by Cam <CameronL7@aol.com>

This has to be done because I am being punished, so I might as well get it over with. If I don't do it, it will only make things worse. Embarrassing as it is to admit, the first thing I need to tell you is that I'm sitting at the computer with a red, stinging bare bottom. I won't be able to have my pants back until the guy who spanks me approves this story.

It all started a week or so ago when I mouthed off to a guy I was chatting with in the Discipline M4M room on America OnLine. I didn't know who he was, but it turns out he knew me and he knew the guy who spanks me. When my disciplinarian found out, he told me I was going to get a three part punishment for being disrespectful online. The first part of my comeuppance was the spanking I just got. The second part of the punishment is that I have to write about it and post it on MMSA Stories spanking website. It's embarrassing to think that thousands of guys I don't know will read about how I got my bare bottom spanked for being rude in a chat room. The third part is that the guy I offended gets to call me over to his house some time during the next week for another naked rump roasting by him.

I had to wait for this spanking for four days because the guy I offended was out of town and I was going to be spanked in front of him. Waiting for this discipline session was awful. He got back today and this evening I was ordered to come to my disciplinarian's house. I'm 26, the guy who spanks me is maybe 40. The guy I was spanked in front of is in his late 30's I guess. Anyway, I came over and my spanker and I sat around and talked until this other guy arrived. I had to stand in the middle of the room while they got drinks. Then my spanker unbuckled my belt, unzipped my jeans and pulled them down to the floor. I had to put my hands on my head and he and the other guy felt up my bottom through my jockeys. They felt up my front too, which made me get hard a little.

Anyway, my spanker brings a straight-backed chair to the middle of the room and the guy I offended sat down on the couch. I was turned so that my back was facing our visitor and before I knew it, my shorts were pulled down to my knees and my disciplinarian threw me over his lap. I was rump up and exposed over his knees for only few seconds before the hand swats started coming. I tried to "take it like man," but the swats kept coming faster, harder and hotter until I was groaning and squirming on his lap and my legs were kicking. He sternly lectured me as he spanked my rear in front of the guest, talking about how I needed to mind my manners. When he talks strict like that, it really makes he hot. Even though I was getting my butt spanked hard, my _c_o_c_k_ started to grow between his legs. He kept swatting and swatting and swatting until I started apologizing all over the place and promising to do better and all of those things that boys say when their bare ass cheeks are being blistered.

Finally he rolled me off of his lap and I had to go stand by the television and bend over with my hands on my knees with my red bottom jutting out. They had their drinks, watched a spanking video and looked at my red bare butt which was obediently on display.

Next, I was allowed to pull up my jockeys but I had to strip off everything else. Then he marched me up the stairs to a spare bedroom, swatting my rump as we went. There was a coach's paddle and a wide leather belt on the bed. He made me bend over while he lectured me some more in that strict voice and I started to get hard again. Then I had to strip naked and sincerely apologize to the guy I offended from a bent over position. Needless to say that was a pretty inviting position for the coach's paddle. I got 40 bun-stinging swats with that paddle and had to count each one out loud.

I got to rest a bit after that. But I was naked and they weren't and it was pretty embarrassing to be there naked in front of two guys sort of shuffling from foot to foot and all nervous because I hadn't been invited to sit down and because my butt was on fire and because I knew we still had the strap to go.

My spanker doubled up the belt and had me stand sort of at attention with my fingers laced together behind my head. He likes to use the strap on me like that. I had to apologize again. Then he tore into my bare bottom with that belt like there was no tomorrow. I was dancing and hollering and turning around trying to get away, but he took hold of my left arm and just walked around after me stinging the heck out of my bouncing red butt cheeks with the dreaded strap. I was whimpering, stinging and sore by the time he was through.

He bent me way over and turned me so that our guest could see the job he'd done on my worthless rump. I apologized a hundred times and said I wouldn't do it ever again.

The guy I offended said my spanker had done a good job. Then they talked about how the other guy is going to spank me some time next week. He said he likes to use the hairbrush. That got a groan out of me because the hairbrush is my least favorite thing to have used on my quivering bare bottom. I got a quick hard swat to my bent-over rump to remind me that I am being punished, so it won't be my choice.

Anyway, this spanking has really taught me a lesson about being respectful to people I meet online. I am really sorry for misbehaving in the first place. And I have a well-spanked bottom to prove it.

Well, this completes the first two parts of my punishment. One more to go.

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