff just said it looked alright, but Frank said it looked smashing, and asked Peter what he thought of his. Peter came over to his friend and had a closer look. Making sure that no-one else saw, he quickly slipped a hand up the leg of his friend's trousers. He was quite surprised to find how much room there was, and he noticed that the leg of the shorts was a lot wider than their other ones. Peter stood up and looked at the other two younger boys. They too had their suits on now, and looking around at all of them, Peter thought to himself how smart they all looked. He decided that he would try one of the other suits on. He walked over to the counter and picked up one of the check suits. Frank said to him, why didn't the three of them all have the same suits. That way they could all wear the same all the time. Geoff asked Frank what suits he fancied. Frank told him that he liked the check one and the blue. Peter agreed, and Geoff also said that he liked them, so they tried each one in turn. All three of them found the suits in their sizes, and decided that they were the ones they wanted.

Whilst Peter was trying the check suit on, Frank noticed just how much Peter looked like his father when Peter's father was a boy. Frank wondered if he had ever done what they did. He wondered if Peter had had the same thoughts.

When all the boys had selected their suits, Peter went and knocked on the office door. The three men came out and had a look at the boys, who were by now all wearing the grey suits again. The two fathers agreed that the boys looked very smart. They then asked the shop-keeper, as he was, if he had any other shorts in stock, as the boys needed more school trousers and also some play clothes.

The shop-keeper told them he had football shorts in stock, but Mr. Jenkins said he was looking more for proper shorts for the boys. The man went out into the main shop and returned with a drawer. He showed a pair of white shorts to the two men. They were very short in the leg, with turn ups. Mr. Jenkins told Peter to try a pair on.

Peter looked around for a changing room, but his father told him not to be silly, there were no women about, he could try them on here. Peter bashfully undid his waistband, unbuttoned his shorts and dropped them to his ankles. He took the shorts from his father and pulled them on. They were quite tight, and the legs, which were very sort, barely covered his crotch. His father told him to turn around. Mr. Jenkins felt the back of his son's shorts, and turned to the shop-keeper, saying that they would do fine. Each boy was to have three pairs of play-shorts, and also a couple of short-sleeved shirts. Each boy was also to have two more pairs of school short trousers. Mr. Jenkins told his son to take off his play shorts, and to put the suit trousers back on. Whilst Peter was getting changed again, the two fathers followed the shop-keeper back out into the shop and paid for the clothes. They then called the boys, and gave each of then their clothes to carry in a plastic bag. They thanked the shop-keeper for his help and walked out of the shop.

As the boys walked back to the car, Peter noticed the two boys who had been laughing at them earlier. When they saw all of them dressed the same, their taunts were even more spiteful and vicious, but Peter thought about what his father had said earlier that day, and, even though he felt like going over to them and punching them on the nose, he looked straight ahead, and kept walking in the other direction with the others. In a way, Peter felt far superior to those two boys. He was also in a way quite proud of himself, knowing that he was able to ignore the jeers of other, silly, boys.

As the boys walked back to the car, they noticed how it felt as if they had no shorts on at all. They realized that this was due to the legs being much wider, allowing the air to circulate freely. Peter contemplated this fact. He had already noticed the way the breeze blew up the legs of his shorts. He wondered how much nicer it might feel if he was not wearing underpants. He decided the first chance he got, he would take them off and find out exactly how it felt!


It was Monday morning. Peter, Frank and Geoff were sat around the kitchen table in Peter's house. They had all got up early in expectation of their trip. All three of them were dressed in their old school shorts, white short sleeved shirts and grey socks. They were waiting anxiously for Mr. Jenkins to decide whether or not to let them go on the camping trip up to Raymond Wilder's parents farm. Geoff looked as if he could hardly wait, he was fidgeting around so. They had had to tell Peter's father where they would be going before he would even consider the idea. He was now telephoning Ray's parents, to make sure that there would be no problems.

When Mr. Jenkins returned to the kitchen, he told them that it would be alright for them to go. Mrs. Wilder had promised to keep an eye on them, and so would her son. In fact it was an ideal time for them to go, said Peter's father, because Mrs. Wilder had told him that there would be about fifty Cub Scouts from the local area camping in the next field, and she felt sure that if the boys were in need of any extra company, that the Cub Leaders wouldn't mind them joining in.

The three boys were crestfallen. They had hoped to be allowed to go out on their own, but now it looked as if they were going to be watched the whole time. Even worse was the fact that they would be camping near to a load of other boys, much younger than themselves. Peter felt sure that within a day of being there, they would be expected to join in with all the little Cubs, doing things like tying knots and building bivouacs. It seemed hardly worth going now.

However, Mr. Jenkins said it was a good idea to get out in the fresh air, and after all, they would have Raymond to play with. Mr. Jenkins didn't realize that Ray was a prefect and older than the boys. He thought that he was just another of their friends from school. If he had known the true relationship between them, he would never have let the boys go in the first place. However, he did not have any idea of the situation, and so had given his permission for the boys to go.

The trio walked out to the garage. They had already packed their rucksacks, and left them by the side of their bicycles, all ready for when Mr. Jenkins said they could go. None of the boys had really considered the possibility that Peter's father would not have let them go. They climbed onto their bikes and rode off down the lane.

As they rode through the countryside, Peter and Frank asked Geoff how his weekend had been. They had noticed that he had fidgeted as he had sat on the hard kitchen chair, and both boys had a good idea why. Geoff told them that he and his brother had been watching television when Gareth had decided he wanted to watch the other channel, so the boy just got up and turned over to the other side. Geoff told his friends that he had wanted to watch the rest of the program, and so told Gareth to turn it back again. When Gareth refused, he had got up to go and turn it back himself, but Gareth started shouting at him, so he hit Gareth on the bottom. He hadn't hit him very hard but Gareth went and told his dad. Mr. Duncan had come into the room and demanded to know why Geoff had hit his younger brother.

When Geoff had told his father what had happened, his dad became very angry, and told him that that was no excuse for hitting Gareth. He called Gareth into the room and asked him what had happened. Gareth told his father the same story, except he told his father that Geoff had hit him hard. Geoff then went on to say that his father decided that he would not tolerate fighting between the two boys, and had told them both to drop their trousers.

Geoff felt very embarrassed telling the two boys what had happened next. His father had taken off his slipper, and, starting with Graham, had slippered the both of them. He told them that first of all, he gave Graham six on each cheek, and then told him to stand up. When it was his turn, his father had put him over his knee, pulled his underpants down, and had given him twelve stingers on each cheek, while Graham stood there watching.

Peter and Frank could tell that Geoff had not liked it from the way he was talking. The boy went on to say that his father had told both of them to stand against the wall and to stay there until he came back, and left the room. While his father was out of the room, Geoff told his friends that he had began to blubb. He told his friends that he had tried not to in front of his little brother, but his father's slipper was very hard, and each slap had landed right on top of the one before. He also said that his brother had made him let him rub his willy, telling him that if he didn't, he would tell his daddy what he had seen them doing in the hideout.

Geoff said he had felt embarrassed at having his brother touch him. He was very surprised when Peter and Frank told him what David had done to them. He couldn't believe that they would let a younger boy play with their _c_o_c_k_s. Peter told him it was great fun, and asked him why he hadn't rubbed his brother up at the same time. Geoff told Peter that he had been afraid that Graham might have told his dad, and then he would have been in worse trouble.

Frank asked what had happened when his father had come back into the room. Geoff told them that he and his brother had been sent up to bed, without their tea. Geoff said it in such a way that he sounded like a five year old. Peter and Frank smiled to each other. They both had an idea which would soon bring their friend out of his shell!


It was mid-afternoon when they arrived at the Wilder farm. The got off of their bikes and knocked on the door of the farmhouse. Raymond answered the door. He was wearing a white t-shirt and his school white rugby shorts with button fly. Peter noticed the bulge in the front of the shorts. He could hardly wait to get at it!

Raymond called inside to his mother that he was going to show the boys where they could pitch their tent, and led the boys back down the lane and along to the field where they were to camp. Raymond explained to the boys that the Cubs were camping in the field next to them, but that the hedge was quite thick, and they should have very little trouble from them, which was just as well, he said, as he had something special planned. The boys all wondered what that might be.

Ray led them down the lane and into a small field. He told them that they had used to use it for the two ponies they had, but it was now unused, as it was really too small to be used for much. The boys noticed that it was surrounded by a thick, high hedge that made the field feel very warm, as it kept out all of the breezes. Even the gate had a windbreak hedge behind it, so that the field appeared totally enclosed. Peter thought to himself that they could get up to all sorts of things and nobody would see them!

Ray led them to the far corner of the field, and told them to look at the base of the hedge. The boys peered into the semi-darkness and could just make out in the dim light what looked like a large, square bit of wood laying on the floor. Ray told them that when he had been younger, a large drainage pipe had been laid down, so that the ponies field would not get waterlogged, but when the ponies went, it was sealed up. He told the boys that he had spent a whole summer opening up the old duct again, and that he had made it into a secret passageway, so that he could get to the field without anyone seeing him. Ray also said that the pipe not only led between the farmhouse and the field they were in, but to most of the other fields on the farm as well. He told them not to be surprised if he suddenly popped in to see them, with a wink.

The boys walked back to where they had left the tenting. It took them over an hour to get the tent up, and before they were even half way through, all of them were very hot indeed. The older boy noticed how the other boys shorts were sticking to them with sweat. He decided that he would have to make the first move. He flopped down on the ground with a sigh, and slipped out of his t-shirt, and pulled off his sneakers and socks, mopping the perspiration from his forehead with his t-shirt as he did so. He wondered if any of the others would look at him and take the hint.

Peter looked over at Ray. He noticed the older boy just laying back on the grass in only his shorts. Peter wondered if it was just the heat or if he had something else in mind. He turned to Frank and Geoff, and indicated over in Raymond's direction. The three of them quickly ducked into the tent.

When they came out of the tent all three of them had taken off all of their clothes and were standing in the sunlight, naked. Raymond could hardly believe his eyes! He walked over to the boys, noticing how their stiff little _c_o_c_k_s were standing proudly to attention, and almost flat against their stomachs. He asked them if they had been good boys since he had last seen them. Peter said that both he and Frank had been good, but that Geoff had been naughty. Geoff shot an angry glance at his friend.

Raymond told Geoff to turn around. He had an idea about giving the boy a friendly spanking, but when he saw the young boy's bottom, thought better of it. There were some very sore looking marks showing, and Ray thought to himself that the boy had obviously been well punished for whatever it was he had done.

Frank asked Ray if it was safe, them not having any clothes on. The older boy told him that no one came to this field as it was not used normally, and so they could wear what they liked. He told them that, in any case, they would hear the gate being opened, and that would give them enough time to get inside the tent if anyone did come to the field. To prove his point, he took off his shorts too, and soon they were all stood there with nothing on.

Ray suggested that they had better finish putting up the tent, and then they could get something to eat. The four boys set back to work, enjoying the feeling of the sun on their bare bodies. Pretty soon they had finished erecting the tent, and they all lay down on the grass, exhausted.

It was only when they were all quiet that they heard sounds coming from the other side of the hedge. The sounds of little boys laughing and talking came over the top, and the four boys realized that the Cubs must have arrived at their camp. Raymond carefully walked over to the hedge and peered through. He could not see very much, except for the occasional flash of dark green Cub-scout jersey on the other side. He crept over to the others, and told them that they had better get dressed. When Geoff asked why, Raymond said that as the Cubs had arrived, his mother might just come down to see how they were getting on, and she might even come into their field to see them. So the boys quickly got their clothes out of the tent and put them on. When they were dressed, Ray said that it might be a good idea if they went up to the farmhouse, and got ready for tea. The younger boys, who were by now quite hungry, quickly agreed.


When they got to the farmhouse, Raymond's mother was just about to get the tea things ready. She told the boys that she would be going down to the Cub's campsite after tea, and that it might be a good idea if they all went down and met each other. The three younger boys didn't really like the idea much, but agreed to go all the same. Mrs. Wilder then told them all to go and wash their hands and come down to tea.

When they had finished their tea, Mrs. Wilder sent them upstairs to have a good wash, Raymond too. In the bathroom the boys had fun splashing one another, and grabbing hold of each others willies with soapy hands. Soon though, all four boys were clean and ready to go and meet the Cubs.

They all left the farmhouse an walked along the road to the field where the Cubs were camping. They could hear the young voices from quite a distance off. Mrs. Wilder told the younger boys that they always camped in that particular field so that the could not be heard from the farmhouse, not that they were very noisy once they had settled down. The three boys were thankful for that, at least.

When they arrived at the field, there were about forty boys, all running around the tents, playing tag. Every one of them was wearing the green jersey, cap and grey short trousers that was the Cub Scout uniform. Peter noticed that he and his two friends could easily be mistaken for one of the older Cubs. He wondered a little what the younger boys would make of him.

Raymond's mother took them over to the Cub Scout leaders and introduced them all. The leaders said they would be very happy to include the boys in any of the activities they liked, and also told them to drop in anytime. After a few minutes, however, the Cub leaders said that they had to organize the boys tea, and told them to come back any time they liked.

They all walked back to the next field. Ray and his mother said that they were going back to the farmhouse, and asked if the boys would like to come back for a while. Peter said thank you for the invitation, but told them that they still had some unpacking to do. Mrs. Wilder said ok, but if there was anything they needed, they only had to come to the farm and ask. Ray said that he would come to see them in the morning and winked at the boys. They had a very good idea why, and had quite a job of trying not to smile too obviously. The boys said good bye, and opened the gate and went into their field.

By now it was getting on for half past six, and the boys felt chilly. They sorted out the inside of the tent and have an early night. By eight o'clock the three of them were sound asleep.


The next morning the boys were awakened early by the sound of noisy voices in the next field. It was obvious to the boys that they were not going to get much of a chance to lie in with the Cubs in the next field, so they pulled back the tent flap and looked out into the field.

It was a glorious morning. The sun was already shining into the field, and had cleared the dew from the grass. It was really going to be a warm day. The boys scrambled out of their sleeping bags and set to getting the breakfast ready. None of them bothered about getting dressed, and the three of them walked about the field with nothing on, without a care in the world. It would have been quite a sight for anyone to see, three boys enjoying the morning air as nature intended, free from the restrictions of clothing, however brief.

When they had finished breakfast and cleared away the cooking stove, the boys sat down on the grass to decide what they were going to do that day. Geoff suggested that they might explore the countryside on their bikes, but neither Frank or Peter felt much like riding around all day. In the end they decided to just spend a quiet day in the field, relaxing. Peter thought to himself that they would probably get enough excitement that day, especially if Raymond came to see them.

As it was, it was nearly lunch time before the older boy emerged from the tunnel. The three friends were a little disappointed to see that he was wearing jeans and an old shirt. He explained to them that he was going to have to help his father on the farm for most of the day, and probably would not see them until late afternoon.

The boys noticed that he had a plastic carrier-bag in his hand. Frank asked him what was in it. Raymond told him it was for them, but not to open it until he left. The friends were filled with curiosity as to what the contents might be. The top of the bag was sealed with sticking tape, but the three boys could see that it was quite full, from the way it bulged. Raymond put the bag by the side of the tent, and asked the boys what they were planning to do for the day. Peter told him they were just going to spend the day in the field. Ray suggested to them that they might like to get to know the Cubs in the next field, and Peter noticed that the older boy's glance turned to the bag as he said it. Peter was now very eager to find out what was inside. As Raymond left, he suggested that perhaps the boys should put some clothes on, as it was still quite damp. The boys said they would as the prefect disappeared back down the tunnel again.

After the boy had gone, the three friends decided that it might be a good idea if they did put some clothes on, and so all three of them went inside the tent to get dressed. They had nearly finished dressing when Geoff remembered the carrier bag that Raymond had left at the side of the tent. He went outside and brought it in.

Peter reached for the bag and all but snatched it out of Geoff's hand. He ripped off the sticky tape that had been used to seal the top and peered inside.

Peter could hardly believe his eyes! Inside the bag were three Cub Scout Jerseys, caps and scarves. The scarves he recognized as being the same as the ones the boys in the next field were wearing. There were even garter tabs for their socks. As he pulled all of the clothing out of the bag, he saw there was something else in the bottom of the carrier. There were some small books. He took them out and opened one.

Inside there were loads of photographs of young boys, some as young looking as seven or eight, and they were all in various stages of undress. Some of the pictures were of boys playing with their willies, others of two boys rubbing each other up, and even some of one boy sticking his _c_o_c_k_ up another boy's bottom.

Peter showed the magazines to his friends. All three of them wondered where Raymond had got them from. Geoff opened one to find a series of pictures of Cub Scouts, at what looked like a camp site, doing all sorts of things to each other.

Frank looked down at the Cub uniforms on the floor. He suggested to the other two that it would be fun to sort of act out the pictures in the book. The other two could hardly wait, and in no time at all, all three of them were dressed in the Cub uniforms and sat down on the floor looking through the books.

