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"But why are we going all this way for my spanking, grandad?"

"Because, Philip, you have been very naughty, as you well know."


"And I warned you that the next time this happened, I would have you punished in a way that would really embarrass you. And you clearly didn't believe me."

"But where are we going?"

"Never you mind. It's not far now."

His grandad had dressed Philip, who was 15, in grey shorts, grey long socks, black shoes, grey shirt, blue and grey tie, blue and silver school blazer - and had given him an old fashioned peaked school cap. None of this was his normal attire. It puzzled him even more and made him feel strange. But his uncle was not in the mood to answer.

Before long, they went off the main road onto a smaller one, then off that road onto a rough track, down a hill, through some trees into a large yard by some kind of small factory or warehouse, old and ramshackle. "Right my boy," his grandad said, "Follow me - and put on your cap and keep it on until I say otherwise. Oh - and, whatever you're told to do, Philip, you have to do it. Otherwise the punishment will be worse. You understand?"

Philip nodded. He didn't like the feel of any of this.

His grandad led him through a creaking, half-broken door, into a small room with a bare light bulb. There was a smallen wooden bench attached to one wall. "Wait there," grandad growled, as he made his way through a second door toward the sound of distant male conversation, shutting the door behind him.

Philip wondered what was going to happen. He had been sent to grandad by his mother because she couldn't control him. Grandad had set about changing that, using belt, cane and hand, dressed, half-dressed and even occasionally naked, to flog the defiance out of him. But just occasionally he got tempted back into his old ways, this time, it seemed, once too much.

His grandad re-appeared. "This way," he said, gruffly, thrusting the boy in front of him.

They walked down a fusty corridor, turned off it through another door and went down stone steps into a basement area. There was another door. They opened it and went through.

Philip was dazzled by the brightness of the small, rectangular, windowless room. All the walls were white. The lighting was bright.

Then he was shaken to realise he was being led onto a small wooden stage at one end. And even more shaken to see that he had an audience of twelve men, in three rows of four, occupying much of the rest of the room.

The stage was a little raised up. At one side at the back of the stage, diagonally across the corner and raised up, was a white screen on which the movements of people on the stage were already being projected. There was another man on the stage, all in black leather. The stage had strange furniture. A small square table; some armless upright chairs; a backless round revolving stool; and a bed covered in white sheets. "He's all yours," grandad said to the man in leather. And left the stage.

Philip suddenly felt very alone.

"Tell us your name, kid." The man said.

"Philip," he said quietly.

"Speak up kid."


"That's better. How old are you?"


"Say 'Fifteen, Sir'. Always remember to call me Sir."

"Fifteen Sir."

"That's a good kid. I hear you've been a bad boy."

"Yes, Sir."

"And your grandad's asked me to punish you. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

"And he told you he'd really embarrass you, didn't he Philip?"

"Yes, Sir."

"That's why these guys are here - to embarrass you. Understand?"

"Yes Sir."

Philip was feeling really weird. He felt like the guy on the stage was almost his friend, to protect him from that audience. But he knew this was going to be really scarey.

"Let's have the house lights off," the man said.

The audience went into darkness and the stage felt all the brighter.

"We'll let the guys have a first look at your butt," the man said.

He led Philip front stage, turned him so his back was to the audience, and had him spead his legs and bend forward to hold his ankles. The man lifted his blazer and folded it back. "Nice bottom, huh?" he said, stroking the taut seat of Philip's shorts. "Steve and Colin, come up to feel."

Two guys came up on stage. The man stood back for them to feel his butt and put their hands up his shorts at the back and on his inner thighs.

Philip could feel himself going red with shyness and his legs beginning to shake. Eventually, to his relief, they went back to the audience.

Philip was allowed to stand and his blazer was removed.

The man moved the round stool front stage and had Philip sit on it, thighs well spead. He still wore his cap. "Terry and Andy, come and take off Philip's shoes."

Two more guys cane up. They did more than remove his shoes. They stroked his thighs up inside his shorts until their hands met under his crotch. They didn't go inside his briefs but they felt his balls, together. The man, standing behing him, had Philip lie back in his arms. Philip couldn't help it, his dick was going hard; and the man was stroking his face. His cap fell off; the man stroked his hair. It was weirdly exciting and horridly shaming and embarrassing.

The men left the stage and he was allowed to sit up. Still behind him, the man lifted his collar and took off his tie. Then he led him to the bed and had him lie on his back. Philip could see himself in the screen.

Two different men came up and stood each side of the bed, then sat on the bed by his side, one unbuttoning his shirt, the other undoing his shorts. Soon, his shorts were unzipped and his shirt unbuttoned. They sat him up briefly and removed his shirt; they laid him back and pulled off his shorts. He was lying there in grey long socks, white singlet and white briefs.

They led him front stage and had him turn and bend as he had at the beginning. But this time their hands went inside his underpants to squeeze his arsecheeks and tickle his arsehole.

They stood him up and turned him side-on to show the audience the profile of Philip's hard young dick. The two men left.

The man removed his vest from behind. Then he pulled a chair to the front and sat on it, putting Philip over his knee. He started to spank him, hard, over his briefs.

Just when Philip could stand it no longer and was about to cry out, the man stopped.

He had Philip stand, facing the audience and put his hands down the front and back of Philip's briefs. With one finger, he pressed against the boy's tight anus, with his other hand he played with Philip's detumescent dick. Quite quickly, not only was Philip hard all over again, but the tip of the man's finger was up inside him.

The man removed his hands and pulled down his briefs, having him step out of them. He was naked except for long socks, his dick hard, facing the audience....

... ...

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