My Wife's Lover in Charge of Me/part 2

by Chris <>

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jim, my boss' assistant, just used the whip on me 50 times. i still cannot believe this. i only know it's true because it's happening to me. my body -- the butt, the back of the thigh, all over -- is so cut and the pain is excruciating. jim, who must be gay or bi, not only says i can write about all of this to MMSA Stories but he has ordered me to do it on a daily basis. and i have to be truthful about all the details. instead of being allowed to wear coveralls during the day and be totally naked the rest of the time, now (because jim and my boss, brett, saw how easy it was to get me to comply) they are talking about the possibility of my being stripped naked all the time -- unless they decide to do me a big favor on occasion and let me wear something. so far the only time is when my two sons visit me and apparently brett has laid down the law and changed his mind already. i can't wear coveralls then. i can only wear jockey shorts. i can't bear the thought of this degradation and embarassment.

to recap and add a few details that were too humiliating to include the first time, brett is 32 and senior vice president of our company. i am 36 and the financial officer. at the beginning, when i helped brett get his job, he was working for me -- until he sabatogued me with the big boss, jeff, who is president of the company. jeff and i used to go to lunch all the time and be quite friendly. he literally does not speak to me at all now. he and brett are buddies.

going into just a little background in this relatively small city in southern virginia, i was the prom kind in high school and am still considered extremely good looking and, through working out, have a perfect body. i have frequently been told that i look like warren beatty back when he was in his 30s. have just the right amount of hair on my chest (moderate), arms, legs, and considered to have a perfect butt. in high school, i also was a top athlete -- track, tennis, golf.

brett went to the same high school 4 years later. he was on the football team. at 32, he still looks good though he tends to be a little on the pudgy side.

when he wanted a job here, i made it possible through jeff (pres of the co). brett reported directly to me. at the local country club, where we both belong, he always wanted me to play in the tennis doubles tournament with him -- because i was much better than he. we did often win. we also worked out at the health club in our office building together. in the showers, he could see my entire body and he so much as admitted being jealous of mine.

about 2 years ago, brett caught me doing something i was not supposed to be doing -- a financial matter. he said he would keep the documentation and not report it. we both knew it would mean a prison term for me, losing my job, and lots of problems. he never brought it up. when he screwed me with the boss (making it appear that he was doing all the work and i was taking credit), jeff bought it and immediately brett was promoted (about a year ago) and i was then reporting to him. he received a raise and i got a demotion and cut in salary. jeff totally ignores me since then.

brett was divorced about 10 months ago. and i just learned from brett yesterday that he and my wife have been meeting, for the last 9 months since our company party where they met, almost daily for _s_e_x_ual liaisons -- sometimes twice a day. often at lunchtime and in the evenings. brett has concocted all kinds of phony assignments for me to do so that i would be tied up at the office and they would be free to meet for _s_e_x_. i never realized it until yesterday, fool that i am. i don't know how they did it.

yesterday, brett called me in -- with his assistant, jim (totally obnoxious -- has never been decent to me) and said he has some things to tell me -- including some instructions. very matter of factly, he said i was to keep my mouth shut, to listen, to do what he said (step by step) -- and if, and only if i did that, he would not be calling the police to take me away in handcuffs because of the financial indiscretion that he knows about from 2 years ago.

the first thing he required was that -- before he would tell me my instructions -- i was to strip naked and stand facing him (he is sitting with his feet on his desk totally nonchalantly) with my hands folded on my head. i was so shocked and scared about his threat, that i did it. this is a true story. i wish it wasn't.

in summary (some of this is in my first submission), i was not allowed to see or talk with my wife (not even to discuss what i just found out). brett said there would be a clean break. he would take care of financial matters, the divorce papers, the alimony i would pay, the child support i would pay. he said i would sign the papers. period. i would not have a key to the house (which will be signed over to him). my car, effective immediately, would be part of their household, and he had arranged (beginning yesterday) for me to have a room in a rooming house (i learned last night when i was taken there by jim that i share a room with 9 other men -- though i am the only one in the room, or in the rooming house, who is stripped naked 100% of the time. and i am the only one who does cleaning and chores there in place of paying rent. as for money, brett will give me an allowance and all other money i make will be signed over to him.

