Frat Pool Party

by Sean<>

I was just hanging out, playing pool at a college bar and checking out the cute dudes, like usual. I always put my change on the table with the cutest guy I saw playing alone, just to indulge my fantasies. Sometimes I would lose a game, just to see a really hot boy lean way way over ... hmmm! I never was a really good pool player, but I love watching those LONG shots! I am not bad to look at, either, with dark brown hair, kind of long in front, so it hangs over my green eyes and angular face. As usual, I was wearing my tightest Girbauds (I'm really proud of my hot little ass) and a polo shirt. I don't mind bending over a little too, if I'm playing with a real cute guy, and watching to see if he sneaks a look! Hell, I'm cute and queer and I don't mind showing it off, either!

One night, I was at my fave bar and a little stoned from some bud I got from a friend, and this REALLY HOT guy had just beat this couple, so I hustled on over and slapped my quarters down. He was, like, maximum buffed, with short, curly brown hair and steel-grey eyes; he was really long-waisted, with a cute round butt, wearing white 501's and a red plaid shirt. I introduced myself.

"Hi, I'm Austin,"

"Joey." We shook hands. Boy was he hot!

I played my usual game, based more on making him bend over and STRETCH than win. I checked him out the whole time. His ass was so tight and round! I could see the lines his briefs made under his jeans. I had a couple of beers and a few hundred fantasies.

"You sure play lousy," he said, kind of assholio. I blew it off.

"I'll play you another one," I offered, thinking about long corner shots.

"Not here," he grinned. "Wanna take a ride? I got a better table, and I my house is right around the corner. C'mon?"

"Well, I guess," I said. The fantasies multiplied and my _c_o_c_k_ did too.

He had a big place. I remember thinking, wow, his folks must be loaded! One room had what he promised: a fantastic table and a bar at one end. He fixed us drinks and we smoked some bud. My balls tingled, like they always do when I'm high.

"'Course, there's a price ..." he said, handing me the roach. I almost lost consciousness on the last toke. I could feel myself smiling.

"Okey doke," I offered, stifling a giggle.

"The price," he said, racking the balls, "is your ass."

"HUH?" I almost fell off my stool.

"Simple, boy , you lose, and you pay with your cute little butt. Oh, not like you think: I get to paddle you."

"Uh,? What? Is this some kind of a joke?"

"Ten licks. You lose, you get ten, okay? With this," he pointed to a frat paddle on the wall.

"Why?" I said, acting stupid. This guy was serious !

"Let's just say I get into it, okay? You game or what?" He was insistent.

"How old are ..." I started, but he cut me off. He seemed about my age, but looked younger, like 16 or so. He looked like that guy Joey from that stupid New Kids band my sister drools over. He was definitely hot, soooo...

"Well?" Hey, I figured: I'll let this guy paddle me any day!

"Uh, okay. But what if I win?"

"Same deal. You been eyeing my ass for the past hour. Don't lie." I nodded. I could feel the beginnings of a boner in my jeans.

I really wanted to win the first game. Suddenly, I wanted to have power over him and that gorgeous butt. He cheated; I swear he did! He bent over when he didn't have to: he brushed me, passing. Anyway.You guessed it: I lost.

"Bend over!" he commanded with glee, taking the wooden paddle down from the wall. I complied, willingly. I had always dreamed about being paddled. I had considered joining a frat but I had been afraid they would find me out. I lay across the table, my tender young ass tensed and waiting. I didn't wait long.

It stung. After the third one, I begged, then whimpered. My bottom was on fire! By the last one, I had tears in my eyes. I stood up, rubbing the seat of my jeans and feeling hot tears run down my face.

"Hurt?" he jeered. "It hurt, little wussy-baby?"

"It didn't!" I lied. My hard _c_o_c_k_ throbbed. My butt was deliciously warm.

"Wanna try again? Maybe you'll win," he cajoled.


"Tell you what ..." he sneered. "You win, and I'll take twenty. I win, and I'll just spank you, no paddle, just ten times:okay?"

"Well, okay..."

He won, of course. Then I found out the real terms: it was to be a spanking, but on my bare butt. Humiliated, but quivering in anticipation, I pulled my jeans and bikinis down and bent over his knee. I had never been spanked in my life, but I'd always had fantasies about it. His legs were hard as rock (so was my _d_i_c_k_).

He spanked me until my ass tingled. I howled. I loved it and hated it. I reached for my swollen _d_i_c_k_, but he held my hand away and spanked me harder, until I whimpered for clemency.

"Only ten ..." I sobbed.

"Get up!" He commanded. I did, pulling my pants over my burning bottom. I must of sniffled, because he sneered. My hardon was too obvious.


