The Second Day (The Garage Thief - Part 2)

by By: Dave Mack <>

DISCLAIMER: This is a total work of fiction! Please read the original story called "THE GARAGE THIEF" as this is a follow-up to that story. As before I want to emphasize I am personally opposed to corporal punishment, especially for teenage boys. There are far better and more effective forms of discipline for them when needed. If this story makes you uncomfortable then please close this and move on. If you enjoy it as I feel you will please email me..

After the spanking I had given him the day before I really did not think Sean would return. So I was very surprised when as just a few minutes before 5PM there was a knock on my door and it was Sean. I went and opened the door trying to hide my delight and surprise. "Well I'm here and on time" he said as he walked into the kitchen. "Mmmm, something sure smells good" he said. I told him I was just making a meatloaf and asked if after our business was complete if he was interested in a bite to eat. He said he was as it'd been awhile since he'd last had anything to eat. I didn't immediately pick up on this..

"Well what is my punishment to be this time?" he asked me as he took off his jacket. I told him that for this session I was going to do things a bit differently. I directed him again to the storage room where I'd spanked him the previous afternoon. When we went in the room he turned and looked at me. I told him to strip to his underpants and that I'd return shortly. I went to the cellar to get some twine. I intended to tie him up for this session.

When I returned to the room he was standing on the rug in just his white briefs and it was evident he had a raging hard on. He looked at the twine with a questioning glance. I told him that I intended to tie him up so as he would be held in position for his punishment. I then proceeded to move the small oblong table to the foot of the bed. I thn sat in the chair I had used the last time to spank him. "Come over here young man" I told him. Unlike the day before he came to me without hesitation. "Before we begin you need a warmup and reminder."

With that I looped my fingers into the wasteband of his underpants and slowly slipped them down over his _c_o_c_k_, knees and to his ankles. "Step out of them" I said calmly. He did as instructed and I reached out and began a slow rhythmic jerk of his boy tool. With my other hand I reached under his sac and gently squeezed his balls. He winced and moaned but stood still. "I think you need to be milked first" I told him and with that I pulled him close and started to lick his shaft with my tongue. I started first with the pink head and then went down his 7" shaft to his pubic hair. I had him touching the back of my throat. "I'm gonna cum soon" he whispered. I then gave his ball sac a hard squeeze and stopped sucking him. Almost without warning I pulled him down and across my lap. I began rubbing his very cute and hairless bum while fondling his boy tool with the other hand. "Time to begin" I said as I raised my hand and brought it down smartly on his bum. He jumped a little and I held his _c_o_c_k_ tighter! "Spread your bum cheeks" I told him. I then started to finger his boy hole and I could tell by his breathing he was nearing orgasm. I then resumed the hand spanking and gave him some 30 hard spanks until he suddenly gave up his spunk! I was all sticky and he was moaning. "Now we begin the real punishment" I told him as I repositioned him over my lap to raise his bum higher. I reached down beside the chair and recovered the hairbrush I'd used on him the day before. "Open your crack and hold still" I told him. "Yes sir" he said half moaning. Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank. I went on and on right in his crack and on his hole. For the first few he tried to be brave but by the 8th spank he was crying. I just continued on. Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank, Spank. And then he let go and began really balling. "Oh please daddy, no more.. I'll be good I promise. He pleaded and begged but I kept on spanking. When I got to 50 I put down the hairbrush. The boy just laid over my lap crying like a 10 yr old instead of his actual age of 15. As he cried I began rubbing his bum and telling him we only had one more round to go for the day.

I told him to go over and lie on the bed as I had to go to the kitchen to check on dinner. I figured before I finished with him for the day I needed to give him a break to recompose himself. As he got up he was still semi hard.

In the kitchen I set two places at the table. It had been awhile since I'd last had company and I was really glad he was gonna have dinner. I also went and got a very soft pillow for his chair as I knew his bottom was gonna be ultra tender and would need extra padding to be able to sit and eat. And I did want him to enjoy the meal. I took the meatloaf and baked potatoes out of the oven to let them cool and I headed back to the room to warm his bottom even further.

Upon opening the door he was lieing face down on the bed, rubbing his bum and still wimpering. "You ready for the finale for todays session?" I asked him. He was, for the first time really crying. Inside I was starting to feel sorry for him but also proud that he'd truely been a man of his word by returning for this second session. "Yeah" he said softly and stood up. I then took the twine and tied his wrists tightly together. "Come over here" I told him and I directed him down and over the small table. I put a small pillow on it so his butt would be raised up and to pad his boy tool. I then tied the other end of the twine to the bed posts. I took the rest of the twine, secured it around his ankles, pulled his legs wide apart and secured them to the legs of the table.