The boys were so engrossed in looking at the pictures that they almost didn't hear the noise outside the tent. Peter hurriedly zipped up his shorts and checked to see that his friends were decent before moving towards the front of the tent. He thought to himself that it was probably Raymond, perhaps he had been able to get his father to let him off working on the farm after all.

Peter unzipped the flap of the tent, and looked out. There were three round-faced nine or ten-year-olds in Cub Scout's uniform, staring back at them. One of them bashfully asked if they were Blue Six.

Peter said no, and asked if the boys were lost, hurriedly trying to hide the fact that he was dressed the same as the younger boys outside. He looked back at his two friends, to make sure they could not be seen, and then asked the Cubs where they ought to be.

One of the boys said that they were on a wide game and found a tunnel, and got lost in it. Just then, he spotted Geoff and Frank hiding in the back of the tent. Noticing what they were wearing, he asked if they were Cubs too.

Peter told the boys that they had better come into the tent. The boys crawled inside on their hands and knees gratefully.

The boy Peter had been talking to said his name was Colin, as he crawled into the tent. He also introduced the other two boys as Robert and Ian, as they crawled in behind him.

Just then he looked down on the ground. "I SAY!!!" he cried out excitedly, "what's THAT?!!!"

He had found one of the books that Raymond had brought in the bag, and the three of them had been looking at, still lying there open at the centerfold, just as Peter had thrown it aside, when they had heard the noise outside.

The boy's blue eyes were like saucers as he turned the page. "WOW.... isn't this naughty?" he asked as he saw what the boys in the photographs were doing.

Geoff replied that it wasn't really naughty, as he smiled back at him, but it was a lot of fun. Geoff reached out and put his hand on the boy's bare thigh, just below the edge of his grey Cub shorts. He didn't pull away. Instead, he turned his head slowly round and looked at his two friends. His cheeks were flushed, and his blue eyes searched his friends faces to see what they thought.

For a moment, no one spoke. Then his features broke out into a boyish grin.

Robert started to chuckle. While Geoff had been distracting Colin's attention, he had grabbed the book, and was turning the pages over and over.

He called to Ian to have a look at the book he was now holding. It was a series of color pictures of two Cub Scouts in uniform, slowly undressing each other, right down to their white cotton Y-fronts, and their stiff little _c_o_c_k_s poking out of the flaps in front. As he turned his head, Peter caught his eye, and held it. He asked a little timidly if they could stay for a while, adding that it looked like fun, what the boys were doing in the book.

Without replying, Peter reached round and zipped up the doorway. Then he smiled at his two friends. Together, they coaxed the boys down on top of the sleeping-bags. Their Cub Scout caps came off, and rolled away into the far corners of the tent. The younger boys looked up at the friends, and a little timidly asked the older boys not to hurt them.

The three friends promised they wouldn't, got the boys lying down on their backs, and knelt over them. They began to feel them all over their shorts... down to caress the insides of their thighs... going up the legs of the shorts into the elastic of their underpants... going further up between their legs to touch the smooth round ball-sacs nestling inside the sweaty cotton... round behind them to trace the outline of their pants in the crease below their peachy bottoms... making the boys raise their hips and wriggle their shorts about _s_e_x_ily... right in front of their faces! The three friends could see a little bulge inside each of them.

Slowly the boys slid their hands out again and reached for the young boys' flies, drawing the zippers down, and finding their stiff little _c_o_c_k_s, all tangled up inside their little white boy's underpants.

Gently the older boys eased the elastic waistbands down over them, and Peter slowly fondled Colin's warm, dry flesh while his friends did the same with the other two Cubs.

After they had played with them like that for a little, they asked the young Cubs if they were enjoying it. All three of them said yes, and asked what else would the older boys do to them.

Geoff was the first to act. He had been thinking of all the things he would have liked to be able to do to with his younger brother. He rolled Ian over onto his side, and laid down in front of him. He took hold of the younger boy's hand, and put the boy's palm against his own willy. The youngster, not knowing what to do, just left his hand where it had been put, so Geoff told him to feel his _c_o_c_k_. The young boy started to run his fingers up and down the outside of Geoff's short trousers, and the older boy felt his willy getting even harder.

Meanwhile, Peter and Frank had rolled the other two Cubs over to lie close together, face to face. The boys moaned, and their young bodies begin to squirm and rub against each other. Peter's hands were roaming all over Colin's grey shorts. They were rucking up into folds around his hips. It gave Peter a stiffy to think that he had a Cub Scout with his shorts coming down, but the grey worsted material was still stretched smooth and tight over his sweet boy's bottom. Frank was doing just the same with Robert's.

The two Cubs put their arms round each other, their boyish heads close together. The two older boys were quite surprised to see half-open mouths were seeking one another, kissing with great, wet kisses, as their _c_o_c_k_s poked and probed against each other's smooth, hairless bodies.

Then, out of the corner of his eye, Peter saw what Geoff was doing with Ian. He had taken the young boy's shorts right down to his knees and had done the same to his own, and was rubbing his _c_o_c_k_ against the other boy's smaller member. The younger lad was moving his hips backwards and forwards, almost inviting the older boy to do what he liked. Geoff noticed what the youngster was doing. He put his arm around the boy's waist and put his hand on his bottom, and squeezed. The young boy gasped a little as Geoff lightly touched his index finger against the little boy's bum-hole, gently pressing inwards with the tip of his finger. He was quite surprised when it slowly slid inside the boy. He could feel the warm, almost sucking sensation against it. Geoff thought for a moment, and then removed his finger.

Gently he moved away from the boy and rolled him onto his tummy. He was going to try something he had seen in one of the magazines. He put his hand between the boy's legs and gently parted them.

When the boy's legs were spread, Geoff knelt between them. He leaned forward and put one elbow by the youngster's arm, and with the other hand, took hold of his own _c_o_c_k_. He gently positioned it against the younger boy's hole, and very slowly started to press it into the boy.

Ian whimpered as the older boy's willy pushed it's way past the opening, slowly penetrating him. He had never had anything like this done to him before, but he didn't want to stop. Somehow it made him feel very grown up to be doing this, and he didn't want to be thought a baby by not doing it. Gradually the first pain stopped, and he started to enjoy the feeling of another boy's _c_o_c_k_ up his bottom, moving backwards and forwards inside him. It made his own willy feel all tingly too, and he slowly reached underneath himself and took hold of it.

Geoff noticed what Ian was doing, and took hold of the boy's hips. Very carefully, so as not to come out of the boy, he knelt back, pulling the younger boy up into a sort of crawling position as he did so. When he felt steady, he put his left arm around the boy's chest, and reached for the youngster's _c_o_c_k_ with his right hand. As he pumped in and out of the boy, he pumped Ian's _c_o_c_k_ at the same time. It felt almost as if his willy was going right through the boy, and he was rubbing himself on the other side.

Geoff could feel the pressure building up inside him. He knew that very soon he was going to shoot, and it would all go up into the boy's bottom. He wondered if he should do it, but he was by now too far gone to worry. He felt Ian tense and pull away slightly. The young boy said he felt as if he was going to go to wee. Geoff told the boy that it was all right, and that he wouldn't wee, but get a nice feeling all over in a moment.

Ian was not too sure, it really did feel as if he was going to wee. His _c_o_c_k_ felt tingly, and his tummy felt funny. Still the older boy kept pulling his willy though. He was just about to say something to Geoff as he felt the older boy shudder. He felt something warm go inside him, and at the same time his whole body felt as if it was being tickled, only the feeling was so strong it almost hurt. He shivered and shook as all the feeling suddenly shot down to his _c_o_c_k_. It felt just like the time he had grabbed hold of a plug at home and got an electric shock. All he could feel was the tingling, Geoff's _c_o_c_k_ in his bottom, and something wet running down his leg. For a moment he thought that the older boy had gone to wee in his bottom, but as he looked between his legs, he could see a sort of creamy stuff slowly sliding down. He felt Geoff suddenly flop down on his back, and now spent, he too felt his arms weaken and he fell back to the ground.

Meanwhile, Peter and Frank had been busy with the other two boys, gripping them in all the boys' soft places, squeezing them, pulling at their willies, working them up into a frenzy as they lay there. Peter's _c_o_c_k_ pressed hard into Colin's heaving bottom, slipped down, and lodged itself between his thighs.

He was going to shoot, the boy's hips were bucking against him, and his _c_o_c_k_ was rubbing back and forth between the legs of the younger boy's half pulled-down shorts, right in his crotch. Peter could feel Colin was getting near to orgasm too, and his arm went in between the two younger boys, holding Colin tight. The younger boy's whole body jerked convulsively, his muscles tensed like a coiled spring, and his thighs gripped Peter so tight in the sticky material between his legs that he could hold on no longer. He held on until his whole body screamed for release. It felt as if he had released his load right into the boy.

Peter was quite surprised by Colin too. For such a young boy, a lot of juice was spurting out of him, all over himself and the other boy, in a hot spray between their naked stomachs, all over their rucked-up green Cubscout's jerseys, over their white underpants, their legs, everywhere. Peter could also feel Frank shooting his load onto Robert's bottom, soaking that boy's shorts as well.

Peter sat up to look at their handiwork, the two boys lying there completely spent, with their smart Cub-scout uniforms in wild disorder and covered with sweat and cum.

The three friends looked at the younger boys. Peter said that they were very naughty to have got all those marks on their uniforms, and asked the younger boys what they thought they ought to do about it.

Colin spoke. He said that if he got his clothes dirty at home, then his daddy smacked him, and he supposed that they should do the same. Peter asked the three of them if they were sure, and when they all said yes, he knelt down to begin.

The three boys turned them over to lie on their stomachs. Peter yanked Colin's soaked shorts, and his white underpants along with them, down to mid-thigh. Then Frank and Geoff leaned over and pulled down Robert's and Ian's shorts as well. Ian's tight pants stayed in position, so Frank slowly, lovingly, rolled back the white cotton, pulling them inside out right down to his knees.

They spanked the three boys as they lay there, side by side, the palms of their hands coming down hard in quick succession, one, two, left, right, on their chubby bottom-cheeks. Never had the three friends heard such gasps of pleasure-pain, and then such cries of frankly ecstatic pain as they saw those three naked bottoms slowly pinken under that hail of slaps. Their bodies squirmed on the sleeping bags, but the shorts clinging halfway down their legs held them in position.

They went on till the tears were pouring down the younger boys' pretty cheeks. Then they started to gently rub the younger boy's bottoms, soothing them.

Colin turned his tearstained face to Peter and smiled. He said he had liked it a lot, and the other two boys agreed. It was also Colin who noticed the stain on Peter's shorts. He said that it was only fair that they should get the same punishment. So the three friends laid down on their sleeping bags, waiting for the youngsters so smack them.

The Cubs pulled down the older boys shorts and underpants, and began to spank them. They were not very hard smacks, but were enough to get the older boys excited again. Peter could feel a stirring underneath him again. How he had enjoyed the mornings fun. He hoped they would be able to do it again before the end of the holiday.

When the young boys grew tired of smacking the friend's bottoms they sat down again on the sleeping bags next to them. All the boys looked at the Cubs uniforms. They were well splattered with boy-cum and looked quite a mess. The three Cubs were now feeling a little afraid of what their Akela would say when she saw the marks. The were sure that they would get into trouble. It was Peter who suggested that maybe they could wash the shorts out. Colin said that was a good idea, but that they would not dry out in time. There was obviously a problem.

Frank finally sorted it out. He looked at the younger boys and then at his friends. They all seemed to be about the same size. He suggested that they could lend the Cubs their spare short trousers while they washed the other ones. All the boys agreed, and Frank, Peter and Geoff went over to their rucksacks and pulled out their spare grey shorts.

The young Cubs quickly took off their stained shorts and put on the ones the older boys were offering them. In no time they were dressed again. The shorts fitted quite well, except for Ian's, which were just a little looser than his own, but were luckily not too big. The older boys quickly mopped off the little marks that were on the young lad's jerseys, and in no time at all the three younger boys looked as smart as they had done when they had crawled into the tent. Peter told them that they had better go, or they might be missed. The three Cubs said okay, but asked if they could come to see them again if they got a chance. The three friends said of course they could, any time they liked. The younger boys smiled, and left the tent.

Just for a laugh, the three friends put on the younger boy's shorts and settled down to finish looking at the books. It wasn't long before they became even more badly stained than ever.


Raymond did not turn up that afternoon. The boys sat around in their Cub uniforms, with the younger boys stained shorts, for most of the day. They lay on the grass, reading. Not one of the boys had any thoughts of _s_e_x_ for hours, they just wanted to enjoy the sunshine. At lunchtime, they cooked themselves a light snack on their small gas stove, and ate it in the shade of the green canvas tent awning.

By about two o'clock the heat in their field had become almost unbearable again, due to the fact that there were no cooling breezes that could penetrate the dense, high, hedges that surrounded them. One by one the boys tripped off, and just lazed around, totally naked. If anyone had been in a position to watch the boys that afternoon, they would surely have noticed the almost regular tumescence and detumescence of the boy's members, but it was probably due to subconscious thoughts rather than any conscious whims or fancies of the three.

It was Peter who finally suggested that they really ought to wash the young Cub's shorts. He got out the big bowl they used for washing the dishes, and put a kettle on the camp-stove to heat some water. Frank pointed out that they had not brought any washing powder with them. Geoff suggested using washing up liquid, as long as they rinsed them out thoroughly afterwards.

While Peter was washing the short trousers, Geoff and Frank rigged up a makeshift washing line to dry them on. They hung the shorts on the line, and within half an hour they were dry. The next problem the boys had was how to get the creases out. They decided the best thing to do was to put them under their sleeping bags that night and sleep on them, and hopefully that would press them.

For the rest of the afternoon, the boys put on a tee-shirt and a pair of their tight play-shorts and went off on their bicycles to explore the countryside. They rode down to the village, and up to the old castle, and spent a very happy afternoon together just wandering around the old building. At five o'clock they decided that it was about time to get back, and so they went and collected their bicycles and rode down the hill and back to the farm, oblivious to the admiring glances they were getting from men as they rode back to the camp.

When they finally got back to their field, it was beginning to cool a little, so Geoff got the tea ready whilst Peter and Frank tidied up the tent ready for bed. They remembered to put the Cub's short trousers under the sleeping bags, and when they had finished their tea, they washed up the pots and pans, put them away, and all three of them crawled into their sleeping bags and slept a deep dreamful sleep, all about Cub Scouts!

When they awoke next morning, the first thing the boys did was to look under the sleeping bags to check how the shorts had pressed. They were amazed to find that they were in fact so well pressed that they looked like new. The three boys decided that they could not give them back to the boys like that, because they had looked a bit untidy when the younger boys had had them on the day before, and so they decided that they would wear them for a couple of hours, just to make them look more natural. Having taken off their pajamas, the three boys put on fresh vests and underpants and slipped into the shorts. Geoff suggested that they might as well put on the rest of the Cub uniforms that Raymond had brought them as well, and so it was as three Cub Scouts that they finally emerged from the tent, right in front of Raymond, stood outside the tent.

For a few moments not a word was said. Raymond just stared at the three boys, admiring the way they looked, in their trim little uniforms. The three friends noticed that Raymond was wearing the uniform of a Cub Scout leader. They could not, however imagine why, or what he had planned.

Raymond asked them if they had had breakfast yet. When the three boys said that they had not, he told them to get something together quickly, as he had decided that they should all go out for the day. He told them that he had the whole day free, and that he thought that it might be fun for all of them to go out, pretending to be a Cub Scout Leader and some Cubs. Peter said that sounded like a nice idea, but wasn't it a bit dangerous? What would happen if they were seen by a real group of Cubs? They might get into an awful lot of trouble.

Raymond explained that the Cubs would be going on a field trip, and that the four of them would be going in a different direction entirely, so there would be no possibility of them being taken for anything other than what they appeared to be.

He suggested that they might go up to the old fortress and explore the tunnels. The three friends said that sounded like an excellent idea, and quickly set about getting their breakfast ready.

Just as they were finishing breakfast, Colin, Ian and Richard came through the tunnel into the field. They walked over to the boys and said good morning. They looked nervously at Raymond, who they had taken to be a Cub Leader.

Peter told them that it was alright, that Raymond was their friend, and asked them how their day had been. Ian giggled, saying that he had had a bit of trouble with his shorts, as they were a little big, and kept falling down.

Raymond did not quite understand what was happening. He was even more surprised when Geoff said that maybe they had better swap back, and all six boys started taking off their short trousers. It was only as the boys began exchanging shorts with one another that he began to get an idea of what was happening. Raymond took Peter to one side and asked him what had happened with the boys the previous day. Peter looked a little bashful, but in the end told the older boy what had happened. Ray asked Peter if he thought the boys could be trusted. Peter said he thought so, and asked the boy why.

Raymond said that he had an idea. He told Peter to wait for him, and to keep the other boys there as well. Peter said he would, and watched as the older boy quickly disappeared down the tunnel. Peter walked back over to the other boys, and they finished exchanging their shorts.


It was about an hour before Raymond re-appeared out of the tunnel. He ran over to the boys who were sat outside the tent, all avidly staring at the naughty books that he had left the previous day. He asked them if they would all like to go to the old fortress, including the three Cubs. He explained that he had asked their Akela if it would be alright if they went with him, and had been given permission to take them with him. He had also been given their packed lunches that they would have taken with them on their field-trip.

