The Car

by Uncle Marc <>

Jim called me on Thursday evening and asked me if I was busy this weekend. I said no and he invited me over his house on Friday evening to watch the ball game.

"Sure. I'll be there right after work -- around 7pm." I said.

"OK, Tommy's staying at a friend's house, but Eric will be here. We can order a few pizza's." Jim said.

"I'll bring the beer." I suggested.

I got to Jim's house and he wasn't home from work yet. I walked into the house and saw that Eric was in the kitchen.

"Hey Eric, where's your dad?"

"He called and said he'd be about a half-hour late."

"Oh ok, want to go out front and play some catch before the game?"


Eric and I played catch for about 15 minutes when I had remembered that I forgot to bring the beer. "Eric, I've gotta run to the store to get some beer, I'll be right back."

"Uncle Marc, let me drive you. Dad's car is sitting right in the driveway and the liquor store is only a mile or so from here."

Jim's car that Eric was talking about was one of his prize posessions. It was a 1967 cherry red Corvette in mint condition that he had myticulously rebuilt. "I don't think you should be driving his car without him, plus you just got your license."

"No problem, he let's me drive it every now and then."

"Well, alright, let's go."

We drove to the liquor and I picked up the beer and we were off without a hitch. On the way home, Eric was very careful driving his father's car. We we got home, it was parking the car in the garage when he was too close the left side and hit the corner of the garage. The left fendor was scratched and the headlight was smashed.

"Holy _s_h_i_t_, dad's gonna kill me!" Eric repeated over and over. He was near tears when he saw Jim pull up.

"Hey guys, sorry I'm late." Jim said as he walked into the house.

Eric told Jim what had happened to his car. After Jim inspected the car, he looked over at Eric and peppered him with questions, "What the hell were

you thinking? Why did you drive my car without my permission? Who said you could drive my car?"

Jim looked over at me, "Why didn't you just drive your own car?" I didn't say anything, I just shrugged my shoulders. I didn't want to get Eric in any more trouble than he was already in.

Jim grabbed Eric by his ear and led him into the house.

Jim sat down and looked at Eric and lectured him, "It seems we have a problem here Eric. You seem to think you can do whatever you feel like. Well your only 17 years old and still living in my house, you will abide by my rules. I don't know what else I can say Eric, it just doesn't seem to sink into that thick head of yours."

Jim looked over at me and finally looked up at Eric and said, "Off with the clothes son, I feel that a very hard spanking is in the order."

Eric looked down at his father flabbergasted. I was actually taken back myself. I couldn't believe Jim had said that. Jim had never spanked either of his sons. Especially, after the spankings he had administered to me because I had spanked his sons this past summer I couldn't believe what he just said.

"Please, please Dad, don't spank me." begged Eric.

"Let's go son, I guess your Uncle Marc was right by spanking you this past summer. It seems it's the only way you listen!"

Eric slowly started undressing. First was the t-shirt exposing his tight pecs, small brown nipples and smooth tan chest. Then his sneakers and socks.

Finally, he stood in front of his dad begging, "Please. Please, Dad, Sir.." Eric whispered again as Jim reached over and picked up the hairbrush.

Jim looked over at Eric and the only thing he said was, "Everything."

Eric continued by undoing his belt, and removing his denim shorts revealing a _s_e_x_y pair of black and white checkered Calvin Klein boxers. He then placed his thumbs and fore fingers onto the waist band and lowered them to his ankles before stepping out of them and standing there naked in front of me and his father. He was also very tan from the summer, with the exception of his butt which was milky white, though I'm sure only for a few more minutes.

He was shaking as Jim positioned Eric over his knees. His face was nearly touching the ground while his body rested on Jim's lap. "Let's go, get that ass up nice and high." Jim then placed his right leg over Eric's legs and grabbed his right wrist to prevent him from moving.

"I've had it, Eric." Jim tapped one cheek, lightly, just to see how he'd react. He took in a sharp breath. "You've been screwing up..." Tap to the other cheek ".... too many times. I'm tired of it." Tap! "And so you've got to learn...." Tap! "...that if you break something" Thwack! "'re gonna end up like this..." Thwack! "...every time from now on."

