The Harristown Chronicle -- Parts I and II

by Eddie Knapps <>


Well, now, you gotta remember Harristown's a pretty conservative little place, but hell, we take care of our own, and when Scottie came back from twenty years in the service--a local boy and all that--well, he had his ways, and we weren't gonna make too much business about it. We knew he was kinda different from way back before he left. I had some of my own memories of that hot mouth of his! You know the kind of thing that can happen in the showers.

Even when his buddy Ted showed up a few months later (Ted'd been a private in the service--made corporal finally, I guess, but he and Scottie had known each other for years), we were willing to cut them some slack.

So then, they met Billy.

Now Billy was the son of one of the fellows that Sgt. Scottie grew up with--Lonnie Barnes--and I suppose, some places, what went on might have raised some eyebrows. But, you see, in a funny way, we let people go their own way here in Harristown. Now, Billy Barnes, why he's a real example of Texas manhood, a "wrassler," as we say down here, well brought up and paying his court to little Abigail Fenner: 6' tall, 190 pounds--a heavyweight for his age--a good Scotch-Irish boy, and, so the story goes, as well-endowed as his daddy (And I can vouch for Lonnie's endowment, since we were in school together). Billy's built like a brick _s_h_i_t_house, that boy, with all the working out he does. The Coach down there at school keeps those boys on those machines and the barbells for hours!

But boys do have their needs, and we figure here in Harristown that Billy saw Scottie and Ted as a good way to take care of them. And hell, when Lonnie found out Billy was hanging out with Scottie, he said, "_s_h_i_t_, Scottie's a good old boy, and if my boy's havin' some fun with him and that other fella, I guess I don't mind. Not gonna do my Billy no harm in the long run. I had my fun with Scottie, after all."

So anyhow, I'm gonna tell you the story that I heard, about how Scottie and Ted became the mascots of the Harristown High School Wrestling Team. Maybe you'll get a kick out of it. It is pretty funny. As I hear it, it began one Tuesday, and it was after already Scottie and Ted had learned that that 17 year old boy was in charge. They both knew how to follow orders--I guess in the service they learned to like to follow orders--and it turned out Billy sure liked givin' 'em. Made that teenaged pecker of his hard as stone, ordering those two around, both of 'em old enough to be his daddy! As his own dad said, Billy was feelin' his oats and all that, having two grownups to boss around anyway he liked. So, here's the way I heard it, how it happened that day...

Billy scowled darkly. He was thoroughly fed up with Scottie and Ted's behavior, and he was about to do something about it! The teenager's two, forty-some year old charges were more trouble than they were worth, and he intended to make it clear that he was in command and would make the rules. He had told Scottie what would happen if his house wasn't spic and span next time he dropped by, and though it was pretty well picked up, it was obvious the vacuum hadn't been run, and there were Scottie and Ted, dressed for jogging, lolling around, watching the tube.

"I've had it with the both of you!" Billy shouted as he stood there in the doorway. "You're both too _f_u_c_k_ing smart for your own good! Get over here, Ted! I'm gonna whale the fanny off you! And you're next, Scottie!"

Ted meekly approached the young wrestler. He was smaller than Billy, about 5'8", but well toned from his 20 years in the military. Billy grabbed the older man by the neck and hauled him across his lap. He was tired of Ted's _s_h_i_t_, and he was going to teach him a real lesson, even if Ted was old enough to be Billy's dad. With one motion, he yanked down Ted's shorts and underpants, exposing his rear end.

Ted realized what he was in for, and blushed deeply. "Please, Billy! Not a spanking!"

Billy reached over and picked up the hairbrush that rested on the coffeetable. "You bet a spanking. I'm gonna whale the tar out of you, you little _f_u_c_k_er!" he said sternly. "Your fanny's gonna glow by the time I'm done with it!"

With that, Billy brought the hairbrush down smartly across Ted's bare bottom. THWACK!

