Kevin's Tutor

by Aardvark51 <>

I was recently asked to tutor a thirteen year old boy called Kevin.

Kevin's father came to see me without Kevin, before he agreed to employ me. He wanted to quiz me about my attitudes to punishment. He said his wife was not in favour of physical punishment, which he could not use at home, but that he was expecting me to punish Kevin in this way.

I found it difficult to understand how I could do this against his wife's wishes, until he explained that his wife had decided that Kevin was so unruly that he should be given some discipline, especially ariound his schoolwork, but that she was too squeamish to have it happen at home.

Kevin's father went on to say that he would tell his son that unless he complied with my instructions, however embarrassing or painful, he and his mother intended to send him to a boarding school, far away from home, a thought which struck fear into Kevin's heart.

So that's how Kevin arrived for tuition which, it had been agreed, would last from the morning until whenever I telephoned his father to collect him.

Kevin was dressed as I had ordered. It was winter time and I had said he should wear his grey v-neck school pullover, with a white shirt, and his red and black school tie. He wore grey long trousers with turn-ups, grey socks and black laced leather shoes.

He was an attractive young boy, brown hair, smooth lightly tanned skin, slender but far from skinny. He was perhaps even more attractive because he was clearly nervous.

I sat in my chair at the head of the table in my study and had him stand before me. "What has your father told you about what happens if you do not work or behave well?" I asked.

"He said you will punish me, Sir."


"I think by spanking me in some way."

"Did he tell you that I set out to embarrass boys whom I spank?"

"Something like that, Sir."

"How do you think I embarrass them?"

"He didn't say, Sir."

"I take off their clothes, Kevin. And sometimes I make them dress up in other clothes."

"Oh!" He looked shocked.

"Would you like me to phone dad and ask him to take you home?"

"Oh! No Sir! I..."

"You know you have to obey today or else...?"

"Yes Sir."

"But I expect you don't much like the thought of a strange man undressing you as well as spanking you?"

"Well. No, Sir, it is a bit..."


"Yes Sir."

"Hmm. Well you haven't done anything wrong yet, have you?"

"No Sir."

"But maybe you need to get a taste of what might happen if you fail to work hard. Come here."

I moved my armless upright chair away from the study table. He stood by my side, very close. He smelt kind of sweet. "Put your right shoe up on the side of my chair."

He put up his shoe and I unlaced it. "Take it off," I said coolly. He stooped and did so.

"Give me the other shoe."

We repeated the exercize.

"You see," I said, "You are completely in my power, Kevin. Sit on my lap."

He sat sideways on my lap. I had him put an arm round my shoulder. "Do you know what I am going to do now?" I asked. I could feel his hot, firm bottom on my thighs.

"No Sir."

"I am going to undo your trousers, Kevin." I rolled his pullover up almost to his neck. I could feel his hand tense around my shoulder. "You are quite nervous about having your trousers removed, aren't you?"

He nodded.

"Well, it's no big thing," I said, undoing his black leather belt, "you just have to get to understand that when you're being physically punished your body isn't yours to command anymore." I undid his top button. "But it is scarey when a stranger like me pulls down your trouzer zip." I unzipped him. "Lift your bum".

He obediently lifted his bottom and I slid his grey trousers down to his knees as he sat back on my lap. His trousers dropped to his ankles, revealing an expanse of bare leg. "Kick them off," I ordered - and he did. "So now, you see," I said, "you are a little way towards how you would be if I spanked you. I will keep you like this, without your trousers, as a reminder of what might happen if you fail to do your schoolwork well."

I put him off my lap and gathered some schoolbooks, spreading them on the table. I felt we had made a good start, mixing fear and closeness.

We sat together on one side of the study table, as I explained his maths work. From time to time, his knees brushed mine, or I patted him on the shoulder. He seemed to be comfortable to be close. I set him some work to do, and set a mark he must achieve to avoid punishment. I left him for a while.

When I returned, I checked his work. He had fallen below the mark by three.

"Oh dear!" I said. "Stand up and take off your pullover".

He stood and pulled it off, so now he was wearing his white shirt and tie and his grey socks. He looked at me, anxiously.

"You're scared again, Kevin, aren't you?"

He nodded.

I sat once more and beckoned him back to sit across my lap, his arm round my shoulders, my hand on the side of his bare thigh.

I reached up and unknotted his tie with my other hand, gently pulling it off and depositing it on the floor. "You don't need to be afraid of me seeing your body," I said. I reached up and undid the top button of his white shirt. "Are you wearing anything underneath this?" He shook his head. I unbuttoned on down until there were two buttons left and I could see the elasticated waistband of his white briefs. I reached inside and stroked his smooth chest. He blushed. "You see," I said, "you body is mine to control - you put yourself in that situation by not doing your work properly. You gave me the control." I undid the last two buttons and eased the shirt off his hot shoulders.

Kevin was only dressed in briefs and socks. "Let's try some more arithmetic," I said.

Despite plenty of help, he did badly again - and I couldn't help but notice that his dick had grown hard as he worked. I stood him up and turned my chair sideways. "Sit on my lap again," I ordered. Quite confidently, he sat back across my thighs.

"I see you've gone hard," I said, pointing with my finger so my fingertip almost touched his dickhead. It actually pulsed and throbbed toward me. I let one hand stroke his inner thigh. "Spanking makes some boys excited like this," I said. "Stand up between my legs for a moment."

He stood between my thighs and I pulled down his briefs. His dick was five inches, hard and hairless. "Step out of them."

He did so.

"Now lie across my knees".

I had him over my knees and laid my hand on his well-rounded, muscular little bottom. I squeezed his cheeks. "A nice butt," I said. "Time for a little spanking."

I brought the palm of my hand down hard on his bare behind; he winced, his hard dick grinding into my thigh. I smacked again, and again, many times - and he began to yell out and writhe and beg me to stop, but his _c_o_c_k_ stayed totally hard....

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