Brian, Danny and the Birthday Candy

by Sean

Brian O'Malley was generally a good boy. Like any other boy of 12, he got himself into trouble every once in a while, usually for silly little things like failing to clean up after himself, staying out too late and picking on his younger brother. Brian's parents, being very religious, were certainly not morally against physical punishment. However, they were not big fans of it either. When Brian misbehaved, he was usually punished by having his TV privileges revoked or by grounding. Occasionally, usually for disrespect, Brian received mild physical punishment. This usually consisted of an isolated slap in the face, on the wrist or on the butt. Once in a while he would receive a few slaps on the butt in succession. However, these spankings (if they could even be classified as such) were more for the purpose of sending messages than they were for the purpose of inflicting pain.

Brian's parents simply could not stand inflicting severe pain on their children as a corrective measure. Besides, the thought of inflicting damage on Brian's small vulnerable body, so cutely hung on his short, 4'8" frame was simply too repugnant to be considered. Brian therefore reached the crisp age of 12 years without having remembered ever being pulled over a parent's lap for a spanking (the minor aforementioned ones were all carried out wherever Brian happened to be standing at the time the punishment was called for). Brian's mother had once jokingly told him how she used to spank him over her lap when he was a toddler, but such occurrences were beyond Brian's recollections.

Brian was a seventh grader at Lincoln Elementary School, where he was reasonably popular. He was a really nice kid and, despite his size (or lack thereof), he was a good athlete, earmarked by his quick, cat-like reflexes. He wasn't all that bright, but he tried hard and pulled a solid 85 average. He did have one best friend in the class, a taller boy named Danny Andrews. Therefore, it was no surprise that, when Brian's parents had to go away on a 12 day trip in November, Brian's parents arranged to have him stay with the Andrews' for that time period.

Brian's parents dropped him off at the Andrews' on Wednesday night, and Brian immediately knew he would have no trouble adjusting to his new quarters for the next two weeks. Although Danny shared a room with his younger brother, the latter had previously agreed (pursuant to some coaxing by Danny, of course) to bunk on the couch fold out bed, so that Danny and Brian could have a room to themselves for Brian's stay.

The last few days of the week in question passed uneventfully, as Danny and Brian went conducted their business as usual, with the only exception that they both ate breakfast and supper at Danny's house and that they got to room together at night. All in all, things couldn't have been working out better. Until Saturday night, that is.

On Saturday evening, Mrs. Andrews came home with two large shopping bags in tow. In response to the boys' inquiries, she revealed that the bags were full of candy, games an treats for the birthday party of Danny's younger sister, which was scheduled for the following Saturday. "Now boys," she admonished, "this is not to be touched until next Saturday. You'll get some of it then, but I'm going to leave it in the garage until then, and I don't want you taking any."

"Oh, come on," replied Danny, "We don't want to have to hang around for the party just to get some of the food. Just let us take a little of it now. There will still be plenty left for Saturday." Danny's mother sighed "Absolutely not. If you don't want to attend your sister's birthday party, that's up to you, but you are not to take anything before then. I hope that's clear." Danny replied with a meek "okay," but it was apparent that the message was anything but clear.

As Danny and Brian walked off to the living room to watch a video, they were intercepted by Danny's father, who looked them in the eye and said "Danny, I heard the conversation with your mother, and I can't help wondering if you really got her message, so let ME give it to you. You ARE NOT to take ANYTHING from the party supplies before next Saturday. IS WHAT I AM TELLING YOU CLEAR?" This time, Danny's response was a more audible "yes." "Good" responded Mr. Andrews, walking away, although still eyeing the boys somewhat suspiciously.