every time i started to say something when he was giving me these instructions (while jim smirked), brett said "if you say one word more, i'm making that call and you are out."

i was also not allowed to quit the job. i would continue to work for brett -- only wearing coveralls during the day. at night, when the other employees leave, i would be totally naked -- doing extra work in the evenings and on the weekends. no going out to lunch. no going to the health club. no going to the country club -- except when brett ordered me to play on his tennis team (like this coming weekend, when he needs me). for my evening meal, i get some cash doled out to me and i walk (naked) to the vending machines in the building for whatever i can afford to buy on the amount that brett (or jim) gives me.

this is my new life. and i cannot do anything about it. the worst part is that if i defy or disobey him, it is a guarantee that he will do several things even before having me imprisoned. instead of my being able to wear anything (it's already changed from coveralls to jockey shorts) when he decides i can have visits with my sons (age 12 and 14), i will be naked. as it is, he says that he (not I) will explain the story to them -- in the way that he wants to. in addition, if i disobey him (or jim), the whippings and paddlings (stripped naked) will be more than the once per week -- and longer in duration and publicly in front of other employees. he said that some of the employees, at his discretion, will be allowed to witness them now. also (and this part is a killer since he has always been hostile about his own weight problem -- he's good looking but slightly overweight), this is his chance to sabatogue my body the way he sabatogued my job. He's planning to do this in 2 ways, and i overheard him and jim actually laughing about it while calling me a fool. he's planning to spank me so often with his hand, with a paddle, with his belt, and with a whip that that is what everyone will notice about my body.

and brett's not letting me use the health club anymore. he's scheduled me for calisthenics on the mezzanine of the office building with a personal trainer. brett's already instructed the trainer to give me exercises that make me look ridiculous, not any exercises that will make me toned. he wants my you-know-what-organ to be flopping up and down. brett's assistant, jim, is standing over me right now (he's a MMSA Stories archives fan) and making me include all the details.

brett, by any standards, with or without clothes does not look as good as i. it is unbelieveable that my wife could be doing this to me. having an affair with brett behind my back. and now brett is taking over my entire life. today, during the day, i told jim i would need some stuff like a colgate toothbrush, colgate toothpaste, and some stuff cause brett has already started confiscating all my stuff from the house. he hates me. jim said he would buy the cheapest brands on sale for me. and if i make any other such demands, it will mean extra spankings. meanwhile, brett and my wife are spending thousands and thousands of dollars of my money.

today, brett called me into his office. so far, i am still allowed to wear coveralls during the day though he has threatened to change my daytime dress code in the office to nude. even now when i get to his office to be lectured, i have to take off the coveralls first -- outside of the office. fortunately, there is a little vestibule so everyone outside the office doesn't see me with no clothes on and with huge marks from the horsewhip jim used 50 times on me last night. sitting down is grueling. when i asked to use brett's bathroom (which is in his private office, which was my office at one time), brett said if i wanted to use the bathroom, i am only allowed to use the janitor's locker-room bathroom in the basement -- not the public restrooms and certainly not his bathroom.

when someone walks into brett's office and i am standing there nude with my hands on my head (even jeff, president of the company came in today), they say nothing. they obviously know something. they don't talk to me. jeff just laughed and said to brett, "oh, good brett, you're taking care of chris." when they had to discuss a matter about personnel, brett said for me to walk over to the corner of the office, face the wall with my hands on my head and keep my mouth shut.

brett, jim, and jeff were laughing among themselves -- whispering as if i could not hear them -- about how much easier this was than brett expected. he said he's all ready to up the stakes. meaning whipping and spanking me so regularly that his body will have to look better than mine.