"YE-OUCH!" Ted squealed.

But his protests were no good. THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! THWACK! The young man smacked the hairbrush furiously, again and again, across that naked, 42 year old posterior, and it wasn't long before Ted was kicking lustily and bawling like a ten year old.


Billy was in no mood to be gentle! He had no patience with these overgrown boys! Ted and Scottie needed to learn some manners, and who was the MAN here. And certainly this Southern boy would be happy to teach them a good lesson!



"Cry all you want! You just take it, you little _s_h_i_t_!" Billy said sternly. "This is what you deserve! You guys think you can get away with disobeying me!"


He spanked Ted harder and harder, faster and faster. Ted's legs pumped the air wildly, and his rump bounced and jiggled over Billy's lap.

Watching the action with considerable trepidation, Sgt. Scottie could see his pantless buddy was in real distress. As Ted's rear end wriggled wildly, Sgt. Scottie could see his _c_o_c_k_ and balls smashed against Billy's thigh, as well as deeply up his hairy crack all the way to his pink puckerhole. There was sure no question that Billy was giving Ted's fanny a really good, old- fashioned country spanking!

Finally, Billy was done with Ted.

"You get that butt of yours over in the corner," he yelled, "and keep those pants down!"

Ted sure did as he was told! What a sight! A loudly crying 42 year old with his pants and underpants around his ankles, standing in the corner like a naughty little boy, trying frantically to rub the sting out of his VERY red rear end!

"And now, for you!" Billy grabbed Sgt. Scottie by his tee- shirt and hauled him across his lap.

SWISH! Down came Sgt. Scottie's pants and underpants. THWACK! The hairbrush landed hard! Sgt. Scottie's meaty rear end began to sway as Billy spanked it harder and harder. That teenager sure knew how to whale fanny! Soon, Sgt. Scottie was crying just as hard as Ted.




"You are the limit, Scottie! And I'm sick of it! If you can't act your age, well, this is what both you and Ted are in for every day!"



If it were possible, Sgt. Scottie seemed to be getting licked even harder than Ted. Billy swung his muscular arm wide and the "THWACK" of the hairbrush on Sgt. Scottie's exposed rear sounded like gunshots, over and over again. Sgt. Scottie's well-developed legs flailed the air in a frantic flutterkick, and his crying increased in volume. Billy paid the howling 41 year old no mind, simply spanking his squirming bottom faster and harder!


"Now, you get in that other corner!" Billy ordered, pushing Sgt. Scottie off his lap. The retired military man crawled over to the corner, his red hot rump in the air, his bawling mixed with Ted's continued sniffles. Both thoroughly embarrassed men were realizing it wasn't very wise to mess with Texas boys! Such boys were liable to turn the tables and tan some grown-up tail, which, from the look of Ted's and Sgt. Scottie's flaming fannies, was exactly what Billy had done!

Billy looked at the glowing rumps of his two sniffling charges.

"Well, well," he laughed "It looks like I've got two real bare bottom 'BOYS' here. But I don't think the two of you even deserve to wear pants. Get your clothes off now! It's it's time to get the DIAPERS out and really treat you like the little brats you are!"

And that's what Billy did. After such good hard spankings, Billy decided the two 40 year olds really should look like bad little boys. He made the two naked men get up on the dining table on all fours. He took a good, hard look at those red, sweaty hairy rumps, and knew what he had to do.

Billy went to the kitchen and filled a bowl with water, then passed by the bathroom and picked up Sgt. Scottie's shaving cream and razor. He then proceeded to shave Ted and Sgt. Scottie completely, from their eyebrows on down. All their manly hair was scraped off their bodies. That took a while with the both of them, but Billy was patient. He stroked and spumed and took it slow. He was gentle with their assholes and their balls; a little tougher with their crotches and chests. He was a good Southern boy, one who had been taught to take his time to do things right.

When he was done, he looked at them both, there totally denuded. Billy admired his handiwork with the razor. He wondered why he had not done it before.

