The Troublesome Nephew

by By: Dave Mack <>

It was a quiet Wednesday evening when the phone rang. It was my sister. Now in most families that would not be unusual but since I came out to my family some 10 years ago I was all but shunned. So when she called I assumed that mom had died or my brother was in jail again or some such family problem. But what she asked me was to babysit! "Look sis being a single gay man in his 40's I have no time to be changing diapers or bottle feeding kids." She laughed. "It has been a long time since you've seen my son then..He is no longer a baby, he's almost 14!" I had lost track of time.. She was a single mom for the boy as I knew her good for nothing deadbeat husband had ditched her when the boy was still in the crib. "Look my job is sending me overseas for a month and I can't leave Jack home alone for that long." "Sis don't you have anyone who can babysit this kid." "Jack's been able to be left alone for short periods of time for over a year now but I can't leave him alone for a month and the only other person I can leave him with is mom but she has got so stoggy he would be bored. And I think you and Jack may have a lot in common." She said that with a bit of a chuckle in her voice.

She arrived Thursday morning with Jack. He was definatly no longer a child! He was tall, lean with bleach blond hair and the most beautiful baby blue eyes I'd seen in years. With his baby face he looked about 12 but was filled out like most boys his age. He was wearing tight jeans and a T-shirt with Aaron Carters picture on it. We all sat in my living room. "Well Jack you mind your uncle Mike. Whatever rules he has you follow and he has my permission to ground you or punish you in any way he sees fit if you misbehave. "I'll be OK, mom" he said somewhat dejectedly. She gave him a kiss on the forhead, gave me a letter of responsibility in case he needed to go to the hospital and left.

Uncle Mike what are your rules and bedtime and stuff he asked. "Well first off" I told him, "Drop the 'uncle" and just call me Mike. Why are you so down?" "I don't need a baby sitter. I'm not a little kid. I'm almost 14." That was the problem. He was used to being independent and felt cut off from his normal routine. "Look, I agree you don't need a babysitter. I'm NOT a babysitter and you're not a baby. Look at it like this..We are just a couple of guys hanging out for a few weeks together. Sure I'm older and responsible for you but I'm not about to give you a bath, change your underpants for you or feed you..." I said this with a _s_h_i_t_ eating grin and he immediately began to relax. "Jack, all I ask is that you respect this place. It's not huge, it's not the Ritz but it IS my place. I have a computer and internet service which you are welcome to use. Since this is summertime you can stay up as late as you like. Just one thing: While I'm at work I do not want you to have people in the house. Fair enough?" "Sure Un..I mean Mike" he said with an obvious feeling of ease in his voice. "Now let me show you the place."

I showed him the apartment. The kitchen, living room, bathroom. my bedroom, and the spare room which was to be his bedroom while here. It was sparse but comfortable and I told him to make it as he liked. We had lunch and talked all about what he liked. He talked about all the boy bands he liked, all his fiends and some special friend name Tony. I had a sneaking suspicion about him but said nothing.

Things went fine for a few days until I came home early and found several bicycles in front of the house. I quietly went inside and found 3 boys I did not know and Jack all sitting eating and watching TV. And the living room was a mess! I had been so quiet they didn't hear me come in.."What's going on here young man?" Jack jumped to his feet. "Well we were just veggin' and watchin' tv and.." his voice trailed off seeing the anger in my face. "I told you that one of the rules was no one was to be in the house when I am not home. Didn't I?" He nodded his head. "DIDN'T I" I yelled at him. "Yes" he said softly looking down at the floor. Before I could tell them to leave the other three boys said they had better go and quickly headed for the door. "Clean up this mess and then go to your room. I'll decide what I'm going to do with you later." I was too angry to to say more. While there had been no damage that I could see other than the place being a mess and food all over the place I was angry he had deliberately defied my rules.

Within less than 30 minutes Jack had the room looking neat and clean and he headed for his room. I went and fixed dinner while I let him stew. I was unsure what to do. I couldn't afford to take the time off from work to be home with him all day and yet I had to do something. I decided I needed to talk with my nephew and find out what was going on. I knocked and opened the door and he was lieing on his bed listening to music with his headphones on. He removed them and sat up.

