Kappa Cane

by Michael Artis <michaelartis@hotmail.com>

By know you know that I am dating BLUE THUNDER, a member of Phi Beta Sigma, Inc. Now they have alot of Frat in his family, including this one brotha named "Nooty" who lives out in L. A. Nooty was a "Blood" growing up in the streets of South Central Los Angeles and was a Straight Thug who turned his life around and is now in school. He joined a Frat and of course Red was in his heart... He became a KAPPA.

His nickname was the "Red Baron" to some and "The Hazer" to most. He loved to serve wood on anyone. Most people who want to pledge ask him to serve them wood a few times to see if they could handle the "Secret" pledge process. Most that Nooty serves NEVER PLEDGE!

Nooty came down to visit the family and hang out. It was homecoming and there were Lines Crossing for most Fraternities. He went to just hang out, but did not touch anyone. Just tripped on the Southern way of doing things. So, he was hanging out with his cousin, My Boo. When I met Nooty, he looked so mean... I was very intimidated! But he seen the love his cousin had for me, so I became friends almost immediately with the 5'11", 165lbs ex-gangsta.

Nooty wanted to go to the Mall and Boo was in class... So I took Nooty in My Car. Of Course I was in Blue as per my Boo's orders. But Nooty seemed to have a problem with it.

He said "I am gonna get you a Red Shirt so you can look like a Real Man!"

I chuckled and he seemed to get offended. Red had a different meaning for Nooty than just KAPPA, It was the colors of his "set" back in South Central L. A. "What's wrong with Red?" he said.

I Replied "It is a Bitch Color, Blue is the Bomb!"

"Man, if we was back in da Hood, I would have shot your stupid ass for some _s_h_i_t_ like that... Disrespecting my colors." He was my opportunity to try and see if he would mess around...

"I am Sorry Nooty, You want me to take wood or something to make it up to you?" (I was hoping he would...) But Nooty Just sat and pondered about it...

"Where would I serve ya?" he asked? My heart was pounding.

"My place, but NO ONE Can Know, I do not want anyone think I am a PUNK or anything!" He agreed and we turned the car toward my crib.

He brought he duffle-bag with the wood in it and he told me to get in the "Cut". I dropped to my Boxers and grabbed my ankles... My throat was swelling! "Naw Blood, I do not serve on Blue... You got blue Boxers on... take that _s_h_i_t_ off!"

"I don't have any Red Boxers!"....

"Well, you'll take the _s_h_i_t_ Bare man!" I was not ready for all that... But I took them off and bent over...


It was not too hard, but just stung enough. Nooty notice my _d_i_c_k_ gettin hard.

"Aw man, you likin this _s_h_i_t_? If you likin it, maybe I need to do something about that..." The strokes got harder and my ass started to sweat... I popped up and said that was enough... "Naw man, I say when it is enough..." I got back in the cut and popped up again after two more... Nooty Back-handed my in the face and I fell to the floor... "Get yo ass up! You like it, take it!" I got back up and was about to get back in the cut... "Naw man, lay yo ass on the floor, face down"... and I did so...

"Spread dem legs wide open... you like that wood... see if you like this Cane!" I thought he meant that he was talking about his _d_i_c_k_, but he was NOT! Out of his bag cane a Red and White striped cane which was used for STEP... He spit on the end of it and placed it at the my bunghole... I tightened up... but He shoved it in and started moving it around... It was not comfortable at all... And then he started smacking my bare ass with his hand... It really stung... "Moan like a bitch for the Red"... I did so... It lasted about 15-20 minutes... then he stood up and said "Now get yo bitch ass up off the floor, get dressed and take me too the mall!"

I did so and we were still cool. He never told anyone what transpired and I always wondered if he enjoyed paddling and _f_u_c_k_ing me with his KAPPA CANE... I wish I knew...

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