"What's the bet?" I whispered.

"OKAY!" he laughed. "Your ass or mine ... no limit!"

"Okay ..." I had an idea what was going on. It clicked.

Of course, he lost the game. I wiggled my ass a little, to distract him,but that wasn't it: he wanted to lose! My revenge would be sweet ...

I ordered him to drop his jeans, and his briefs, I pulled him across my knee and took revenge on his bare ass. At each loud SMACK a bright red hand print appeared on his tight little behind, and he moaned softly. His ass tensed after each smack , then his back arched for the next. Big tough guy! He was loving it!

My _d_i_c_k_ was hard as a rock, and so was his: I could feel it rubbing against my legs. Both hands were getting sore, so I ordered him to bend over the table, and I took off my belt.

"Wait a minute," he protested. "We never said anything about a belt ..."

" What's the matter, wussy-boy?" I taunted him, like he had taunted me. "Not man enough?" My own ass was still sore. He was gonna get it but good!

"I can take anything you can dish out!" he snorted. I grinned as I looped the belt and swung it, hard as I could.

"Owwww!" he yelped, as the thin leather belt striped his bare ass-cheeks. He cried out again and again as I turned his behind into a mass of welts.

"Please! I give ...OWW...up ... OWWWOOOO!" he was almost sobbing, now.

Finally, I let him pull up his jeans.

"Sore loser, huh?" I joked. He grimaced, rubbing his sore behind.

"Okay, " he finally said. "So we both know we like it. Hey! I know this really hot dude I've wanted to do this to for a whole semester! He deserves it just for being such a tease! If we sucker him into a game we can both have him!"

"Cute ass?" I asked. Joey nodded. That was all I needed to know! We were out the door in a flash.

We played a couple of games until Joey caught my elbow. I followed his eyes to the bar where this stone gorgeous dude was leaning over the bar, ordering a drink. He was wearing tight yellow Umbros, and I could see the straps of his jock through the tight nylon.

"Wow!" I said. "He's got a jock on!"

"I know!" Joey replied. "His name's Brandon, and he's a little prick-tease. He acts like a straight jock, but he's as queer as can be. What straight dude wears a jock out to a bar? I've been waiting to bend him over for a long time. How about some nine ball?"

"Sure!" I racked the balls while Joey walked over to the bar. My _d_i_c_k_ was really stretching my Girbauds as I leaned across the table to rack them. Then, Joey was back with our intended victim. He was shorter than either of us, but built like a wrestler or a gymnast. His tight t-shirt showed off great pecs and a washboard stomach. There was an ample bulge at his crotch. He had ice-blue eyes and short-cut blond hair and an awesome tan. I couldn't wait to see those tan lines!

"Brandon. This is Austin. We're going to play some nine ball, okay?" Brandon flashed white teeth and grabbed a cue.

Of course, Joey and I lost the first few games. Just watching Brandon bend over, and the way his shorts rode up the backs of his muscular thighs made me light-headed! The straps of his jock were clearly visible through the thin material.

"How about a little bet?" Joey finally said, after we had retired out back for a joint together. I was feeling really stoned, which really gives me a boner. I caught Brandon checking out my crotch a couple of times, too. His bulge was noticeably bigger ... or was it my imagination?

"I don't play for money," Brandon said. "I'm on an athletic scholarship. Not much to spare."

"I've got an idea," Joey said, innocently. "In my fraternity, sometimes we play for swats."

"Swats?" Brandon eyed us both suspiciously.

"Sure," Joey said, nonchalantly. "The loser gets swats with the paddle for the balls left on the table: like, one swat for each. Or, we can make it five, if you feel brave." He eyed us suspiciously, one hand wandering to his hot bubble-butt.

"You guys have jeans on ..."

"We'll drop 'em if you win, okay? Deal?" Brandon's blue eyes flashed.

"What the hell! You guys better be ready to pay up, is all!"

"Great! After we finish the game, we'll go back to my apartment for ... uh, the payoff! We can party down, afterwards."

That agreed, we started our first game. It didn't take long for Brandon to start to sweat, as Joey and I skunked him, but good. He was left with five balls on the table.

"Uh, guys" he unconsciously rubbed his rump. "Maybe we ..."

"Not gonna wuss out on us, are you, Brandon?" I sneered.

"I was just gonna say, let's go again. That must of been a fluke or something." Bending way over the table, he racked the balls again. I checked out his fantastic glutes. I was really going to enjoy this! "Uh, who gets to paddle me ?" he asked.

"I get the first five, so far, because I had the best score," I said. Joey nodded a yes. "And, if it's a tie, the loser gets it from both, okay?"

