Wake Up Eric.

by Uncle Marc <Unclemarc@hotmail.com>

... continued.

It was about 7:30 on Saturday morning. It was quite a Friday night. Eric had taken Jim's car without permission and smashed the car into the garage. Jim was furious. It didn't matter that Eric was 17 years old, Jim had decided he needed to be punished and something that wouldn't be forgotten to soon. Although he had never hit either of his children, he could see that the tradional punishments of grounding or no video games weren't cutting it. The boys were constantly getting into trouble both at home and school and were talking back more and more at home. Jim had seen the change in the boy's attitude after the spankings I had administered to them this past summer -- he decided to give it a try. Last night was the final straw for Eric. Jim had given Eric a good ole fashioned, bare-assed, over-the-knee spanking, and to boot, with a wooden hairbrush. Of course, I had received one as well and worse yet, in front of Eric. Not only had Jim used the same wooden hairbrush on my bare-ass, but also the paddle. I couldn't figure out why I had gotten the worst of it. After the spanking though, Jim and I continued our love-making. We both were in the closet, enjoyed the company of a woman, but lived out our fantasies when alone with eachother...

After Jim had finished in the shower, he came back into the bedroom wearing only a towel around his waist. With his back to me, he took off the towel, threw it over a chair and began dressing. From what I've seen, he traditionally wore boxers, yet today he selected a pair of white Fruit-of-the-Loom briefs. He then put on a pair of denim shorts and a t-shirt.

Jim turned around and said, "You probably should go back to the guest room. I wouldn't know how to explain to Eric why you and I shared a bed together last night."

"OK. Where are you going?" I asked.

"I forgot that I'm travelling on Monday morning and left my client's paperwork at the office. I should only be about 1/2 an hour, 45 minutes tops. I'll pick-up some coffee and donuts on the way home."

As Jim turned to walk out the bedroom, he said, "The newspaper should be here if you want to something to do."

"Sure. Hey, you got some clean clothes I can wear?" I asked.

Jim looked back into the room and said. "Feel free to go through the drawers and take what you need. I'll see you in a bit.

With that Jim went down stairs and headed out. I went through his drawers and grabbed a clean pair of underwear (boxers with geometric designs) and a t-shirt. I put on the shorts I had worn last night and started thinking to myself. Hmmm, so I had about a half-hour to myself... what should I do? My butt was still a bit sore from the spanking I received and I was somewhat miffed, no pissed at Eric. It was his fault that I had been spanked last night. Not only was I embarressed by being taken over another man's knees and giving a sound spanking in front of my nephew, but it seemed from the large wet spot on the front of his boxers, he enjoyed it!

OK, so I had 30 minutes. I went downstairs and went into the family room where the spankings had taken place. Just what I thought, Jim had left the hairbrush and paddle on the end tables. I grabbed the paddle and whisked it through the air a few times SWISHHH! SWISHHH! I nodded my head and decided Eric's spanking wasn't quite over yet!

I marched upstairs and opened the door to Eric's bedroom. I placed the paddle between my shorts and back hidden from Eric.

Eric's room was dark except for the sun rays entering the room through the crack of the window shade. Eric was laying there on his stomach on top of his sheets wearing just a pair of boxers. I couldn't make out the brand or color, but they weren't the ones he had on last night. His left arm was resting above his head on the pillow, while his right arm was wrapped around another pillow positioned along his body. His legs were sprawled out and his back was gently rising and falling from his breathing.

I turned on the overhead light and Eric raised his head and mumbled, "Whaaat?" He turned his head toward me and asked, What time is it?"

"Good morning. It's 7:40 in the morning young man." I said.

Eric sat up in bed and it was somewhat noticable that he was sporting a morning woody. He looked over at me, then down and quickly placed a pillow over it. His hair was matted down on one side and spiked in the front. His chest was relatively smooth, hairless and somewhat toned. There was a little hair that ran down from his belly-button into his boxers, otherwise, his body was nearly hairless.

"Your dad had to run out to do some errands. I thought you and I could have a chat."

"Yeah, sure about what? asked Eric.

"You realize because of your stupidity last night, we were both spanked. You deserved your spanking, however, you lied to me about using your dad's car."

Eric gulped. He looked around the room. He didn't know what to say.

I continued, "Not only was I spanked hard with the hairbrush, but also a paddle. And if my memory serves me, you only received a spanking with the hairbrush."

"But Uncle Marc, I..."

"Quiet, I'm not finished yet. It also appeared that you enjoyed watching me get the snot beat outta me by your father. My ass is still bruised and sore from last nights spanking. And what about the other thing?" I asked already knowing the answer.

"What do you mean? asked Eric, though he knew exactly what I meant.

I looked at Eric with piercing eyes and said, "Hmmm, how should I put it.... how about, you jerked-off while I got my butt beaten."

"No I didn't!" he shouted.

"Look me in the eyes and tell me you didn't. As a matter of fact, your not even wearing the same boxers you wore last night."

He couldn't even look me in the eye. He was caught and he knew it. He tried getting out it, "Ahhhm, I-I-I changed my boxers before I went to bed.