"Now you understand why your mom could not leave you home alone while she is away on business. And now I can't leave you home alone while I go to work. So how many days have you been doing this? "Just today Mike, I swear. They are my friends and one is well..." he hesitated.. "my boyfriend." "I'm gonna ask you a question and I want you to be honest with me Jack. Are you gay?" He paused and then shook his head yes. "Jack, in case you didn't know it I am also gay!" His eyes lit up. "What? Does my mom know?" I then explained to him that she had known for many years and that I was sort of the black sheep in the family because of it. "But that doesn't change what you did. If you had asked me about having in maybe one person I'd have had no problem but you had three and you did it behind my back." "I'm sorry" he said softly. Well as you said this is the only time you've done this I'm inclined to let it slide BUT if you do it again or I find out you've had people in before your punishment will be severe." He smiled at me and as I walked out of his room the doorbell rang.

Mrs Peevey was a nosy neighbour but she was also like a watchdog. If something went on she knew about it. So when I opened the door I was somewhat startled to see her standing there. "Well how many more days are you gonna have all these kids hanging around here all day long?" She then told me that Jack had had people in for the last three days while I was at work. They had been useing the swiming pool that was reserved only for tenants and had been playing the stereo and TV loud and one of them had actually called he an old bag! (I couldn't tell her what I was thinking but the term "old bag" certainly fit her.) I asked if she knew which one and she said it was Jack! She turned to leave and I thanked her for being a good neighbour. Now I went back to Jacks' room.

As I approached I saw he had heard the whole conversation. "Let me try and explain.." he said. But I was fit to be tied. "You go back in your room and sit there. No radio, tv nothing! Just sit there while I decide what I'm going to do.." I could tell he was scared and knew he was in big time trouble. I went to the kitchen to contemplate what I was going to do and to check on dinner. The roast was done and I took it out of the oven. I set the table and called Jack to come and eat. He came down stairs and looked at me with fear. "Are you gonna let me have dinner?" he asked me. "I never begrudge anyone a meal and we need to talk. Sit down and eat." He was ill at ease, picked at his meal and tried to avoid eye contact. He was obviously concerned what I might do but at this point I had no clue.

"Jack, when you told me it was the only time you'd had people in I was inclined to just let it slide 'as boys will be boys' but you not only did it for the last three days you also lied to me about it and disturbed other people in the building. And calling Mrs Peevey an old bag was totally disrespectful (even though deep inside I agreed with him. He had to have respect for adults.) "I cannot let this slide young man. Now what would your mother do if she were here?" "I don't know" was all he said. "Well how has she punished you in the past?" "Different ways, I don't know" he said obviously evading the question. "Well do I need to make a long distance oversees call to find out? I asked you a question." He looked up and said to me "When I was a lot littler or younger she spanked me but now that I'm older she just yells at me and sometimes will take away my bike or something like that." "And because she's away all day you basicly get away with it..?" He nodded his head.. He was just about through with dinner and I told him that if he was done to clear the table and got to his room and to bed. It was just after 6PM. "It's only 6and I'm not tired" he protested. "GO TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" I ordered him. He bound up the stairs and slammed the door behind him.

There was no way I could afford to take the days off to watch him and yet I felt I couldn't leave him alone or let this slide. He had deliberately disobeyed my rules and lied about it. I then thought that maybe I could have Mrs Peevey babysit him all day. Now that would be a real punishment. She would be such a drag on him. He'd be bored yet he'd not be able to get away with anything. I decided to sit and watch TV and contemplate what I would do when the phone rang. It was Tony, Jacks friend. He apologized for leaving the place a mess and said he was just calling cause he was just concerned about Jack. He was just 13 and I asked him what his parents would have done if he did what Jack did. "Thats easy sir. I'd have one real sore bum. My dad used the belt last week when I sassed my mom." He said Jack was there and saw him get it and later made the comment he was lucky he didn't have a dad as mom was not spanking him anymore. I thanked him for calling and told him I'd tell Jack he'd called. Now I knew what I needed to do..