brett said (also supposedly not in my hearing) that if i disobey, he'll have me go down to the janitor's locker room to take a shower, then come up sopping wet (no towel drying), and he'll have the electric shaver there if necessary but he seems most excited about shaving my entire body from the neck down with shaving cream and a blade while i'm wet. my chest hair and hair below gone -- i just cannot even think about it.

jim, his asst., just walked in so i have to stop for a minute.

i'm back . . . jim just reminded me that i have to write about brett's plans for my prick. under no circumstances am i allowed to touch it, jack off, or shoot my load. if and when brett decides i deserve to be rewarded (once a week at the most), he will do that while i stand there in his office naked. if i do anything like that, it means immediately shaving (which apparently does not grow back for months).

if i get shaved, then that means automatically that i go naked 100% of the time -- including my visits with my kids. so that business about not touching my prick is a hard and fast rule. meanwhile, several times daily when i am in brett's office for instructions, he does tease and massage my prick, jiggling it enough that i make sounds (Ohh, ahh, and breathing sounds), then he stops short of anything getting wet or cumming.

this weekend, he said i would be his partner for the tennis tournament at the club. i will be listed as a guest so the prize would be in his name since he has already had my name removed from the club roster. he knows he has the best chance of winning if i am his partner. the plan is on friday night i will leave the office instead of working cause he wants me rested (no spanking between now and then cause it could affect my tennis game on sat). then on saturday morning, i go to the high school, where they have an indoor tennis court. he has arranged for the tennis coach (whom i know) to hit with me so i get warmed up and practiced. brett said for the hour of practice there i can wear tennis socks, tennis shoes, and a jockstrap. nothing else. no arguments. and brett said that we'd better win the match. i am not allowed to stay at the club for lunch or even to take a shower. once the tennis match is over, i am required by brett to leave immediately (jim will drive me back into town). if we don't win the match, then it's a triple whipping and no j. o. (shooting my load by brett) for 2 full weeks.

right now i wish i could j. o. you can't imagine how it feels. they have me doing all this extra work. it's nightime so i'm naked though there are people who stayed late and they manage to be walking in and out. brett said if i whine or so much as frown, then that adds the extra spankings to the list. he wanted to talk to jim privately, so he told me nastily to just walk out of the office and face the wall with my hands on my head. it is degrading beyond words.

from their laughing and talking, i can tell he's planning to make things even more difficult. the only reason he will let me j. o. on saturday morning (meaning jim can do it, i still cannot touch myself there) is that he figures i'll be more relaxed for the tennis match. brett's already given away practically all my clothes. the tennis shorts and shirt that he brought from the house are an old, old pair of his with tears, frayed edges, i will look ridiculous. he doesn't care as long as we win. he says any chance i get to wear anything i'm lucky and to keep my mouth shut.

jim says i have to keep writing on MMSA Stories every day. i said maybe the readers aren't interested. are you?

now i realize that brett is making comments deliberately for me to overhear -- about how my body will not look that great, all of a sudden, with welts, bruises, and all that stuff. and if necessary, brett comments that he will find some bit of disobedience to warrant my getting shaved -- all hair from the neck down.

when i was called in to his office this last time, i was informed that i was to travel walking on all fours but making sure my prick did not touch the floor or i was in big trouble. then brett said "well, the only prick your wife is going to have is mine. right?" i didn't answer. he yelled, jim get the whip, i didn't hear an answer. and i better get an apology from chris for that too.

"yes, sir."

"yes, sir what, chris?" said brett.

"yes, sir, what you said about your prick."

"let's get something straight. in addition to that, let me remind you that your prick is not getting any action until i decide to be generous enough to shoot your load. do you understand?" barked brett.

"yes, sir"

"do you want me to shoot your load now?" said brett

"yes, please, sir" i said with my prick numb from wanting it.