The three youngest boys could hardly believe their ears! They had not really wanted to go on the Cub trip, and here they were, being given the chance to go out with their three new friends. They all said thank you to Raymond, and he suggested that they all leave now, before the rest of the Cubs started moving. Raymond went to the gate, peered out along the lane, and waving the boys on led them up the lane to the old fort.

Peter, Frank and Geoff could hardly contain themselves. They felt quite strange, wearing Cub Scout uniforms out in the open. They all felt as if they were being very naughty. Especially since they ran the risk, however slim, of being found out. They knew though, that that was all part of the enjoyment. They could behave just like nine or ten year olds, and nobody would take the slightest bit of notice. For the first time since the whole ordeal began, Peter felt really contented in his short trousers. He was among friends, and had the acceptance of boys much younger than himself, who were not the least bit interested in the fact that he was older than them. As far as they were concerned, he was just another Cub. That, more than anything else, made Peter feel very glad.

By ten-thirty, the boys arrived at the fort. There were quite a few people there already, but no one took the slightest interest in the boys. They spent the rest of the morning exploring around the fort, playing hide and seek in the large caves around the foot of the battlements, and generally enjoying themselves. Frank had managed to fall over and graze his knee, and I'm sure that if anyone at that point had seen his face, they would quite well have believed that he was only nine years old. It was very painful, and his face was screwed up in the sort of way that a child's does when they have hurt themselves, with tiny tears just catching in the corners of his eyes. Colin gave him his handkerchief to wipe it with, and after a few moments he was up and running around with the rest of them again.

By mid-day the six younger boys were feeling quite hungry, and they sat down on the grass to eat their lunch. Raymond sat with them. He had not joined in with their games, as he felt he was to old for that sort of thing. He didn't quite understand how Peter, Frank and Geoff could still find enjoyment in playing games like hide and seek, and wondered if perhaps being kept in shorts wasn't somehow affecting them. Anyway, it was a nice sunny day, and they were happy, so what did it matter? He had noticed once or twice that Peter's hands were going in places where they shouldn't really be, in public that is. He didn't mind what they got up to in the privacy of the field, but if someone saw him doing it out here, it could cause problems. He had told the boy not to do it, but he could see Peter's hand starting to travel up the leg of Colin's shorts again.

That did it. Raymond stood up, and catching Peter by the arm, pulled him to his feet and smacked him hard on the backs of his thighs. The older boy was stunned by the reaction of the younger. Peter's lip started quivering, and he shouted at Raymond that he didn't like him anymore. Raymond told Peter to stop acting so childish, but the boy just started blubbing, sobbing that he wasn't his friend any more, so there.

It was probably the worst moment that anything like that could have happened. Just at that point, Bill Marsh and Stephen Evans, two boys from Peter's form at school, walked around the corner of the cave. They saw what had happened, and Peter's reaction. They could hardly believe the sight in front of them, three of their own form, fourteen year olds, dressed as Cub Scouts, with one of the school prefects looking like a Cub master, and to cap it all, three more boys in Cub uniform as well. And Peter getting his legs smacked. The two boys rolled with laughter, both of them snapping away with their cameras at the scene in front of them.

Raymond told them to come to him, but they just laughed and ran back round the side of the cave. He chased after them, but by the time that he got round the corner, they had disappeared. Raymond just knew that those two boys would make trouble!

Raymond went back to the boys, and told them that they had better return to the farm. The three Cubs did not understand what had happened, but Peter, Frank and Geoff all knew that this would not be the last they would hear about their day out on a Cub trip!


The very next morning, Peter, Frank and Geoff packed up the tent and left for home. They went up to the farm and said goodbye to Raymond and his parents, and as they rode back down the lane, they popped in to say goodbye to the Cubs. Raymond had told them to keep the uniforms and books he had given them for the rest of the holidays, and that they could return them when they all got back to school at the end of the holiday. The three boys said okay, but none of them were really in much of a disposition to be that grateful for the loan of something which may very well have caused them all sorts of future problems.

The three boys cycled home in almost total silence. None of them felt very happy with the way the trip had ended, and all three boys were wondering what would be the outcome of that fateful trip to the fort. They arrived home in very low spirits indeed!

When Peter and Frank got home, David asked them how the camping had gone. The two boys said it had been alright, but neither of them had sounded very enthusiastic. David wondered what had happened. He thought that they would have had a great time. He had been imagining all the things the three of them would have been getting up to, wishing he could have gone with them. He had loved what his brother and Frank had done to him the weekend before, and hoped that it might happen again. He was not to know that it had been because of that sort of thing that they had decided to come home early.

The three friends went up to Peter's room. They sat down on the beds and thought about the holiday. They all agreed it had been good most of the time, if only the last day had not been so horrific. How could they ever show their faces again? If only Evans and Marsh had not turned up, it would have been all right, but now everyone would hear about it, and they would get a lot of stick at school from the other boys. The humiliation of it all!

David came into the room just as Geoff was getting ready to go. The young boy walked straight over to his brother and sat down beside him. He started rubbing the front of his older brother's shorts, but Peter just brushed his hand away. He was in no mood to be felt up by his younger brother, today of all days. David looked at his elder brother a little strangely, and then turned and walked moodily out of the room.

The three boys sat on the beds for a few more moments and then Geoff said he really must leave. Peter and Frank went downstairs with him and watched him as he cycled down the drive.

The two boys went back upstairs to the bedroom. They unpacked their rucksacks and started sorting out their clothes into two piles, one for washing and the other for putting away. Peter suddenly stopped, staring into the bottom of his bag. Frank looked over at his friend, wondering what was wrong. Peter slowly drew out the plastic carrier bag he had stuffed at the bottom of his rucksack when they had so hurriedly packed, back at the farm. Frank's face fell as he saw it. Both boys were wondering what they should do with it, when David walked back into the room again. He immediately noticed that something was wrong, and asked Peter what was in the carrier bag. Peter tried to stuff it back into the rucksack, telling his brother that it was just dirty clothes, but David was dying to find out what was inside it. He grabbed it out of his older brother's hand before he could do anything about it, spilling the contents all over the bedroom floor.

The three boys stared down at the mess of clothing and magazines scattered across the bedroom floor. Peter and Frank stood there aghast, wondering what the younger boy would make of it all. Their silent questions were soon answered when David knelt down and picked up one of the little glossy magazines. It had fallen open at a page showing two schoolboys in full uniform, bent over a farm gate with their short trousers and underpants around their knees, and two young farm workers pressing their _c_o_c_k_s against the young boys' bottoms. David stood up, staring at the photograph, and his hand slowly went down to his fly, gently stroking over the front of his shorts, as his hips moved in an extremely erotic fashion. The boy was obviously getting very excited by it.

Peter tried to snatch the book away from his brother, but David just stuffed it down the front of his shorts, and told Peter that if he wanted it, he would have to get it. Peter, stunned, just stared at his brother for a moment, and then, almost as if coming out of a deep sleep, realized what his young brother meant. He wanted Peter to rape him!

The older boy tried to talk David into giving him back the book, but he just hopped and danced around him, just tantalizingly out of reach of his brother's hands. In the end, Peter got quite worked up too. The shock of the previous day had put all thoughts of _s_e_x_ out of his mind, but now he could feel his willy getting hard in his pants at the thought of thrusting his attentions on his young sibling. He made a grab for David, and caught him by the arm.

He yelled to Frank to get nylon rope they had used as a washing line out of his rucksack as he struggled with his younger brother, twisting his arm up behind his back to stop him from getting away. He was determined to have his way with this little boy, and nothing was going to stop him. He pushed David down onto the bed and sat on him while Frank hurriedly pulled the long length of rope out of the bag.

Peter grabbed hold of the waistband of his brother's shorts and wrenched them down to his ankles, dragging his underpants down with them. David was still struggling, and by now in fear, as he was a little scared of what his brother was going to do. He had never been tied up before, and was afraid of what he had started.

Frank quickly pulled the boy's shorts and pants off of his feet and tied one end of the rope to his left ankle, running it up and over the headboard of the bed, and pulled it out at the bottom, between the mattress and the base of the board. Peter grabbed the rope and forcing his brother's left arm up to the top of the bed, tied it around his wrist. Frank then ran the rope around the back of the headboard from left to right, and tied the younger boy's right hand up to it, and after passing the rope back under the headboard again, pulled it up over the top and finally secured the end of it to David's right ankle.

When the two older boys were sure they had secured David firmly, they stepped back to admire their handiwork. The young boy's arms were pulled wide against the edges of the headboard, forcing his head against the board so that he had no choice but to stare down at his now rampant _c_o_c_k_, whilst his legs were pulled up, so that his feet were almost hooked over the top corners of the headboard, with his bottom raised up, seductively, just begging to be filled. Peter said that a target like that should not be ignored, and went over to the wardrobe and came back with one of his brother's black, slip-on plimsoles. He stood to one side of the bed and gave his brother six hearty whacks with it, watching the way his brother bucked against his restraints on each blow. Peter by now was getting very horny indeed, as was Frank.

The two boys stripped right off, and hurriedly slipped into the Cub uniforms that were still strewn across the bedroom floor. Peter noticed a pair of Y-fronts that had belonged to one of the Cubs, with yellow marks on them where the young boy had shot in his pants. He picked them up and sniffed them. They smelt beautifully of young boy _s_e_x_, and he leant over the bed and pulled them over his brother's head, arranging them so that the younger boy's mouth and nose were in direct contact with the crotch of them, but so that he could see out through the legbands. He then came round to the end of the bed and stood on the end of it, rubbing his hands up and down the front of the little grey shorts he was wearing. He had deliberately left off his underpants, and as he undid the waistband and fly buttons, his stiff little prick jumped out of its enclosure and stood out from his body like a short pink poker, framed in the V of white and grey of his short trousers.

He dropped to his knees and Frank passed him the tube of vaseline cream. Peter smoothed a glob of it onto the tip of his willy, and then pressed the end of the tube against his brother's bottom hole, giving it a hearty squeeze. The white cream oozed out of the side of the hole. Frank leaned over and, with his index finger, worked it into David's hole. The young boy squirmed against the violation of his body, but Frank just continued, grabbing the boy's stiff willy in his other hand and pumping it up and down roughly.

Peter put the tube down on the side of the bed and slowly eased himself into position, adjusting slightly so that his willy was on a direct line with his brother's now slackened hole. He pressed it against the boy's ring, felt the muscle suddenly give under the pressure and he was inside. David screamed as it went in, but there was nothing he could do to stop it, and no one to hear his pleas, as they were the only three people in the house.

Peter started to pump in and out of his brother's bottom, and reached round his brother's leg and took hold of the boy's _c_o_c_k_, pumping it in time with his own thrusts, as if he were going in one side and wanking himself on the other. He felt something brush his knee and saw Frank moving the tube of cream, he thought no more of it until he felt the back of his own shorts being taken down, and the thrill of expectation as he felt Frank push his willy into his bottom. All three boys now were in a sort of _s_e_x_y boy daisy-chain. Peter was a mass of sensations, the willy in his hand, the feel of power at having his own brother totally at his command, and the exquisite pain of his best friend giving him a seeing to as well pushed him over the edge, his whole body was awash with the most powerful orgasm he had ever had, and he felt the spunk rushing out of his _c_o_c_k_ as Frank's rushed up into his bottom, and David trickled boy juice through his fingers. It looked almost like a filtration plant, with the juice, thick and creamy rushing out of one boy, through the middle one, finally emerging from the youngster as a clear, pre-seminal juice. Frank collapsed, spent, onto the back of his friend, and Peter fell forward against his brother, a mass of exhausted, happy boyhood, the only thing between the two brothers' lips the sweet scented cloth of a Cub Scout's soiled Y-fronts.


The boys spent most of Saturday getting ready for the journey the next day back to school. Geoff had called round earlier in the day with a message from his father, who would be going past the school on his way up to London, and asked if Peter and Frank would like to go by car. The two boys said they would like that very much. Geoff told them that they would call for them at about two o'clock the next afternoon, and waving goodbye, mounted his bike and rode down the drive. Peter and Frank went back upstairs to continue packing their cases. They put their new short trouser suits in the bottom first, so that they would not crease, and then laid their play shorts and sports kit on top. They did not pack their uniforms as they would have to wear them to go back to school. Finally they piled their underwear, socks, jumpers and shoes on top and closed and fastened the case lids. Frank asked Peter if he thought there would be any trouble when they got back to school with Bill Marsh, Stephen Evans and the photographs. Peter said he hoped not, but if there was, Raymond would have to help them, as he was as involved as they were. He just hoped that he was right. They changed into their plimsoles and went out into the garden.

The next morning, all three boys woke early. David would not be leaving until late that afternoon, as his school was not all that far away, but as Peter and Frank were going just after lunch, they decided that they would have to make the most of the morning they had together. David asked Peter if he could go to the hide in the woods with them and play bottoms again. Frank said that was a good idea, and all three of them dressed quickly and rushed down to breakfast. They had a very quick snack and the three boys got out their bicycles and rode across the field to the woods. Peter suggested that they could call on Geoff and find out if he would like to join in. David said he didn't mind, as long as Graham could come too. The two older boys were a bit surprised by David request, after what Geoff had told them the day they had gone to the farm, and asked the younger boy why he wanted Geoff's brother to come along too.

David told them that one day last term, he had been sent on an errand by the sports master, to get some cricket stumps out of the Games store. As he got to the store, he heard noises inside, and as the door was open a fraction, he had peeked inside, just in case it was robbers or something. What he did see was Graham, and two other boys, sitting on the floor on top of a fourth, and they were stripping his clothes off and making him do dirty things to them. He could tell by the way the boys were talking that Graham was the ringleader, and what had made David really angry was that the boy on the floor was his best friend. Not knowing what he should do, David had tiptoed away from the shed a short distance, and then, making as much noise as he could, slowly walked up to the shed again.

By the time he got to the shed again and opened the door, the boys were all dressed again, and were pretending to look for a cricket net. They had asked him what he was doing there, and he told them that he had been sent by the Games Master to help him get some equipment, and had they seen him yet, because he was supposed to meet him here. At that, the four boys said no, they hadn't seen him, and that the net they were looking for must be somewhere else. They quickly made their exit, fearful of being caught somewhere they ought not to be.

Peter and Frank could hardly believe their ears. Geoff had been humiliated by his brother, and had thought there had been no way to get his own back. It now appeared that there was a good chance to get even, and even David had an axe to grind with the boy. The morning could turn out to be more fun than either of the two older boys could possibly have imagined.

When the three of them arrived at Geoff's house, both he and Graham were out in the front garden, cleaning their bikes. Peter asked them if they would both like to go for a ride with them, and Geoff said that he would have to ask his father, and rushed inside to ask if it was alright. If Graham noticed the strange way the three boys were looking at him, he didn't show it; he just finished putting the chain back on his bike, and waited for his brother to come back out of the house.

Geoff came out and walked over to his bike. He said that they could go, but must be back by twelve o'clock for dinner. Peter said that they would be back in plenty of time, and all five boys rode down the drive to the road.

When they got to the woods, Peter stopped his bike and got off. He knelt down beside his bike and pretended to be adjusting the chain. He called over to Geoff to help him, telling the others to go on ahead. Frank and the two younger boys rode off in the direction of the hide, and Geoff knelt down to see what problem Peter was having.

Peter quickly told his friend about what David had said, and he could tell that Geoff was starting to get a little angry. He had never imagined that his brother had been that sort, and he was furious that he had been shamed in such a indecent manner by his young brother. Peter told him to calm down, as they would all help him to get his own back on the objectionable little creep. They got back on their bikes and rode off after the others.

When they got to the hide, they were not at all surprised to find that the other two had already set to on the young boy. They found him stark naked, tied ankle to wrist, hanging between two overhanging branches like a trussed turkey. Frank and David were swinging him backwards and forwards like a pendulum, about two and a half feet from the ground. As he swung back towards the boys, they were flogging him unmercifully with twigs on his bare behind.

Geoff saw immediately the possibilities. With his hands and feet bound together, spread wide apart by the tightness of the ropes, there was absolutely no way his brother could struggle, he could only hang there, in that degrading fashion, while absolutely anything could, and soon would, be done to him. He walked over and took hold of his brother's _c_o_c_k_, which, although the boy was obviously terrified, stood out rigid from his groin. Geoff swung the boy backwards and forwards, using his willy as a handle, all the time ignoring his brother's screams. The other boys by now had started stripping off, and David rushed forwards and stuffed Graham's underpants into his mouth to keep him quiet, pulling his own over the young brat's head in much the same manner as had been done to him.

Having quieted the boy down, Peter, Frank and David quickly took down Geoff's shorts and pants, and anointed the captive's bum-hole with cream, preparing it for invasion. Geoff rammed home into his brother, causing the boy to buck violently against the ropes, which only served to skewer him further onto his brother's hard, throbbing prick. The other three boys set to work. Peter went round behind Geoff and entered him, while Frank did the same to him.