Later on, as the boys were preparing for bed, Danny asked Brian "So when do you want to sneak in and get some of that candy?" "What??" spluttered Brian, "you're father will kill us." "There's no reason he should ever find out." "But won't they notice something missing?" "Nah, my mom buys a ton of that stuff for parties, she'll never know if a little is missing." "But why risk it? It's just a little candy and some games. You can buy that stuff if you really want it." "That's not the point. My parents always make nicer parties for my sister than for me just because she's the youngest. I'm not going to stand by an watch my sister get such favorable treatment without taking something for myself. And I'm CERTAINLY not killing a whole day hanging around with a bunch of 7 year-olds. We have more important things to do." "But what could possibly be so great about what you mother bought that you'd want to sneak in just to get?" "Are you kidding? My mom buys all the best types of candy and cookies and these little electronic games to give out to all the kids. Those games are more on a 12 year old level than a 7 year old level anyway. There's no reason they should get and not me?" "Well, won't there be any games left over anyway after the party?" "Yeah, but we have a stupid family rule that says if you don't come to the party, you can't get anything from the party. As if they're going to convince me to hang around with a bunch of babies just to get some of that stuff." "You can do what you like, but I'm not disobeying your parents like that. I'm a guest here." "Oh, come on, it won't be any fun sneaking down there alone. Besides, they won't really punish you if they catch you anyway. Worst they could do is tell your father."

"I guess that makes sense" conceded Brian. In the back of his mind, Brian calculated that the Andrews' telling his parents on him wouldn't be too harmful in any case. They wouldn't be back for almost a week and a half. If Mr. Andrews told his father when he got back that, a week and a half ago, Brian misbehaved by taking candy he wasn't supposed to, Brian's father might be a little upset. But, he severely doubted that the first thing his father would do after missing him for almost 2 weeks would be to severely punish him for something that happened 9 days ago.

"Okay, you got a plan?" Brian asked Danny. "Alright, you're in." Danny continued "Okay, the first thing is that my mom will be home basically the whole day tomorrow." When she's not, my dad will be. The only way to guarantee secrecy is to sneak into the garage while they're both asleep. I'll set my alarm for 6:00 tomorrow, and we'll go down together." "Okay" responded Brian "but this candy had better be good for me to get up at 6:00 on a Sunday."

Everything proceeded exactly according to plan the next morning. Danny and Brian woke up at a little after 6:00, quietly got dressed (the garage was separated from the house by an outdoor area) and quietly tiptoed out the side door and into the garage. They silently helped themselves to 3 different kind of candy bars, one pre-packaged bag of oreo cookies and one brand new electronic game each. All they had to do now was hide the stuff away in their backpacks until either they had eaten the stolen property or enough time would have passed for them to be able to believable say that they bought it themselves.

Unfortunately, the plan met a rather large roadblock, when, upon returning to Danny's room, the two boys found, right next to his alarm clock which now read 6:32, a sleepy, but angry Mr. Andrews sitting on a chair in the center of Danny's room. They were caught red handed. "By the way boys," Mr. Andrews commented wryly, "If you ever need to sneak anywhere again, don't use an alarm clock that's capable of emitting sounds throughout the house." Brian thought he saw a smile flash across Mr. Andrews' face, but a second later was sure he had imagined it.

Suddenly Mr. Andrews shot up with such intensity that both boys recoiled "WHAT DID I TELL YOU LAST NIGHT??" Mr. Andrews barked, mostly at Danny, but Brian did not escape Mr. Andrews' gaze either. "Uh..." stammered Danny.

"UH? IS THAT WHAT I TOLD YOU??" "No." "Did I tell you... say... NOT to take anything from the garage by any chance?" Mr. Andrews asked with more of an even tone this time. "Yes...but..." "But what?" Danny slumped in exasperation. He simply had no excuse or mitigating argument. He just had to hope for the best, come what may.

Suddenly the phone rang. "Who's calling us on a Sunday morning before 7:00?" wondered Mr. Andrews. Mr. Andrews picked up the cordless phone which was lying on a table in the hall right outside Danny's room. "Yes. What is it?"... "No, I don't want to switch to Sprint... It's 7:00 on a Sunday morning for God's sake!!..... Wait, did you say 50% off... hold a second." "Boys, I have to take this in another room, STAY HERE until I get back."

