Nathan And Simon

by Aardvark51 <>

"He is being very difficult, doctor."

Nathan was 15, blonde hair, very fair skin, muscular and quite big-boned, but still very much with the appearance of a boy.

"Hmm," Dr Myers said. "Do you spank him?"

"I don't. No." Mrs Firth said. "Though I have thought of it."

"Sometimes works wonders with boys, especially if it's on the bare bottom. In fact embarrassment in general is very... prophylactic."

Nathan wriggled uncomfortably on his chair. Dr Myers was a kind of god in their family. A craggy, tall muscular man. Someone you had to respect.

"I sometimes take boys in for a weekend's discipline training," Myers said. "In fact I already have one younger boy coming this weekend. But you have to be careful with these things. Bare-bottom spanking is not so fashionable as it once was."

"Oh, I can assure you we would be the souls of discretion. It would be good for Nathan. Wouldn't it Nathan?"

"Of course I also check them out medically," Myers said.

"Good," Mrs Firth said.

"He would need to be here just after evening surgery on Friday," Myers said. "I expect boys I am disciplining to wear particular uniform." He opened a desk drawer. "Here's the list."

So it was that Nathan was left at Dr Myers' surgery that Friday evening, dressed in light grey V-neck pullover, light grey school shorts, short grey socks, grey shirt and blue tie, and brown leather sandals.

Myers called him in from the waiting room, where he was introduced to Simon, a jet-black haired 13 year old, with brown eyes and smooth tanned skin, similarly dressed.

"Now boys," Myers said. "Slip off your sandals and I'll weigh you."

Each boy removed his sandals and took it in turn to be weighed. They were both very quiet.

"Right," Myers said. "Now you have both been very naughty in the last weeks and you are here to be punished for this. You are also here absolutely to obey me. Failure to obey will result in additional severe punishment. And I am going to give you each a small taste of what will happen to your bottoms if you disobey. Simon, come here."

He led Simon to a medical examination coach, placed a pillow in its centre, and had Simon lie across the couch, dangling down on each side, over the pillow, so his small bottom was lifted up.

Myers went to a wooden cupboard and took a whippy little crook-handled cane from it. He stood by Simon and placed the cane across the seat of his shorts. "This is your first feel of a cane, Simon," he said, sliding it up and down across his buttocks, "But it may not be your last this weekend." He brought it down, hard. Simon yelled. Nathan felt fear begin to churn in his gut. Myers caned Simon twice more and let him down, rubbing his arse vigorously, his face red.

"Now you, Nathan," Myers said, gesturing with his cane.

Nathan took his position on the couch. "You get four because you're older," Myers said. By the end of the fourth, Nathan was writhing with pain and begging him to stop.

"Good," Dr Myers said, hanging the cane on the back of the door. "Now Simon, tell me, who is in charge of you this weekend?"

"You, Doctor."

"Yes - and which part of your anatomy will receive some punishment anyway - and even more if you fail to obey?"

"My bottom, doctor."

"Yes, your bottom. How is your bottom feeling, Nathan?"

"Hot and sore, doctor."

"So you know now you will be best to do just exactly as I order. Yes?"

"Yes Doctor."

"Good, now Nathan, come over here. I want to measure your height." He took Nathan to the wall and slid a wood block down onto his head, then noted his height on a clipboard. He repeated the procedure with Simon. "OK boys," he said, "Let's compare your physiques. Come into the centre of the room and stand back to back."

Both boys were manoeuvred until the seats of their short trousers were pressed one against the other. Nathan's bottom was off course a little higher than Simon's. "I think I'll have a photograph of this for the medical records," Myers said, taking a camera from his desk drawer and snapping them side-on.

Having his bottom against Simon's and being photographed made Nathan feel just slightly queasy, in a _s_e_x_ual location. He was relieved - and strangely disappointed - to be separated once more from the younger boy.

"Socks off!" the doctor commanded.

The boys sat and removed their socks. Myers knelt before each and measured the size of their bare feet, noting it in his clip chart. "They do say that foot size correlates with penis size," Myers said. "Well we shall soon see." Nathan felt his penis begin to unfold and a hot feeling in his bowels.

