Ryan And Friends Chapter 1: Birthday Spankings

by Andrew Myers <Andrew_myers_@hotmail.com>

Disclaimer: This is a fictional story containing descriptions of _s_e_x_ual activities between boys and sometimes others. DO NOT READ IT IF IT IS ILLEGAL FOR YOU TO DO SO, i. e., you are not old enough.

My name is Ryan. Ryan Anderson. I just turned 13 years old. I'm 5'1", medium build, and have short chocolate brown hair and brown eyes. My mom and other adults say I have a "cute baby face," which makes me angry. For pity's sake, I'm thirteen now, mom? I'm not a baby anymore.

I live in Klineville, Ohio. Klineville is a small town of 10,000 people. I live on the edge of Klineville, actually out in the country. About ten years ago a developer had the land incorporated with plans to build a housing development, but the project fell through. In the end only two houses were built on the land, mine and my neighbors, the Youngs, and the rest of the area is corn fields and woods. Because the land is incorporated, though, we get all the city services, even though we're a quarter of a mile from the rest of the town.

My dad is a Vice President of a manufacturing plant in Klineville, which is nice because he makes a lot of money, but it also means he works a lot and I don't get to see him that much. My mom works part-time as a receptionist at a doctor's office. I don't have any brothers or sisters, so that's my whole family.

As I mentioned before, our neighbors are the Youngs. They have one son, Brad, who is only eleven, but because he is my only close neighbor we hang out together all the time and are good friends. Brad is about three inches shorter than I am. He has light blond hair, which he keeps cut really short because he has lots of cowlicks. He has very pale skin to match his hair, and a broad face with blue eyes and lots of freckles, even in the winter, unlike mine, which only appear after I've gotten some sun.

Brad's and my parents are good friends as well. Both his parents work, also, but our moms have worked it out so that one of them is usually at home when we are, even in the summer, because Brad's mom is a teacher and has the summers off. It's not like either of our parents are overbearing. In fact, it's quite the opposite. Although they spend time with us, they usually leave us free to do our own thing, including going into town or exploring the fields and woods behind our houses. They do like to have some idea of where we are, though.

Like I said, I just turned 13. I'm a teenager now! For my birthday my parents let me have a party on the Saturday closest to my birthday. I invited nine friends. Of course, there was Brad, and also my best friend Greg, who's also thirteen. He's two inches taller than me with short dark bristly hair and glasses, and is really skinny, but still somewhat muscular for a thirteen-year-old.

Casey and Andy are both twelve and a grade behind me in school. Casey is rather small and a bit shy, with blond curls and baby blue eyes. Andy has blond hair that flows past his shoulders and is a class clown. We aren't really good friends, but he's fun to have at parties because he always livens things up.

The rest of the guys are all thirteen. There's Brett, who's only a few months older than me, but more mature than the rest of us, with peach fuzz on his lip and his voice is changing. He's 5'8" with dark wavy hair. Next is Charlie, with mousy brown hair and blue eyes and a pleasant face to match his pleasant, cheery personality. John, my next guest, has brown hair and eyes. John is kind of a jerk, but we've been friends since second grade, and, though we've since grown apart, I felt I had to invite him. Aaron has dark hair and brown eyes. He's overweight, but a really nice guy. Finally, Rob has dark brown hair and olive skin, being of Mediterranean descent. His family just moved to the area last spring, and he didn't have many friends yet, so I often invite him to things.

Being the second week in August, the day of my party was scorching hot. It was in the nineties and very humid. Greg, Brad, and Charlie had arrived, and we were talking outside when I decided to do something about the heat. I sneaked inside and filled up a bunch of water balloons, and put them in a box. I carried them outside and flung one at Charlie. It hit him square in the chest and exploded. Perfect!

"_s_h_i_t_, man. You got me all wet," he cried.

Charlie took off his now damp t-shirt, exposing his smooth torso and barely muscled chest, with his small brown nipples. I couldn't help but look.

I was quickly brought back to reality when Charlie ran to turn on the garden hose lying in the yard and commenced spraying us. We were immediately engaged in a full-fledged water fight as Greg and Brad discovered my stash of water balloons and began pelting each other and me. At that point Andy arrived and quickly joined the fun. Our playing was short-lived, though, because we soon ran out of water balloons, and when I ran inside to get more balloons, Mom, who had noticed what was happening, told me we should stop before we got all wet.