David had different ideas. He stood at Graham's head and slowly peeled the underpants out of the boy's mouth. He then inserted his willy into the opening in the y-fronts over the boy's head and nudged it against the boy's lips. Graham tried to resist the pressure against his mouth, but finally, the last of his resistance gone, gave way to the hard flesh that was thrusting at his face. David felt it slip between the boys lips, into a hot moist throat. He told Graham to suck it like a lollipop. He was remembering what he had seen that day in the Games store. He felt the draught of the boy's breath against his little boy-balls as his willy was thrust further into the boy's mouth by the pressure from the other end of the prisoner's body, and the sensations were driving him wild. He reached forwards and grabbed hold of the other young boy's _s_e_x_ and pumped it furiously.

Geoff told Peter and Frank not to shoot as he wanted them to empty themselves into Graham, so that he was full of their boy juice. The two boys withdrew, and as both David and Geoff emptied themselves into the boy, gently rubbed themselves to keep hard for their turn. Frank then took Geoff's place, while Peter took over from his now exhausted younger brother.

While Peter and Frank emptied their loads into Graham, David and Geoff rubbed themselves hard again and set to on Graham. David was unable to shoot again, but Geoff produced a second load and squirted it all over his brother's _c_o_c_k_ and balls, and then rubbed it into the boy's flesh, making him sticky and bringing him off all over his chest. Peter shot so much and so hard that the boy had no option but to swallow it, but still some trickled out of the corners of his lips, back onto Peter's balls. Frank spent himself into the now slimy cavity that was the boy's bum hole, shuddering as each jet of boy-cum shot out of the end of his stiff willy.

All four boys collapsed on the ground, spent. Graham just hung from the ropes, dripping sperm from his bum, covered in a thick sticky amalgam of the boys' love juices. He looked exactly like what he was, a pitiful little slut, whose body had been raped and violated and abused, an insignificant _s_e_x_ object for the satisfaction of the four boys now laying beneath him.

When the boys had sufficiently recovered, they dressed, and cut Graham down. When they had untied him, he just lay on the ground sobbing. He was ashamed of himself, and full or remorse for what he had done, and he asked the four boys to forgive him. He knelt up and buried his face in his brother's shorts, and pleaded with him to forgive him for what he had done.

Geoff looked down at the boy. Having taught him a lesson he was sure the boy would not forget for a long while, he no longer felt any animosity towards him. He knelt down and kissed him, and said that he forgave him, but that he must learn not to be nasty or spiteful to people, otherwise it might happen to him again, and next time he might not get off so light. Graham promised everyone that he would not be so horrible in future, and that he would not force his attentions on anyone, unless they wanted it too. He turned to David, and very sheepishly asked if the could still be friends. In answer, David knelt down in front of the boy, and taking hold of his willy while he did so, kissed the boy full on the lips, the salty taste of boy-cum assailing his tongue as he slowly inserted it into the other boy's warm, receptive mouth.

Geoff looked at his watch. It was nearly twelve o'clock. He gathered up his brother's clothes and helped the young boy get dressed, pulling his Y-fronts and shorts up as he put on his vest and shirt. When he was decent again, the five boys got back on their bikes and rode home to Geoff's house. If Graham rode home standing on the pedals rather than sitting on the saddle, nobody could blame him, and all understood why. That particular area would be a little uncomfortable for quite a while. They arrived at the house, and Peter, Frank and David waved goodbye as they rode off home. The two older boys could tell by the happy expression on David's face that the next term would be a lot happier for him, and who knew, perhaps his schoolwork would improve too!


It was quite late when the three boys arrived back at school. They were met by their Form Master, Mr. Walters, who told them that they had all been moved to the same dormitory, by request of Peter's father. The three boys were happy. It meant that they could be together more often, and perhaps it might make things easier for them too. The climbed the stairs to the dorm and walked in. They unpacked their clothes and put them away in their lockers and got ready for bed.

The next morning the boys got up, had their showers and got ready for breakfast. It was while they were in the showers that they first noticed a new face. He told them his name was Jeremy Woods, and that he had been sent to the school by his father, his mother having died six months previously. The three boys introduced themselves, and asked what school Jeremy had gone to before. He told them that he had gone to a day school, but when his mother had died, his work had suffered, and his father had got a tutor for him, and arranged for him to come to St. Matthews. Jeremy gave the three boys the impression that he did not like his tutor very much, and later on the three boys were to find out why. The four of them went back to the dormitory and started getting dressed. It was then that Peter noticed that Jeremy too was wearing short trousers. He asked the boy why he had shorts too. Jeremy sat down on the bed and told the boys his story. It was all due to his new tutor at home. He told the boys that since he had failed his end of term exam, his father had decided that he was to have a tutor instead.

The following Monday, a Mr. Payne had arrived. Jeremy had watched him from his bedroom window. He had three big cases, he noticed, and one battered one a bit smaller. Jeremy went back to bed and read a comic. Then there was a knock at the door, and Barns, Jeremy's father's old butler, told him that Mr. Payne wished to see him in his playroom.

When Jeremy walked into the room, he said hello to the new tutor. "Hello SIR," he corrected. Then he said, "I expected you to be wearing your best clothes," he paused, looking the boy up and down, "instead of that atrocious collection of rags." Jeremy explained that he had been very surprised. He was wearing his favorite pair of jeans, admittedly rather faded, but all the boys at his old school wore jeans like that. He told Peter that he had also been wearing a tee-shirt with "Manchester United" on it. When Jeremy had asked if he should go and change into his Sunday clothes, the man had told him to go and fetch them, rather than change into them. He had gone up to his room, taken them out of the wardrobe, ran back downstairs and showed Mr. Payne the clothes.

"Rubbish!" he said. "These are not the clothes for a child. Haven't you any knickers?"

Jeremy told the boys that he had thought they were girls underwear, and asked the man what he meant.

"Short trousers."

"No sir!" Jeremy had said flushed. He was much too old for those!

"Then strip! If you have nothing suitable to wear, then nothing is what you will wear until we can get some."

He could hardly believe his ears. Strip! He must be joking. But Jeremy told the boys he soon realized he was not joking, and very slowly peeled off his tee-shirt. Then his plimsoles and socks. Then he had undone his jeans and also slid them off.

"And those." the man had ordered, indicating to the boy's underpants. The boy said that he had tried to object but there was nothing to do but to obey. He took them off and stood shyly covering his little willy with his hands. However, Mr. Payne ignored the young boy's nudity. The tutor just picked up the underpants and looked at them scornfully. "Little boys have no need for these. You will not wear them in future. Now you will go out into the garden and play until lunch time."

Jeremy told the three boys that he had been so amazed that he just said, "Like this sir?"

"Like that, sir!" the man had answered sarcastically.

Jeremy went on to say that he had met Barns outside the playroom door. He looked a little surprised to see him naked, but he didn't seem to mind. Jeremy said that he just ran out into the garden and, trying to ignore the strange look the young gardener gave him, and the fact that any of the neighbors might see him, ran straight to a little gap in one of the hedges which he had made into a den.

Peter said that it must have been horrible, and Geoff and Frank echoed his sentiments. But Jeremy went on to tell them more. He had stayed out there, bored and ashamed, until about twelve o'clock, when he discovered he needed to go to the toilet. He said that he came out and was just about to go out of the back door when Mr. Payne stopped him. He tried to explain that he had to go to the toilet but all the man said was that he could have gone outside, and told him to go up to the Tutor's room.

Peter asked what had happened then. Jeremy described how he had been told to put the Tutors battered case on the bed and open it. He had been extremely surprised and dismayed by its contents. There were canes, straps, whips and all sorts of painful looking instruments. Jeremy told the boys that he had occasionally been spanked at school, but had never before then faced (if that is the right word) anything worse.

"I use the cane often and frequently," Mr. Payne said, while Jeremy just stared into the case. "You will have to learn that, and you must also learn never to argue. I shall cane you now. Bend over the bed."

Jeremy said that he had tried to resist. But the man was much stronger than him, and soon had him over the foot of the bed. Twisting his arm to force him to keep reasonably still, he gave the boy six stinging cuts with it, which had made Jeremy cry out and yell until he was quite hoarse.

The new boy went on to explain that he had been kept naked all day, even at the lunch table. There were no lessons -- Mr. Payne had been busy fixing up his old playroom, and he had had to stay out of the way. At tea time, Mr. Payne told him to report to the playroom at seven o'clock.

Jeremy said he was surprised at the difference. His toy-box was gone, and Mr. Payne had padlocked the cupboard. A desk with a plain stool was in place of the table, an ordinary school desk, but much wider. By now the three boys could imagine what the reason for the width was.

Jeremy added that the table was by the window and on it the canes and other instruments were placed. There was a blackboard in front of the desk, and a noticeboard on the wall. The was an armchair on one side of the blackboard, and Mr. Payne was standing beside it, stroking a long thin cane, allowing him to examine the change.

"You are a spoiled brat," the tutor had said at last, "and it is my job to change that. You are ignorant and lazy -- that I shall correct also. In a few days you will have changed. You will obey every little order I give you instantly and without thought, no matter how silly you may think it, or how unpleasant. Now," he added, pausing, "I am going to thrash you. You will receive twelve strokes and they will be very hard and very painful. Are you going to take your punishment?"

Jeremy said that he had been so scared that he wanted to cry, but was forced to mumble yes.

"Yes what?"

"Yes, sir."

"What are you going to do?"

"I am going to take my punishment."

"How many are you going to get?"

"Twelve sir." Jeremy had gulped.

"And how are they going to be?"

"Hard, sir, and very painful."

"Good. Now bend over the table."

There was a sort of clearing in the middle of the table, between the canes. Jeremy told the three now avid listeners that he was stretched over in this clearing. He could smell the leather of the straps and the varnish of the canes.

The caning was horrific. Jeremy told them that he never thought he would survive. Tears blocked his vision so that he could only see the blurred outline of his knuckles as his hands gripped the far side of the table. Again and again came the stinging cuts, cutting, burning his sore, hot bottom. Jeremy said the man had concentrated on the lower half of his buttocks and upper part of his thighs, and the three boys agreed that that was where it was most painful.

When it had finished, Jeremy said that he had been sent to bed. Actually, his bedtime in the holidays was nine o'clock, but he didn't want to argue. He just went to bed and rubbed his sore bottom and cried himself to sleep.

Jeremy told the boys that the next morning, after breakfast, Mr. Payne had gone upstairs with him (following him) and sifted through his clothes. He had said that he could wear a white shirt, a tie, black shoes and ankle socks, and his raincoat. Nothing else.

Their new friend explained that the white shirt was a bit too small for him and did not cover his bottom or _c_o_c_k_. The raincoat only had three buttons and the wind could easily blow it open.

That trip into town was a nightmare from beginning to end. To start off it was a warm day, in spite of a gentle wind; the tutor didn't take his car, but they went by bus; in the bus Jeremy told the boys that he had had to sit on the outside of the seat and was sure everyone realized that he had nothing on under his coat -- and very probably did, because he frantically tried to pull the bottom of the coat down further still.

The three boys agreed with Jeremy that it must have been very embarrassing, but he told them that it had got worse as it went on. They didn't go immediately to the clothes shop, but stopped to get some tobacco for Mr. Payne. Then he had to get some stationery. Then he had to go and see someone on business and left him outside, warning him of the consequences if he moved.

While he was standing there, looking very conspicuous in a raincoat on a warm, sunny day, holding it down against the wind, a school friend came along. He had noticed the bare legs, and in answer to his questions, told him about the tutor, and the fact that he had nothing on under the coat. Unfortunately, some more boys came along, and his friend, wanting to showoff this exciting piece of news, suddenly grabbed his coat and pulled it up. The humiliation! All the boys rocked with laughter and Jeremy said that he had wanted to run away as they continually tried to expose him again. They were still jeering when Mr. Payne came out. They followed them all the way down the street, and of course, more boys joined them.

Finally they had into a shop and Mr. Payne chose some clothes. He bought several shirts - all short sleeved - a couple of jumpers, and about five pairs of shorts. They took them into a Cubicle and tried them on, one by one. Mr. Payne refused to listen to his complaints about their tightness, and merely told him to "shut up."

Jeremy told the boys about the clothes. There was a white pair, with turnups on the leg, which were extremely short and barely covered his bottom. A black pair were equally as tight, only they didn't have turnups, and they were all too tight.

Mr. Payne had made him wear the white shorts with a pale blue shirt. His white shirt and tie were wrapped up with the other clothes. He told the boys that he had forgotten about the two stripes on his thighs, which he had got the night before - although it would have been impossible to cover them while carrying the parcel and overcoat. The boys were still outside and jeered all the more when they saw how he was dressed. It was all right for them, in their jeans, and not having to worry whether they'd be beaten for something today.

He went on to say that the next stop was at the tailors. The tailor, who apparently knew Mr. Payne, told them to come to a room at the back. Mr. Payne told him to take off his shorts and the tailor measured him, but not just normally. He measured how deep the cleft of his bottom was, how long his _c_o_c_k_ was; he even told him to erect it so as to get that measurement. Jeremy told them he was terribly embarrassed and found it difficult. But when Mr. Payne told him that if he didn't obey instantly he'd whip him, he managed. Mr. Payne didn't give the tailor any instructions, but just left. The clothes he made arrived about a week later.

He told the boys that they had then gone home for lunch. On the bus, as they were getting off, Mr. Payne was going first and didn't see a man suddenly put his hand out and feel the front of his shorts. And that, Jeremy explained, was how he came to be wearing shorts. He told the boys about the shorts that the tailor had made.

The tailor had made six pairs of each type. Mr. Payne had made him put on one pair of each type to see how they looked. The first type were quite ordinary when seen from the front, just grey worsted school short trousers: but in the back were two triangular tears, not very big, but enough to see that his bottom was bruised. The tailor had made the tears appear quite natural - these Mr. Payne told him, he would wear in public if he misbehaved.

The second pair had a large square cut out of the back. The third pair had no middle seam. They were connected at the waist, but there was no fly or anything from the front to under the legs to the belt at the back. Jeremy told the three friends that Mr. Payne was pleased with these, since when he tried to hold the front together, the back came open, showing his bare bottom, and if he held that, his _c_o_c_k_ was exposed.

Another pair had a zip at the side, and a small hole which his willy and/or balls could be pulled through. With both out, it was painful sitting down since they pulled his balls.

Another pair had a large hole in the front. The next pair were pretty much normal, albeit, very brief. These, Jeremy said, he was only allowed to wear if he proved worthy of them. The final pair also looked quite ordinary and were a good fit. These were for school and social occasions. The only difference was that these had a rubber tube, quite thick, sewn into the seam level with his bottom hole. He went to the locker and pulled them out. The boys looked at them and asked why the tube was there. Jeremy explained that to try these shorts on, Mr. Payne put some cream onto the rubber and then pulled them on, guiding the tube with his hand. He pushed it a little way in, which hurt a lot, and then from the outside of the shorts, pushed it right in, which hurt like murder.

He buttoned them up, and then told him to sit down and stay there for a while. Soon, Jeremy said, he more or less got used to it - though he could never forget it was there - but if he moved, even slightly, the pain was tremendous. He told Mr. Payne as much, but he had told him to stop whining, and said that Jeremy would get used to it eventually. Jeremy had to admit that he did in fact enjoy wearing them now, that was why he had sneaked them out and had brought them with him.

Peter asked if he just got the cane from the man, but Jeremy said he got strapped and worse, and not just by his tutor. One day, Mr. Payne had taken him with him when he visited a friend. They had gone in his car, but he had been very uncomfortable because he had the neat shorts on, the ones with the rubber thing in, and he hadn't got used to them yet. Each time they had over a bump, Jeremy explained, he had felt it more than Mr. Payne. Once he deliberately went over a hole which made him cry aloud.

Mr. Payne's friend, whom he had to call Uncle, looked very nice, but in fact he had soon found out that he was just as strict as Mr. Payne.

While the two men were having _c_o_c_k_tails he had had to show Uncle his various shorts. Mr. Payne had brought them along in his battered case. Uncle was very interested with the shorts with the plug in, and examined them carefully. Jeremy said that he had to put each pair of shorts on in turn, and as he was changing Uncle remarked to Mr. Payne that his bottom was unmarked.

Jeremy explained to the boys that every so often Mr. Payne gave him a weeks holiday from beatings. During that time, all his offenses are marked in a book, and he would be punished for them the next week. Jeremy said that Mr. Payne said that otherwise his bottom would become insensitive. The three friends knew for a fact that beatings always seemed more painful after a period of not having any.

The last pair of shorts Jeremy had had to put on, he told the boys, were the shorts without the seam. They were fairly loose so he could arrange them so that they hid everything, but then he explained, he would have to move for something, and never knew which side to cover.

Jeremy became quiet, and Peter asked him what was the matter. The boy said that during the lunch, he had knocked over a glass of water.

After a short silence, Mr. Payne had turned to Uncle, and said, "Since it is your table cloth he ruined, perhaps you would like to deal with him. He's got a nice fresh bottom. Let's see what you can do with it."