It was nearing 9PM. I had not spanked anyone since I could remember. And while there was a certain eliment of anxiety for me to spank what I assumed was one cute 14 yr old bum I also was aware of the psychological harm that corporal punishment could do to a kid his age. He was still a boy but trying to become a young man. Yet I wasn't sure what other options I had. I went to his room, knocked and entered. He was sitting up on the bed wearing just his briefs. "I'm sorry I'm not in bed but I am not tired, Mike." I sat in the chair and looked him in the face for the longest time and said nothing. "Well I'm sorry too Jack but we need to deal with your behaviour. As I told you earlier if this had been just today I'd have let it slide but seeing that you did if for three days, lied to me about and you were rude and disrespectful to Mrs Peevy we have a serious situation and I can't let this slide. I can't afford to take off from work to babysit you all day long. And you've shown me why your mother couldn't leave you home alone while she is on her business trip. So I need to make a decision. I am considering asking Mrs Peevey to literally BABYsit you all day long." I emphasized the BABY in babysit to make him realize he was being punished. "You've proved you can't be trusted to be left alone even tho pushing 14 you should be able to be." I'm sorry Uncle Mike" he said sounding rather formal. "I was bored being alone and I just wanted to be with my friends." "Look Jack you have the right to be with your friends especially in the summer. And I know it's not easy being here and not at home but with your mom away this is the way it is. And I understand you are not allowed to have kids in the house when you are alone there either, right?" "Yeah" he said. "I'm sorry, but please don't get me a baybsitter. I won't do it again." "Jack if you had called me and asked permission I'd have gladly allowed you to have your friend with you. I realize you and he are real close and he called a few minutes ago to heck on you. Now instead of being responsible and doing it right you went behind my back, did it three times and then lied about it. Thats the real problem. And I have to punish you."

"What are you gonna do?" he said with questioning eyes. "I'm afraid it won't be pleasant Jack. I'm going to do what's not been done in a long time. I'm going to put you over my knee and spank you similiar to how your friend Tony got it. He told me about it. You've left me no alternative." I'd expected him to offer some sort of protest. I know I would have at his age. "Ok" was all he said. "And it must be bare assed." Now I was sure he'd protest and try to talk me out of it, and he probably would have succeeded. "I understand" was all he said looking down at the floor. I got up and went to get some sort of paddle. I then remembered I had an old wooden hairbrush in the bathroom and retrieved it. I returned to the bedroom and told him to stand up. He stood and looked me in the face. "Uncle Mike, I know I got this coming but I want you to know I am sorry. Please forgive me. I promise that I won't have anyone in without permission again." Jack, that's not the issue. It's that you lied to me. That's the real reason for this punishment." He shook his head in agreement. Without another word I reached over and slipped down his briefs. I'd not seen him naked before and he was real well developed for a kid his age. He was about 5" and cut and had a nice sca and a pretty good pubic patch. I thought he might be hard and sure enough he was just getting a boner.

He stepped out of the briefs and stood totally naked in front of me. "Do you have anything to say before I spank you?" He shook his head no. I knew he was trying to be brave but he was also scared. I took his left arm and pulled him down and over my lap. I adjusted his body so his face was almost to the rug and his legs were bent in the opposite direction. Placing my hand on his hairless bum I rubbed and told him to lift and spread his cheeks. Reaching down and through his legs I positioned his dick so it was going between my legs and thru my pants was rubbing my own _c_o_c_k_ which was also getting hard. He was now in position. Once again I asked if he was ready and had anything to say. "I'm sorry I lied to you" he almost whispered.

As I had never spanked him before and was sure if he'd not been spanked in a long time I decided this was going to be a long, slow, painful and memorable one. I raised my hand and slapped his cute upturned butt. He jumped with shock and hollered "OUCH." Again I slapped his bum but this time harder. "Ow, that hurts". SLAP. He put his hand back to protect his boy bum. I reached underneath and grabbed his _c_o_c_k_ and balls. At the same time I told him "If you put your hand up just one more time this will be a whole lot worse" and with that I squeezed his balls. "Ow, that hurts, please let go." "Then what will you be doing with your hand?" I asked with an edge of authority. Quickly he removed his hand. I resumed the hand spanking while gently holding his boy tool which remained rock hard. As I spanked he began rocking up and down and it was evident he wanted to cum in my hand. Within moments he did just that. He let out a moan of pleasure. It was then that the fun stopped. "Well Jack now that we've taken care of that problem we'll begin a new with your lieing." I picked up the hairbrush and smartly brought it down with full force across his now pink bum cheeks. He let out a scream. I increased my grip on his balls and he realized he had no choice but to settle down and take his punishment. It was then that I began to paddle him within his ass crack and on his boy hole. Now I'd HIT home! Slap, slap, slap, slap, slap, slap I went on and on pummeling his boy hole with the brush. Within a matter of minutes he was screaming and beging for mercy. "Oh please Mike, please stop it hurts, Ow, Oh please, Ow, OWWW, I can't take any more OWW, I'll never lie again..OW Ow OW OW." His cries fell on deaf ears. I figured this would be a one time spanking and he deserved every slap I gave him. I continued on with the hair brush and from time to time I alternated between his boy crack and his cheeks. Left, Right, hole, Hole, right, hole, left, left, right right right, Hole, Hole Hole. on and on I went. I lost count but I must have spanked him well over 50 times.

