Spanked for Mooning

by Bbwrr2 <>


I got a spanking for mooning out in California.

The mooning itself had taken place last winter. I was on a train in a sleeping compartment. We were running very late and I was bored. We were going through several small communities, so I hiked my drawers down and pressed my fanny up against the window. We weren't traveling very fast, and at several of the crossings there were family groups watching the train go by. They got a real good view of my rumpus--cheeks, crack and hole, along with, of course, my balls and pecker hanging down. I bet a lot of the men there, when they saw what was going on, were really pissed off that I was showing off like that in front of their wives and kids, and several probably said that, if I were their boy, I'd get a good, hard spanking for something like that.

Well, they'd be happy to know I did.

When I went to see Uncle Mort (54) in Garden Grove, that was the first order of business to be taken care of. I'd mentioned my little prank to Cousin Terry (38), and he was the first to spank me for it! He brought it up almost as soon as I arrived, and it wasn't 20 minutes before he took my pants down and put me over his knee in front of Uncle Mort, Ronnie (28) and Uncle Fred (57), and began a handspanking on my shorts, gradually giving me a "wedgie" in my crack so as to expose my buns to everyone. Then he took my underpants down completely and gave my bare bottom a good licking with the ruler, just like a teacher with a naughty schoolboy. I was both excited and embarrassed to find myself with my pants down getting a spanking in front of 3 other men, and that ruler STUNG, meaning my bottom was doing a real lap dance.

Then it was Uncle Mort's turn. It was over his knee, and he wasn't kidding around. Just like my dad, HE used the HAIRBRUSH! As you can imagine, that brough back a lot of memories REAL fast---the old WHACKWHACKWHACK!!!! of my teenaged years, accompanied by a stern lecture and the "OW! OOOWWWW! OOOOWWWWWW!" of a naughty boy in real distress! As the others looked on, it didn't take long for him to have me kicking like crazy and in tears, hiccoughing my "I'm sorrys" and promises not to do it againas my bare tail waggled like a happy (?) hound's there across Uncle Mort's knee. I would say ANYTHING to stop that awful burning in my bottom! I'd been at Uncle Mort' less than an hour, and already everybody had not only seen my bare bottom but seen me get spanked till I was crying!

When Uncle Mort was finally done with me, I got sent to the corner, where I had to touch my nose to the speaker cabinet so I was bent over and displaying my red, spread fanny to everyone. I had to stand there about five minutes while they all talked about what a bad boy I was and what did I think of mooning now that I was mooning them? and how the conductor should have stopped the train and given my bare bottom a good spanking right then and there! They also all agreed I hadn't gotten nearly the punishment I deserved.

Finally, Uncle Fred said that if I was his boy, he'd give me a good strapping. Uncle Mort said, "Well, go ahead!"

Uncle Fred came over and took me by the ear in front of them all and marched me with my pants and underpants around my ankles to the bedroom. There, he made me get up on a table and put a bolster under me so my bottom stuck up high in the air. He had a big, black leather strap which he then proceeded to whale my fanny with. CRACKCRACKCRACK!!! I could hear the other guys still talking in the next room as I squirmed and promised, and I knew, of course, that they could hear just what a licking I was getting! I got a couple hundred good, solid cracks with the strap, just like a teenager whose dadhas finally lost all patience with him. After the belting, Uncle Fred decided I still hadn't been punished enough, so he gave me a good thrashing with the cane. It swished through the air and connected with my red, sore rump again and again, making me squeal and tear and swear I would behave. By this time, Terry, Mort and Ronnie had all come in to watch me get disciplined--making remarks and laughing and urging Uncle Fred to lick me even harder! When he was finally satisified I had learned my lesson and I had spent some more time in the corner, my pants were taken away and for the next several hours I was only allowed to wear a T-shirt, so if it was necessary to give me a spanking, nobody would have to waste time taking my drawers down.

Over the next six hours, I got spanked five more times by Cousin Terry and Uncle Mort. Anytime I misbehaved, it was immediately "Get over my lap!

NOW!" And they didn't go lightly! Paddle, hairbrush, strap and cane were all administered smartly to my squirming rumpus, and there was plenty of kicking, crying and apologizing, I can tell you.

It really was quite a fantasy. Essentially, while I was there, I was treated as nothing more than a naughty twelve year old. Things went along pretty normally. We ate, drank, went swimming, talked. But when I got out of line, I got a spanking. It was as simple as that!

Probably the most embarrassing of my lickings took place around five. A young man, Paul (25), had come over--blond and stocky, almost a football player type. He needed some discipline and had talked with Cousin Terry.

