Hugh Takes Charge

by Caius Martius <>

We went to a party last night and had a bit too much to drink, so just fell into bed. But this morning, I was woken up by Hugh's _c_o_c_k_ pressed into my back. He'd woken up before me and must have got hard immediately. Obviously he was going to demand _s_e_x_ from me, whether I wanted it or not. I grunted and turned over, but before I knew what was happening, Hugh was sitting on my chest, his muscly thighs pressed against the sides of my head so I couldn't move at all.

Without speaking, he forced his dick between my lips. Hugh has a huge, thick dick which I love being allowed to suck. I can't take it as far down my throat as I want to yet, but when I get the chance I always take it as deeply as I can - not that I had much choice this morning as Hugh was obviously taking no prisoners and started _f_u_c_k_ing my face, holding his hard _c_o_c_k_ down with one hand so I could be forced to take more of it.

Hugh has instructed me to grow my hair longer so that when he wants to he can grab it and force me to do whatever he wants. This morning, when I had got his shaft nice and wet, he pulled me roughly down, so I could lap his big hairy balls. I was enjoying the taste of him so much, all musky and manly after his night's sleep, that I made the mistake of closing my eyes. Suddenly he was hitting me hard round the face with his dick saying,

'Open your eyes, boy. I want you to look at how big your Master's _c_o_c_k_ is.'

I obeyed immediately and watched in awe as he wanked right above my face, my mouth crammed full of his balls so I could only groan in apprec iation. When he rolled off me I begged him to stripe my arse.

He hesitated, but I reminded him that my but cheeks belonged to him and he could do whatever he wanted and I really, really wanted to feel them sting as I sat at my desk this morning.

He pushed me onto my stomach, saying 'I think we'll give you a good hand spanking first'. Then I got six of the hardest spanks from Hugh that I have ever had. There was no pause between them, and I couldn't count because my head was rammed so hard into the pillows. I was writhing in pain and pleasure by the time that Hugh was finished, and he bent down to place a couple of soft kisses on each of my cheeks, murmuring with pleasure at how red he had made me.

Then he reached down under the bed.

Last week, on Hugh's instructions, I went out and bought a very beautiful riding crop. It's black, with a silver handle and a black square of leather at the end.

The first three times Hugh hit me with the crop, I think that he was being quite gentle. The small leather square leaves small patches of red which sting for ages - I can still feel one of them at the top of my right buttock as I write. But I knew that Hugh really wanted to mark me, from things he has said before - so I begged for him to bring the crop crashing down on my arse as hard as he could. I don't know if it hurts more if you clench your buttocks, but I was a bit nervous, so that's what I did. Hugh laid the length of the crop across both my cheeks, positioning it perfectly, then raised it. I knew the crop was really going to bite into me because I heard the supple handle whish through the air and then it hit. I am a bit new to all this, so as you can imaginge, I had never, ever felt anything like it in my life. I grunted and buried my face deeper into the pillow and tried not to sob as Hugh bent down to inspect the red welt he had left right across both my cheeks.

Then he turned me over quite roughly - pushing my hips down so that I felt pressure on my newly acquired stripe. He was so turned on, that it only took a few strokes of his hand before there were thick spurts of spunk flying through the air. Recently, Hugh's orgasms have become really strong and he comes absolute tons - not only that but it flies everywhere. He grabbed me by the hair again and I managed to catch most of it as it hit me on the jaw. I know from painful experience never, ever to wipe it off before given permission.

Sometimes, Hugh doesn't give me long to touch myself - if I don't come within the specified time period I'm not allowed to touch myself again for ages. I'm not seeing Hugh tonight, so I was really hoping this wasn't going to hapen - but it did. I got two minutes.

Hugh was lying beside me, counting down every thirty seconds and I thought that I wasn't going to make it, so got a bit desperate. So at fifteen seconds, I wiped the huge load of thick spunk, which was still on my face, into my palm and brought myself off, lubing my dick with it.

Hugh says that I'm forgiven for breaking a rule, because he thought it was horny, and because I was good at taking the stripes like a man.

We're going away for three days tomorrow, and I'm in charge, so I'm making sure that I pack that crop - a little revenge would be good, don't you think?

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