"We're dead" Brian intoned after Mr. Andrews had departed. "What is he going to do to us?" "Jeez, he looked angry. I was sure he looked like he was about to spank me before that call came." "Your father spanks you?" "Sometimes, and I'd bet this will be one of those times." "Does he spank hard?" asked Brian, somewhat more alerted . "Oh yeah, especially when he's mad like that. Hopefully that guy on the phone will cool him off... Besides, what do you care? He's not going to spank YOU." "Why not? We both did the same thing? "You're a guest... at least I think he won't spank you." "Well, I get spanked sometimes" said Brian truthfully "It's not that big a deal. I hope he doesn't keep us locked up in this room all day. I'd rather be hit a little than that." "Don't speak too soon. You've never felt one of my father's spankings... Well, anyway, hopefully since we're both guilty and he can't really spank you, he'll let me go too" Danny said, although he knew that assessment was extremely optimistic.

Mr. Andrews stormed back into the room. "All right. Where was I? Oh yes. Danny, should I assume that you were the leader of this little sneaking operation and that Brian was just following you? I assure you that's important in determining the punishments for both of you." Danny gulped and was about to nod when Brian, for some reason unknown to Danny, but probably having to so with a feeling of solidarity between boys who get in trouble together, stepped forward and said "No. I'm just as guilty as Danny. I agreed to go along, and there's no reason he should be punished more severely than me."

Mr. Andrews shot Brian an appraising look and then slowly asked "Are you sure it was both your faults." Brian nodded. "Okay then, I guess, in the interest of fairness, I'll just have to spank both of you." "What?" exclaimed Danny "You can't spank Brian. He's not your son!" "He should have thought of that before he disobeyed my direct orders. Besides, I'm sure that when Brian's dad entrusted me with control of Brian, he meant to include whatever discipline is necessary to keep his child in line. Aren't I right, Brian?" Brian, a bit taken aback by the unexpected development, didn't know quite what to say.

"Now boys, I hope you know I'm not spanking you because you snuck in to get the candy, although that's bad enough in itself. I have to discipline both of you because you flatly disobeyed an authority figure. If your actions go unpunished, authority means absolutely nothing. Now... let's get this over with. Danny, get over here..." However, once again the phone rang. "One second..." He picked up the phone "Hello... no I don't want home delivery of the Daily News... and why are you calling me on Sunday morning at 7:00!?... Did you say 60% off?... one second." Mr. Andrews walked out of the room, motioning Danny and Brian to stay still.

Danny closed the door and turned to Brian "_d_a_m_n_! I didn't think he'd do it... I'm sorry I got you into this." "It's not your fault. I went along with it. Besides, at least he didn't ground us..." "You don't really get spanked at home. Do you?" "Well, not too severely, but so what? How can it be worse that grounding?" "Danny sighed "You're about to find out."

Danny nervously paced around the room waiting for his father to return to execute their sentences. Suddenly he stopped by his dresser drawer and an idea apparently hit him. Suddenly, for no apparent reason, Danny took off his shoes and dropped his pants. "What are you doing?" asked Brian incredulously. "You'll see" replied Danny. He stepped out of his pants, reached into his dresser and pulled out a pair of underpants. He then put on that pair over the one he was already wearing and put his pants back on. "There, that should soften it a little."

"_d_a_m_n_! Your father spanks so hard, you actually need something to soften the blow?" asked Brian, suddenly much more nervous. "I've got plenty of extra pairs in here if you'd like one."

Brian, still a bit dazed, and apparently unable to remember that he had plenty of extra underwear in his own suitcase, stoically walked over and accepted Danny's offer. Slowly, and almost unable to believe the fate that had befallen him, he removed his shoes and lowered his trousers. Because Danny was so much bigger than Brian was, Danny's underpants fit well on top of his own. He then put on his pants, and they both resumed the wait.