Jack was taking it fairly well. He never tried to put his hand back to protect his now very red and tender bottom. He was crying like a little kid but considering the pain I had inflicted he was trying to be very brave. "Do I need to use the strap?" I asked him. "No No Please, no strap." I put down the hairbrush but continued with my bare hand. And then it happened. He just broke down and really cried. He was balling uncontrollably. And I noticed he finally lost his hard on. I removed my had from his _c_o_c_k_ and balls but still continued to spank on. I had finally broken through and found the line of communication between his bum and his brain. After some additional 50 hand spanks I stopped. "Now have you learned a lesson Jack? I asked as he continued to lie over my lap crying. "He was blubbering so hard he didn't answer me right away but within a few seconds he said "Yes..Please no more..Please. I've learned. I swear I'll follow all the rules and never lie to you again." I said he was never to lie to his mother or any other adult to who he was subject to. "I agree, I'll be good, Please, Please uncle Mike, please no more". I slowly rubbed his bum. After about 5 minutes he was almost through crying. "Stand up" I told him. He was a bit unsteady but did as I told him. His _c_o_c_k_ was totally soft and I took this to mean that any _s_e_x_ual excitement was long gone. "Now have you learned a lesson or should I get the strap" I asked as I got up and picked up his own belt from the dresser. "Please no more , Please. I swear I learned my lesson. He literally got on his knees. "Please I can't take any more. I swear I'll never lie or break the rules again. Please. please." He kept on saying the same words over and over.

I threw the belt onto the dresser. He knelt there looking at me and I knew he was wondering what was on my mind. "Stand up" I told gim as I reached over and gently stroked his _c_o_c_k_. "I know you enjoyed a small part of that spanking, didn't you..Be honest." "Yeah the beginning but it hurt and I mean it Mike and I will be good. Can I ask just one thing please?" "Go ahead ask" I said nonchalantly. "Can this be just between you and me..and not tell mom?" "Why"I asked. "Well I am gonna be 14 soon, mom hasn't spanked me since I was about 11 and it is kinda embaressing if she knew. Can we please just keep it between us a guys?" I thought for a minute. "Well here's the deal. If you misbehave and I feel you need to be spanked again I will spank you, no questions asked and you will accept it. And that includes after your mom comes home from her trip. Otherwise I tell mom your misbehaved and how I had to spank you. Do you agree?" He shook his head in agreement. I released his _c_o_c_k_ which was getting hard again and told him to get his pants on. As he turned and bent down to pick up his briefs I gave him one more slap to his still red bum. "Ow" he said as he turned and stood quickly. "That is just a reminder" I said with a chuckle. "And by the way, for what it's worth you took your punishment real well. And you have a real cute bum too." He smiled as I stood and opened the bedroom door. "I love you Uncle Mike. I wish you were my dad and not just my uncle. "Yeah. me too I said as I headed for the kitchen to finish cleaning up from dinner.

Later on I went back to check on him. He was lieing face down on top of the bed. I had brought some salve with me and I gently slid down his briefs and pulled them off. He came to and turned to look at me. "Just relax and lie still" I told him. He did as I told him and slowly and gently I massaged the cool cream into his still warm bum.. What happend later..well that's between Jack and me but I can tell you we both had a fun time. Oh and I did have to spank him again later on. But I'll tell you about that some other time..

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