Jeremy said that he was told to put on the shorts with the square cut out of the bottom and then made to stand in the corner until they had finished lunch. He said he felt so humiliated. He said he was still standing there, not bare, although his bottom was, which made it worse somehow, as the footman cleared the table. Jeremy said he didn't know whether he took any notice of him or not.

Jeremy explained that it was a large room, with the table at one end of the room and a suite of furniture at the other. When the footman had finished, Uncle called the boy over to him.

The man said that he would start off with a simple spanking, and put his hand on the boy's flies. He undid them one by one, allowing the shorts to fall to Jeremy's knees. Carefully he arranged the boy over his knees - he was sitting in the middle of the couch - with the boy's head in the cushions.

Jeremy said he did not feel afraid of him. He seemed much more affable than Mr. Payne. He said he felt reassured when the spanking started. He could hardly feel it. But then it started getting worse. The spanks got harder and harder as he went on, each spank being slightly harder than the previous one. At first it was only a warm tingling. Then a pleasant stinging. Then each individual slap started stinging, and Uncle didn't give him time to recover after each slap.

Jeremy added that soon he was wriggling in agony and Uncle had to twist his arm to stop him from involuntary resistance - Jeremy said that he knew it would be worse for him if he resisted, but he just couldn't help it.

Jeremy said that, after a while, Uncle finally let him struggle up. He said his bottom felt like it was on fire, and had gone to rub it, but Uncle stopped him. "Go to the bottom drawer of that chest of drawers," he said, pointing, "and open it." Jeremy had opened the drawer. Like Mr. Payne's battered suitcase, it was full of canes and straps.

"Take out the cane with the ivory handle and bring it to me." The cane he mentioned was shorter than the one Mr. Payne usually used, but it was just as "swishy." Jeremy took it to him. Again he put him over his knees, and again the beating started very gently, but increased in pain as the time went on. He gave quick little flicks, one immediately after the other, covering the entire area of his bottom, even the top halves of his buttocks.

Then, Jeremy said, he stopped and told him to kick off his shorts (Jeremy explained that when he had fetched the cane, he had managed to keep the shorts at his knees), and Uncle moved one leg off his knee, so that they were now wide apart. Holding him firmly, he gave Jeremy a half a dozen cuts on the insides of his buttocks, where the flesh is really tender, and each one made the boy really scream. It really is the most tender part of the body.

He then had Jeremy stand up and fetch him a leather paddle from the drawer. The boy was told to clear the dining table and sit up on the edge of it. When he had done so, Uncle lifted the boy's legs high over his head, forcing the boy to lay back on the table. Jeremy said he was then told to hold his legs apart, forcing his legs wide open, and that if he let go it would cost him an extra six strokes.

In this position Jeremy said that he was completely defenseless. Peter and Frank just stared at each other. They knew just how defenseless someone was in that position. Jeremy went on to say that with his legs up in the air, his bottom, balls and hole were all exposed. Uncle swung his arm back.

The first one was right on the center of his bottom and hurt so much that he had almost let go of his legs. The second was a bit lower: The third a little higher than the first. The next six were all centered around that spot and with each blow the temptation to let go of his legs was stronger and stronger.

Then Uncle started aiming higher, so that he was hitting Jeremy where his thighs joined his bottom. The tenth and eleventh strokes were right on the "crease" but the twelfth and last landed right on his balls. Jeremy confided to the boys that he let out a terrific shriek, and clutched at his sore balls frantically. Uncle waited until he had sufficiently recovered and said, "You will now have the extra six for letting go of your legs."

"Oh but sir, you hit--"


Jeremy was made to hold onto his ankles again and Uncle had walked over to the drawer. He returned with a thin leather strap that was split near the end into six very thin strands, each one knotted at the end. It looked terrifying.

Jeremy described how Uncle had stroked his sore bottom with it for a few minutes, particularly putting it between his buttocks and drawing it upwards, over his hole. It tickled and hurt at the same time, somehow. Then suddenly he drew back the whip and flicked it across Jeremy's bottom. Not hard, but it hurt far more than the paddle. The little knots rubbed right across his bottom, as though scratching it. Two more followed, just as painful. The fourth however landed right on the boy's hole, the knots seeming to tear it to pieces.

Jeremy had clung onto his ankles until his knuckles were white: but could not stop screaming. The fifth landed on exactly the same spot.

"You have one more to come," said Uncle, and Jeremy said he could feel the man tickling his balls with the ends of the whip and guessed where it would come. Jeremy also said that Uncle threatened that if he let go of his legs this time, then he would get twelve more, so he clenched his teeth and steeled himself. He clutched his ankles so tight that his wrists had ached for hours afterwards.


Jeremy said at that he had screamed, and almost fell of the table -- but fortunately he didn't let go of his ankles. The pain was tremendous, and lasted for days afterwards. His little ball-bag, apart from being bruised (and later a little swollen) was covered with little scratches.

Uncle finally told him he could get up and rub himself. Both men had sat there and watched, grinning as he had tried to soothe both sides of his body at once.

Peter asked how long the whole thing had lasted. Jeremy said the whole punishment had lasted over an hour. Then they had gone home.

The three boys reassured the boy that they didn't whip or flog at the school, it was mainly caning and spanking, and as he was in short trousers, he would probably have his bottom smacked more than caned. Peter asked if he could try on the shorts with the plug in. Jeremy said that he had sneaked all six pairs of them out, and offered a pair to each boy. At that point, he didn't understand why the boys were so eager to wear them, he himself had hated them at first. But when he asked the boys why, they just said that it reminded them of something, and that if he liked, they would show him sometime. The boys quickly slipped off their own short trousers and Y-fronts and eagerly helped each other put on the shorts Jeremy gave them. They were right, it did feel just like someone had their _c_o_c_k_ up them, and by pushing on the back seam, it almost felt like having it thrust in and out of them. The one thing the boys did notice though, was that they were very tight, with no room at all to get a hand up the leg: but they were very short, and the boys surprised Jeremy by pulling each other's willies out from the leg. He was even more amazed, and a little scared when Peter reached over and pulled his out as well. He had never had _s_e_x_ in any way with another boy, but he felt as if he had been accepted into the school, and he made up his mind that anything his new friends did with or to him was all right with him. After a couple of quick, sly rubs, the boys quickly adjusted their clothing and all went down to breakfast.


Trouble was brewing. Bill Marsh had come up to Peter on a couple of occasions. Nothing much was really said, except for the occasional Cub Scout salute and the odd "Dib Dib Dib" or two, but Peter knew that there was something being planned. Steven Evans had not returned to the school, his parents had moved to Yorkshire during the holidays, and he had gone to a new school in Kettering. Peter wished Marsh had gone too, but no one was ever that lucky.

He had seen little of Raymond since they had returned to school. The older boy was involved in serious study for his Common Entrance Examination. He wanted to get into Oxford, and he would need a very high pass mark to qualify. He had spent one Saturday afternoon with the three boys and their new friend, Jeremy. Jeremy got on well with Raymond straight off. Ray had asked Peter if the new boy had been initiated yet. Peter said no, but they were working on it. He told the older boy about Jeremy's home life, and Raymond admitted that they ought to take it slowly. He suggested one possibility would be the next day at the ducker, which was a pond at the far side of the school where some of the boys went swimming. Peter saw at once what the prefect was getting at, and asked if the older boy would be there too. Raymond said he didn't know, but he would get there if at all possible. Peter had told Raymond about the shorts all four boys were now wearing, and the older boy had had a good look at them at the time, and now whenever he saw one of the boys, he gave them a pat on their backside, just to remind them that the rubber bung was still there. Peter had an idea that if Jeremy liked the feel of the bung up his bottom, it should not be to difficult to get him to accept a substitute. How he hoped so. He wanted to be the first to welcome the new boy to their friendly little group

Throughout the afternoon, Jeremy had noticed that the four other boys were more than a little familiar with each other, quite often he had noticed a hand brush against the front of another's shorts, occasionally giving a little squeeze to the bulge that was rather prominent in the tight fitting grey shorts he had given them. He felt a little left out, not because he didn't understand it, but because although everyone was friendly to him, he was still a bit of an outsider. The only time anyone had touched him was that first day they had all met, and he found himself wanting more, although he wasn't quite sure what more would be.

The next day, after breakfast, Peter sought out Jeremy and asked him if he wanted to go for a swim in the ducker. Jeremy said he didn't mind, and asked what he should take with him. Peter told him he could bring his swimming trunks and a towel if he liked, but mostly, they just took their towels, 'cos after all, it was only boys there. Peter could see by the look in the other boy's eyes that he was not too keen on nakedness, perhaps because of what had happened the first day he had met his tutor. Peter could see that they would all have to work on the boy to get him to accept the fact that nudity was not only natural, but could also be great fun!

When everyone was ready, the four boys walked down to the ducker, towels thrown over their shoulders. They got to the lake, and Peter noticed that there was no one else about. He had not gone past the noticeboard that morning, so he had not seen the note that Raymond had posted there the previous evening. It had read:




This had had the effect of clearing the pond, so that the boys would have a good opportunity to initiate Jeremy.

The boys quickly stripped of their Sunday suits and Peter, Frank and Geoff all jumped into the pond stark naked. Jeremy had his swimming trunks on underneath his shorts, and he kept them on as he entered the water. The three friends were a little disappointed, but they would find some way of getting them off him, and the sooner the better.

In fact it was Raymond who provided them with the answer. He had been sitting inside the old Pavilion, waiting for the boys to come down for their swim. When he had seen his three friends dive in stripped, and Jeremy with his trunks on, he knew something would have to be done. He decided that he could put his notice to good use after all, albeit in a different fashion to the one he had had in mind. He stood up, and strode down to the water's edge.

He called to the boys to get out of the water, and demanded to know what they were doing there. When the boys glibly shouted swimming, he asked them if they had looked at the notice board. When the boys admitted they had not, he told them about the note. He also said that even though he was their friend, he was also a prefect, and as such, responsible for keeping discipline in the school. He told them that he would give them the option of being reported to the Headmaster, or being dealt with by him. Immediately the three friends saw what was happening. They instantly feigned horror, begging Raymond not to report them to the head, making it sound like the worst of all possible threats, and as hoped, Jeremy joined them in their plea. Raymond didn't let them off the hook instantly though, he said that he didn't know, he really ought to report them, but the boys continued their pleading, and the prefect pretended to weaken, and said that he would deal with them, rather than get them into even more trouble. He told all four boys to collect their clothes and go up to the pavilion.

Once inside he took hold of Peter, and unceremoniously bent him over his knee and gave him ten hearty spanks on his bare bottom. Peter, playing up to the line, struggled fiercely, as did Geoff when next it was his turn. Jeremy, who unknown to him, was being left to last, could hardly believe his eyes when Frank actually started crying during his punishment. So it was almost with pride that he walked over to Raymond when it was his turn. He didn't even object when the prefect took down his trunks and laid him across his knee. This was old hat for him. He took his ten without a murmur, and lined up with the other three when it was finished. He expected some sort of lecture from the prefect when he had finished, but once all four boys were lined up next to each other, Raymond just stood up and walked out, closing the door behind him.

Once the door closed, Peter looked over at Jeremy. He hoped that they hadn't laid it on too thick, he didn't want the new boy thinking they were all cry-babies. He went over to the boy and shook his hand, saying how brave he was. Frank and Geoff also crowded round him, and started rubbing his bottom. It was having the desired effect, Peter noticed, as the new boy's willy started rising upwards, hardening as it went. The other three were all ready stiff as logs, and Peter grabbed hold of Jeremy's and rubbed it, encouraging it to stiffen. He took hold of Jeremy's right hand and placed it on his _c_o_c_k_, encouraging the boy to do the same to him. The boy seemed quite willing to follow Peter's example, after all, this he supposed was what he had been waiting for.

It was then that he felt something pressing against his bum hole. Someone was behind him, pushing something up his bottom. It wasn't until he felt himself being pushed forward, to bend over that he saw what it was. Frank had pushed his finger up into his hole. It felt a bit like the plug in his shorts, only different, as this was probing and bending, and pressing into him.

He felt, rather than saw Geoff take over from Peter, who now walked round behind him. He noticed as he passed that the boy's _c_o_c_k_ was a bit bigger than his own, and it looked all glisteny. He had not noticed the boy's pre-cum slowly trickling out the end of it, as he had had held further down the shaft.

He felt the finger being withdrawn, and then inserted again. Only this time it felt bigger. He looked backwards between his legs just in time to see Peter thrust his willy up into his bottom. Jeremy could not believe it. He had never imagined anything like it, another boy wanting to put his _c_o_c_k_ up his bum. It sent him into wild spasms of joy as Geoff now slid under the boy, and sitting cross legged between his legs, took the boy deep into his throat, sucking for all his worth on the new boy's shaft.

Jeremy could hardly have conceived that this was what he had been aching for, the past two weeks since he had met the three boys. He was so high on the atmosphere of the occasion that he offered no resistance at all as Frank pushed his willy against the boys lips. They parted to allow entrance for the throbbing member into his hot, receptive mouth, and he imitated as best he could, what the boy below him was doing to his own, tingling willy, sucking against it, dragging it further and further into his mouth until his lips were hard against the boy's body and balls.

His mind was screaming with the undeniable pleasure that he was obtaining from the multiple assaults on his body and senses. He felt one pair of arms around his stomach, another around his legs, and two firm hands upon his head as the three friends worked on his body, two pumping into him, and one draining from him. He reached down and felt around him until his hand came into contact with Geoff's _c_o_c_k_, and he wanked the other boy. The twin gushings of boy-cum entering his bottom and mouth, almost simultaneously, triggered his own juices as he shot jet after jet down Geoff's throat, which in turn set Geoff off.

All four boys were so intent on their pursuits that none of them noticed the happy, smiling face of Raymond, as he surveyed the scene through the window. He turned away, and with a light step, walked back across the playing fields to the main school building, pleased to have been a part of the forming of a new, and happy friendship. He knew that the boys would probably spend most of the rest of the day back there, alternately swimming, playing, and probably pairing off or as a group, to enjoy happy and natural _s_e_x_ together, unburdened by clothing and inhibitions. He would have liked to have joined them, but unfortunately he had to study, if had was to stand any chance of going to university. And anyway, there would now be many more days for the five of them to get together!


About two weeks had passed since the afternoon at the Ducker. Jeremy was now much more part of the group than he had been when the boys had first met him. He felt far more at ease, and if the truth be told, was turning out to be far more adventurous than the other three. He had asked Peter if he could borrow a pair of his looser grey short trousers, and he now wore these quite frequently, often practically inviting a grope at the back of the classroom from either Peter, who now sat next to him, or from Geoff or Frank whenever the opportunity arose. He would also on occasions play up to Raymond when he was around, often being rewarded by a sharp slap on the seat of his trousers for doing so.

Peter also lent him one of his short trousered Sunday suits to wear, and the four boys would often go out for walks on Sunday afternoons, and find a quiet place and feel each other up. They had not as yet had a further opportunity for more serious _s_e_x_, but to fill in the time, one or other of the boys would occasionally slip a finger up inside one of his chums in the showers, just to let them know that he was still thinking of them.

One particular Sunday afternoon, the four boys decided that it might be an idea to catch a bus into the town, and see what was going on. They all met at the school gates, and headed of to the bus-stop. As they had a little time to wait until the bus came along, all four of them slipped into the public toilet, and had a little grope. They were so engrossed in this occupation that they almost missed the bus, but luckily it was just pulling into the stop as they emerged from the toilet.

When they arrived at the town, most of the shops were closed, so they went for a walk around the Sunday Market. It was there they saw a joke stall selling novelties and such. One of the items on sale was a Charlie Chaplin set, complete with cardboard bowler hat, fake moustache and walking stick. Instantly Jeremy walked up, and without a second glance, bought one. The boys were a little puzzled, as the stall-owner wrapped the thing up in a large plastic bag and took Jeremy's money. As they walked away from the stall, Frank asked the boy why he had bought such a silly thing.

Jeremy opened the bag, and broke the seal on the wrapping. He ignored the hat and moustache, and pulled out the walking stick. For the first time the boys could plainly see it. It was in fact a thin, whippy bamboo cane, about three feet long, with a large curved handle. Jeremy led them out of the market and over to the public conveniences where he could show them more openly.

When they were inside he drew the cane out of the bag, and flexed it. He told them that Mr. Payne had one just like it, only he had cut off about a foot from the end, to make a nice little punishment cane. He took out a penknife and quickly cut off about twelve or thirteen inches of bamboo at the end and then swished it through the air. It did indeed sound just like a real cane. Frank asked if it would hurt much. Jeremy told him that it didn't cut very much, just gave a nice stinging feeling. Frank looked doubtful.

Jeremy told him that if he didn't believe him, why not try it? Frank said that he didn't like that idea much, but Jeremy quickly told him that he meant on him, that Frank should use it on his bottom. Frank still wasn't too sure, but Geoff said he would do it, but wasn't it a bit risky in a place like this? Jeremy said that it didn't make too much noise, and in any case, someone could be lookout at the door, to warn them if anyone was coming.