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! The hairbrush rained down on Eric's ass repeatedly. Jim wasn't going fast, it was about 15 seconds between each smack.... enough time for the pain to sink in before the next one came down with such force.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! "I'm sorry. I'm sorry! Please, Dad! Please! I'm sorry"' Jim brought that hairbrush down hard all over Eric's gorgeous backside. He started to kick his legs a little, and was squirming his butt around. But he didn't get up. And he could've gotten up - if he'd really wanted to - at any

moment while Jim was spanking him. Jim's right leg was positioned over Eric's legs while his left hand prevented Eric from covering his already bright red backside.

His ass was getting pink. Real pink. Jim lit into it harder. _s_h_i_t_, it was what Eric wanted, and maybe what he deserved. It continued. Jim reached back and brought the hairbrush down hard on Eric's backside, covering his entire ass. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

"No! Please, Dad! Ow! No!" Eric screamed.

Paying no attention, Jim continued with the spanking. Eric's backside was glowing. Jim didn't miss one spot while the hairbrush continued wreaking havoc on Eric's ass. Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Thwack! "That's for the bumper!" Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! "And the head lamp!" Thwack! Thwack! How many times have I told you not to drive my car?" Thwack!

Thwack! Thwack! "Ow! Oh! Thwack! Many times, Sir!"

"I'm sorry dad, Thwack! I'll never drive it again." Thwack!

I was thinking of Jim's candy red colored Corvette, and as Eric was locked there over Jim's knee and as I looked at that rear end I just saw red - which is the color Eric's ass was turning by then, of course.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Hell, that brush must've stung like _s_h_i_t_! Those buns writhed around. His legs started to piston to the rhythm of the strokes as if they were in the engine of that '67 Vette. But he didn't move from where he was - right over Jim's knee.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Finally Jim stopped. Eric was lying across Jim's lap hysterically crying with tears streaming down his cheeks. Those buns were crimson; scarlet; fuchsia. I don't know what the color is. I'd heard the phrase, "blister your bottom," but with Eric's ass, as Jim laid into it whack after whack. The racket of his bawling and the constant whack of that wood on ass was enough to wake the dead. I hoped no one could hear us.

Eric got up from Jim's lap and stood there in front of Jim with tears running down his cheeks and his hands rubbing his backside. "Put on your clothes and you can witness me spank you Uncle Marc."

"What?!?!" I shouted.

"It's as much your fault as Eric's that my car is damaged. You should have known better than to let him drive my car. So, let's go... off with your clothes, NOW!" Jim demanded.

I started by taking off my shirt and sneakers. Jim looked over at me and said, "Hurry up or I'll rip every stitch of clothing off you myself!" I noticed Eric staring at me while my shorts fell to my ankles and I kicked them off. Jim walked over and took hold of the waistband of my Tommy Hilfiger boxer shorts and started dragging them down. I looked at Eric one last time and noticed he was straining to keep his erection hidden from me.... it didn't work and he knew it.

Jim grabbed me and quickly flipped me over his knees and brought the hairbrush down hard on my ass. "Ow-w-w!" I yelled.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Jim continued the hard whacks across my bottom cheeks and I was responding in kind. I squirmed, kicked and did everything I could to try and avoid the blows from his stinging hairbrush. However, Jim held me down tightly and spanked away. The rapid blows from his powerful hands were really

starting to sting and I knew that I was about to cry. I didn't want that kind of humiliation in front of Eric so with every ounce of strength that I had left, I attempted to get up and jump off Jim's lap. He caught me just as I started up and in a flash I was back down across his knees. "On no, you're not going anywhere, your punishment is just beginning."

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

Thwack! Thwack! He continued with many more rapid successive blows that must have left red marks on my bottom that could have been seen for a mile. I was now openly sobbing and becoming uncontrollable. My composure as well as my pride was gone, was now openly begging. I was crying as much as Eric was earlier when he was getting his bare bottom tanned.

Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack! Thwack!

The fast, rhythmic beating from the hairbrush continued. Thwack! Thwack! I was kicking, twisting Jim tossed the bathbrush aside and picked up the paddle. "A good god_d_a_m_n_ed spanking! That's the way to get through to you, isn't it!" Jim shouted at me. I lay there over my knee, panting, flexing that ass of mine, which was now the rosy color of a well-hairbrushed bottom. "And I'm not done with you yet, Marc,"Jim growled. You're going to take it with the paddle. Got it?"


"Ow! No! No! Please Jim!" Kathwack! Kathwack! Kathwack! "Not the paddle!"

"Ouch! Not the paddle!" Kathwack! Kathwack! Kathwack! "Ow! Ow! I won't let it happen again. Ow! I won't" Kathwack! Kathwack!

"Please! Please! Oooowwww" Kathwack! Kathwack!

Jim went after my ass with every ounce of strength he had, beating my presented rump like there was no tomorrow. I squelled and squirmed and swung my fists on the floor as my legs made wild circles in the air, but it was no use, Jim contined the rapid paddling on my ass. It was like he had a perfect right to whale the _f_u_c_k_ing bejeezus out of me if he wanted.

Kathwack! Kathwack Kathwack! Kathwack!

"Ohhh! Ooww! Oooowwww! Oowww!"

I was careless, and if would have done the same thing at home if Eric and Jim had taken my car without my permission and _f_u_c_k_ed it up. I would have tanned their butts for each of the things that was busted.

Kathwack! Kathwack! Kathwack! Kathwack!

Finally it was over. I was blubbering. Jim began slowly and gently rubbing my very red and soar backside. I got up and put on my boxers. Eric looked over at me and said nothing, though I did notice the big wet spot on his boxers. I think he enjoyed the spanking as well.

"Eric, go to your room. I'll be up later to discuss the car."

"O-OK Dad." he whimpered.

Jim laid down on the floor, grabbed the remote and turned on the ball game. I grabbed a pillow and sat down next to him. I kept looking over my shoulder talking to him, and then, as my eyes went lower, the came to rest on the bulge in the front of his shorts. I could see the outline of his _c_o_c_k_, with a small wet spot at the tip. My hand reached out and I genlty slid my fingers over the outline of his _c_o_c_k_. He let out a soft groan and dropped his head to his side. I grabbed the waistline of his shorts and began to pull down. He lifted his waist up off the floor, allowing me to slide his shorts and blue Structure boxers off. Appearing before me was his gorgeous _c_o_c_k_. Also about 7'', thin, slightly arching upwards.

Not a word was said by either of us this whole time. Body language alone was what we were communicating with. And his body language was about to show me that he wanted his _c_o_c_k_ sucked. He got up from his prone position and pushed me back on to the floor so I was lying on my back. Then, he planted a leg on either side of my chest, grabbed a hold of his _c_o_c_k_, and lowerd his _c_o_c_k_ to my mouth. I gladly opened my mouth wide as his _c_o_c_k_ slid past my lips. I was in heaven. Things were happening so fast that I never had a chance to second guess what was going on. And now, as I found Jim's hard _c_o_c_k_ sliding in to my mouth, I wanted nothing else.

His hand let go of his _c_o_c_k_ and he began to move his hips up and down, slowly _f_u_c_k_ing my face. I reached up with both of my hands and placed them on to his ass. Smooth, completely hairless. I could feel his butt tighten as he pushed his hips downward.

"Ohhhh. Mmmmm." He moaned. "Oh yeah."

Obviously he loved the feeling of having his _c_o_c_k_ in my mouth. I loved it also, and I used my hands to pull down on his ass, taking as much of his _c_o_c_k_ I could swallow without gagging. Then, his hips began to thrust back and forth at an incredibly fast pace. He was _f_u_c_k_ing my mouth at a furious pace, grunting and panting.