"All right, you two. Stand up!"

The two stood next to each other. Their crotches and blistered little fannies were smooth as a two year old's. They both looked pretty _d_a_m_n_ed silly there with their hairless _d_i_c_k_s and balls dangling down.

"Get back up on the table," Billy ordered. "Stick those fannies up in the air!"

Ted and Sgt. Scottie crawled miserably onto the table and did as Billy said. Neither one of them wanted another spanking! How had they ever let themselves in for such humiliation at the hand of this commanding teenager! They both spread their bottoms wide, revealing their newly naked cracks and pink rumpholes.

"Stay right there!" Billy said. "I've got a surprise for the both of you."

He left the room and returned moments later with a bag. From it, he pulled two, large buttplugs he had picked up at the adult bookstore out on the interstate. "I wouldn't want you to mess your diapers!" he said, ramming one of the plugs right up Sgt. Scottie's hole.

"YEOW!" Scottie squealed.

"And now you!"

Billy pushed the big, rubber dong deeply into Ted's hole as he moaned.

"Hey, wait," Billy said. "What are these?" He pulled two even larger buttplugs out of the bag. "These are the ones to up your rears," he said. "Those you've got up there now are your pacifiers!

With that, he yanked the plugs out of Sgt. Scottie's and Ted's tails and inserted the assjuice covered rubber cylinders deeply in their mouths. Then he harshly poked the two fresh plugs up their red rear ends.


His tasks completed, the wrestler then diapered both his shaved, spanked forty year olds. He powdered their naked crotches and tender rears and then snapped the extra-large Pampers into place. Even so, Sgt. Scottie's and Ted's rear ends were barely covered, red cheeks sticking out below and on the sides, and their cracks peeking over the tops of the diapers. And what buldges they were showing in front!

The two humiliated men could do nothing. Billy was in charge. They sucked their "pacifiers" and tried to behave themselves.

After he had tied two, white baby bonnets around the two men's heads, he let them play for a while, making them crawl around the floor like little tots. Billy sat on the sofa and watched, smiling. What a great time he was having with these slaves! He had never realized just how much fun a man can have with a couple of submissive males who needed training and punishment. He had certainly put these two in their place! But already, he was thinking of even more humiliating fun he could have with his "boys."

"Okay, you two. Time for a nap!" he said. "Hurry it up or I'll take those diapers down and made your fannies pay!"

Ted and Sgt. Scottie crawled rapidly into the bedroom, certain Billy would make good on his threat. Billy made sure his two forty year old babies were in bed, then closed the door.


An hour later, Billy walked in. "All right. Get your pacifiers and come out into the living room."

Ted and Sgt. Scottie stuck the buttplugs in their mouths and crawled after Billy, diapered bottoms in the air. He led them around the corner from the hall into the living room.

Suddenly, there was a huge burst of laughter.

Sgt. Scottie and Ted couldn't believe it! There in the living room were six of Billy's buddies from the wrestling team, along with the Coach!

"HAH! HAH! HAH!" Those boys were slapping their thighs and tears were running down their cheeks. They had never seen anything so funny as these two big babies in their bonnets and diapers. Both Ted and Sgt. Scottie blushed bright red.

"I told you I had two big brats on my hands!" Billy laughed.

"Looks like it," the Coach smiled. "But what's this you were telling me about them getting out of line?"

"Oh, yeah," Billy said. "I had to give both of them a good licking before they took their nap. And I still don't think they learned their lesson!"

"Well, we'll see about that!" The Coach reached back, and pulled out something the wrestlers knew only too well--his thick, oak paddle! He had trouble containing his smile. Who the hell understood why two mature men who submit to such embarrassment at Billy's hand? Spanked! Shaved! Diapered! They must be at least ten years older than I am, he thought. But it that was the treatment they needed, who was he to complain? It would give the boys something to entertain themselves with, so they weren't off getting drunk and knocking the girls up over in Mallow's Hollow.