Frank said he would be lookout, and walked over to the entrance. Immediately, Jeremy bent over, flipping up his jacket to give Geoff a clear shot at his bottom. Geoff raised his arm, and brought the cane swishing down onto Jeremy's bottom.


Jeremy flinched a little, but apart from that showed no signs of discomfort. He told Geoff to give him six, and then they could see what marks he might have. Geoff thought that perhaps he hadn't laid it on right, and so relined his aim, and dealt the other five blows on Jeremy's suit shorts.

When he had finished, Jeremy unfastened his snake-belt, undid the fly buttons on his shorts and lowered them to the ground. Geoff had forgotten that Jeremy very rarely, if ever, wore underpants, and he was quite surprised that the boy had taken the cane so well. There were indeed six faint red stripes on the boy's bottom, not very straight or even, but there again, Geoff had never really caned anyone before, and so was not exactly an expert. Peter asked if it had hurt much. Jeremy told him that it stung a bit at first, but it didn't last long. Peter asked if he could have a try. Jeremy said okay, and would he like him to do it. When Peter agreed, Jeremy quickly refastened his shorts and took the cane from Geoff. He made Peter bend over, and flipped his jacket over his head. He gave Peter six quick cuts, but being more experienced, knew just how and where to land them. Peter yelped at each cut, and by the sixth was looking decidedly red-faced. Jeremy reached round and undid Peter's short trousers, allowing them to drop to his knees. This time the stripes were evenly spread across both cheeks, and absolutely parallel. Peter had had Y-fronts on, but even so, his marks were more pronounced. Geoff asked why there was such a difference. Jeremy explained that he had had a caning almost every day during the holidays, and somehow you sort of got used to it, whereas Peter had only mainly been spanked recently. By now, Frank was more reassured, and called over from the door, asking if Peter might give him six, just to see what it felt like. He too, when examined, had more pronounced marks, and so did Geoff, when he received his six from Frank. However they all agreed that it didn't hurt that much, and in fact it left them all with a nice, warm feeling in their behinds as they made their way back to school that afternoon. Jeremy threw the rest of the kit in a bin by the side of the road, but kept hold of the cane, which he hooked over the back of his shoulder, under his jacket, and slipped down the back of his shorts, so that no one would see it.

When they got back to school, they all went up to their dorm, which was luckily quite empty, and Jeremy hid the cane in the back of his locker. All four boys had decided on the way back that at the first opportunity, they would show it to Raymond. Perhaps he could think of further uses for it. As long as they could get in on the action. All four of them were pretty certain they would!

The next time they saw Raymond they took him up to their dorm. There was a couple of other boys in the room when they got there, but as soon as they saw the prefect they quickly left the room. Jeremy took the cane out of his locker and showed it to the senior boy. He made a great show of examining it, swishing it through the air a few times, and he finally announced that he liked it. Peter asked him what he might use it for.

Raymond told the boys that it wasn't much use as a punishment cane, but he might use it on the first formers, as it looked worse than it would hurt, but it would be enough to frighten some of the younger boys. And of course it could be used to keep little boys who wore short trousers in their place, swishing it down on Jeremy's shorts as he said it. Jeremy leapt forward, not because it had hurt, but because he had the shorts with the bung on, and the end of the cane had hit the bottom of it, forcing further up his bottom. It didn't hurt as much as it had used to since he had been initiated into the group, but a boy was still aware that it was there, all the same.

Raymond asked Peter what they had done with the uniforms he had given them during the holidays. The young boy replied that they had taken them home with them, but as there was no place to hide them at home, they had brought them back to school with them, and hidden them in their lockers.

Jeremy felt a little left out. He didn't know what the boys were talking about, and he was intrigued to know what they were referring to.

Peter asked Raymond why he had asked. In reply, the older boy reached inside his blazer and took out an envelope. Raymond told him that one of his duties was to deliver the mail to the boys, and he had come across this one that morning. He handed it to Peter. It was addressed to Bill Marsh, but the handwriting on the envelope looked familiar too. Then Peter realized that it was Steven Evan's handwriting. He quickly opened the envelope and took out the contents. There were three sheets of notepaper, and wrapped inside them were six photographs! Peter knew even before he turned them over what they were. As he turned them the right way up he saw that his guess was right. They were the photographs of them in their Cub uniforms. He quickly looked through them and asked Raymond if he had seen them. The prefect said no, but he too had recognized the handwriting, and taken the envelope, as he had guessed what was inside. Peter handed the pictures to Raymond to look at. Jeremy saw them too, as he was stood next to the older boy. He didn't realize what they were for a moment, and then he recognized the people in the photographs. He asked when they had been taken.

Frank, who had come into the room, and had caught a glimpse of the snaps, told Jeremy what had happened during the half term. As he told the tale, he could see that Jeremy was getting turned on by the whole idea. Peter picked up on it too, and while Frank told the boy about what had happened during the hols, he slipped around the side of Jeremy's locker and made his way to his own bed space.

Frank registered no surprise as he saw Peter return. He carried on telling the boy what they had done, and what had happened. When he had finished, Jeremy said that he would have loved to have seen them in their little Cub Scout uniforms, and turned to Raymond. You could not imagine the surprise on his face when he saw Peter. The boy had slipped back to his locker, and quickly changed into his Cub uniform. Frank moved over to the door, and wedged a chair under the handle.

Peter asked Jeremy what he thought. Jeremy went over to Peter for a better look. He thought the uniform made Peter look a lot younger, maybe about nine or ten, and he wished that he were alone with him. He had recently started having dreams where he was alone with one of the first year boys, and he had made the younger boy do all sorts of _s_e_x_y things. He hadn't got any further than dreaming about it, basically because he was a little scared that if he tried it for real, he might get into trouble. But here was a real opportunity to try out all the things he had been thinking about. Peter looked like a little boy, and perhaps he could talk him into playing one as well, and go along with his new fantasies. He ran his hand over the Cub jersey, not stopping when he got to the bottom, but continuing the motion down over his friend's grey shorts, over his willy and down onto his thighs. Yes, he decided, Peter would do very well, if he would go along with it.

Raymond glanced at his watch. He told Peter that he had better change back, as break was nearly over. He told the boys that he would keep hold of the pictures, as it would be safer than if they were found with them. The boys agreed, and when Peter had put his school uniform back on, they removed the chair from the door, and went back down to the quadrangle, just in time for the bell.


It was coming up to the school's Open Day. All the boys were busy working on their display projects. The four boys had got their heads together and decided that they would do a display on the history of the school. The boys had got a load of old yearbooks from their Form Master, and had also got a lot of information from the local library. They spent hours drawing diagrams and pictures, showing the development of the school since it had been built. The boys got a great deal of enjoyment from searching through the old yearbooks, and discovered an interesting fact. Up until eight years previously, all boys up until the fifth form had worn short trousers.

There were numerous pictures of young boys with bare knees, and one in particular surprised them. It was a photograph from a year book that was about fourteen years old, and sat right at one end of the third form photograph was their own House Master, Mr. Walters. He looked quite a scruffy little boy, with his hair in a mess, and his socks down around his ankles. The boys decided that that was one picture that would definitely have to go onto their display!

The boys enjoyed the project for another reason as well. Their choice of topic meant that they were allowed to go up into the old attic, outside of lessons, where a lot of the old books and photographs were kept. Needless to say it did not take long, once up there, for the boys to end up stripped off (Their excuse being it stopped their uniforms getting dusty) and rummaging around the old cupboards. Jeremy had been the first to point out the other opportunities. He had sneaked the cane out of his locker, and finding Geoff leaning over an old trunk, trying to reach some old books, caught him a stinger across the bottom. Geoff had jumped up, but not quick enough. Jeremy had already begun to swing again, but Geoff's moving only served to put the other boy off his aim, and he caught Geoff a cracker, right across the backs of his thighs. Almost instantly, a thin red line arose on his legs.

Jeremy apologized profusely to his friend, but Geoff had other ideas. He snatched the cane from Jeremy, and pushed him down over the trunk. He dealt the boy six quick, sound cuts, the last one also placed on his upper thigh. Geoff could not understand why the boy was grinning at him as he stood up, but then he noticed the state of his friend's willy. The caning had got him randy. Jeremy took the cane from his friend, and grabbed hold of his _c_o_c_k_. He quickly pushed the other boy down on the floor, and still holding Geoff's willy, straddled the boy, his willy brushing against his lips.

Geoff opened his mouth, and using his hand to guide the boy in, started to lick on Jeremy's _c_o_c_k_ as the boy on top slowly started to _f_u_c_k_ his mouth. All the time, Jeremy was pumping on his friend's willy, until it felt so hard that it was like iron, and he leant forwards and started gobbling it, taking it right into his mouth, dribbling saliva over Geoff's hairless balls.

They were so engrossed in their antics, that they were not at first aware of a newcomer in the loft. They continued to suck each other until Jeremy heard a rustle as the person sat down on the chest. He looked up, and was horrified to see Mr. Walters, sat there, just watching them. He tried to jump up, but the man just told him to carry on. Jeremy found it very difficult, with the man sat opposite, and almost instantly, his willy became soft. The two boys stood up, facing the House Master. He asked the boys what they thought they were doing up in the attic. Jeremy mumbled something about their being allowed up there, for their project. The master told them to come over to him.

When they were in front of him, Mr. Walters spread his legs, and patted his thighs, indicating that the boys should sit on his lap. They did so, and he put an arm around each of them, reaching round until he took hold of their now soft _c_o_c_k_s. The boys were amazed. They had thought they were going to get into all sorts of trouble, but their Form Master didn't seem in the least bit angry. He just asked them what they had been doing when he came up into the loft. The boys became very shy, and neither of them answered. Mr. Walters asked them again, and finally Geoff said "Sucking, sir" in a very quiet voice.

The master turned to face Jeremy and asked them if they had done it before. Jeremy still felt very shy of the man, and just nodded his head. He looked down into his lap and saw that the teacher was slowly stroking his _c_o_c_k_, making it hard again. Mr. Walters went on talking to him, saying didn't he know that it was naughty to do such things, and weren't they afraid of getting caught? Geoff said, a little too quickly, that, "No, the four of them..." He suddenly realized what he was saying, and went quiet. Mr. Walters said, "Oh, there were four of them were there?" He suggested that the other two were Peter Jenkins and Frank Smith. The look of shame on Jeremy's face told the man he was right. He had suspected the four of them for a long time, ever since they had all become such good friends. He set the boys' fears to rest, however, when he told them that he wouldn't tell anyone about them, in fact he had done the same when he had been a schoolboy.

Jeremy asked if that was when he had been in short trousers. Mr. Walters asked him how he knew, and the boy told him about the photograph on the old year book. Mr. Walters told the boys that he and the boy next to him in the picture had been best friends, and that they had often done the same things as them, and even more. He asked the boys if they had put their _c_o_c_k_s up each other's bottoms. From the downcast faces and silence, he could tell that they had. He told them that they were not to be afraid of him, and in fact, if they ever wanted somewhere quiet to go for some fun, the four of them, then they should come and see him in his room. It was a lot safer there, less chance of being caught, and anyway, he would like to see what they did to each other.

He told them that he also liked to have fun with boys, and if they wanted him to join in, he would, but otherwise he would leave them on their own, or maybe just watch. He had continued to wank the boys' willies all the time he had been talking to them, and almost as one, he felt the boys shudder as they spent themselves into his hands, the boy-juice trickling through his fingers onto their naked, boyish thighs. The man could also feel a warm, sticky patch, spreading out inside his own underpants, the effect of masturbating two naked schoolboys had made him cum too, right into his pants.

He let go of the boys, and wiped his hands across the top of the trunk. He told the boys that they had better get dressed now, and go down to dinner. He watched them as they donned their school togs, and when they were tidy, the three of them climbed back down the winding staircase from the attic. He left them at the bottom of the stairs, telling them not to forget what he had told them. The two boys grinned at the teacher, telling him they jolly well wouldn't. They ran back down the corridor to the dormitory to tell Peter and Frank what had happened.

When they found the other two boys, they could hardly believe it. They thought that Geoff and Jeremy were having them on. But the boys said no, it was true, and they could ask Mr. Walters if they didn't believe them. Peter said, "Oh, sure, we'll just walk up to him and say, `Did you toss off Geoff and Jeremy?' Not bloody likely."

Jeremy said, "Well, why not?"

Peter said in answer to that that there were easier ways to get expelled than that, and anyway he didn't want to be. Geoff could see that it was going to be very difficult to convince them. He would just have to find some other way.

The opportunity arose about two days later. Geoff had said something to Mr. Walters the previous evening, and the teacher had said he would sort something out.

That day, all four boys had their House Master for geography. When the lesson started, the teacher told the class that they were to have an impromptu test. He gave out some sheets of paper, and told the boys that they had thirty minutes to complete it. Peter and Frank were not to know that they had been given different papers to the ones the rest of the class had got. They struggled through them, squirming as they noticed how fast the other boys appeared to be completing the paper. They were also not to know that some of the questions on their papers were taken from an old "A" level examination, making it almost impossible for them to either finish it in time, or get it right.

At the end of the thirty minutes, Mr. Walters collected the papers. He could see that neither Peter nor Frank were anywhere near finished, and he knew that his plan had worked. He pretended to mark the papers whilst the boys sat nervously awaiting their results. Just as the lesson finished, he said that most of the class had done very well, but that Peter and Frank should wait to see him at the end of the lesson.

When the bell rang for break, the two boys went up to the teacher's desk. He told them that they had not done very well at all in the test, and that they had better come to his room that afternoon and collect some extra studies from him. The two boys looked at each other. They had little enough time as it was to finish their project, and extra studies would mean that they had even less time. They left the room, rather deflated.

When they were out in the corridor, Peter said that at least it had proved one thing, Geoff and Jeremy must have been having them on, or the teacher wouldn't have given them extra work. Frank agreed, and said he would never believe anything Geoff told him, ever again. The two boys walked out to the quad.

That afternoon, after prep, the two boys made their way over to Mr. Walter's room. They knocked on the door, and heard the teacher call to them to come in. Were they amazed at what they saw when they entered the room! The teacher was sat on the edge of his bed, dressed in nothing but his gown and mortar board with Geoff and Jeremy in their underpants, sat on his lap! And the two boys were busy rubbing the House Master's willy!

Mr. Walters told them to take off their uniforms and come and join them. The two boys could hardly believe it, but they needed no further prompting. They stripped of their blazers, pulled off their shoes and socks, removed their ties, shirts and vests, dropped their shorts and went over to the bed, dressed as the other two, in only their little Y-front briefs.

Mr. Walters told Geoff and Jeremy to sit on the bed, and he pulled Peter and Frank onto his lap. He made short work of taking the boy's _c_o_c_k_s out, and was soon pumping them slowly in his hands. He said that he had been told that they had not believed his offer, and he had had to find some excuse for getting them to come, and so he had rigged the test. The two boys said that they didn't really mind, and grinned. This was much more fun than geography. The teacher presently stopped wanking them, and asked the four of them what they usually did together. The four boys found it difficult to put into words, and so the teacher told them to show him. The boys quickly stripped off their Y-fronts and formed the same chain that they had first made down at the ducker.

They were a bit self conscious at first, but soon they gave no thought to the fact that they were being watched as their joy overtook them. Mr. Walters made one difference to the formation though, when his mouth took the place of Jeremy's hand as he slid his body between Peter and Jeremy's legs to suck Geoff's willy. Once again, almost as if by plan, the boys came at the same time, and the teacher joined in as enthusiastically, swallowing Geoff's boy-cum down his throat as he shot his load into the carpet. When they had all recovered a little, Mr. Walters asked the boys if they minded his being with them. They agreed as one that they didn't mind in the least.

The four boys had loads of fun for the next hour or so, romping around naked with the house master, until he reminded them that it was getting late and they had better get back to their dorm, before lights out. The boys hurriedly got dressed and, after thanking the teacher, went happily back to their dormitory, exhausted, but content.


It was open day. The display projects had been judged, and Peter, Geoff, Frank and Jeremy had won two first prizes for their work. One prize was for originality, as apparently no one had ever done a history of the school before, and the other was for depth of study. The was so much detail in their work, and so much of it, that it was impossible to see the board that the work was mounted on. There were photographs, essays on the school, past and present, and also a sort of roll of honor, showing prominent old-boys, and the positions they had attained since leaving the school. There were a few leaders of industry, numerous members of Parliament, and even two Consul-Generals.

Although the work was judged on it's merits by the teachers, many of the parents also commented on the presentation, and at the height of the day's events, the four boys were presented to the parents gathered in the main hall. As the boys climbed up to the stage, they could feel every adult eye on them. They could also hear the comments made by those closest to them. All the comments they caught were appertaining to their dress. Some parents looked vaguely surprised by the boy's short trousers, but the comments were in no way derogatory.

The headmaster presented the boys, and commented on their hard work and ingenuity. He also made reference to the fact that Jeremy was one of the newest boys at the school, and should be especially congratulated on his efforts. The boys felt a little embarrassed by all the congratulations they were receiving, and made a speedy exit from the stage as soon as they were able. As they walked through the hall, quite a few grown ups said how good their work was, and asked how long it had taken them. Peter, as spokesman for the group told each inquirer how long it had taken, where they had got the idea from, and where they had got their information from. Everyone seemed very impressed.