"Ahhhhh.... Ahhhhhhhh _f_u_c_k_!" He groaned, pulling his dick back so only the head was in my mouth and spurting his load. I could feel the hot jets of cum hit the back of my mouth and my tongue. "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, your the best." he moaned.

Jim got off of me and dressed. Eric was allowed to come down stairs after I finished blowing Jim. We sat on the couch for the rest of the evening watching the game. The game went into extra innings and when it finally finished, it was late (around midnight). Jim suggested I spend the night. I went into the guest bedroom next to Jim's bedroom. After laying there for about a 1/2 hour and once I had finished jerkin' off, I decided to get up and sneak into Jim's room to see if he was awake.

Quietly, I snuck up on him, bringing my hand in contact with his boxers and his half-hard _c_o_c_k_. Still, he didn't stir. I brought my mouth down to his blue Structure boxers and reached into the fly and pulled out his _c_o_c_k_ and balls and extended my tongue. Finally, contact! He twitched, slightly startled, but did not fully awaken. Then I moved my tongue up his hardening shaft, finally enveloping the head of his now stiff _c_o_c_k_. His magnificent tool was now in my mouth . . . and Jim was finally awake.

I smiled up at him without releasing his _c_o_c_k_, and proceeded to begin the blowjob of his (and my) life. I deep throated, swirled my tongue around his shaft, and took deep long slow strokes on his meat, then alterJim with faster up-and-down attacks. There's no other word for it, I was attacking him. But lovingly, and thoroughly.

Jim began to squirm and respond to me. He bucked up his hips. He grabbed my hair, pushing my face down into his crotch. I took in the sweet aroma of his boxers, his pubes, and his hot throbbing _c_o_c_k_. He pulled his legs apart and drew them up slightly. I responded by grabbing his thighs and caressing the hair on the back of his thighs. He pulled his legs up higher and I again responded by releasing his _c_o_c_k_ and diving for his rosebud ass. He reached behind him, separating his asscheeks to give me better access.

"Oh, no you don't," were the first words out of his mouth since I'd re-entered the room. "I have something else in mind for my wake-up call!"

"And that would be, kind sir?" I inquired.

He didn't answer, but with a forceful shove on his part, I suddenly found myself sprawled face down on the bed with Jim hovering over me. I looked back over my shoulder and it became rather clear what his intentions were. His _c_o_c_k_ was throbbing menacingly. And he had a gleam in his eye that told me I was in for a real working over.

And I was ready, willing, and---as I found out---able.

Suddenly, Jim's face was buried in my firm asscheeks. It was plain and simple: He had to have my ass and he had to have it right then and there. And I wanted him to take it.

I pulled my knees up and reached back, separating my cheeks as much as possible to give him easier access.

"It's fine," I said in an effort to encourage him. "Go for it! I'm ready for you."

"If you don't put that rod in my right now I'm gonna' pin you down and impale myself on it. And I'd rather take it this way.

It felt like Jim was pulling my insides out with reverse suction as he backed off for the final plunge before giving it to me to the hilt. And then suddenly I had it all, every fabulous inch. I felt his pubes tickling my ass. My ass was still on fire from the paddling I received earlier this evening,

but the pain meant nothing as he stopped, giving me time to adjust to him.

Then he slowly pulled back and began a rhythmic penetration that soon had me clutching and pounding the headboard. My knees were forced out from under me and I was splayed, spread-eagle on the bed. Jim kept up a steady rhythm and I felt his breathing quicken. I knew he'd shoot soon and I wanted to be right there with him. I reached under my belly and grabbed my throbbing _c_o_c_k_. A few strokes was all it took and I was there.

Seconds later I felt Jim gushing as he filled my willing ass with his hot cum. He came and came, his _c_o_c_k_ pulsing as he dropped his load into my eager, waiting asshole. "Ohhhhhhh God!" he moaned in pleasure.

Suddenly it was over. We were both spent and breathing heavily. He relaxed on top of me, pulling up the covers. We drifted off and napped for about an hour, and then it was time. He awoke, quietly slipped off to the bathroom and then I heard the shower running.

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