Frat Tag-Team

by Michael Artis <>

My boyfriend (BLUE THUNDER) and I were sitting at my apartment watching a movie, just relaxing. He paged his Frat Brother to find out what was happening for the evening. When his Frat Bro called, there was nothin poppin, so he headed for our crib.

When he arrived, I answered the door and seen a gorgeous young, black male about 6'4", 215lbs. Ripped and Fine! His voice was Deep and _s_e_x_y! I would have left mine for this one!

They sat together on the couch and talked _s_h_i_t_ about hoez and general boy stuff. Fraternity things were discussed as well. I got the feeling that the boy knew Blue Thunder and I were messing around. He started talking about how much he beat this pledge's ass two nights ago and how the pledge was crying after five hits... I believed every word!... But I wanted to find out for myself... And you know me, I started in on him...

"Cry? hahaha... I don't thing 5 could do it!" I said with a smart attitude.

"Is this your boy Frat?" He said to Blue Thunder. "You better let him know before I show his Punk ass."

"Why he got to let me know? Ain't you your own man?" I replied.

"Where your Wood at Cuz?" he asked Blue Thunder. Now, they were Frats so Blue Thunder had to be on his side... and I knew that... "You finna match me?" he asked my boo...

"Yea Frat, I'll match ya!" Blue Thunder said. This meant that they would rotate serving me WOOD.

"Grab you ankles and Nutz Punk!" the boy demanded. I was getting aroused.

"How many you gonna serve me?" I asked.

"As many as I feel like... you wanna talk _s_h_i_t_, you'll answer to me with your ass!" he said as he pointed to the spot where he wanted me in the Cut.

Blue Thunder was smiling as he loved to serve me Wood, and he knew that I got myself in over my head! I dropped down to my boxers and bent over... They were laughing and giving eachother dap.

WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK! The first hit from that boy made my eyes tear up! Then Blue THunder took one. It was light in comparison to the other guy. WWWWWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHHAAAAAAAACCCCCCKKKKKKKKKK! The second was worse... My ass was already sweating! WWWWWWWWWHHHHHHHHAAAAAACCCCCKKKKKKK!

"Alright Man... That is Good! I am Sorry" I begged.

"Naw Man... I say when!" replied the boy. "Hold him for me!" Blue Thunder grabbed me and put me in a head-lock and I was stuck in a bent-over position. The hits kept on coming... He was wearing my ass out. I started to cry like a baby... 34 hits total from the boy... "Aight Thunder".... I was let go and fell to the ground. I thought it was over...

"Give up man, you ain't done, my Frat gotta match, you got 34 more coming!" I wanted to die right there! I got up and the boy grabbed my and put me in a head-lock... My head was on his hip and I could his crotch! The _d_i_c_k_ was Very Erect! My heart was pounding... How could I trick them into a three-some... During Blue Thunder's 34 hits... I reached up and pretended that I was trying to break free and rested my hand right on the Boy's _d_i_c_k_! I was pushing in on it as if I were pushing him away... It was so big. Blue Thunder could not see what I was doing as he was into where is paddle was landing on my ass.

"You like that muthafuka... huh?" whispered the boy to me... I shook my head up and down to affirm my desire for him.

After is was over... They sat on the couch and I laid facedown on the floor, rubbing my poor butt! The boy stared at me... Blue Thunder got up and went into the bathroom. "You want this _d_i_c_k_ in your throat...huh?" he asked. I shook my head in affirmation. "Leave me the number so we can hook-up". He pulled out his wallet and gave me a business card. IT WAS ON!

He left and short ly after, me and Blue Thunder had some very intense _s_e_x_. Half the time I was thinking about the Boy who just left... Can't wait to get it!

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