"Take off your pullovers, shirts and ties, please," Myers ordered.

Both boys were quickly bare to the waist. "I think you can each do the next measurement." Myers said. "Here, Nathan..." he took out a tape measure.. "This is now you do the chest measurement." He showed him. "Do it for yourself and report the size."

Simon's skin was so smooth and so hot. Nathan could feel his own dick hardening; and by the time Simon was measuring him, it was pushing forward in quite an obvious way in his shorts. He desperately wanted to adjust it, but he couldn't. Then, looking down, he realised Simon was going hard too.

Myers acted as if he had seen nothing. He gave each boy a white cotton singlet and told him to put it on "to stay warm", then ordered them to remove their shorts and tuck the singlets into their white Y-fronts.

"Interesting," Myers said, "you both seem quite excited. Stand back to back again and let's have another photograph for the medical record."

This time, the heat of Simon's buttocks was definitely exciting - especially now he knew Simon was hard. The whole situation, nearly naked, with another boy, with the doctor, was getting SO weird.

Photo, taken, Dr Myers announced it was time to measure their "genitalia" and told them to strip off their briefs.

Their vests were quite short and stopped above their penises. Myers had Simon climb onto the couch and lie back and beckoned Nathan to come and watch. He took a measure and had him hold the end of the measure on the top of Simon's hard dick while he rolled it down until just under his balls. Simon was quite hairless, but had a nice little hard dick. He was blushing sweetly at all this handling.

Nathan replaced Simon on the couch. Nathan had a small bush of pubic hair. "Now I think," Myers said, "we'll take away that pubic hair, Nathan - you don't deserve it the way you've been behaving." He took out a jar of depilatory cream and showed Simon how to apply it, which he did liberally.

Nathan felt desperately embarrassed and even more mortified when the cream was wiped away and he was just as hairless as Simon. His blush spread down his neck onto his chest.

He was allowed down. "You boys have been obedient, so I won't used the cane this time, but it's time your bottoms collected some more punishment." He put the pillow back in place. "Over the couch, Simon."

Simon lay across the couch, the weals from the caning quite clear. Myers took out a broad leather strap and whacked Simon once on each buttock. Then he repeated the procedure with Nathan, giving him a third along the line of his cleft. Both boys were still hard when Myers had finished.

"Time for the rectal examination" Myers said. He went to a neighbouring room and came back with a strange trestle which he erected. "I made this, especially to examine naughtyboys like you," he said.

The top surface of the trestle was padded and covered in green plastic. One end was higher than the other and had two round holes in it. He had Simon climb onto it, his head toward the lower end, his legs through the holes. He strapped Simon's wrists together underneath the narrow trestle, then used thin leather straps under Simon's armpits to attach him to the front of the trestle.

The holes in the trestle trained Simon's thighs outward. Myers then placed several pillows under Simon's midriff and genitals, lifting them high, before pulling his ankles slightly forward under the table and strapping them there. The overall effect was to render him completely helpless and to spread his butt cheeks almost as wide as they would go. Myers trained a spotlight so it shone onto his anus and had Nathan stand with him behind Simon. He put on some surgical gloves and had Nathan do the same.

Lubricating his finger with lubricant, he began to massage Simon's anal sphincter. "At this age, the anal sphincter is very tight," Myers said. "Here Nathan, try yourself, but don't go up inside him." Nathan felt the tight young muscle.

Myers put more lubricant on his finger. "Now for a little journey up your rectum, Simon," he said. He pressed against the muscle and rapidly slid in. Simon gasped. Myers finger disappeared inside him to the hilt. Simon felt the intrusion and the movement within. The finger slid out. "You try," Myers said. Oiling his finger, Nathan slid easily up the widened slippery hole.

"Oh boy!" Simon moaned as Nathan felt around. "This is disgusting!"

"You're probably right," Myers said. "Take your finger out, Nathan, and let's take it in turns to give Simon a really hard spanking...


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