The Babysitter, part two.

by The Babysitter <None>

I was generally regarded as a "pushover" as a sitter, and after the punishment I became even more so. Eddie and his friends hung out a lot at Andre's while I was there, and they had the run of things. There was always the unspoken (but silently acknowledged) fact that Andre and Eddie could ruin my life simply by telling some of my friends about the time they took me over their knees and put some stripes on my ass. Even if my friends didn't believe that part, Eddie could always just pull out his big _d_i_c_k_ and humiliate me that way.

One afternoon there were six of them hanging out, and they bummed some cigarettes from me. I told them to make sure that they cleaned up every last bit. Being eleven and twelve year-old boys, they were careless. Andre's father spied six butts in the garbage that night. After receiving a firm spanking, Andre confessed the names of his five cohorts. Strangely enough, neither he nor any of the other boys named me (maybe they didn't want to lose their only source of cigarettes).

The next day, of course, I had to face the music. Each had been punished by his parents, and they were anxious to let me know about it.

Andre kept the passive-aggressive tone that he'd used before. He began by pointing out that I owed each and every one of them for not turning me in. It was an indirect threat, but he'd got it across clearly. He let the guilt work through so that when he got around to the part about my punishment, I was ready to obey any of his orders.

I stripped naked, as per his instructions, and assumed the position over the back of the couch. Andre brought out sodas for my audience, and all the boys the took seats around the back to get a good view for the show. All the boys except for Eddie: it was Eddie this time who took the belt in his hand and began applying it to my behind.

Eddie was stronger than Andre, and he wasn't fooling around. He began tanning my hide like it had never been tanned before.


I knew after the first ten or so that I wasn't going to be able to hold my composure. The guys were loving it, especially when I yelled out for the first time:

"PLEASE STOP!" I cried. "Just give me..."



"Just up, ass-hole," Eddie laughed.




"Yeah, see how he likes it!" Andre yelled out.

The leather belt continued its assault on my bare ass. I didn't simply let a few tears pass; I cried. I also moved around a lot, which prompted Eddie to grab me by the hair and literally shove me back into position twice.

"Don't make me loose count!" Eddie said.


I got a full forty licks from Eddie's belt. Before the next round all the boys came over to feel my tattered, bare behind. They seemed satisfied at both Eddie's application and my response.

Andre then lead me to the other side of the couch, where he sat down and took me across his lap. All the rest of the boys took their places around me again, as Andre waited for Eddie to come in with his coke. This was the worst: the waiting. My exposed, red butt there for everyone to see and laugh at.

When everyone is in place, Andre chuckled: "Now, watch the MASTER!" He then began slapping my buns with his bare hands. The slaps were hard themselves. With my butt already worked over, it felt a million times worse. I held my breath and counted fifteen, then exhaled.

The spanking didn't stop, though. Andre continued, giving me twenty . . . ouch . . . twenty-five . . . ouch! . . . thirty . . . ouch !!. . . thirty-five . . . ouch!!! . . . and finally stopping at forty. Aw, man!

I was so sore, and hoping that this was the end of it. Not a chance!

I was then passed to the next kid's lap! Yikes! His name was Billy, and he delighted in adding another forty bare-handed swats to my red, sore ass.


By now, I had a pretty good idea what was going to happen, and I wasn't caring for it one bit. I started to kick and buck and wiggle...


OUCH!...over Billy's lap, but Eddie and Andre held me down and promised to make it even worse if...


OOOH!!..._d_a_m_n_!...I continued to put up a fight.


Billy was laughing about how he could have done this all day, but fortunatly when he got to forty Eddie told him "don't be greedy!"

Billy passed me onto Jay's lap for another round. This kid was the youngest, and he looked it, but after the workout my shiney, red butt just went through, his small hand made me start to scream bloody mureder.


He giggled when I started my wimpering, really enjoying having a naked teenager of his very own to spank.


From Jay I went to Erik's lap, who delighted in taking his time. Everyone was really laughing, and joking and making quite a party out of my pathetic situation.


I just laid there and sobbed uncontrollably. Not one of them felt any simpathy for me or my ass.


Finally Erik passed me to to Aaron, who must have decided that everyone else was easy on me, because he really brought his hand back and brought it down with resounding success. All the boys started doing a countdown when he got to twenty, and I was (once again) crying and crying and crying like I had never cried before:


"Twenty!" they all shouted.





"OWWWEE!!" The pain started coming to me in flashes of light, unlike anything I had ever seen before...







OUCH!!...I felt like they were celebrating New Years Eve, and were counting on down to...







Then Aaron's hard blows really started to crack down quickly; the gang almost had a tough time keeping up:

SPANK!! "Eleven!!" SPANK!! "Ten!!" SPANK!! "Nine!!" SPANK!! "Eight!!" SPANK!! "Seven!!" SPANK "Six!!" SPANK! "Five!!" SPANK! "Four!!" SPANK! "Three!!" SPANK!! "Two!!"

Then he just stopped, as everyone (especially me) waited for the final, humilating swat to meet my ravaged bottom. He did a few practice swings, stopping short of actually connecting, and then they would all laugh at my involuntary flinching. Then, just when I thought he was just going to leave me there all day, I felt the final - SPANK! - and the crowd all cheered.

I just cried and cried, grateful they decided NOT to go for a second round. I fully understood for the first time in my life the threat that you would "not be able to sit down for a week", because that's how I felt.

When it was over, I did find out that it really wasn't all over: I wasn't permitted to put my clothes back on yet. The boys alternated between looking at my well-beaten ass and my groin. Most of them hadn't hit puberty yet, so they were fascinated by pubic hair. Eddie took the opportunity to point out that his _d_i_c_k_ was much bigger than mine.

After an hour or so they let me get dressed. Putting pants on actually hurt my sore butt.

I couldn't wait for that summer to end. For a few days I went around in fear that one of the kids would spread the word around the neighborhood, but it didn't happen. Each of them kept quiet about it; that was the only way they could use it against me.

Unfortunately, it wasn't the last time I felt the sting of one of the boys' belts across my bare ass . . .

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