Saddle Sore

by Naughteboy <>

(Usual disclaimers apply. Any resemblence between the characters herein and any living persons is sheer wishful thinking - naughteboy).

The storm finally broke when we were less than an hour's ride from the homestead. Daniel, the 16 year old son of the wealthy runowner and I had ridden high into the hill country to round up stray cattle. The clouds burst, sleeting us with hard, driving rain. We penned the cattle beasts into a roughly timbered yard, fed and watered the horses and then made our way inside a drover's hut.

"Stay there until morning" the runowner said emphatically when I explained the situation by cell phone. "It will be dark in less than an hour". The boss broke the connection.

Daniel had managed to get a decent fire going. The hut was spartan but well equipped with emergency canned food and blankets. We stripped off our steaming wet clothes and, naked, let the heat from the fire dry us. At the age of 23, years of working outdoors kept me fit and healthy. I was proud of my muscular body. My hair was black to match my swarthy skin. My pedigree was questionable unlike that of my young companion. I caught a glimpse of his small penis. His flesh was a healthy pink. Daniel looked absurdly young and vulnerable. I felt my own penis begin to stir at the sight of him so draped a blanket around myself. He had already covered himself up again.

The meal was not at all bad. Daniel ate a huge plateful and burped his appreciation. He was still at boarding school and just home for the Easter holidays. St Crispins was an exclusive school for boys. Most were the sons of runowners and farmers for whom boarding school was a geographical necessity.

"What would the teachers at your posh school say if a boy belched like that?" I pretended to grumble.

Daniel smiled. His brown eyes looked directly into mine and caused a tenting effect in the front of my makeshift toga. Did he realise the effect he was having on me?

"School grub never tasted THAT good", he said by way of explanation.

"How's your bum? Sore?" I asked. We had been on horseback for most of the day and Daniel was not an experienced rider.

"It hurts a bit", he admitted. I looked at his lithe young form shrouded by the blanket and swallowed.

"Roll over mate and I'll rub on some ointment". He did as I asked. The horse blanket still covering him. A search of my saddle bags unearthed a tube of Doctor Sloan's remedy. I looked again at the youth lying so submissively before me. The light of the fire combined with an oil lamp to illuminate the tiny shack and Daniel.

My particular letch is for the male buttocks. Those exquisite well-curved mounds of compact body-flesh are my weakness. I pulled down the blanket exposing Daniel's bottom and gasped out loud. His beautiful twin orbs were covered with six crimson welts and the surrounding flesh sported spectacular technicolour bruises.

Daniel cleared his throat: "I got my shorts dusted by Beaky our housemaster". He looked up at me. "I've taken over 100 strokes in three years so you'd think I'd be used to it. A beating still hurts like hell though".

I stared at the stripes on the boy's magnificent mounds. Never before in my life had I seen anything quite so desirable. At my school corporal punishment had been abolished before my time there. Obviously, the privileged boys of St Crispins still received that age-old discipline. I reached out a finger and gently traced the puffy ridges caused by the beating. Then I gently rubbed the ointment into the swollen flesh of Daniel's buttocks. He sighed his appreciation and his globes parted, exposing his hairless crease and tiny puckered bud. How I wanted to ram my hard tool up that virgin hole! At 16 Daniel was of legal age but he was temporarily in my care so I slapped his rump lightly and, regretfully, pulled the blanket back up.

Daniel busied himself brewing a strong billy of tea. I thanked him for the mug he offered me. The liquid tanin scorched my throat but warmed my belly. Then we built up the fire before lying down to sleep leaving a respectable distance of clay floor between us.

It was early the next morning when I awoke to feel Daniel beside me. He was naked and had gently pulled off my blanket. My penis stuck out like a poker from its forest of black hair. Daniel had one hand around my thick shaft which he had manouvered inside his butt-crease.

"What the ....?" I stuttered. Daniel looked unabashed.

"I want you to bum me. Please! I never wanted anything so bad", he pleaded. "I expect it will hurt a bit but nothing like one of Beaky's whackings. Come on! Bum me now! Please?"

I am mere flesh and blood and when that desirable youth offered me his cherry any qualms vanished. I kissed the nape of his neck and Daniel shivered expectantly. I found petroleum jelly in my bag and greased my finger. Daniel leant forward, offering up his glorious arse. I touched his pink bud and gently penetrated him. He was so tight! His sphincter pulsated on my probing finger. I took my time opening his bottom until he was able to accept two of my fingers.

Then I sat in front of the fire. Daniel lowered his slight body onto my big man's penis. His hand guided it inside his orfice. Daniel gasped as my thick shaft swelled inside him. Inch by inch he descended until at last my pubic hair touched his sorely striped bum-cheeks.

Gently, I pushed him forward. We moved as one until he was kneeling with my hardness deep inside him. I started thrusting, slowly at first but then harder, faster. I was rewarded by Daniel moving under me. The firelight cast a magnificent shadow onto the wall of that drover's hut. How many times had that scene been played out on the old earth floor? I wanted to be tender for the youth's first time but lust overtook me and the thrusts became almost brutal. Daniel trembled and bit down onto a blanket as I pummelled into him.

Then I felt my penis erupt showering my seed high into Daniel's rectum. I shouted and the youth slumped forward. I lay on top of him, my now flaccid penis still inside. Eventually, I pulled out hearing his tight bung muscle 'plop' as I did so. I found some tissues and cleaned his hole and then myself.

Spent, we lay in front of that fire. I covered him with blankets and we slept until daybreak.

The morning dawned bright and clear. I was concerned about Daniel's reaction to losing his virginity but need not have worried. He was like a rare plant which had suddenly and unexpectedly blossomed.

Later, back at the homestead, Daniel's mother got ready to drive him across the rolling Canterbury plains to St Crispins. His father paid me my wages. I was a casual drover and work was waiting for me on another station. He thanked me for taking care of his son. If he had known how I'd deposited my seed up Daniel's willing arse he'd have shot me on the spot.

So, Daniel went back to St Crispins and Beaky. Back to having to submit to painful beatings. Must admit I felt a bit envious of the housemaster being able to deal to Daniel's glorious backside whenever he felt like it. Then I remembered how willingly the youth had accepted my own 'rod' inside him. Cheered by that thought I encouraged the horse into a canter. We travelled a dusty gravel road in the heart of the splendidly scenic McKenzie country.

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