More About Me

by Sean <>

Anybody who read the first part I wrote about me and my boyfriend, Jason, knows that we are really into spanking and paddling. Over the past few years, we have collected a few props and we have our favorite turn-ons. Usually, I prefer to get spanked or paddled, but Jason likes it too, sometimes.

My name is Sean, and I am at a major university. I am 22, and my boyfriend, Jason, is 24. I am 5'10", with light blond hair and green eyes. I am kind of slender, but I am a swimmer and bike rider, and I've got a perfect little butt to have over your knee! Jason is about 6', with black hair and blue eyes. He weighs about 185, and he's really muscular. He's got big, wide hands that can really warm a boy's butt (believe me, I know!).

Anyway, we do these different scenarios, about once a week (Jase usually finds another couple of reasons to lick me, besides). Here are the best ones:

I really like playing the Smart Little Brat. I wear some old jeans, real faded and thin, and a t-shirt. "Big brother" Jason is watching me while the parents are away, and I'm a perfect brat: I sass him and misbehave. Finally, he announces that he's gonna give me a spanking. At first, I laugh, but then, he grabs me and hauls me across his knees, and I beg him not to. Of course, he doesn't listen.

"You can't spank me! I'm too old to be spanked!" I protest, but he applies "Mom's" hairbrush to the seat of my Levi's until I am squirming.

"Please don't whip me any more, Jase! I'll be a good boy!" I beg, but he reaches under me and undoes my jeans and pulls them down. Then he gives me another 20 or so across my underpants. By this time, I am really turned on, and my ass is on fire! He tugs my underpants down and begins slapping my bare bottom until I finally, tearfully beg for mercy. I like this scenario a lot! Sometimes I wear a jock under my jeans (I have shot in my jock more than once!), or nothing at all.

The Slacker Wrestler is a pretty hot scene, too. Jason used to wrestle in high school, so he's got these neat wrestling suits, made out of shiny spandex. I've got this thing for spandex, and the first time I slipped into one, I was immediately hard as a rock! This time, I'm a wrestler and Jason is the coach, and I've been slacking off (or I get caught doing something bad). "Coach" Jason gives me the choice of a spanking or being bounced off the team. I take the spanking (of course!)

I am pulled across his knees and my butt is paddled good and hard through the shiny yellow spandex. I never wear anything underneath, and my _d_i_c_k_ rubbing against the material is always fantastic. I cream a lot doing this one, too! Then "Coach" peels the singlet down to expose my little red bottom. He usually thinks I need more of a lesson, so he proceeds to really give it to me until I beg for mercy. Then, of course, I have to give "Coach" a blow-job. Jason usually wears skimpy athletic shorts or exercise shorts, and his _c_o_c_k_ is really throbbing by the time he's through with me. I kneel and blow him standing up (usually) or in a chair. Sometimes we do a variation of this where I'm a swimmer, and Jason paddles me in my wet Speedo. That's pretty hot, too!

The hottest one we've done lately is the Burglar, where I'm this kinky dewd who gets off looking in guy's windows and breaking in to steal their jocks or underwear (told you I was kinky!). I put on tight black jeans, a dark long sleeve shirt and black sneaks. I wear a watch cap and black leather gloves and smear black stuff on my face.

First, I'm lurking outside, where I watch through the window as Jason, horny, sits on the bed, reading _f_u_c_k_ books and stroking himself. Then he gets up and leaves the room, turning off the light. I see my chance, so I go in through the window. I am going through Jason's underwear drawer when the light comes on. I try to run, but he wrestles me to the bed. He pulls off my cap and wipes my face, and recognizes me as a kid who lives down the street.

"I've got you now, you little pervert!" He says, and threatens to turn me in to the police, who will send me to reform school, where my little fairy ass will be _f_u_c_k_ed raw by big mean dewds with huge _d_i_c_k_s ( ... which doesn't sound too bad, actually ...). I fall on my knees and plead with him not to turn me in, that I'll do anything if he doesn't call the cops. He finally tells me that he is going to punish me so I'll never do it again.

First, he has me bend over the back of a kitchen chair. The chair is high enough so that I have to stand on tiptoes. He pulls out my shirttail and tugs my belt up so my black jeans are really snug. Then he goes to the closet and produces this wicked-looking paddle. I beg him not to lick me with it, but he says it's the paddle or the cops.

