Spanking By Numbers

by Aardvark51 <>

Life varies across the world. What is permissible in one country is illegal in the next.

It is particularly true, in some of the former colonies of several of the great powers, that life continues in some ways rather as it did in the 1950's.

Until quite recently, I was the head of a small school up in the foothills in one such country.

It was a school for boys, which would have advertised itself as "traditional", had such an advertisement been required. In point of fact, knowledge of the school spread by word of mouth, and pupils arrived by recommendation.

We took boys from the age of 11. Our uniform was traditional too. Grey shorts (until 17), short brown socks, brown sandals, grey short-sleeved shirts, blue and grey diagonally striped ties, white Y-fronts (we prescribed underwear too) and - in the cooler months - white cotton singlets.

We were a small school, generally of just 80 boys. Our discipline, like our uniform, was traditional. Indeed, the parents who sent us their boys all knew that we spanked, belted, and caned, both in the privacy of my study and, sometimes, in dormitories or classrooms, always on the bare bottom and sometimes with the boy virtually or wholly naked.

Most boys arrived at between the ages of 11 and 13, so it was particularly unusual when one Justin Garman, age just 16, and his father Ronald Garman, a well-known expatriate tycoon, arrived in my study.

"Justin has been expelled from ......... (he named a famous school), for attempting to sodomize a younger lad", Ronald Garman announced, sparing his blushing progeny not a jot of embarrassment. "He's getting completely out of hand and I want you to sort him out."

I surveyed the young miscreant. Blonde haired, fair-faced, blue-eyed, perhaps a little short for his years. Attractive, one might say.

To abbreviate a longer story, I took young Justin on the basis of an infringement tariff. Each time he transgressed, he would move further up the ladder of punishments, but I gave him no clue what the punishments were. The other part of the understanding was that if Justin failed to accept his punishments, his father would disinherit him, a prospect which sent Garman Jnr quite ashen.

So he was kitted out with his uniform and allocated to the upper fifth. And I must say the boy looked very comely in shorts, his legs still smooth and largely hairless.

Justin's first transgression was a failure to do homework properly, for which, as agreed, he immediately found himself before me in my study.

I consulted my list. "No 1. Ah yes. Follow me, Garman."

I escorted Justin to the class containing the twelve year old boys. "I am so sorry to interrupt, Mr Quentin," I said, as I led Justin to the front of the class. "Boys, this new boy has failed to do his homework properly and I have decided to punish him in front of you. Put your hands up if you have a suggestion about how best to do it."

Several hands went up. I selected three:

"Cane him on the bare bum, Sir!"

"Give him the belt on the bare bottom, Sir!"

"Strip him naked, Sir, and cane him!"

Having initially gone red, the colour was now draining from Justin's cheeks. "All good ideas, boys, well done, but this is Garman's first punishment here, so I will be rather more lenient. Six strokes on the seat of his shorts. You may sit on your desks to watch."

I bent Justin over a desk, borrowed Cyril Quentin's cane, and to the accompaniment of a cheer for each stroke, I vigorously laid six strokes across the seat of his shorts. By the fourth he was yelling out; at six, tears were running down his face. I had him stand in one corner facing the class, hands on head - and there he remained to the end of afternoon school.

A few days later, seemingly having learnt little, Justin transgressed again and was once more standing before me. I consulted my list. "Ah yes!" I said. "Number 2."

I should explain that uniform for bedtime is a pair of quite tight white shorts and, in cooler months, a white T-shirt. These were cooler months. "I will see you at bedtime," I said, "in your dormitory."

Justin shared a dormitory with the other upper fifth boys. Shortly before lights out, I made my appearance. The boys were all in bed.

As I entered, holding my leather strap, the room went quiet. "Stand out of your bed, Garman," I commanded.

Justin climbed from his bed.

"This boy has been misbehaving once more," I said. "Kneel on your bed, Garman - and boys, please gather round."

I had Garman kneel head down, bottom up and drew his shorts down below his buttocks. I beat him until his arse was bright red and he was begging me to stop.

One might have thought that such a painful and public humiliation would have put a stop to Justin's antics - and it did, for a week, whereupon he was caught smoking, thus triggering Number 3.

"Tell me, Garman," I said, as he stood before my desk shortly before assembly, "what underwear do you have on?"

"Vest and pants, Sir," he said. This was, as you know, correct for the cool season. "Very well. Take off your trousers, shirt and tie."

Justin's mouth dropped open. "Er... in here?"

"Yes, in here, hurry up!"