"You two babies get over here," he thundered. "I'll teach you to disobey Billy!"

What were Sgt. Scottie and Ted to do? They crawled over to where the Coach was sitting, heads low and bottoms high, there in front of all those high school boys. The Coach was a large man, dark-haired, furry and massive. He had no trouble draping Ted across one knee and Sgt. Scottie across the other.

"I usually let boys just bend over, but the two of you need to go across my lap like little kids," he said. "Now, let's take those diapers down and give your fannies some real attention."

With that, he yanked down both Ted's and Sgt. Scottie's diapers. This was greeted by yet more gales of laughter, as those two forty year old bottoms, completely smooth and still very pink from Billy's earlier spanking, came into view.


Down came the paddle on those posteriors, and it wasn't long till both Ted and Sgt. Scottie were wailing again as they got their bottoms blistered. Billy and his friends howled with laughter as the two "boys" were firmly disciplined by the Coach. Ted's and Sgt. Scottie's legs waved wildly in the air, and as their rumps bucked up and down beneath the paddle, the tips of their buttplugs winked at the giggling crowd. The Coach spanked them VERY hard, harder than he paddled his wrestlers, on the theory that these were grownup boys who need a really thorough licking.

After several minutes of intense can-busting, the Coach allowed Ted and Sgt. Scottie to crawl off his lap and on to the corner with their diapers down and show off their rosy rear ends to everyone. The sniffling babies both had their rumps spread and high in the air. The boys had to be impressed at the job their Coach had done--those two, shaved rear ends just SHONE, red as cherries from their respective corners.

Scottie's and Ted's sniveling filled the room before the impressed silence of the wrestling team. Most of the boys had never seen a shaved male fanny before, and it did not take long till the giggles began again. Scottie and Ted looked so god_d_a_m_n_ funny, like giant nine year olds with their smooth, spanked, red rumps and pink, plugged holes and their large, hairless balls hanging down between their legs with their peckers.

After a few minutes, Billy walked over, reached down, and yanked the buttplugs out of those puckers. First one. Then the other.

"I think it's time we all got a little recreation," he said. "How about you, Coach?"

"Sounds good to me, Billy. I reckon you boys deserve a little entertainment."

Billy led Ted and Sgt. Scottie on their knees out into the middle of the room. The smiling wrestlers, along with the Coach, lined up behind the two bare and red bottomed "boys", so there were four behind Ted and four behind Sgt. Scottie.

"Stick 'em up high, boys!" The Coach laughed. "'Cause we're gonna stick 'em in deep!"

With that, the Coach opened his pants and took out his monsterous _d_i_c_k_, one the boys had admired surreptitiously--a good eight and a half inches long and thick as a flashlight. Billy did the same, his own throbbing _c_o_c_k_, if not as long as the Coach's, at least as thick, and pulsing with 17 year old energy. Kneeling behind the presented fannies, at the same moment, winking at each other, both rammed their throbbing hardons up the pouty holes of Ted and Sgt. Scottie at the same moment. The overgrown babies squealed as the _c_o_c_k_s slammed up their anuses and deep into their rectums. The Coach and Billy proceeded to really _f_u_c_k_, sawing their _d_i_c_k_s in and out of those quivering, red rumps. Their pubic hair against those recently shaved and spanked buns was like brillo pads for Ted and Sgt. Scottie, but there was nothing they could do. They squalled and wiggled, waving their rears in the air, breathing deep and hard as their prostates were porked by those massive _c_o_c_k_s. Their _f_u_c_k_lips were stretched almost to bursting.

"AAAHHHHH!" Both of them howled

"Shut the _f_u_c_k_ up, sluts!" The Coach growled.

"Take our _d_i_c_k_s!" Billy hissed.