I went back outside to deliver the news to my friends. After that we stayed outside to talk and dry off while we waited for the other guests to arrive. The rest of us had taken our shirts off by this time, and I kept stealing glances at my friends' beautiful chests. There was Brad with his totally flat chest and stomach that still had a little baby fat. Charlie and Andy were slightly more developed, with their muscles just beginning to show. Charlie had small tits, the size of dimes, while Andy's were large and protruded from his body. Then there was Greg, who, while not bulky, was starting to show signs of adolescence in his chest and arm muscles, and I could see a few dark hairs growing under his arms when he lifted them, which none of the other boys had.

By five o'clock all my guests had arrived, and we headed inside to air conditioning. Our shirts had dried, and those of us with them off put them back on, much to my disappointment. My dad had grilled hamburgers, and we ate dinner right away. After that we played some party games my mom had arranged, and then I opened my gifts. I got some nice presents, including a video game and some CDs.

It was almost eight o'clock when I finished opening my gifts, and we just spent the rest of the evening playing games, talking, and stuff. Some of the guys were in the basement playing ping-pong and air hockey, and others were in the family room playing video games. I was in the middle of a video game when all the boys in the basement came upstairs and stood in the doorway.

"Hey, Ryan. Know what time it is?" asked Charlie.

"No, what time is it?" I replied, wondering where this was leading.

"It's time for your birthday spanking," he said.

I knew that I couldn't escape, but tried anyway. I leapt from the floor, but didn't get two feet before Greg had grabbed one arm and Brett the other and they pulled me to my knees as the other boys took turns swatting my rear end.


It hurt a little . . .


. . . but not much.


They were just playing, after all.


A couple of hands . . .


. . . seemed to linger a bit . . .


. . . and I swear once someone even reached around . . .


. . . and grabbed my front!


After about a minute the group decided I had had enough, and let me go. I collapsed on the couch, and the other guys returned to what they were doing beforehand. Before long some of the guys' parents started to show up to take them home, and the party started to break up. By ten o'clock everyone had left except for Brad.

Brad and I helped Mom to clean up, then we went upstairs to my room to play games on my computer, which Mom and Dad have refused to hook up to the internet. They say if I want to go online I have to use the computer in the living room, so they can monitor me. Man, that really sucks! Brad and I had been playing for fifteen minutes or so when he brought up my spanking.

"So, did your spanking hurt?"

"Not really. Just a little bit."

"I think you should let me give you another one."

"What? No way!"

"But I missed the one at your party!" he said.

"How could you miss it?" I questioned.

"I was in the bathroom, and didn't get out until it was over."

"So, that's your fault," I said.

"Aw, come on, I won't spank you hard."

"No way," I answered, although secretly the thought of my friend spanking me excited me.

"And I won't do it for so long. I'll only spank you thirteen times, one for each year."

I remained silent for a moment. Part of me actually wanted him to spank me, but the other part didn't want him to know that I did.

"Pleeease," he whined, giving me puppy-dog eyes.

"Alright," I finally relented, rolling my eyes at his whining, but thinking it was kind of cute.


"Hurry up, before I change my mind."

Brad quickly moved from the computer and sat down on my bed.

"Get over my lap," he said, motioning to me.

I did as he said. Once I was positioned, he paused for a moment, resting his had on my bottom before he began.

SMACK! "One," he counted.

I started regretting my position, as I started to feel a stirring in my groin with the first stroke.

SMACK! "Two."

True to his word, his spanks didn't hurt, but were still firm.

SMACK! "Three."

As my penis hardened, I began to wonder if he could feel it.

SMACK! "Four."

SMACK! "Five."

My _c_o_c_k_ was now very hard, and smashed up against his leg.

SMACK! "Six."

I was sure he could feel it.

SMACK! "Seven."

SMACK! "Eight."

Wait a minute! I thought I could feel something poking into my own side.

SMACK! "Nine."

Could Brad have a boner too?

SMACK! "Ten."

SMACK! "Eleven."

My rear end was starting to tingle just a little bit.

SMACK! "Twelve."

SMACK! "Thirteen."

There. He had reached thirteen.

SMACK! "And one to grow on."