They sat at the table outdoors for a while while Ronnie and I were skinny-dipping in the pool. As they went inside, I made some smart remark, I don't even remember quite what, and Terry scowled at me. Moments later, Ronnie and I could hear the steady "WHACK! WHACK! WHACK!" of a paddle and it was clear that poor Paul was getting a good come-uppance! His spanking went on for some time. After it stopped, within a few minutes, he came outside, fully dressed again, with Terry.. His face was red and his eyes were wet. Obviously, he'd been crying. Cousin Terry came out to the pool and called me over. "All right, Mr. Smarty-Pants! Now it's your turn!" He pulled me out of the pool and marched me, dripping and naked, across the patio and into the house. "Get over in the corner a minute. Then you're going to get a good SPANKING, young man!" He went out and came back in almost immediately, with Paul in tow!

"If you think it's so funny that Paul got a licking," Terry said, "Then I guess it's only fair to let him watch you get yours!"

With that, he hauled me over his knee and proceeded to whale the daylights out of my bottom while Paul watched. The paddle he used--a thick one with a relatively small face--was enough to get me kicking fast, especially witha sore bottom already, and then he switched to the hairbrush. Well, as youcan understand, that really sent me out of control. I was thrashing around on Terry's lap like a beached fish, and Paul got a real birdseye view of this big boy's misbehaving bottom getting A REAL, OLD-FASHIONED SPANKING! Many of you know from experience how embarrassing it is to get spanked in front of other people, and there I was, 17 years older than Paul, and he was getting to see me get a good bare bottom blistering!

By the time Terry was done with me my fanny was in flames and I'd been bawling for a good five minutes. When he let me up, I jumped off his lapand danced around the room, still crying, clutching my rump and trying to rubthe sting out of it. Both Terry and Paul started laughing at me and making jokes, and I felt completely humiliated. Of course, I guess I must've looked pretty funny--a completely naked 42 year old crying and holding on to his obviously well-spanked bottom like some snotty teenager who's finally gotten what he deserves!

I got two more lickings after that--first a blazing hairbrushing from Uncle Mort for not getting the chores done he'd told me to do. That spanking was videotaped so it could be shown to other bad boys and men who visit Uncle Mort. By that time, my fanny was so sore it took very little effort to get me kicking like a billygoat as I squirmed frantically over Uncle Mort's lap.

I was really bouncing and bucking, which means, on the tape, you can see not only a desperately bouncing bottom, but my privates smashed against Uncle Mort's thigh and my crack and winking hole. After that one, I got sent to do some weeding in the back yard, bare bottom, of course, so I was there in front of everybody on my hands and knees, sniffling, with my pink rumpus up in the air, pulling weeds in nothing but a T-shirt while they lit the grill and went swimming. That is on the tape, too--a well-punished boy doing what he should have done before!

For the "good-bye" licking, I got put on the table on hands and knees again and caned and hairbrushed good. Also, about halfway through, Cousin Terry shoved a big vibrator deep in my rectum, so I was getting spanked while my hole was stretched wide and the dildo was buzzing against my prostate as I wiggled! I was HOWLING as that cane did its disciplinary duty, and squirming so much I had to be held down. With the vibrator up my hole, I had a raging hardon waving in the breeze as the thrashing went on and on.

This truly was a session I enjoyed. It really did make me feel like a little boy again, when I might have my pants taken down and get a good spanking anytime, anywhere, in front of anyone. At Uncle Mort's, everybody had the right to spank me if he wanted-- and did so! Being bare bottom almost all day, showing off my ever- reddening rump, was a big turn-on, and having witnesses either seeing or hearing all my lickings brought back many memories from my boyhood. Having younger "boys"--Paul and Ronnie--watching my helpless bottom wiggle was particularly exciting and embarrassing.

Whenever possible, I think big boys like me ought to spanked in front of younger ones, both to increase my own humiliation and also to show those younger that "You're never too old for a good spanking!"

Too, these MEN WHO SPANK were truly expert fannybusters. They could spank me VERY long and VERY hard, driving my bare bottom wild and me to tears, without doing excessive damage. My spankings went on for considerable periods of time (seemed like FOREVER to me!) as I kicked, squirmed, begged, hyperventilated, wiggled, bucked and cried. As you can imagine, after 6 or 7 lickings, even with their skills, my rear end was red and sore for a weej after my visitto Uncle Mort's house, and everytime I sat down, I was reminded that, even at my age, there are still men out there who will, when necessary, call me on the carpet for my behavior and give me a good, old-fashioned, pants-down spanking when they think I deserve it!

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