Almost at the same instant, the Coach and Billy shot big, creamy loads up the "boys'" rectums and yanked their _f_u_c_k_sticks out, still spewing. But, of course, behind them were three more waiting in line! There was hairy Ricky Thomas--that boy is so furry he looks like a bear--and Bobby Elwood, who is so smooth he'd be mistaken for a girl if he didn't hve that 9" _d_i_c_k_. Into those sloppy holes went two more wrestler's _d_i_c_k_s. Meanwhile, the Coach and Billy went around in front of Ted and Sgt. Scottie.

"Okay, boys," Billy said, "If you can't keep this place neat, now you have to clean up after yourselves!"

Billy and the Coach plowed their slimy _d_i_c_k_s in Ted and Sgt. Scottie's mouths simultaneously, so the two were getting _f_u_c_k_ed at the same time they were giving head. They sucked valiantly on those steamy _d_i_c_k_s, bringing them back yet again from their limp state to full glory. The Coach smiled at Billy, and then yanked his half-hard _c_o_c_k_ from Ted's mouth. He turned around, and slowly dropped his pants. His large, hard, and very hairy ass came into view.

"You better be a _f_u_c_k_in' good boy, son, or I'll whale you worse than you ever thought a fanny could suffer!" he growled as he pushed his funky asscrack into Ted's face. The helpless slave shoved his face toward the raunchy crevice, panting, his tongue out.

Billy laughed and dropped his own drawers. "Jeez! Look how bad that _f_u_c_k_er wants it! Here!" He shoved his own sweaty ass toward Sgt. Scottie. "Clean my asshole good!"

Both the "babies" lapped and nuzzled those hairy, smelly holes as two more wrestler's _c_o_c_k_s rammed up their hairless puckers, between their blistered cheeks.

And so it went for several hours, as those shaved, spanked, diapered forty year old babies were plugged from both ends by the wrestling team and their Coach.

You can see Sgt. Scottie and Ted here around Harristown. Of course, word soon got around about what had happened. Most people thought it was pretty funny, and Lonnie just laughed and said, "Well, _s_h_i_t_, if that's what Scottie and his buddy need, gives Billy somethin' to do."

Everybody began to call Ted and Sgt. Scottie "Billy's babies." If you go to one of the wrestling matches, you can see them. Before each match, they report to the locker room. There, the team gives them a total shave, buttplugs them and puts their diapers and bonnets on, with their "pacifiers" hanging around their necks. The boys then pull out their _d_i_c_k_s, and take a "lucky piss" on their mascots, covering them both with pee. Then, Ted and Scottie are "hung out to dry" over a balance beam while the boys suit up. They both wear signs that say: "PROPERTY OF HARRISTOWN WRESTING." At the beginning of the match, they have to crawl out into the gym in front of everybody and cheer for the team. They stink a little bit, of course, but it's so _d_a_m_n_ funny that nobody really cares.

If the team wins, which is most of the time, Ted and Sergeant Scottie crawl back to the dressing room. There, the Coach sets up a sturdy, straightback chair and sets his paddle on it. Ted and Sgt. Scottie are sent to the corner (with their diapers down, of course), and on the way to the shower, the boys stop by to turn them across their laps and give them a good spanking. Those howls really resonate off those tile walls!

After the spankings are through, Ted and Sgt. Scottie are put over a beam by the door again. On the way out, the boys are free to use either hole to relieve themselves of any stored up tension, and you can bet they get plenty horny out there in those singlets!

Billy gets a real kick out of sharing his two overgrown brats with his buddies. You can imagine how those 17 year olds use those boys. Sometimes, he loans them out to his dad for his poker parties. And with all that beer Lonnie and his buddies drink!

But that's another story. Lonnie says sharing some slaves has brought him and his son closer, but that Billy is having so much fun with his "babies" he's almost decided to go out to California or up to New York and find him his personal pair. Ted and Sgt. Scottie's lives have sure never been the same since Billy decided he had to take care of them! But, as Billy says, they're only getting what they DESERVE!