As none of the four boys parents had turned up for the open day, the boys spent the rest of the day just wandering around. They were not involved in any of the sporting or arts events, so they basically had the time to themselves. The walked around the school, trying to keep out of the way, so as not to have to keep on explaining to people about their exhibit, which by now was getting a little monotonous.

At one stage in the afternoon, the boys saw a large group of parents, all talking to the Headmaster. They heard Dr. Edwardes say to one parent something about discipline, and the parents concerned had asked about the possibility, and they caught a further few words as he answered another enquiry about size and availability. They could not make out what the discussion was about, and anyway it didn't sound very interesting, so they crept quietly away, unobserved.

By the time the end of the day came, most of the boys at the school were glad to see the last of the parents leaving. True, there had been a few emotional goodbyes from some of the younger boys, but on the whole it was nice to get back to some sort of organization. The boys were expected by the teachers to be on their best behavior, although that idea seemed quite strange to most of the boys. After all, if their parents didn't know what they were like, who did?

After late dinner, the boys made their way back to the dorm. It had been a tiring day, and all they were interested in was getting to bed. The other boys were a little short with them as they got ready for bed, mainly due to jealousy that they had been the center of attention, and also a bit of resentment, caused by the fact that the other boys parents had been getting at them for their efforts. It seemed that every boy's parents had expected them to do better, but Peter argued with them that not everyone could get a first. But there seemed no way to win that argument, so after a while they just ignored it, and settled down to sleep.

The next day, everything was pretty much back to normal. Lessons went on as if the previous day had never happened. But one thing had seemed to change. The four boys became aware that all of the teachers during the day appeared to be assessing them, and their work. They couldn't explain exactly what was wrong, they just had this feeling that more attention was being paid to them than usual.

This went on for about three weeks, and then everything seemed to go back to normal. The four friends no longer felt that they were being watched all the time. They felt more comfortable again, and that lunchtime, they decided to see if Mr. Walters wanted them to go to his room that evening. As they had Geography that afternoon, Peter said that it would probably be the best time to ask him. During the lesson, the boys found it very difficult to concentrate on the lesson, they couldn't wait for the bell to ring. Eventually it did, and as the rest of the boys filed out of the room, Peter and Jeremy made their way up to the teacher's desk. He asked them what they wanted, and when they told him, he smiled and said certainly they could come and see him, straight after dinner.

That evening, the four boys fairly rushed their dinner. As soon as the Masters had risen from table, the boys rushed from the dining room, straight up to their House Master's room. They knocked on the door, but there was no answer. Jeremy tried the door, and found that it was unlocked. He suggested that they go in and wait for Mr. Walters, but Peter said that it wasn't a good idea, just in case someone else came in to see the teacher while they were waiting for him. It might cause all sorts of problems. They decided to go back to the dorm, and return in a few minutes.

When they returned, they saw a light shining under the door, and so they knocked and waited for a reply. Mr. Walters opened the door, and quietly ushered them in. He closed the door, locked it, and then turned to face them. He looked a little strange, Peter thought.

Mr. Walters stood there for quite a while, just staring at them. Jeremy asked what the matter was. The teacher said that it was nothing, smiling to himself. He said one thing, though, that really startled the boys. Apparently, at the open day, many parents had asked a great deal of questions about the four of them. It seemed that many of the parents had been very impressed with their standard of work, and that the general feeling had been that it was due to their uniform. The boys looked puzzled, so Mr. Walters told them to sit down, and he explained.

The teacher explained that the impression most of the parents had got of them had been that they worked harder than the other boys who were in long trousers, and had put it down to discipline. Many of the other boys parents had asked around the other teachers, and they had all admitted that since the three boys had been put back into shorts, that their work had definitely improved. Whether is was due to the uniform change they had not said, but a great many of the parents had drawn their own conclusions. They had also asked the Headmaster if it were possible to have their boys wear shorts. Peter's face fell. It had been bad enough, taking all the stick when he had been put into shorts himself. He could just imagine what sort of trouble he and the other three would have if it were thought that it was their fault that other boys would have to were them as well!

Peter became even more worried by what Mr. Walters said next. He told the boys that Dr. Edwardes had been asked by so many of the parents that he had sent out a letter to every parent, asking their opinion. Almost all of them had been in favor of the idea, so it had been decided to re-install the old uniform code. That meant every boy, up to the fifth form, would wear shorts, with the parents having the option to continue the regime with their boy, right the way through to the sixth form, if they wanted. The four boys groaned. It had been bad enough when they had thought that the boys their age or younger would have to wear shorts, but they could just imagine what the sixth formers would do to them, if any of their parents were to insist they wear shorts too! Peter told the teacher what he was thinking.

Mr. Walters said that there was nothing to worry about. The changes would not be made until the next school year, which meant that many of the sixth form would have left the school. Also because it would in effect be a school rule, then none of the boys would be able to blame them, as their own parents had opted for the change. Peter was still unconvinced. He was sure that they would be in for it in September. He asked the teacher when the change would be announced. The house-master told him that it would not be announced until the end of the summer term, and then the parents would be notified by letter, probably just before the start of the summer holidays.

Peter relaxed a little, at least none of the boys would find out until the hols. That was a relief.

Mr. Walters told the boys that he thought they would have been overjoyed to hear the news, after all they would no longer be the odd ones out. And think of all those shorts just begging to have hands thrust up!

That thought alone was enough to take the boy's minds off of possible problems. They imagined all sorts of things for the next year, and soon the four of them were feeling randy as hell, and hands began to roam down to grey cloth.

The teacher said that he had to go out for a moment, but that he would get back as quickly as possible. None of the boys caught the wicked gleam in his eye as he left the room and locked the door behind him. They were all far too busy undoing their clothing.

Mr. Walters had got a surprise for them. They were not the first boys he had taken up to his room. There was another boy who had been there on many occasions, and now was the time for him to get together with the others. He found the boy emerging from his dorm. After telling him that there was something he wished to show the boy, he swiftly took the boy back to his room.

You could not possibly imagine the reaction when Mr. Walters got the boy back to his room. He had taken him in through the back entrance into the kitchen, and told him to strip off his clothes. When the boy had done so, laying his uniform neatly out on the draining board, Mr. Walters told him to go into the other room while he made a pot of tea. The boy quite innocently opened the door and walked in.

Peter stared, stunned at the naked boy stood in the doorway. It was Bill Marsh. And he had no clothes on!

Marsh too, was stunned. He couldn't believe what he saw. He had wondered why Mr. Walters had come in the back way, but now he knew. He saw Geoff bent forwards, with Jeremy right up behind him, arms around his waist, jerking the other boy off. Peter stood with his underpants on, his willy poking out of the opening and into Frank's mouth. He turned round to face the teacher.

Mr. Walters was grinning from ear to ear. He did not know of the bad feeling between the boys, or the effect getting them all together would have. He gently pushed the boy further into the room, until he was sat on the bed. Taking hold of Bill's willy, he slowly pushed the boy backwards until he was laid, prostrate on the edge of the bed. He then called to Peter, who by now was rock hard due to Frank's ministrations, to come over to the bed.

Peter knew instantly what was expected of him as the man lifted Bill's legs up over his head, exposing his bum hole. He shoved a tube of cream at Peter, who quickly undid the cap and spread a great blob of cream on the end of his willy. He stood at the edge of the bed, and gently thrust it into the beckoning opening, slowly pressing it against the muscles in the other boy's bottom until they relaxed, almost swallowing his _c_o_c_k_ to the hilt.

Bill screamed in ecstasy as he felt his bottom being penetrated by Peter. He felt angry at the teacher for not warning him, but this was replaced by the thrusting in and out of his up until now virgin hole. He could feel Peter's willy sliding in and out of him, and winced as it pressed further and further into his bum. He could also feel a stirring in his loins as his own willy rose to the occasion. He had never imagined the feeling of another boy's _c_o_c_k_ up there, setting every nerve in his body tingling. He felt as if he wanted to pee, and said as much to the House master who was holding onto his legs. In reply, the teacher told him to take hold of his legs, and when the boy had done so, leaned forwards and took the whole of the boy's _c_o_c_k_ into his hot, moist mouth. He ran his lips up and down the shaft of the captive boy-_s_e_x_.

Frank, who had lost his meal, had got up and was now knelt in front of Geoff, busily emulating the teacher's actions on his friend. Geoff moaned as he came into his friend's hungry, sucking mouth, triggered off by Jeremy's thick creamy juice shooting it's way up inside his bum. The three boys turned to see Peter reaching forward to unzip the teacher's trousers and release the man's _c_o_c_k_, guiding it down to Bill Marsh's lips. Bill, with an obviously practiced talent, started to flick his tongue across the broad tip of the House Master's _c_o_c_k_, sending the man into spasms of pleasure. But the teacher had other ideas. He called to the other three boys to come and take his place. Frank sat on the boy's face, his willy firmly in place in Bill's mouth, whilst Geoff took over attending to his _c_o_c_k_, not as expertly as the teacher had done, but still well enough to keep the other boy squirming with joy.

Jeremy meanwhile had got some ideas of his own. He stood beside Peter and started tickling Bill's balls. This had a great effect on Bill, making him writhe even more, sending him to never before known heights of rapture. His whole body was now afire, every nerve screaming out for more. He was so far gone that he didn't even flinch as Frank emptied his essence of boyhood into his mouth. He just swallowed the lot, his sucking mouth draining every drop Frank could give. He didn't even feel the powerful thrust as Peter shot his load into him. He could only feel the slow, almost painful build up of pressure as his balls worked overtime, producing what must have been the strongest orgasm he had ever experienced. He shot jet after jet of boy-cum out his willy, straight into the waiting mouth of Geoff.

By the time the last dribble had left his body, Bill was totally exhausted, he just lay there on the bed, smiling, as the four boys looked down at him. They had all been so intent on their pursuits that they hadn't even noticed the flashes from Mr. Walter's Polaroid camera, as he had taken several shots of the boys, from all different angles. He loved to watch boys enjoying themselves, and there was just too much sheer lustiness to let the moment pass unrecorded. He waited until the boys had all recovered, and then asked them if they would like some tea. All five boys said yes, sitting up on the bed. Peter no longer felt any animosity to Bill, and the other boy couldn't even remember why he had felt so badly towards Peter. All he knew was that he had found new heights of delight with the other boys, and no matter what happened, he would never despise any of them again for taking him there.

Mr. Walters reappeared with a tray and set it on the table. He called the boys over to get their tea. The five of them saw the pictures, and felt very randy seeing themselves portrayed in such an erotic manner. As they stood looking at the photographs, their hands went down to each other's now flaccid members, just feeling in a friendly sort of way, the so called forbidden parts of the other's bodies. Bill, now feeling a lot more at ease, asked Peter about the half term holiday. He said that Evans had promised to send him some of the photographs, but that they had never turned up. Peter, a little abashed, said that they had arrived, but he had taken them, fearful of what Bill might have done with them.

Mr. Walters asked what photographs they were on about. Peter, Frank and Geoff felt they could trust the teacher, and told him about the day that they had been caught by Bill and Steven Evans. Mr. Walters said that he wouldn't mind seeing them, and Peter told the teacher that he would give them to him. He had forgotten that Raymond was in them as well!

Bill asked Peter what had happened to the uniforms. His eyes lit up when he heard that the boys had got them at school. He asked then if he could wear one of them, the next time they all met together. Mr. Walters said that would be a great idea, especially as he had some plans that the boys might enjoy. He said he wouldn't tell them any more at the moment, but would say more when he had a better idea about it. One thing he did ask though, was how many uniforms there were. When he was told three, he said nothing, but the five boys had a sneaking suspicion that they might just end up with one each.

When they had finished the tea, the boys got dressed again, and said goodbye to the teacher. Mr. Walters asked Peter if he happened to have a spare pair of shorts he could lend Bill for next time. Peter said he had some, and caught Bill's look of pleasure when he said that Bill could come back with them and get them. Four of the five boys, however, knew that he would not have to borrow them for long!


The next day, Peter asked Raymond if he could have the photographs. The prefect asked why, and Peter told him that they had made it up with Bill Smith, and he wanted to show him the pictures. Raymond said he didn't know, he didn't really trust the boy. Peter tried to think of some way he could convince the prefect, but he couldn't exactly tell him about the previous night. In the end he asked Ray to come to the dorm at lunchtime, and he could see for himself. The older boy said okay, and Peter rushed off to find Bill, calling back to Ray as he ran not to forget to bring the pictures.

That lunchtime found Peter and Bill waiting for the prefect in Peter's dorm. Peter had got Bill to put on a pair of shorts, and when the prefect walked in, you can imagine the sight he saw. Peter was sat on the edge of the bed, with Bill's face buried in his shorts. Both boys looked up, smiling as the prefect quietly closed the door. He sat down next to Peter, and spread his legs, indicating to Bill to take care of him. The boy crawled between his legs and undid the prefect's fly, took out his _c_o_c_k_ and began sucking it. Ray was convinced. He reached inside his blazer pocket and took out the envelope and handed it to Peter, telling him to be careful with it. Peter said he would be, and stuffed it into his trousers pocket.

Ray put his hands on Bill's head and slowly worked his hips backwards and forwards, _f_u_c_k_ing the boy's mouth with his prick. It didn't take long before he was shooting his sperm into the boy's receptive mouth. He then, quite impersonally stood up, did up his trousers and left the dorm, without even a backward glance.

Peter told Bill to get changed back into his longs, and when he had done so, he took the envelope out of his pocket. He gave the letter and envelope to the boy, and showed him the pictures. He said that as he had to see Mr. Walters that afternoon, he would keep hold of them and give them to the teacher later.

Bill looked longingly at the pictures. He told Peter that he never really disliked him, but that Evans had bullied him a bit, and so he had just gone along with him. Peter told the boy that it was all right, and anyway it was over now, 'cos Evans was no longer at the school. That reminded Bill, and he took out the envelope and read the letter. When he had finished, he asked Peter if he had read it. Peter said that he hadn't, and bill passed it over to him. He started to read it, and then suddenly burst out laughing. Bill asked him what was so funny.

Peter said he had just read the bits about the "naughty little boys" and "little babies in short trousers" and found it funny, thinking about what had just happened. But the best was yet to come. Peter nearly split his sides when he got to the end of the letter. Bill asked again what was so funny. Peter said he had just read the bit where Steven said that his father would only be up in Yorkshire for a few months after all, so he would be coming back to St. Matthews in September. Bill asked what was so funny about that. Peter told him about what the teacher had told them about the uniform change. Bill couldn't control his laughter, and creased up, thinking about Steven as, how had he put it, a "naughty little baby in short trousers." Bill told Peter that he couldn't wait to see Evan's face when he returned to the school. He told Peter that, before Evans had left, both he and Steven used to go to Mr. Walter's room every week for _c_o_c_k_-fun. That was why they had been so rotten about his shorts, they were making sure nobody had any ideas about them.

Peter suggested that maybe they could all get him when he came back next term. Bill said he would like that, especially if they got the chance to ambush him. Peter said he would think how they could do it over the holidays. Just then the bell went for afternoon lessons. The two of them left the dorm, and went down to the classrooms.

During the afternoon break, Peter went to see Mr. Walters. He told the House Master that he had got the photographs, and should he bring them to his room after school. The teacher said yes, and to bring the others with him, as he had a surprise for them all, adding that they should bring their Cub uniforms with them. Peter thought he could guess what the surprise was. He left the Master's study and went to find the others. That afternoon, as soon as lessons were over for the day, the five boys went up to Mr. Walter's room. Peter, Geoff and Frank had slipped on their Cub jerseys under their shirts, and had hidden their scarves, caps and garter tabs in their blazer pockets. Mr. Walters let them into his room, and closed the door. He asked the boys if they had brought the uniforms. In answer to his question, the three boys took off their blazers and shirts, and put on the scarves, caps and garters. The teacher told Jeremy and Bill to take off their blazers and shirts too. When they had done so, he handed both boys a bag. Inside were the Cub jerseys and caps that they had expected, and also there were five scarves. Jeremy asked why so many. Mr. Walters said that they would find out soon enough. He handed the extra scarves to the three other boys, and by the time they had swapped them for their own, the other two boys were dressed.

Mr. Walters told the boys to stand in a line, so he could look them over. He noticed how young they all looked, dressed as little Cub Scouts. They could easily pass for nine years old. At least he hoped so!

He told the boys to put on their school clothes over their Cub uniforms. Peter asked why, and was firmly told to wait and find out. When the boys were ready, Bill having finished last as he had to put long trousers on over his shorts, Mr. Walters said that they were going to go out of school for a while.

The boys were delighted. They imagined that they were going to probably go to some woods or something and pretend to be Cubs. Well at least they were partly right. They would certainly be expected to behave like Cub Scouts, but for a totally different reason.

