Wanting It

by Chris <Cffemvn@aol.com>

Lying across my boyfriend's lap, having just been spanked, gives me all sorts of feelings. There's the feeling of exposure, of course, because he's just been beating my bottom and I am pretty much at his mercy, unable to object if he decides I need to be disciplined some more. And it's hot, of course-- hot in the sense that my backside feels like I've been sitting on top of a hit stove for, oh, about an hour or two. But it's also hot _s_e_x_ually, and I get turned-on in a bigger way than any other time. I could almost cum in his lap, sometimes.

And then for hours afterward, feeling the material of my underwear and pants stroking against my painfully swollen and reddened skin, I get hard again and again. The first time my boyfriend spanked me I had to go to work afterwards, and tending the bar that night, telling the other guys there how I'd been bad and had been punished, I soaked the boxers I was wearing with pre-cum. The second time I got punished, David and I went off to a dinner with his professional colleagues, and although he didn't make me tell them what had happened to me, the heat from my well-beaten butt made me sweat all night long, and whenever David came up behind me and placed his large palm against my back or my ass I would flinch, re-living that feeling of lying across his muscular thighs and having that hand pounding my butt cheeks, turning them red and warming them till I knew I'd be sleeping on my stomach and not sitting down for awhile.

I had a hard on for most of the evening. And when we got home-- I'd been squirming in the car the whole way since sitting was nearly impossible and then the fact of why it was impossible was making me cream like wild-- I grabbed him right inside the door and started unbuttoning buttons, unzipping zippers, pushing fabric out of the way and digging into his body, grabbing his large, strong pecs and licking my way down his abs. I couldn't wait to pull his briefs down before I started tasting his _c_o_c_k_. I finally took the elastic in my teeth and ripped them off. It was just after that, I think, that he turned and pressed himself up against the wall, pushing his perfect ass out toward me.

"_f_u_c_k_ me, Ry," he moaned.

At that moment I was on my knees. Having been sucking away like crazy at his _c_o_c_k_ I was also happy to apply my tongue to the crack between those incredible, half-moon globes of his, but if he wanted to move along a little faster, hey, who was I to argue?

I _f_u_c_k_ed him standing in the hall, both our pants down around our ankles, both of us moaning and yelling and slamming against the wall loud enough that if anybody had come up to the door outside just then-- well, I guess they would have gotten quite a show.

Later on, in bed, after showers and a midnight snack and much cuddling (with me on top or on my side, of course, since I really wouldn't be lying down on my still-sore backside that night) things got heated up and we were at it again, and I experienced another of those incredible combinations of sensations that just about make me lose my mind.

I was _f_u_c_k_ing David again-- he may be the serious professional one, and he may also be the more responsible and the one whom I like to take control, but he also, three quarters of the time, prefers to be the bottom and take my nine incher into him and keep it there-- and I could feel the heat of my ass from the spanking David gave me all those hours ago, and I could also feel the cool air tickling them, and between those sensations and David's moaning and pushing back against me, swallowing everything I had to offer insatiably, I was nearly out of my mind.

Except that I did still have one thought in my head.

"Davy, you should spank me more," I told him, breathing hard.

He grunted.

"Really, you should discipline me regularly." I couldn't believe, hearing myself, that it sounded like I was starting up a serious discussion in the middle of nearly cumming, but there it was-- the idea was even hotter than my backside and I couldn't keep it inside anymore. "Promise me, Davy. For whatever I do that's bad. If-- " I had to take a break to catch my breath and to meet David's wild thrusts back with his hips-- it seemed he was reacting to my words, too. "If I haven't gotten a spanking by Sunday every week, give me one anyway, 'cause I'll probably need it."

"Oh, you are definitely getting more spankings," he agreed breathily. He was practically climbing backwards onto me, now.

"Good. I need them."

"Don't worry, baby, you're gonna get it! You are getting spanked on a regular basis," he continued. "Just don't count on sitting down!"

At that I couldn't talk anymore, it was all I could do to breathe. David apparently felt the same, because it was all grunts and groans from there, and then a shared gasp as we came together, and then a lot of breathing as I fell on top of him and we both lay together feeling the aftermath and recovering.

It seemed like hours later when I felt David work his way out from under me so he could get up from the bed. He bent down and kissed my cheek and then he nuzzled against me for a moment.

"And sometimes," he whispered, "You should return the favor!"

He went to the bathroom then, and I didn't move. Well, most of me didn't move. As I lay with my face buried in the pillows and the sweat on my back and legs tingling in the nightime air I thought about that, imagined having David's gorgeous Greek body laid out face-down across my lap, his gorgeous bubble-butt exposed to my whims, to my hand. I imagined making him cry the way he'd done to me that day, and I thought about feeling the heat of those incredible cheeks against my body as I made love to him later.

And, although I wasn't moving, still too exhausted, my dick started twitching. "Tell me how you want it, baby," I muttered, grinning, into the pillows. I was just rolling over as David came back into the room.

Oh yeah, we were going to have lots of fun, my boyfriend David and I!

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