My Wife's Lover in Charge of Me

by Chris <>

my name is chris, and i am the financial officer for our company. my boss is the senior vice president, brett. he and my wife, mary, met at the last company picnic.

you're not going to believe this. it is a true story. brett has had me working late into the evenings and on weekends doing unnecessary work while he and my wife meet for _s_e_x_. now i cannot take the situation any more. i just found out about it.

brett called me into his office after setting me up. it was one week ago today. brett informed me that the situation is this. he and mary, effective immediately, will be seeing each other and i am no longer to be in the picture. if i do not go along totally with his instructions, all 10 steps, then he will report the financial impropriety that occurred 2 years ago and i will be imprisoned. not only that, he said i could decide immediately and there would be no turning back. i had no choice.

step 1. i was to remove all of my clothes while standing in his office. if i argued or disobeyed, then the deal was off and i could not change my mind. (at that point, the company would prosecute me, i would go to prison, and he would be seeing my wife and be with my 2 sons anyway). i hate brett more than you can imagine.

i am now standing there. his assistant, jim, who is 12 years younger than i am, has taken my clothes to another room. it's humiliating enough since brett is 4 years younger than i am. brett is 32, i am 36, and jim is 24.

i cannot believe this is happening. part of step 1 is that i stand facing brett, spread my legs, and keep my hands folded on my head. i am totally naked and being controlled by my boss, who has made a total fool of me. apparently, most of the people in the office have known about his affair with my wife. and that miserable assistant of his has been showing up at the office on the nights and weekends to make sure i am there working. how could i have not figured this out?

step. 2. brett just told me that the next thing i do is follow all instructions that he or jim give me. no back talk. he has found me a room in a rooming house, which is where i will be living now. i am not allowed to call my house or speak with my wife. after this meeting, i will go directly to the rooming house (by bus because brett is keeping my car at my house, where he -- effectively immediately -- will be living with my wife and 2 sons. tim and louis will visit me once per week either at the office or at my rooming house. jim, brett's assistant, will supervise the visits. brett will explain the new status to the boys. the key to the house has been changed. the phone number has been changed. brett is having the papers drawn up that pass ownership of all property and financial ownership to mary. my salary will be endorsed over to brett, who will give me an allowance that he feels is appropriate. i start to protest as i stand there naked and jim starts to smirk. part of step 2 includes being placed over brett's knee and spanked 50 times if i argue. to think, i have no choice. i cannot believe this is happening.

step 3. i will wear a pair of coveralls to work each day (and if i find that humiliating, tough luck). no underwear underneath. after 6pm when the last employee has left, brett or jim will come to my office and decide if my work has been satisfactory for that day. if not, then i bend over and grasp my ankles -- after removing my coveralls. 50 lashes with the belt.

either way, at 6pm my coveralls are taken and locked up. i work from 6pm until 11pm naked in the office. at 11pm jim brings me the coveralls and lets me take the bus to the rooming house, where i live free because the owner gives me chores to do on the weekend. i will be naked at the rooming house from the moment i walk in the door.

step 4. on the weekends i will be at the office from 8am until 6pm saturdays and sundays working. the same rules apply. if all assignments are not completed according to the way brett and jim say, then 50 to 100 lashes. my weekly visit with my boys (brett will explain the situation to them) will be one hour at the office. if i have followed all instructions properly, then i cn wear the coveralls. that is my incentive to behave. otherwise, my sons 11 and 13 will be visiting me while i'm naked. if necessary, brett or jim will whip me in front of them.

step 5. if i sign the financial papers turning everything over to mary (with brett the custodian of all finances), then fine. otherwise, and brett has a short fuse, we go to another level of punishment. i will wear nothing but jockey shorts throughout the day at the office.

step 6. after any additional offenses (brett and jim decide what constitutes an offense), i lose the jockey shorts and work in the office completely naked during the day -- not just on the evenings and weekends.

step 7. should i give any additional trouble beyond that, then i will be sent to the basement where the custodian's locker room is (the entire office building is owned by the company) to take a shower during the executive staff meeting (which i am no longer allowed to attend). i would then come out of the shower completely wet -- not allowed to use a towel or dry off -- and walk into brett's office, where he would shave all the hair off my body from the neck down -- with everyone there watching. at that point, i will have lost all privileges -- meaning no coveralls. at that point, brett will want the office to see me looking like a boy (as i have misbehaved) with no hair, rather than as a man.

step 8. on the mezzanine level between 2 and 4pm each day, i am to do calisthenics in the nude -- under the supervision of a personal trainer. any disobedience there, and the same punishments apply.

step 9. in case that is not humiliating enough, i am to come every other sunday afternoon (when mary, brett, and my sons are out having fun) and do chores on the lower level of the house that "used to" be mine. jim will transport me. the doorway to the rest of the house will be locked since i will not be allowed in that part of the house. i will just be allowed in the garage and the basement (always naked) to do the list of chores, cleaning, etc. that are on the list.

step 10. i will address jim and brett as "sir" always. i will not protest any of this. if i do, then i will immediately hauled off in handcuffs by the police. brett has already discussed this with a policeman on the force. and then i would be prosecuted.

if there is any of this instruction that i do not like, then that is tough.

right now, i am sitting in my office writing this on my computer and sending it to MMSA Stories archive. the only reason i can take the time to do it is that i was given a dinner break, which means walking naked to the vending machines and getting whatever can be bought with the four dollars allowance brett gives me for dinner. it is now 7:20pm and jim will be back to check up on me. he said for this first night just so i understand they mean business, i am to be bent over in position when he returns with my legs perfectly straight (naked, no coveralls, of course), spread 2 feet apart. to get the point across, even though i did not argue or protest, jim is taking a horsewhip (which they bought out of my allowance) and lashing me 50 times. i am to count "1" "2" "3" after each one. if i miss one count, then he goes back to zero. he said that i will not be able to sit down after that, so he will give me 10 minutes after the 50th lash to collect myself, and then back to work -- standing up.

i can't believe this is happening. if MMSA Stories readers have any comments or want to read the next segment, i will write part 2 tomorrow night on my dinner break.

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