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by Sean <>

My name is Sean I live in the UK on the south coast and I'm now 21, I've been keeping a diary since I was 11, it started as a school project but I just kept it up when the project finished, its up to 25 volumes now of everything that happens in my life a lot of it is pretty boring and would be of no interest to anyone except me. There are numerous occasions though when I have been on the receiving end of a spanking and I've also kept a memory of them in my diary so I thought I would share them with you guys. I'm not sure why I write them down; I don't think at the time I got a buzz out of it, unlike now but maybe sub consciously I did. Anyway enough rambling this is one of my experiences when I was 16, I hope you enjoy reading about it. I've just copied it straight from my diary so sorry if some of it dose not make sense.

Thursday August 15 1996

After yesterdays excellent day out on the beech with the rest of the family, today has not gone so well, I got too much sun yesterday on my back and my legs and woke up this morning really sore, I rubbed some cream on my legs and got Tom to do my back so it doesn't blister I hope it does the trick. Didn't bother going downstairs till nearly lunchtime, so hot and sticky I just decided to stay in my bedroom as its cooler. Had an excellent wank, the technique tom told me about is really good I shoot loads. Dad was in the kitchen when I went down in a really stroppy mood about something, never did find out why but I guess him and my mum have been arguing again, decided it best to stay out of the way so went to watch the telly. Dad came in and told me to stop being so lazy and go and cut the grass didn't put up a fight not with his mood. I decided to do it as quick as I could it was just too hot to be outside but Steve kept pestering me over the fence so I went and chatted to him and its in the shade by that part of the garden. We chatted for ages and I forgot about the grass and went into his house to play with his computer. Dad came knocking at the door wanting to know where I was and ordered me home, it really pisses me off when he puts me down in front of Steve so I didn't go quietly which was a mistake I should know by now not to say no to my dad but he makes it so difficult sometimes. He virtually dragged me out of the house and told me get on with cutting the grass. I was really pissed off and so the grass could look better but I didn't care.

When I came inside he was still in a mood and told me to go upstairs, suited me fine, I didn't want to be in his company anyway so I came and lay on my bed and fell asleep. He woke me up about an hour later. Told me he was fed up of my attitude and he was going to do something about it. I tried to look brave but I knew what he was going to do, he said something about the last time obviously hadn't sunk in. Told me I had to go down to the living room at 5 to be punished. I told him I was sorry and did the usual pleading bit. He just walked out of my bedroom and said 5 o'clock Sean. It had been nearly six months since the last time and that had hurt for 3 days, I knew this was going to be harder. Went to the bathroom about 10 times over the next two hours, got really emotional and upset thinking about it, it was a really long two hours.

Went downstairs bang on five, My mum Tom and Adrian were all sitting in the main room when I went in, I think Tom probably looked more nervous than me, Its only 5 days since I had to watch him get it I guess that's why. Dad called me over to the table and gave me the usual speech about respect and all that _s_h_i_t_ and asked me if I had anything to say, I said I was sorry again but he started to roll up his shirt sleeve and told me to drop my shorts and my briefs. He ordered me over the table while he started removing his belt. He said something about as last time I had got it for my attitude he was not going to give me the usual 5 I would be getting 10 instead and if there was a next time it would be 15 I just wanted him to get on with it. As usual when it landed the pain was indescribable, I really tried to stay quiet but after 3 I was howling and the tears started after the forth I guess I lost count after that all I could think about was the pain of the belt as it struck my bare bottom, it wasn't just more smacks he defiantly hit me harder than before as well. When he told me it was over he had to help me get up and I'm bit ashamed but I've done some serious crying today. I guess being the eldest I try to put on a brave face for tom and Adrian but they didn't get one today. So I've been sent to bed and now my bottom is as red as my legs and my back from the sunburn but that pain is small compared to this, my bottom really feels like its on fire I bet this hurts for a lot more than 3 days. I've been ordered to re cut the grass tomorrow and if it's not perfect I will get some more. Can't think of anything else to write about today.

That was one day from my diary, there a others like it, some before it and a couple more after it, but let me know if you found it enjoyable to read about, if you did I will let you know more of the gory details. Later people....Sean

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