Brett Comes Up With a New Idea to Humiliate Chris. Part 12.

by Chris <>

this time brett has gone too far. brian (the guy who lives next door to what was my house and is now brett's house, which brett lives in with my wife and my sons) and his son bart showed up at the office announced. it was obvious there was no reason except to see me working naked in the office. now that bart and brian have seen me get whipped, they want to keep up on what's happening. i could have strangled bart for telling my sons about my being stripped naked and whipped in front of him. now brett decided that there's no reason for me to be clothed when i start my one-hour visits with the boys (at brett's discretion). the light-purple bikini underwear that jim bought for me to wear (so large that it slides 2 inches below where it's supposed to be) is what brett sarcastically refers to as my "clothes" to be worn for the visits. the welt marks, the whipping marks, the accentuated prick sticking out -- i may as well be naked. brett said if i complain one more time about the, then i will be naked -- and brett will schedule an over-the-knee spanking (100 hits) while the boys stand and watch.

bart was just laughing so hard at looking at me in the bikini underwear, which i am not allowed to pull up when it slides since a solid rule includes keeping my hands on my head.

brian mentioned that he and his wife are going away for part of the weekend and they weren't sure what to do with bart. brett suggested that i stay at their house during that time. that way, there would be an adult there but i would be confined to the basement, use a cot (which would work since bart could cuff my hands when i went to bed and when bart was not there to make sure my prick stayed unjacked off. brett could not help his smirking that a 12 year old would be supervising me -- including, according to brett, bart could set up a schedule of nude calisthenics and chores around the house. it had to be understood that bart's word was the law -- and that the only food (in keeping with the new rules) that i could eat would be leftovers remaining on bart's plate. other than water, the only beverages would be what was left in bart's glass -- milk or whatever.

it would be awkward to be in the house next door to ours, as brett mentioned but brett trusted bart to make it comfortable for both of us. when i started to complain, brett said it was time to have my arms handcuffed outside brett's office -- after which my prick was gently massaged into as long an erection as was possible without shooting my load. that pipsqueak bart now imitates my panting and sighing sounds as they bring me close to -- though never at -- the erection point. brett and brian now have bart repeating his mimicry for others in the office. they're laughing hysterically as they talk about it while i'm sending in this, unfortunately true (and nightmarish) description.

bart and brian just stopped by my little cubicle and said to take a few dollars out of my allowance to buy some shaving cream and a blade. they said brett authorized it to be in the house just in case i get out of hand.



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