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So you ask me how you should deal with your fourteen year old boy.

You tell me he has black hair and brown eyes, is of medium height, with smooth brown skin.

OK, I will tell you. I would expect you to spank him for what you say he does.


Jerry, thanks for ur mail.

I agree my boy Dave needs a good spanking and I have spanked him before. So what's new?


Alex, by what method have u spanked him?"


Jerry, over the knee, not often, with my hand.


Alex, on the seat of his trousers?


Jerry, yep


Alex, never with his trousers down?


Jerry, once or twice when he was 11.


Alex, never with his underpants down?


Jerry, no. I have threatened and imagined this.


Alex, this is where my advice would begin.


Jerry, advise away!

+++ +++


From what you have told me, Dave needs a sound spanking from you.

Your relationship with him is basically warm and positive; your wife used to spank him, bare bottom, until he was 10, so he is not unfamiliar with such things. You have tried all the conventional and liberally fashionable methods, it is important Dave is stopped before he gets in big trouble, your local jurisdiction allows spanking, so it is legal and there is every justification in taking this course of action.

Clearly spanking him on the seat of his trousers is insufficient. You have threatened him with more embarrassing measures, so now you should carry out your threat.

I suggest you deal with him after school one day, when he arrives home.

Call him immediately to your study and tell him that you have decided he has to be punished. Confiscate his shoes, blazer and school trousers and send him to his room to do his homework trouserless.

Having him trouserless for an hour or so should increase his sense of anxiety. After an hour, call him back down to your den and make him give you his briefs. This will make him naked from the waist down, although doubtless his school shirt will cover his bare essentials.

Make him bring his underpants through to dinner and put them on his place mat. No doubt his mother and younger brother will be present to witness his discomfiture. Although none of you will see anything untoward beyond his bare legs, his naked bottom will be in contact with his cool seat at the dining table, making him very aware of how vulnerable he is and what may be to come.

After dinner, have him wash up the dishes. Then bring the family to your living room and have him stand centre stage, as it were, whilst others sit.

With his hands clasped upon his head, have him confess his misdemeanours and apologise.

Command him to remove his socks and tie and give them to his mother.

Have him undo the top button of his school shirt.

Request his brother to stand before him, undo his shirt buttons and remove his shirt.

I assume he will now only be in his T-shirt or vest, his genitals either erect or dangling below the hemline of his T-shirt. This is a good time to lecture and cross question him further.

Having thus embarrassed him, I suggest you set him to a menial task, perhaps cleaning the kitchen floor with a scrubbing brush. I expect this will make him quite dirty so send him for a shower and have him return in a pajama top without trousers.

Now seems a good time to remove his last vestige of protection, a task I believe you should perform.

You now have him naked before the family - have him put his hands on his hips and lecture him some more.

Now have him fetch a straight backed chair, sit on it, and place him across you.

Spank him until his bottom is red and he is in clear discomfort, but not to extremes.

Send him to his room.

Go up a few minutes later and make your peace with him.

Repeat the formula on future occasions, with variations as required, but always bearing in mind that he is your son, that you love him and that you only punish him when this meets his need, not yours.

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