"Gotcha!" Brandon grinned. "I'll take my five and then take my revenge on you two!"

But, sadly for poor Brandon, he lost again. This time, Joey and I were tied before I finally sank the eight. He gulped hard, looking a little scared.

"Well," Joey said. "Time for the payoff!" Taking Brandon by his muscular arms, we hustled him out the door.

Arriving at Joey's, we escorted our victim to the den. My _c_o_c_k_ throbbed as I took the paddle down from the wall. I noticed the Greek letters cut out of it. Boy, Brandon was in for it now!

"assume the position!" I barked.

"Uh, guys ... kind of take it easy, huh? I'm a pledge at Alpha Sigma Sigma, and it's been Hell Week, so I'm a little tender, okay?" He bent over the pool table, legs slightly spread. His hot round butt was mine! Joey grinned and pulled the boy's Umbros up tight across his dimpling ass. His straps peeked out from under the nylon. I swung the paddle back, and the air whistled through the holes wickedly.

WHACK! went the paddle, then WHACK! again. Brandon dew in his breath, but he didn't cry out. WHACK! and the hot little jock boy whimpered. WHACK! and he whimpered a little louder. I gave it my all for the final one: WHAAACK! said the paddle and Brandon let out a yelp. He stood up, rubbing his butt. There were tears in his eyes.

"Not so fast, Brandon!" Joey barked. "Five more from me, and then Austin's last five, remember?"

"But ..." He rubbed his burning bottom. His _c_o_c_k_ was obviously stiff, straining at his jock through his Umbros. Joey pushed him back across the table, then tugged his shorts down to his knees. "Hey!" Brandon protested.

"Those shorts aren't doing you any good," Joey said. "Besides, you wouldn't want me to miss, would you?"

"No," Brandon whimpered. His beautiful round ass had the perfect tan lines of a very small suit. Of course, the rest of his bottom glowed an angry red, with the outlines of Greek letters in raised welts.

"Here goes!" Joey swung hard, and the paddle bit into Brandon's bare, jock-strapped butt. This time, the yelps of pain were very convincing. When he finished, our hot little jock was sobbing with pain, and his ass was fiery red. I took the paddle and walked over to him. I ran a hand across his tortured rump and he moaned, them down between his legs to feel his balls. He spread his legs a little, and I felt his hard _c_o_c_k_ jump as I squeezed the head through his jock..

"Please ..." he whimpered. "I'll be good! Please, coach ..." So, cute little Brandon had a secret or two! This was a fantasy come true!

I really let him have it, this time. By the time I was through, his ass positively glowed. I slipped a hand under one strap, then let it snap back.

"Owww!" Brandon whimpered. He stood up, rubbing his tortured rear, then pulled his shorts up over the huge bulge at his crotch. I couldn't help noticing a big wet spot!

He wiped away the tears and grinned, good-naturedly, and we both clapped him on the back .

"You took it like a man, Brandon!" Joey said. "You really passed the test!"

"Thanks," he sniffed. "You know, I kind of enjoy this game. I want a chance to get even, okay?"

"Think your butt can stand it?" I asked. He rubbed it, grinning.

"You bet!" We toasted our new-found friendship and relaxed for awhile (Brandon, of course, standing up!)

It was about an hour later, and Brandon suggested another game. Joey and I agreed, at once.

"But, this time ..." Joey said, wickedly, "For real. Loser pays the ultimate price!

"Uh, what?" Brandon asked, innocently. We exchanged knowing glances.

"The loser takes whatever the winners decide is his punishment, okay?" Brandon thought for a minute, feeling his already well-punished rump with one palm.

"Well, all right," he said, finally. "But don't wuss out when it's my turn!"

This time, the playing was intense. Just looking at Brandon's fine little butt, I knew what he was going to get from me, and I think he did too, grinning when he caught me staring at him and that huge bulge in his jock. But things started to go way wrong. Hell, Joey was playing against me ! They were both playing against me! I caught both of them winking to each other as I bent over ... something was definitely up, besides three hard young _c_o_c_k_s! I couldn't believe it when I lost, and they advanced on me, grinning evilly.

"Come on, boy!" Brandon took me by the scruff of the neck ... he was strong ! Then Joey was dragging over one of the high barstools, and four short lengths of rope!

"Oh, no ... I said, in a very small voice, as Brandon pulled my t-shirt over my head. These guys were in on this together!

"Oh, yes!" They chorused, as I was pulled across the padded seat, my blue-jeaned butt high and vulnerable, my feet barely touching the floor. My ankles and wrists were quickly secured to it.