"Hey, you didn't say anything about one to grow on," I complained.

"It goes without saying," he replied, as I remained on his lap, sort of hypnotized by what I was feeling.

After a moment I got up and sat next to Brad on my bed. My heart was beating rapidly and we were both breathing heavily. Somewhat awkwardly I got up and went back to the computer and Brad followed. We started to play, but I was too excited, and I could tell Brad was distracted also. I could hear every breath he took. Finally, he said to me in a hoarse, almost whispering, voice, "Did you get a boner when I was spanking you?"

His question startled me, and I felt myself turning red. I thought about lying, but figured he knew the truth anyway.


He paused, the said, "Me too."

Another pause.

"I still have one."

I was a little shocked by his admission, but excited as well. Indeed, my own penis hadn't reached a softened state since the spanking either, and I let him know he was not alone.

"Me too."

Brad looked over at me for a second, then down at my crotch before going back to the computer. I was wondering if that was the end of it when he turned back to me.

"Do you ever jerk off?" he asked.

Now this was getting intense. I felt my heart beating even more rapidly as I answered him. "Yeah."

I suppose I had first started masturbating at age seven or eight, when I discovered that it felt good to touch my dick certain ways or to rub it against my bed or other objects. I didn't start "really" jerking off, though, until I heard some boys at school talking about it when I was ten and decided to try what they were talking about.

"Do you want to?" I offered, feeling really horny.

"Yeah," he answered without hesitation.

I made the first move as I undid the button on my shorts, then reached for my zipper and slid it down. Brad quickly followed, and we were sliding our shorts and underwear down to our knees at the same time, my hard _c_o_c_k_ springing free from the confines of its prison.

I looked over at Brad's _c_o_c_k_, seeing it hard for the first time. It was beautiful - circumcised and three and a half inches long with a slight upward curve. Nestled underneath was his sack, containing his little jewels, drawn up against his body. Brad had not yet hit puberty and there was not a hair in sight.

Brad was just as intensely staring at my own treasures. My four and a half inch rock hard penis was pointing straight up, and was surrounded by a few wisps of dark pubic hair, which had just recently started to grow there, about the same time I had started to cum. Below it were my balls, slightly larger than Brad's, but just as hairless and slightly wrinkled.

After my eyes were satisfied with Brad's equipment, I took hold of my dick and started to give it the relief it demanded. My fist closed around my rod, and I pumped up and down, savoring the sensation. Brad had started jacking himself also, using the two fingers and thumb method on his smaller dick. I watched him move up and down, up and down, eyes closed and breathing heavily. Every once in a while I could hear him grunt or moan.


I realized that I was doing the same thing, and hoped my parents couldn't hear us downstairs. At the same time I was too carried away to really care.

Suddenly Brad opened his eyes and looked up at me, staring into my eyes. He got a big grin on his face, which I returned to him. I noticed him picking up the pace, pumping faster and faster, and his expression was now a grimace of pleasure, of a boy nearing his climax. I picked up my own pace, up - down - up - down - up - down. I could feel my muscles start to tense up, ready to shoot my sperm. Just then I saw Brad start to jerk, his body heaving, hips bucking, and dick throbbing, and I knew he had reached his orgasm. I was right behind him, groaning and gritting my teeth as I felt the pleasure swell in my groin, violently spewing my sperm from my dick. The first shot hit my chest, still covered by my t-shirt. The others hit further down, finally dribbling into my pubic area.

"Wow!" I heard Brad say.

I looked at the mess I had made, and asked Brad, "Get me a tissue, will you?"

He got up, dick softening, and waddled over to my tissue box with his shorts still around his knees. He handed me the tissue and watched as I wiped the cum off my shirt and groin. When I was finished I looked up at Brad and, although not quite wanting the moment to end, stood up and pulled up my underwear and shorts. Brad did the same.

I looked at the clock. I was 11:30.

"Well, I guess I should head home now," said Brad.


He headed to the door, opening it.

"I'll see you later," he said.

"Yeah, see ya."

And he left.

I changed my stained shirt and went to the bathroom to pee and make myself presentable. Then I went downstairs to see my parents and watch some TV before going to bed. I wonder if Brad and I will do something like that again or if it was just a one-time thing.

What a night!

End of Chapter 1

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