We bought this frat paddle at the student union, where they will engrave them with frat letters. Then, Jason drilled 1" holes, about an inch apart, in three rows down the middle and sanded it smooth. You should hear it whistle through the air! When we do this scene, it's always in the bedroom, where there is a big mirror and I can watch him paddle my butt. He gives it to me good, until I beg him, tearfully to stop. Then he puts the paddle down and tells me to strip off my jeans, shoes and shirt. I am left in my underwear (I usually wear thin nylon bikinis for this scene!). He pulls me across his knees, loosens his belt, and applies that to my suffering butt and upper legs. Then he pulls down my underpants and gives me good bare-hand spanking, too.

Sometimes, for variation, he uses a ping-pong paddle on my ass, instead of the belt. Ping-pong paddles are GREAT for an ass-whipping! They sting like hell, and you can redden every inch of a boy-butt with one. I broke the first one we bought over Jason's rock-hard ass, so we got a newer, sturdier one. You can leave the rubber stuff on: it still hurts like hell!

Usually after this part, Jason pulls down his pants and commands me to suck him off. I usually get down on all fours and blow him in the chair or on the edge of the bed. I finish by jerking him with my black leather gloves, which really gets him off! Then he makes me jerk off in front of him, sometimes while being paddled or belted on my bare butt. Once, I had to lick my own cum off of the floor, while he strapped my ass, hard. This is really a hot scene to play.

One thing kind of funny: the first time we did this scene, somebody saw me outside my window and thought I was a burglar and called the cops. It took them a while to get there, because Jason was in the middle of working my bare ass over with the ping-pong paddle when they knocked. Jason had to make some kind of explanation for the noise when they knocked, so he told them he had caught his "little brother" sneaking in after being grounded, and was giving him a whipping. This must of satisfied them, because they left. Now, I just pretend to come in the window (even though the other way was kind of thrilling).

Anyway, that's my favorite. Jason's is the Prisoner, where he is tied to the bed and punished. This one always gets him super-horny! First, I tie Jason spread-eagled on the bed (I put a towel under him ... you can figure out why!). He is usually wearing a jock, or is naked (once he wore an old pair of briefs, and I cut them off with scissors! That was kewl!). I tell him how he is gonna talk or else, and he tells me to _f_u_c_k_ off. I usually use a leather strap and a long piece of flexible wooden dowel at first. The dowel is about 30' long at about 3/4" thick. You can get stock pieces at most hardware stores. I stripe Jase's butt real good. Sometimes I tickle his feet or ribs (Jason is REAL ticklish!) until he can't stand it. Then I whip him some more.

After I've alternated implements on his ass a few times, I lube up this 18" vibrator we got by mail order. He begs and protests, but I shove it up his butt and give it to him good until he shoots on the towel. Then I _f_u_c_k_ his butt, good. Jason likes this scene a lot. He always gets off with the vibrator in his ass! Once I tickled him until he actually started to pee, but I stopped because the bed would of get soaked. Sometimes, I make him suck me while he's tied down. Like I said, he's really into this scene.

We have a few implements around for ...uh, disciplining bad boys. Some of them you can just buy (like the ping-pong paddle) and some require some work. One of my favorites is one of those little plastic sticks they give you to mix paint with. They have holes in them, and they really sting a butt good! Don't get the wooden ones: they're too light. We have an old piece of leather razor strop about 4" long. You double it over, and it stings pretty good, too.

I've already mentioned the dowel and the paddle. Something else that hurts like fire, if you don't mind welts, is a piece of coax cable, about 2' long. Be sure to wrap tape around the ends, unless you want to wind up bleeding. It really burns like hell, and gives a great whipping, but it can be embarrassing. One night, Jase and I really got into it, and he striped my ass with it good. The next afternoon, I was at the gym, taking a shower after swimming, and my buddy Kelly came in and said "Man! What happened to your butt?" I looked in the mirror and there were red welts all across my ass! Fortunately, Kelly is gay and knows about me and Jason, but it was pretty embarrassing, anyway.

Well, that's about it for now. Seems like I just get kinkier and kinkier ... never know what I'll be up to next, but you can be sure Jason will make me pay for being such a bad boy, and then some!

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