Bayou Butt Blistering

by Spike 172 <>

This is another installment of a recent punishment I received. Although I have been disciplined several times since my last story, this one is most memorable.

Dad (as I call him) has a camp in the swamp here in southeast Louisiana. It was agreed that we would go there and spend two days together at the camp. The camp is on a river in the swamp and is only accessible by boat. It is also very secluded and we both agreed that it would be an excellent place for some intense discipline. A cool front had just come through and the temperature was around 55 degrees.

We arrived at the camp at around 3:00 P. M. We had previously agreed that this session would be a "role play" session and decided on a detention camp scene for juvenile delinquents. When we arrived I was ordered out of the boat and told to stand on the dock. I did as instructed. Dad left for a few minutes, presumably to set some things up. The camp actually has two cabins on it, one which sits on the water and the other behind the first connected by a wooden deck.

Finally Dad came for me. He instructed me to follow him which I did. We walked on the deck to the rear of the first cabin to the deck of the second. He ordered me to stand in the center of the deck. Dad started an introductory lecture about how I was here for a specific purpose and that I was now a ward of the state. I was "state" property which basically meant I was "his" property. He would maintain total control and would not hesitate to use corporal punishment to keep me in line.

After the little lecture, the chilling words came. "Take your shoes off." I complied and kicked off my sneakers. I could feel the cold wooden deck through my sweat socks. He told me to pick up the shoes, turn them upside down and knock them together. I did. I realized that I was starting to be strip searched. "Now your socks, boy." I bent down and pulled my sweat socks off and now the deck was really cold against my bare feet. It was sinking in now that this was really happening. I was going to be stripped right here outside on this deck. My heart was pounding.

Once my socks were off Dad (who I will now refer to as the warden) told me to take off my shirt. I was wearing a flannel shirt. I nervously unbuttoned it and took it off. I felt the cold air immediately hit my nipples and they began to become erect. I also felt something else becoming erect inside of my jeans. I felt my body start to shiver from the cold and the excitement. The warden hesitated a few minutes and then ordered me to remove my jeans. I slowly and clumsily unsnapped the front and brought down the fly and could feel my now half hard _c_o_c_k_. I slowly slide them down to my ankles, bent down and stepped out of them. My _c_o_c_k_ was now almost fully erect stretching the fabric of my white jockey shorts. The warden gave me a good looking over, crossed around behind me and then came back in front. "Get the shorts off, boy." was his next order. Well, my _c_o_c_k_ now was straining at the skin and I knew I was about to be in all my naked glory right here outside in this cold air. I reached under the waistband of my white jockeys and slowly pulled them down, my _c_o_c_k_ snagging as I did, eventually popping out as I got them past me hips and down to my ankles. I stepped out of them and was totally naked. I looked down in embarrassment and humiliation. I stood there staring at the ground, my legs and body shaking.

"Now son, turn around and face the wall and take two steps towards it." I did as I was ordered. Once by the wall the warden ordered me to place my hands on the wall and to spread them. I did, and of course they were not spread wide enough so I was ordered to spread them wider. They were spread a good four feet wide before he was satisfied. He then told me to spread all my fingers wide and to keep them that way. I did. Then he ordered me to step back about three feet from the wall and to spread my legs wide and to keep my hands in position. I managed to do this. My legs were spread about 4 feet apart. He then told me to turn my feet facing in. I then realized the vulnerable position I was in. I felt the cool air against my boy hole which now was totally exposed. I was told to continue to face the wall and not to turn around. I heard the familiar snap of the rubber glove on to the warden's hand and new what I was now in for. As I felt his ice cold hand grab my left ass cheek I felt the gloved finger rubbing the ice cold KY jelly at the tip of my boyhole. It puckered wildly from this. As he was doing this he told me to make _d_a_m_n_ sure my hands stayed flat on that wall, my fingers stayed spread and my feet turned in. I have to tell you my knees were shaking.

Without warning I felt the gloved finger go inside my boy hole, slowly at first then a sudden thrust all the way in. I let out an uncontrollable moan as I felt the cold lubed finger go inside me. He kept it there for a while, moving it around to make sure "I wasn't hiding anything". Finally he finished and pulled it out as fast as he had put it in. I didn't dare come out of position. I heard the snap of the glove as he took it off. He then told me to turn around. I complied. I was then instructed to spread my legs again, as wide as before and to again turn my feet in. He also instructed me to place my hands on my head. Another vulnerable, humiliating position. I felt the cold air against my inner thighs, balls and now raging hard _c_o_c_k_. He went into the cabin and left me there trembling on the deck.