The teacher led them out of his room, and down the Master's staircase. This was a great honor for the boys, as only the Headmaster and his staff were normally allowed to use it. When they reached the ground floor, he took them through the back of the school to where the teachers parked their cars. He led them over to his car, a big Peugeot Estate. He opened the back door, and reached in. He pulled a lever, and as he pulled on what looked like part of the floor of the car, the boys noticed it was in fact more seats. There were now two main seats in the front, what had been the back seat, and another seat behind that.

He told the boys to climb into the back as he let himself into the driver's door. When the boys were in, he shut the back door, got in the car, and started the car. He drove right the way around the perimeter of the school playing fields, and out the back gate. At no time had anyone seen them leave.

After they had been driving for about five minutes, he told the boys to take of their school uniforms. The five boys quickly took their togs off, Bill once again being the slowest due to his longs, but eventually all five boys were sat in the back of the car in just their Cub uniforms. Mr. Walters told the boys to pass their blazers and shirts and ties forwards, and when they had done so, he bundled them all into a sports-bag he had on the passenger seat.

He drove for about five more minutes, and then pulled up outside a house. He told the boys to stay in the car whilst he went in to see someone. When he had gone into the house, the boys started asking each other what they thought was happening. Everyone asked Peter if he knew anything, but he was as much in the dark as they were.

Just then the door opened again, and Mr. Walters and another man came out of the house, shutting the door behind them. As the house had a high hedge around it, all they could see at first was the heads of the two men as they walked down the path. They saw the other man look at them as they walked towards the car, and the boys heard him say that they should be all right, as if he hadn't known himself, he wouldn't have been able to tell. The boys wondered what he meant, but not for long. As the two men came out of the front gate, the boys noticed that they were both wearing Scout Leaders uniforms. The two men got into the car and Mr. Walters drove off down the lane.

As they were driving along, Mr. Walters spoke to the boys. He told them that the man next to him was a friend of his, and that they were to call him Skip. Peter asked why, but all that Mr. Walters would say was that they would soon find out. He also told them that if anyone asked how old they were they were to say that they were ten and a half. The boys thought that there was something very odd going on.

At last Mr. Walters stopped the car. The boys saw that they were parked outside a hall of some sort. Mr. Walters and Skip got out of the car, and the teacher opened the back door to let them out. The boys noticed that the teacher had a camera in his hand, but thought nothing of it.

The two men walked down a path towards the hall. As the boys got nearer they could see that it was a Scout hut. Skip opened the door and waved the boys through.

When the boys got inside, they saw a lot of Scouts were already inside the hut. Skip called the troop to order.

As soon as the troop were on parade, Skip called the five boys to the front of the hall. Skip told the Scouts that they were five Cubs who would soon be joining the troop, as soon as they passed their Link Badge test. The five friends were a little surprised to hear that. They wondered what was going to happen.

Skip announced that as they were soon to join the troop, it might be an idea if they came to the Scout meetings from now on. Mr. Walters called over from the back of the hall that that would be fine. Skip then went on to say that for the moment they could join in, just to get an idea what Scouts was like. He told the boys to stand at the side of the room, and he started the evening's meeting.

The rest of the meeting, Peter, Frank, Geoff, Jeremy and Bill joined in with the other boys. A couple of times one of the Scouts asked them how old they were, but having been primed, the boys just said that they were ten and a half, and that seemed to satisfy the Scouts.

At the end of the evening however, the boys were in for another surprise. Skip had just finished the meeting, and the five friends thought that they would be going back to school, but Skip still had an ace up his sleeve. He turned to the Scouts and said that he was leaving, and suggested that the Scouts could initiate the new boys when he had gone. The Scouts cheered, and as soon as the two men left the hut, made a grab for the five friends.

The five boys were by now quite worried. Mr. Walters had left, and they didn't know how they were to get back to school. But they had more immediate problems on their hands. One by one they were stripped and tied face down over benches. Then the five patrol Leaders picked up a slipper each and started to paddle the boys bums. They continued until all five of their bums were bright red.

When they decided the boys had had enough of that, they untied them, turned them over, and tied them up again, this time so that they were positioned one on the end of each bench. Then the Scouts formed a circle around the boys, five to each boy. All the Scouts now undid their trousers and dropped them to their knees, and did the same with their pants. They began to wank themselves over the top of each boy.

Meanwhile the patrol leaders and seconds had taken off their trousers and stood one at each end of a boy, in just their Scout shirts and underpants. The seconds, who stood at the head of each boy, leaned forwards and grabbed hold of each boy's legs, pulling them up over their heads. Then they slowly squatted down over the boy's faces, pushing their pricks into the younger boys' mouths.

Once each boy was in place, it was the turn of the Patrol Leaders. They knelt down and began to _f_u_c_k_ each of the boys. To the Scouts, this was their idea of a strict initiation, designed to find out if the boy could take it. However to the five friends, it was fun, they had not imagined that afternoon that they would end up getting raped by a group of Scouts. What a gang bang!

When the initiation was well underway, Mr. Walters walked back into the hut. None of the boys took any notice of him, but just kept on _f_u_c_k_ing and wanking over the five boys. Mr. Walters took plenty of photographs, both of the Scouts and of his five pupils, and he was sure that they would enjoy looking at the pictures as much as he would.

When all the Scouts had cum, in or over the boys, they untied the five friends, and helped them to dress. The Senior Patrol Leader said that they were all good sports, and as far as they were concerned, they could join the troop any time they liked. They said their goodbyes and left the five friends to finish dressing.

When the boys were ready, Mr. Walters took the boys out to the car, and let them get in. Skip, who had been waiting in the car, asked the boys how it had gone. As one the boys said that it had been great. He told them that if they had enjoyed that, then perhaps they would like to go camping one weekend with the rest of the Scouts. The five boys all agreed that would be a grand idea, and Mr. Walters said he would try to arrange it.

After they had dropped Skip off at his house, Mr. Walters took the boys back to school. He told them they had better change back into school uniform before they got back though, and passed the sports bag over to them.

Back at school again he took the boys up to his room. He asked them if they had enjoyed the evening. All the boys said they had, apart from one thing. All the Scouts had cum off, but they still felt a horny as anything, because they hadn't. Mr. Walters said he could soon fix that, and told the boys to strip. Once they were naked, he showed them the pictures he had taken. There were a few he had taken earlier in the evening, of them in their Cub uniforms, but the ones that interested the boys most were the ones of them being _f_u_c_k_ed and spunked over. There was one of Peter with boy-juice all over his face, chest and legs. As the boys stood looking at the pictures, they were getting so worked up that they just started wanking themselves off.

In no time all five of them were shooting all over the floor. Mr. Walters told them that they would have to pay for getting his carpet dirty, so one by one, he had them across his lap, and he gave them six playful taps with a slipper. Mind you, he enjoyed it as much as the boys did, for whilst they were across his lap, he had each boy wanking him off. By the time the last boy had had his six, he too had cum. When the boys had dressed again, he let them out of his room, telling them to come back the next afternoon, when he would have another surprise for them. The boys went back to their dorms totally exhausted, wondering what the next surprise would be!


The next day, the boys once again went to Mr. Walters room as soon as lessons had finished. As they arrived, Mr. Walters was just opening his door. He let them in and asked them if they had brought their uniforms again. The boys said no, and were told to go and collect them and meet him in the car park.

The boys rushed back to the dormitory and collected their Cub uniforms. They didn't stop to put them on, but put them in their sports bags and ran back out to the car park.

Mr. Walters opened the car door and let the boys in. Once again they drove out of the back gate, and for a while it looked as if they were going to Skip's house again. However the teacher turned off a short way before the other man's house, down a different road. They pulled into a lay-by, outside a public toilet.

Mr. Walters turned round and asked the boys if they had their uniforms on. When the boys said no, he told them to go into the toilet and change. The boys jumped out of the car and ran over to the toilet. About five minutes later the five of them emerged, dressed in their Cub uniforms. They walked back over to the car and climbed in.

Mr. Walters started the car again and drove on. When he stopped the car again, the boys noticed that they were outside the Scout Hut again. Mr. Walters told the boys to get out of the car, and go to the hut, while he parked the car. The boys walked down the path, and stood outside the door, waiting for the teacher.

While they were waiting, three more boys turned up, also dressed in Cub uniform. They looked at the five friends for a moment, and then walked over to them. The older boys hadn't really taken much notice of the new arrivals, so you can imagine the shock when one of them walked up to Peter and said hello.

Peter looked at the boy, and had the surprise of his life. It was Colin, one of the boys they had met at half term! Peter felt afraid. He asked Colin what he was doing there. The younger boy told him that this was his Cub pack, and asked in return what Peter and his friends were doing there. Peter very shyly told the boy about their house master, and said that they were coming to Cubs too. Colin said that was great, and he was sure Robert and Ian would think so too.

Colin told Peter that since the camping holiday, they had got a new Akela. Peter felt very relieved; at least no-one would recognize them. Colin also whispered into his ear that they had found two more Cubs who liked doing what they had done at the farm. He asked Peter if he and his friends would like to meet them. Peter said it might be nice, but just then Mr. Walters walked down the path.

Peter was stunned by what happened next. As he got to the door, Colin ran over to him, calling out, "Hello Uncle George, what are you doing here?" Frank and Geoff were just as amazed. Colin called over to the five friends to meet his uncle. Mr. Walters told Colin that he already knew them, and explained to his nephew that they were his pupils. It was Colin's turn to look surprised. He asked his uncle why he had brought the boys here, and the teacher tried to explain to his nephew why they were there, trying to play down the _s_e_x_ual aspect. Peter could see the problem the House master was having, and drew something out of his pocket. He passed it over to the man, and said he might like to have a look. Mr. Walters took the packet, and opened it. It was the photographs that Steven Evans had taken. The teacher's eyes widened as he saw the faces of the people in them. He had no idea that his nephew liked that sort of thing! Well that made a big difference. He turned to Colin and asked whether the boy had enjoyed the holiday, and if he would like to see more of Peter and the other boys. When Colin said yes, Mr. Walters said that he would have to arrange an outing for them quite soon.

By now, the rest of the Cub pack had arrived, and the new Akela opened the door to let the boys in. Mr. Walters registered the five boys, as Cubs from a pack nearby that had closed down. He explained to Akela that the boys were nearly old enough to go up to the Scouts, but that they wanted to get their Link Badges first, and so would like to join the pack. The Akela said that there was no problem, and after taking the boys names, invited them to join in. It was made a lot easier by the fact that the boys already knew some of the boys in the pack, however if the Akela had known how well the boys knew each other, things might have been quite different.

At the end of the meeting, Mr. Walters took his five pupils, Colin, Robert and Ian, and the two boys his nephew had spoken of earlier, whose names were Alan and Andrew, to the local McDonalds for tea. The teacher was pleased to see how well the boys got on together, and promised himself that as soon as he could, he would arrange a camping weekend for the ten, no make that eleven boys. He had just remembered the face of the other person in the photograph. He should be invited too!

When everyone had finished eating, Mr. Walters dropped his nephew and friends home, and took the boys back to school. He told them not to get changed, but sneaked them up the Master's staircase to his room. Once back there, he asked what they had thought of Cubs. The five boys agreed that they had enjoyed it, and would love to go again. Mr. Walters told them that from now on, they could go every week, but that he might not be able to take them all the time. He told them that they could get a bus from the end of the lane that would take them there, but to be careful about changing, and not get caught.

There was one final thing, however, the teacher went on to say. He was not very happy that none of the boys had told him about knowing his nephew. The boys said that they hadn't known themselves, but the teacher just told them to stop making excuses. He said that they each deserved a spanking for not telling him. One by one, he had each boy over his knee, and gave them six hearty slaps.

When he had finished, he said that they had better change and get going, as it was nearly time for them to go to bed. They boys quickly changed back into their school uniforms, and when they were all neat and tidy, said goodnight to the teacher and returned to their dorms. As they walked back together, the boys all agreed that the last couple of days had been great fun, but in a way, they missed the times they had spent with just them and the teacher. They parted outside Bill's dorm, and when Bill had gone in, the four remaining boys went back to their own dorm, and changed for bed, each boy hoping that they would find some reason for going to Mr. Walters room again!


During the holidays, all the boys spent many happy hours together. They went out camping for a week with Mr. Walters and his nephews, all the boys dressed of course in Cub uniform. All in all the boys had a thoroughly wonderful time. But now it was time to go back to school.

The first day back, the five friends could hardly contain themselves. All the boys were wandering around in their new short trousers, looking very self conscious. Peter was pleased to see Steven Evans looking very uncomfortable indeed. Bill was with him, and so was Jeremy. The five of them had decided over the hols that the two of them would be friendly to Evans, and they would be able to lead him into a trap the first chance they got. Peter could not wait.

The chance came sooner than they expected. The first Sunday back at school was usually a restricted one, with none of the boys allowed out, but for some reason this term was different. Bill and Jeremy had talked Evans into going out with them in the afternoon, and Steven had agreed.

Bill had told Peter the route they would be taking, and so it was that as the three boys walked down the lane and into the woods, they were met by Peter, Geoff and Frank.

Frank started jeering at Steven about being a "little boy in short trousers," and the other two boys who were with Evans joined in. Evans looked at the boys, who were now in a ring around him, and he suddenly realized he had been trapped.

Peter said how uncomfortable Steven looked in his "little short trousers," and Bill suggested that if he was so uncomfortable in them, perhaps they should do him a favor and take them off for him.

Steven's hands went down to his shorts as the five boys grabbed hold of him. It was true he did feel very self conscious about wearing shorts, but at the same time he didn't want to be de-bagged. But struggle as he did, he could not stop the boys stripping them off, or his underpants with them.

He was even more terrified when he felt his tie being taken from around his neck, and used to tie his hands behind his back, and his shoe laces tied together so that he could not run away.

All five boys picked him up and carried him into the trees. He was thrown over fallen tree, his hair brushing against the ground.

In this position he saw everything upside down, the woods, the boys, and he was horrified as he saw Jeremy produce his cane from underneath his blazer.

Jeremy gave the boy six stinging cuts on his bare bottom, making the captive victim squirm in pain. Peter took over and gave Evans a further six. All in all, Steven received thirty strokes as each boy in turn gave him six of the best. But there was more in store yet.

The boys pulled Steven up off the tree, and rearranged him so that his chest rested against the trunk of the tree, his head on a level with the other boy's groins. Frank walked round in front of Evans and slowly undid his flies. His willy sprang out stiff and firm, slapping itself against Steven's cheek.

Meanwhile Peter had been busy too. He had dropped his shorts and underpants, and was busy anointing his willy with cream. Geoff had also dropped his shorts and was sat beneath Steven's body. As one, the three boys began their assault on their captive. With no gentleness whatsoever, Peter rammed his boy-hood into Steven's bum-hole. Frank pressed his into the boy's mouth, and Geoff began to suck ferociously on the poor boy's now rampant willy.

As the three boys worked on Evans, both Jeremy and Bill took photographs with a Polaroid camera Mr. Walters had given them during the holidays. He had told them he wanted to see any interesting photographs they took, and the boys were certain that the teacher would find these more than adequate.

Peter was the first to shoot, and he emptied himself into Evan's hole. Jeremy said he would like a go too, and so as Peter withdrew, the other boy was ready to fill the now vacant space.

Frank was next to cum, filling the boy's mouth with spunk, so much that it dribbled down the boy's face, and onto his own underpants which had been placed there for that reason. The boys had decided that they were going to humiliate Steven as much as they could, and decided that making the boy spend the rest of the afternoon in underpants soaked with sperm, all sticky and warm, was probably the best way to do it.

When Evans had finally stopped dribbling, Peter picked up the boy's Yfronts and wiped his now soft _c_o_c_k_ clean with them. Then he passed them to Geoff. Geoff waited until the last moment to remove his mouth from the boy's throbbing member, and then milked the boy dry into the white cotton pants, as Jeremy emptied his load into the boy's bottom.

Finally Bill took his turn to get up his friend. The boys had learned over the holidays that it was very difficult to keep spunk inside, as no matter how hard you tried, it would dribble out of your bottom, and the more there was, the faster it came out. So the plan was to fill the boy as full as possible, in the knowledge that he would be uncomfortable for the rest of the day.

When Bill had also released himself, the boys re-dressed Steven, and tied him to the tree. They decided to leave him there for the afternoon, and return to get him later. They tidied themselves up, and walked, laughing, away from the now very subdued boy.

They returned to find Steven exactly how they had left him, except that there were tears rolling down his cheeks, and the marks of dried spunk tracks down the backs of his legs, where it had obviously seeped out of the legbands of his underpants. No longer was he the bully, but a cowed, sorry looking figure indeed. Peter asked him if he was going to try and cause any more trouble. Steven said no, and he was sorry for being so nasty to them before.

They untied him from the tree, and Peter gave him his handkerchief to wipe his face. Then much to Steven's surprise, each boy in turn stepped up and kissed him full on the lips and gave his willy a squeeze. This was their way of showing their forgiveness, and full acceptance into the happy group.

Throughout the rest of their time at school together, the six boys remained very close friends, and it will probably not surprise you to hear that all six of them left the school on their last day in the sixth form, all of them traveling home in short trousers!

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