St. Patrick's Day

by Tucker <>

Kevin O'Donnell desperately wanted the Irish internet millionaire, Sean Collins, to invest with the well know brokerage company that had recently hired him just out of college. He had met Collins several times at business gatherings and attempted to talk to him alone, but without much success. So he jumped at the opportunity to visit the wealthy man in his penthouse apartment overlooking Fifth Avenue on Saint Patrick's Day. Talk about luck of the Irish! Standing in the shower of his rather small, overpriced apartment in lower Manhattan, he was pondering the investment deals he would offer the big man. About five foot, ten inches tall with broad shoulders and a massive chest, he was in perfect physical condition. He had dark hair and deep blue eyes. His chest was smooth, and the hair on his strong legs thinned out gradually as it reached his round, firm, hairless, hard buttocks. His scrotum was hairless, and his dick was the size and width of a beer can. After finishing in the bathroom, Kevin got dressed and headed over to Collins' apartment.

Collins welcomed him personally, remembering his name and some details of his life that Kevin did not remember sharing with Collins. Kevin also noticed that he was the only guest. Mr. Collins explained to him that he had had his eye on Collins for some time and wanted to give him a chance.

Sean Collins was not as broad as Kevin, but he was almost six inches taller. His red hair complemented his pale blue eyes. He was 32 years old, having made his money on an internet startup selling information on the Irish ancestors of so many Americans, Canadians, Australians, New Zealanders, South Africans, and even English. O'Donnell immediately went about explaining what his company had to offer.

About half way through the presentation, Collins stopped Kevin and explained to him that he had made some mistakes about the internal rate of return of certain instruments. Realizing his mistake, Kevin apologized and corrected himself. This wasn't enough for Collins. He left the room, leaving Kevin feeling somewhat uneasy. He came back with a wooden fraternity paddle in which numerous holes had been drilled. He told Kevin that he was interested in his offer, but Kevin should now be punished for his mistakes!

Collins ordered Kevin out to the balcony, where he could hear the bagpipes of the bands marching in the parade forty stories below. "Strip bare arsed and bend over the balcony," Collins ordered. Strangely enough, O'Donnell obeyed. Not only did he want this deal, but he was strangely attracted to the idea of being paddled by this successful man. In college, his fraternity used to paddle initiates, but New York state law now prohibited that sort of thing. O'Donnell always wondered what it would be like. Bent over the balcony forty stories up, Kevin felt green himself. His firm, white arse was high up in the air, and Collins was behind it, appreciating it. Then Collins picked up the paddle, and smacked O'Donnell's formerly unmarked ass. Kevin screamed, and suddenly acrophobia was no longer a problem. The message of pain from his ass was all he was thinking about. Collins hit him again three more times. More screams of agony erupted from Kevin. However, something else was up. His beer can of a dick was now pressing against the balcony wall at full throttle! How painful! How hot! After a minute of admiring Kevin's now bright red arse, Sean commenced paddling, striking him six more times. Kevin didn't know whether he should jack off or beg for mercy.

Collins stopped paddling and ordered Kevin to stay where he was. Collins stripped down, showing a _c_o_c_k_ that was longer and just as thick as Kevin's! His narrow chest and stomach were covered with red hair, which led down to his pubic hair, framing his weapon of a penis and covering his scrotum. Collins opened a storage closet and took out some K-Y jelly. Apparently, he had done this sort of thing before. He slathered it all over his penis and O'Donnell's somewhat willing pink asshole. O'Donnell screamed upon being penetrated. This was the first time. But Kevin really wanted this, and Sean wasn't going to pull out anyway. Collins thin arse, lightly covered with red hairs bobbed back and forth as he violated the young "investment counselor." After a few strokes, O'Donnell relaxed and started enjoying it. Collins now started to cum, pushing hard and spasmodically up Kevin's ass. The combination of the paddling and the _f_u_c_k_ing finally caused Kevin to come, right against the balcony wall!

Upon pulling out, Sean noticed this and smiled. He went back into the apartment, corrected the mistakes, and signed the investment papers. Kevin, not bothering to dress again, slipped back into the apartment, knocked Sean to the couch and gave him a deep French kiss. The two of them then proceeded to suck and _f_u_c_k_ for the rest of Saint Patrick's Day.

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