"Maybe I should check them out then." I suggested, knowing that he wouldn't agree to it.

"No, no. OK, your right, I'm sorry, please don't tell my dad!" he begged.

"Oh, I wasn't planning on it. However, between my butt getting blistered because of your lying, you only getting spanked with the hairbrush and the jerkin' off, I feel it's only fair that I paddle your butt." I suggested. As Eric's eyes widened and his mouth opened, I pulled the paddle from the back of my shorts.

"Please, please Uncle Marc, my butt is still very sore. I still feel the effects of the spanking from last night." he begged.

"Too bad. It's either a paddling from me or I talk to your dad." Eric was aware of how hard and long I paddled. He had endured one from me this past summer.

Eric knew he was in no position to bargain. He looked over at the clock, it was 7:45. He looked back at me and quietly said, "OK, ok, let's get if over with."

"Good choice. OK, place the pillows in the middle of the bed and lay over them, face to the mattress and butt sticking high in the air." I told him.

I could see that Eric still had partially erect _c_o_c_k_. I paid no more attention to it. He did as I had asked. The pillows were stacked in the middle of the bed, he was on his knee's and layed over them, placed his hands in front of his head which was flat on the mattress and facing away from me. I could see that he was wearing blue baggy cotton boxers... however not for long -- they were coming down. I grabbed the waistband and slowly pulled them past his knees to his ankles. This was to prevent any kicking. I looked at his butt and could see some of the marks from last night. There were a few purple marks from the brush Jim used, but the redness had subsided -- only for a few more moments. I picked up the paddle and slowly rubbed it against Eric's backside. He quietly moaned and by the way he raised his hips, it was obvious he was adjusting himself.

I brought the paddle back then down on his butt, SWOOSH... CRACKKK!

"YEOW!" yelped Eric.


CRACKKK! "Ow! No! No! Please!" CRACKKK!

"Ouch! Not again!" CRACKKK! CRACKKK! CRACKKK! "Ow! Ow! I'm sorry, I won't lie to you ever again!

I paid no attention to his pleading. CRACKKK! Ow-ww-ww! I won't" CRACKKK!

"Please! Please! Oooowwww"

CRACKKK! I continued bringing the paddle down hard on his bare ass. His white butt was bright red again and I was gonna be sure it stayed that color for the rest of the day. CRACKKK! Hmmm, he seemed to be enjoying it. Everytime, I brought the paddle back, he would raise his hips and everytime I brought the paddle down and smacked him, he would grind his hips a few quick times into the pillows. CRACKKK! He was jerkin' off again... while being spanked.

CRACKKK! "Ohhh! Ooww! Oooowwww! Oowww!" Eric yelled, but he continued the humping of his pillows. CRACKKK! I played along. I continued paddling him, but not as hard as earlier and I gave him more time between smacks. CRACKKK!

CRACKKK! ""Please, ohh stop" he begged but he began to move his hips up and down faster and faster, he was _f_u_c_k_ing his pillows. CRACKKK!

CRACKKK! CRACKKK! CRACKKK! Finally after a few more smacks, Eric started breathing heavy, pumping faster and let out a huge moan, "Ohhhhhhhh! Ahhhhhhh! ahhhhhhhh....."

I looked in front of Eric and saw l the hot jets of cum all over his pillows and sheets. Eric just layed there on top of his pillows -- he was exhausted and his butt must have hurt like hell. I looked at the clock, it was 8:01 and Jim would be back soon. I looked down at Eric and told him that this was between the two of us, but if said anything to this father, I would tell his father everything. Eric looked up at me, tears in his eyes and said, "I'll never say anything to anyone if you don't Uncle Marc."

I agreed and watched as Eric got up off the bed and with his back to me, pulled up his boxers. I walked over to him and gave Eric, who still has his back to me and I gave him a gentle bear hug. "I'm sorry it had to be so painful, but you had it coming," I whispered into his ear.

"I understand... thank you." was all he said.

I looked over at the bed and saw four wet spots on his sheets and another one on a pillow. "You'd better clean up this before your dad see's it." I suggested. Without turning around, Eric nodded his head and rubbed his sore behind.

I walked out of the room, but stayed near the door. All of a sudden I thought I heard Eric. I pressed my ear aginst the door and I heard some faint moans coming from the bedroom. Yup, it sounded like Eric was jerking off again! I couldn't believe it, he got aroused by the spanking from me! I continued to listen and finally, "Uhhhhhnnnn!" he groaned.

I walked downstairs and outside to pick-up the paper. As I sat down in the kitchen and began reading the paper, I heard Jim drive-up. He came into the house with coffee and donuts. He asked me if Eric was up and before I could answer, Eric was coming downstairs with a laundry basket.

"Mornin' Dad."

"Hey there Eric... how are you feeling this morning?" asked Jim.

"Still a little sore, otherwise fine."

I smirked and shook my head. Jim looked over at me and said, "Ya know, maybe the spanking was the best thing for him. Look at the time and he's up on a Saturday morning, changing his bed and doing his laundry."

"Guess he's starting to grow-up" was all that I said as I grabbed my cup of coffee and a donut.

... to be continued.

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