"It's time we let you in on a little secret, Austin," Joey said, as the door opened and several other young guys filed in. "You see, this is Alpha Sigma Sigma, the infamous underground gay fraternity. Yes, we do exist!" He was holding the paddle in his hands, and now I realized what the letters I had so happily branded Brandon's ass with stood for. I got a funny feeling in my stomach. The other boys stood around, grinning. One had a video camera.

"See, Austin, we can't just go around advertising, like the straight frats do. So we thought up this little test ... to find other guys, uh, worthy to be brothers. First of all, he's got to have a cute ass. I think you fit that requirement just fine! Second, he's got to really be into our special kind of initiation. The way you laid it on me and Brandon leaves no doubt of that! Third, well, he's got to like getting it as much as he likes receiving, and I've never met one who didn't!"

"But ..., I don't wanna be paddled!" I protested, even though my raging boner throbbed at the implications of my predicament.

"Yes you do!" Brandon said, smiling. He was rubbing his obvious erection openly. "See, as the newest pledge, it was up to me to make sure I lost to you, to trick you into this little initiation. That hellacious ass-whipping you gave me was my final test, and boy, you really made it sting!"

"And that makes you Brandon's little bro' for the rest of your pledge days, until your test. I'm sure you'll pass with flying colors ... most of them shades of red, I'm afraid!"

"But what if I don't wanna join!" I protested, my voice cracking.

"In that case, you still owe Brandon for that last game. And we'll be taping the whole thing, just in case you feel like running to the Dean. We've only had one prospective pledge back out, and, well ... that tape did make the rounds on campus!" They all laughed. "So, what'll it be, pledge? C'mon, ... are you a man, or what?" There was a long pause.

"I guess ... I don't have any choice," I finally said. I was helpless, after all. "I'll join."

"All right!" Brandon cheered, and there was applause as he took the paddle. I tensed my butt for what I knew was going to be the worst paddling I had ever fantasized about in my wildest dreams. A monitor was brought in so I could watch my punishment being administered, live. Two boys unzipped my jeans and pulled them down, then my blue bikini briefs, and Brandon, grinning, took a stance behind me.

"Uh, Brandon're not sore, are you?" I said, not meaning the pun. " I mean, I was easy on you ..."

"Not half as sore as you're gonna be, little bro' ..." and the paddle cracked across my naked bottom. I howled. In the monitor, I could read the Greek letters, burned into a bright red stripe that stung like fire.

"And remember," Joey quipped. "It's all being taped ... for posterity!"

"Your posterior!" Brandon laughed, as the next one burned into the tenderest place on my ass, just above my legs. I howled and pleaded as the paddling continued, until my ass was on fire and my throbbing _c_o_c_k_ seemed about to explode! Brandon showed my rear end no mercy, and I loved every stroke, even though it hurt like hell! Each red-hot smack of the paddle brought me closer and closer until, yelping and writhing, I blasted load after load of hot cum all over the leather of the stool, my stomach and the floor. Cheers went up from the brothers, many of whom had their pants down and were spanking their monkeys in wild abandon. Brandon paused, and the coolness of the room caressed my blazing red bottom.

"Please, Brandon!" I whimpered. "No more!" He put the paddle down and stepped out of his shorts. Then, down came his jock, and his huge _c_o_c_k_ stood straight out. He slipped a condom over it, then picked up a tube of lube.

"Oh, no! Please! Not that!" I begged, as he stepped up behind me.

"Wanna back out now?" Joey said. "It's your decision." I looked at Brandon's huge penis, bobbing behind my well-welted and virgin ass-cheeks.

"I'm ... I'm a virgin!" I stammered. It was true, despite all my bravado.

"You'll be my little bro'," Brandon said gently, running a cool hand across my hot and blistered bottom. "That's the rules. You have to want it. Do you want it?"

"Yes, ..." I whimpered. "Brandon, I want it! I wanna be your little bro'!"

"Okay, then ..." Lubing me gently, he slid his _d_i_c_k_ into me. It hurt, and I yelled, but I loved it. Slowly at first, then faster and faster, he screwed my tight asshole until I felt him gush, again and again. Glancing up, I saw _c_o_c_k_s shooting off everywhere, as cheers and groans of pleasure filled the room.

"Welcome to the club!" Joey shouted, and there were cheers all around as I was freed from my bonds and helped to stand up.

A little while later, we all sat around in the living room and watched tapes of past initiations (Brandon and I both seated on soft pillows!). I felt a glow in my heart almost as warm as the one in my ass. Now I belonged!

"Just remember, little bro'," Brandon said, his arm around my shoulders. "It isn't over yet. That cute little ass of yours is in for a lot more before you can become an active! I let out a loud groan, but, secretly, I was looking forwards to my future as a member of Alpha Sigma Alpha!

THE (sore) END!