I reach underneath and adjusted his _c_o_c_k_ so as he could roll on it up and down. "What are you gonna do to me this time" he asked. "If you were in a boys home in years past in some places they could flog you. And that is what I'm going to do." "Flog, What does that mean?" he asked me in what I'd have to describe as a very scared tone. I opened the bottom drawer of the bureau and took out a large handkerchief and secured it over his mouth to muffle his screams. Next I opened the closet door and took out the old razor strap. He looked at it and through his gag he screamed.."Oh no...Not that".. I reached down and rubbed his bum cheeks. "I think you now know what a flogging is, don't you? I asked him. Sean shook his head YES and I noticed a look of terror in his face. He had a look of pleading in his eyes. It was obvious he was pleading for mercy but I would have none of it. "When I'm through with you son you will NEVER ever EVER try to steal from me or anyone ever again. Do you have anything to say?" It was a dumb question to ask him as with the gag he could say nothing. "Ready?" I asked him. Very slowly he nodded yes. He closed his eyes and I noticed he tried raising his bum cheeks as he had over my lap a few minutes ago. I then drew back the strap and brought it down with full force on his boy bum. Thru the gag he screamed. I KNEW he was getting the message. He instinctively pulled his arms and this only tightened the twine securing his wrists. He tried to kick his legs but could only move a few inches in any direction. I drew back the strap and let it crash into his boy butt again! Swish-CRACK! Again the boy screamed thru the gag. Swish-CRACK as again I strapped his spread buttocks. He was squirming up and down just as I knew he would. I stopped momentarily and reached under his mid secton and just as I thought he was rock hard again. "I hope you are learning from this punishment young man" I said as I again brought the strap down on his ass. Swish-CRACK, Swish-CRACK, Swish-CRACK.. I gave him three hard one in rapid succession. His cheeks were now a bright rosy red. As his cheeks were pretty widely spread I changed my position slightly and made the next stroke land right in his crack. Swish-CRACK. That one hit home. He bucked so hard that the table jumped off the floor. And he was screaming thru the gag.

"Son, you have just a few more strokes coming and then this session is over. And don't forget you still do have one more day to go." "mmmmmmmm" he said thru the gag but I didn't know what he was saying or meant. "You have 6 more strokes coming. If you move just one inch I'm gonna make it 12. DO you understand son?" Sean nodded his head. "Now HOLD STILL." I reached down and gently rubbed his very sore bum paying close attention to his now very red and sore butt hole. I reached down and thru his legs and gave his balls a little squeeze. "Are you ready" I whispered in his ear. "Uh Huh" he said as he nodded his head yes. I released my hand from his ball sac and stood up. Swish-CRACK.. Swish-CRACK... Swish-CRACK....Swish-CRACK.......Swish-CRACK.........Swish-CRACK. The first three were right across his spread upturned bum cheeks. The last three directly in his crack. Through the gag he was screaming bloody murder.

"It's over for today son" I told, him as I put the strap back in the closet. He laid there crying uncontrollably as I removed the gag. "Ahhhhhhhhhh" he yelled as I took off the gag. I then untied his ankes from the table and his wrists from the bed posts. "Get up" I told him gently. "I can't" he said thru deeps sobs and tears. I reached down and gently took his arm and helped him to his feet. "Go lie down on the bed and relax for awhile. I'll go finish making dinner." I helped him to the bed where he laid face down, burying his face in the pillow, crying uncontrollably and rubbing his bum with both hands.

I took my time in the kitchen and when dinner was ready I went back to the room. With me I had brought a bucket of ice and cold water and a soft towell. He had stopped crying and was just lieing on the bed but still breathing very heavy. I spoke softly and told him to just lie still and I'd make him feel better. He very softly said "ok" and I proceeded to wet and ice down his stinging bum. He just about leapt off the bed with the initial touch but soon relaxed and laid quietly as I helped to cool down the fire in his bum. I reached under and started to massage his ball sac and as usual he was hard. "Can you turn over? I asked him. 'It hurts too much. Can I lie on my side? he asked. "Sure". I then bent down and again sucked on his hard tool. Withim minutes my mouth was filled with lots of warm boy juice.

"Felling better? I asked. "Yeah" he said having regained most of his pre spanking composure. Suddenly something clicked with me. "Why did you try to steal from my garage yesterday? You never did tell me." Then the shocking truth came out. "I've not had a thing to eat in two days. I was stealing stuff and selling it to get food. I was really looking in your trash for anything you might have thrown out that was still eadable." I felt like I wanted to cry. "But why Sean? You eat at home..?" "Home?..I'm alone." My dad just took off about two weeks ago. I don't know where he is. There's no food in the house, just empty beer bottles and no money. "Why didn't you tell me? I asked him in a very fatherly tone. "I was afraid you would call the cops and I don't wanna be in some foster home." "Why didn't you just tell me you were hungry? You knew I was fixing dinner yesterday and there was plenty." I felt like crying. "I just didn't want to tell anyone I was alone and hungry and despite the pain I did like being with you. At least you seem to care..."

"C'mon Sean. Put your pants on, or at least your shorts and please come to my table. You are my guest. You can't take something if it is given you." "Ok..and thanks.." he told me obviously holding back tears. Sean came to the table in just his underpants and was greatful for the pillow. He and I had dinner and got to know each other. This was the first of many meals I shared with this young man. Oh and I told him the third spanking session was being cancelled due to "extenuating circumstances"...

The End...

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