His hands visibly shaking, Justin pulled off his tie, unbuttoned and removed his shirt and took off his shorts. He stood before me, white vest neatly tucked into white Y-fronts, still wearing socks and sandals, hands clasped modestly before him. "Clasp your hands behind your bottom, Garman," I said.

He obeyed my instruction, revealing a pleasing soft bulge at the front of his underpants. "Now keep your hands in that position from here on," I said, "And follow me."

I led him onto the stage in our assembly hall and stood him facing the boys. He received an immediate burst of ironic applause and went so very red. I carried out the normal business of assembly. In 'Notices' I told the boys that Garman would be attached to the class for 13 year old boys all day and would stay in vest and pants until bedtime.

From time to time, I observed Garman around the school. Boys in boarding school at 13 are _s_e_x_y little blighters and I saw them several times pat his bottom or poke his balls. At one point, he was walking down the corridor with a very considerable erection in his Y-fronts, occasioning much teasing and ridicule from the other boys.

Garman subsided once more, but before long was in trouble and in my study in vest and pants for Number 4. "No underpants this time," I said, pulling his Y-fronts to his knees. "Take them off."

Looking deeply shocked, he removed his underpants. His vest was quite long, but not long enough to hide the tip of his dangling penis.

I led Garman to the Biology Laboratory, where the oldest boys, aged 17 and 18, were about to begin a lesson on human reproduction.

I led Garman to the front, boys sniggering all around him. "Today Miss Jeffers," I said, "we have a live exhibit."

Miss Jeffers was an elderly spinster who knew what I had planned. She smiled sadistically. "Take off your vest, Garman," she said.

Justin looked at me in horror. I nodded curtly. He removed his vest. His penis was soft and circumcised, with a small bush of light-coloured pubic hair.

"Come and lie on this bench," Miss Jeffers ordered. She lay him on his back on a bench in the centre of the room. The boys gathered round.

She spread Justin's legs and arms to the four corners of the table and had one boy hold each wrist and ankle. Picking up Justin's soft penis, she said, "As you can see, this boy has normal penile development for his age." Justin's face, chest and neck were just so red.

Putting his penis down again, she took out a feather duster and started to stroke his penis with it. "At this age," she said, "a boy's penis is remarkably sensitive to stimulus." Justin's penis started to expand, then stiffen, then become fully erect. "And if you continue," she said, dusting his hard dick, he will soon ejaculate, particularly if you obtrude a cold surface" - she took a spoon - "under the boy's scrotum."

Justin was writhing and humping and begging her to stop now. But it was all to no avail and, to applause, he ejaculated copiously all over his stomach and chest.

"Quickly boys!" she said, "scrape some sperm samples onto your slides so we can start the day's microscope work." The boys quickly gathered globs of sperm and took them to their microscopes. Justin was given a tissue to wipe himself, then allowed to dress and return to his own class, in vest and underpants for the rest of the day.

A week or more later, Justin was caught stealing from another boy. I had him before me once more and got out my list. "Sir," Justin interposed.

"Yes Garman," I said.

"I know what I've done is very wrong and I have to be punished, but... could I be punished in private this time?"

I paused to consider. "I could punish you in my own home at the weekend... but the punishment might be severely embarrassing - and painful."

"Anything except in front of the boys," he said.

So it was that Justin came to my study in my house that Saturday morning. Without ceremony, I sat in a high backed chair and put him over my knee, spanking the seat of his shorts in a prolonged warm up, enough to sting but not enough to cause him to yell out.

I stood him up and personally undid his tie and unbuttoned his grey shirt, pulling it out of his shorts and off his shoulders. I undid his belt and top buttons, unzipped his fly and pulled down his grey shorts, making him step out of them. Then I had him sit down and removed each sandal and sock, before telling him to stand once more in his vest and underpants.

Sitting once more on the high backed chair, I put him over my knee and spanked vigorously, this time causing him to kick his legs and yelp with pain.

Restoring Justin to his feet, I led him to my bathroom and ran a bath. Then I pulled off his vest; stripped off his underpants and put him the bath, where I scrubbed him thoroughly, ending by having him kneel in the bath so I could scrub his red buttocks.

Taking him out of the bath, I dried him personally, paying particular attention to his anus and then his penis - which resulted in his going very hard.

I led Justin to my bedroom and lay him on a bath towel. Bringing in a bowl of water, some scissors, some shaving foam and a razor, I cut off, then shaved all his pubic hair. Finally, I took him back to the bathroom and dried him further with talcum.

I led the sweet smelling youth to my lounge and put him astride the back of my settee. Holding him in place, I strapped him severely until he ejaculated profusely.

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