"well you can keep asking, and when i decide to do it, then i will. meanwhile, jim, get me a bowl of water filled with ice cubes." said brett "and you, jackass chris, keep those hands on top of your head, and spread those legs wider. if i have to tell you again, then it's going to be 50 extra whippings before the tennis game. and you still better make sure we win the game even then. after the game, when you get back to your rooming house with jim, you better strip quickly and bend over into position with you hands around your ankles. if you fail to take that initiative, then 100 will be fine. for now, i'm not shooting your load but i want you to calm down a little so walk over closer." brett said smugly.

by now, jim had brought the bowl of water with ice. brett lifted my prick and dipped it into the water. i let out a yell so loud they could probably hear it on another floor.

brett pretended to be annoyed yet laughed. jim suggested that with that kind of yelling, we better set a better precedent and take out the paddle.

"bend over and clasp your ankles," brett said. since you don't know how to apologize for anything, let's double the quantity.

"please sir," i'm begging like a pathetic person. "i apologize."

"stand up" brett said. "come closer and if i have to tell you to spread those legs further, then you're going to be standing here for the full duration of the staff meeting tomorrow. and we're not going to even keep coveralls or jockey shorts in the building for you. from this moment on, you're naked unless jim or i make an exception. as of now, when we bring tim and louis on sunday for your one-hour visit, you will be naked and you will keep your hands on your head." as he is talking, he is massaging my prick very slowly, as if it is totally naturally. he laughs quietly as i do the "oohing and aahing" and heavy breathing that cannot be helped.

brett smiles "I guess we'll let your prick hang down for your visit with your boys. during the business day, however, now that you're new punishment is to be stripped during the day, i think you should work and walk around with your prick straight out -- or even hard and at an angle."

"Please Brett" I said.

He ignored me. "Chris, with a little luck, you won't be shaved totally smooth by sunday, if you behave yourself. at least, your little boys will see you looking like a man that way. do you think you can control your conduct til then? would you rather they see you look like a man or a boy?"

I said nothing.

Brett yelled, "If you go without answering one more question OR you don't address me as sir or i don't like one of your answers, then i think the best thing is to extend the amount of time you go with a hard prick -- perhaps to a month or so -- and maybe we need to shave you after all" Brett said. By this time, Jim and another guy, who walked in, a summer employee, cannot control their laughter.

"Oh, Brett, tomorrow at lunch i want you to go with me to the house and fix the hot tub in the master bedroom. mary and i want to be able to use it together before lunchtime _s_e_x_ and bedtime _s_e_x_."

I didn't answer.

Jim will escort you to my car in the garage at noon. you can wear your coveralls until you get inside the house. then you will get naked immediately, fix the hot tub, and then go into the garage and wait until i'm ready to leave. you touch nothing in the house. i'll have lunch at the house. you can get something from the vending machine when we get back -- out of your allowance. speaking of which, do not ask jim for any more allowance or money. we will give you what we believe you deserve. in the garage, you will bend over (staying naked) and clasp your ankles until i get down there. depending upon how well you've complied and whether you've fixed the hot tub properly will determine how many lashes you get with the whip. if you do everything perfectly, then you'll get 60 lashes. if not, the number goes up accordingly. do you understand?"

"yes, sir" i said.

brett muttered to jim and the summer employee that chris may be getting the message after all.

"oh, brett. before you finish writing today's report on MMSA Stories, do 50 push ups for us -- without your prick touching the floor."

my prick felt so numb.

i heard brett say to jim that as long as i knew the punishments could get worse and my sons may even see me get whipped and have to stand there with a hard _c_o_c_k_ taking orders from brett with my sons watching, that i probably had enough incentive to "behave." one cardinal rule was that i was not allowed to ask about wearing anything. in the absence of getting permission (without asking), i was to be naked.

"oh, chris, i must tell you. as much as i have enjoyed meeting your wife twice a day for _s_e_x_ during the last 10 months and knowing that you were following my orders, this is even better. knowing you are stark naked, without a car, locked in at work or at the rooming house, and understand that you have to do everything i order you to makes me feel much more relaxed. this way i know that you will not be showing up out of the blue. and by the way, if you are thinking of getting angry and disobeying, remember that everything is being videod so if you do anything like that or annoy me in any way, there will certainly be a number of people who will enjoy watching you squirm."

this is my new life.

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