A few minutes later he returned and I was advised that the Juvenile judge that had sentenced me had included as part of the sentence, as he read it "It is hereby ordered that you will receive 50 strokes on the bare buttocks with a regulation prison strap upon your arrival at the detention facility. Administration of this punishment will conform to the procedures utilized for corporal punishment at the facility." I sure as hell knew what that meant. My heart sunk and my legs and chest trembled more as I tried to stay in the humiliating naked position knowing my ass was about to be blistered. He instructed me to follow him into the cabin but to keep my hands on top of my head. I followed. We walked into the small cabin. Of course, the heat hadn't been turned on so it was just as cold in there as it was on the deck. The tile on the floor was like ice. There were two beds in the cabin and I saw that one had been outfitted with restraints at each corner. There were two pillows in the center of this bed. It was becoming clear now that this was going to happen and exactly how it was going to happen - with me tied face down to that bed.

The warden ordered me to lay face down on the bed, with my hips over the pillows. I did as I was instructed. The bed had no covers on it and the bare mattress was cold. I felt his cold hand grab my left ankle and pull it to the corner of the bed. He then secured it with the leather restraint. He then did the same with my right leg. He then took each wrist and secured them with the restraints. I was secured, in position, spread eagle, ass straight in the air, naked, cold and shivering. It was very intense.

The warden picked up the strap which had been on a nearby table. He looked at me coldly and said, "Fifty, you will count each one." It dawned on me that I had not had any "warm up" for this. Usually before discipline, Dad warms me up to the strap with a good hand spanking mixed with some paddle action. This was going to be a first for me without warm up and I realized that it was probably going to be extremely painful.

I conjured up some bravado and waited for the first lick. I could hear him pull back and heard the strap coming. Yep, I was right. This was going to be extremely painful. That first lick, without any warm up, burned right through my ass. I yelled out a stoic "One Sir" and as quick as I could say it the second one came. They kept coming. I kept counting. My ass was burning big time. I had totally forgotten about the cold now and was focusing more on my burning hot butt. By around the tenth lick my voice started to crack when I counted and the boyish whimpering started. The warden knew he was breaking me, so they started coming harder. I continued to count each one, but I was broken. Around the twentieth lick I was still able to count, but was begging and pleading between the licks. My ass was a steady burn now. At least I had now been "warmed up". At around the thirtieth lick I was really begging and pleading and almost crying. I couldn't count. The warden stopped and asked if I was going to stop blubbering like a baby, take this like a teenager and count? I said I'd try. I couldn't. Each lick I'd beg and cry more. Suddenly he stopped. He stepped outside for a minute or two and returned. He told me, "Well, if you're not going to count and all you're going to do is beg and cry, I don't want to listen to it." With this, he grabbed my head and pulled it up. He shoved something into my mouth. I then realized that he had taken my sweat socks from outside, tied the toes together into a knot and it was now in my mouth. He took the other ends of the socks and tied them tightly behind my head. I could not believe this. God, I wish I would have worn cleaner socks that day. Part of the socks were loose from the knot and as he shoved my face back into the bed it stuck right against my nose. The smell of my sweaty boy feet was immense.

"Twenty more", was his remark. He then continued with the strapping with me moaning, screaming and trying to beg and cry through those sweat socks. He laid them on harder than before. I was crying real tears by the time he finished. When he stopped he kept me in that secured position for about 15 minutes, with the socks still in my mouth as I cried.

I regained my composure and he eventually released me and gave me a camouflage jump suit to put on. No underwear, just the suit and my socks and sneakers. I knew that this would make it very easy to bare my ass whenever he wanted to discipline me for the next two days.

We had dinner. I had to do some chores around the camp. That evening I was put to bed around 9:00 PM, naked of course. The next morning we went fishing and did some more work around the camp. I had to wear the jump suit as the previous day with no underwear. He kept a wooden paddle handy the entire time and when I screwed up, I felt it. Wherever I was in the camp he would tell me, "Drop them, bend over and grab your ankles." I'd drop the camouflage jump suit to my ankles and bend my naked body over and grab. I usually got 10 good hard licks with the paddle. This happened several times over the course of the day. A couple of times I got 20 licks at one time.

I have to admit I had a great time, although on the boat ride back whenever we'd hit some waves and the boat would bump I really felt it on my sore blistered butt. I can't wait to go back to "camp."

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