A Spanking Glossary

by Bbwrr2 <Bbwrr2@aol.com>

ass: the rounded, fleshy, posterior portion of the body between the waist and thighes, which may be either hairy or smooth, upon which the one usually sits, unless the ass has been transformed into a "bottom" (see below).

BACKTALK: disrepectful questioning or protesting by a boy which results in a good spanking of his bare bottom.

BAD: unacceptable; deserving of punishment.

BAREBOTTOM(also "bareass," "barebutt", etc.): the posterior, devoid of any covering (e.g. pants), onto which a spanking is normally inflicted.

BAWL: the particular kind of uncontrolled crying associated with the intense stimulation of a bottom by means of hand, paddle, strap, etc.

BELT: A strip of leather of varying width, length and thickness, worn around the waist of an authority figure; when removed, it is used to inflict discipline on a misbehaving boy.

BLISTER: the act of disciplining the bare buttocks of a bad boy to the point that the exposed skin is red, raised, and hot to the touch, and often makes subsequent sitting difficult for long periods of time.

BOTTOM: the round portion of the buttocks of a boy or immature man intended for the application of punishment by the boy's father or other authority figures.

BOY: A male, usually but not necessarily young.

BRIEFS: underwear worn by a male; often, at the beginning of a spanking, they are left in place, which gives a boy a false sense that he will not be punished barebottom.

BUCK: The up and down or grabbing motion exhibited by a boy's bottom when it is being spanked.

BUTT: a term for the male posterior, usually signifying an adolescent rump, a transititonal phase between the immature "bottom" and the mature "ass" (e.g. "The stern dad settled his ass on the chair. "Get your butt over here, you sixteen year old punk. I'm gonna spank your bare bottom like I did when you were seven."

BUTTHOLE(also "asshole"): the anus; usually hidden from view, it may be seen as a consequence of "bucking" during the act of spanking, thus increasing the embarrassment of the bad boy being disciplined (See enema).

BUTTOCKS: a formal term for the posterior that may be used in polite company. CHEEKS: either of the two, round orbs which together make up the buttocks.

CORNER: the right angle formed by the meeting of two walls, where a boy is sent to stand with his pants down to think about his behavior after a spanking.

CRACK: the cleft separating the two cheeks of the buttocks; the walls of the crack are very sensitive and may be intentionally exposed to increase the discomfort of a spanking; also, a sound made when a bottom is struck with a hard object (e.g. a paddle), usually CRACK!

CRIMSON: the color of the naked bottom after a severe spanking.

DISCIPLINE: punishment meted out to a boy for misbehavior (synonym: spanking)

ENEMA: the cleansing of the bowel with water or other fluids achieved by inserting a tube attached to a liquid-filled bag into the anus, often used as an auxiliary method of punishing and humiliating a bad boy.

FANNY: the bottom.

GOOD: the opposite of "bad" (rarely used); an intensifier meaning very or extremely (e.g. "You'll get a good hard spanking!" ).

HAIRBRUSH: a round or square wooden instrument with a handle, with one face covered with bristles intended for the grooming of the hair, and another flat face, intended for the slapping of the naked fanny as punishment=2E

HUMILIATION: an essential element of discipline, achieved in various ways, among them: stern lecturing, the baring of the bottom, and spanking to the point of bawling, bucking and pistoning; the effect of all these is increased if conducted in front of an audience of other men or boys.

KNEE: the joint of a man's leg, used to bend a boy over so his bottom may be spanked.

LECTURE: the lengthy explanation of the reasons why punishment is being conducted, usually delivered while a boy is being spanked (e.g. "As the volume of the boy's bawling increased, the man had to lecture him even more loudly.").

LICKING: the sharp, rapid application of the flat of the hand or other instrument to a boy's bare bottom.

MAN: a male, usually but not always older than a "boy"; an authority figure.

MISBEHAVIOR: any action on the part of a boy which is unacceptable and results in a spanking.

PADDLE: an object, usually round or oblong, of varying width, thickness, and length, usually made of wood or leather, used to punish a boy's naked buttocks; also a verb ("to paddle").

PANTS: The article of clothing used to cover a boy's bottom when it is not exposed for punishment.

PISTON: The churning motion in the air made by the legs of a bad boy when he is being severely spanked (see "bawl", "buck").

PUNISHMENT: the deserved discipline of a boy's naked ass, synonyms: licking, paddling, spanking.

PUNK: A male of any age who exhibits arrogant, thoughtless, or otherwise improper behavior, who needs a strict man to yank down his pants (exposing his bottom) and severely discipline his ass by means of spanking until the following may be observed: bawling, bucking, leg-pistoning, and a deep crimson glow along with numerous blisters all over the exposed buttocks.

SassY: impudence resulting in punishment (e.g. "The boy learned the price of sassiness when the man pulled down his pants and blistered his bottom right there in the store.").

SPANK: the art and science of disciplining the bare boy's ass by a man, usually involving a variety of positions (over the knee; bending across a chair; spread-eagled) with a variety of instruments (hairbrush, paddle, strap, etc.), continuing till the man is convinced the boy has learned his lesson.

STRAP: a flexible piece of material, usually leather, of any length, employed to spank the bottom of a misbehaving boy.

SWITCH: a thin, flexible rod, usually wooden, used to punish the ass of a bad boy; frequently, the boy, under a man's supervision, must cut the switch from a bush or tree which will be used to discipline him.

UNDERPANTS: the pair of very short cotton pants, worn under the regular pants, covering a boy's privates and hindparts, which are lowered when he is to be spanked on the bare bottom. Men wear "shorts," "undershorts," "Jockeys," etc.

WHIP: to spank, though more accurately, to spank with a flexible implement (e.g. a strap or switch).

WOODSHED: An outbuilding used for storing wood, now employed almost exclusively as a site for the spanking of a boy's bottom.

YANK: A verb indicating a sharp pulling motion, either transitive ("He yanked the boy over his knee") or intransitive ("He yanked down the boy's pants").