When Mr. Andrews returned a few minutes later, he found the two boys sitting in silence on their respective beds. He sat down on a wooden chair in the middle of the room and said "Okay boys, now let's keep the complaining to a minimum, you both know you're brought this on yourselves. Danny, come here."

Unbeknownst to Brian, Danny was usually anything but cooperative while receiving a spanking. When he was younger, he would scratch and kick and claw during his punishments, and he had actually succeeded in shortening many a punishment by crying so bitterly that his father had no choice but to take pity on him. Now that he was older, he fought less, but not by much .In any case, it had been months since Danny had received an over the lap spanking, and Mr. Andrews certainly would have expected resistance had it not been for Brian's presence. Danny, apparently with the same thoughts in mind, looked over at Brian and sighed. With his friend sitting right there, he would have no choice but to take this like a man.

Danny walked to his father's side, and Mr. Andrews wasted no time in folding him over across his knees. Brian, in spite of himself, and despite his knowledge that the same was in store for him, could hardly avoid giggling. It wasn't so much that his friend was being humiliated like a little child by his daddy, it was the hysterical way that Danny's 5 foot 2 frame looked draped over a man's lap like a washrag. With his upper thighs resting on his father's left knee, his feet drooped so much that they almost touched the floor, while his hands almost touched the floor on the opposite side.

As was his custom, Mr. Andrews gave his son a short lecture on the subject matter on which the punishment was based, in this case on willful disobedience of a parent/ authority figure while Danny was draped over his knees. Brian's humorous outlook on the scene was not lost on Danny, who flashed him an angry look from his awkward position. Finally, Mr. Andrews' hand went high in the air, and came down forcefully with a SMACK on his son's backside. Brian recoiled. His father would NEVER hit him that hard. Mr. Andrews delivered a second spank, but suddenly, his expression changed from one of intensity to one of puzzlement. Something didn't feel right. Mr. Andrews delivered a soft "test" spank and stared quizzically at his son's backside.

After a few seconds, a look of recognition appeared on his face. Danny, who was now actually longing for his father's hand to come crashing down on his buttocks (for that would mean that his father had not discovered his little escape measure) shot a look of panic to Brian. But Brian could do nothing. Mr. Andrews reached for the front of Danny's pants, undid the buckle and the zipper and slid the pants down a little. He then lifted the elastic band of his son's briefs and triumphantly looked at the second pair of underpants below.

"Hmmm... that's pretty clever" observed Mr. Andrews. "I guess I don't blame you. After the way you flouted my authority, I would also have expected the punishment to be pretty severe... Well, I guess that doesn't really warrant any extra punishment, although I'm afraid you won't be able to have these." Mr. Andrews then allowed Danny to get up. Danny, breathing a sigh of relief, got up and finished dropping his pants, and then stepped out of them. He removed the first pair of briefs, so that he had one remaining. He then moved to put his pants back on. Mr. Andrews intercepted him and, with a wry "I don't think" so, yanked Danny back into position.

Danny shot Brian a look that said "Well, I guess that also backfired," but was at least relieved that there was no extra punishment for the stunt. Mr. Andrews then wound up and delivered a third (counting the two before the discovery) smack to Danny's butt. Danny winced, but did not cry out. He was going to take this like a man on front of his friend. Mr. Andrews hesitated, and then said spoke the bitter words "On second thought, I suppose there's only one way to make sure that you don't keep extra obstacles down there in general when you're bing punished, and that would be for me to see and feel exactly what it is that I'm spanking."

Danny was scarcely able to believe his ears. He hadn't been spanked on the bare bottom for as long as he could remember. He got spanked hard, but never with an implement other that his parents' hands and never on the bare bottom. However, Mr. Andrews started to pull the elastic band on his briefs, and Danny knew to believe his ears.

"NOOO!" pleaded Danny "I'M SORRY... I won't do it again... PLEASE..." Danny was now more in a panic than anything. "Come on, at least not on front of Brian, PLEASE....," although Brian was too catatonic to find any humor in Danny's humiliation. "Spank me in your room, PLEASE..." It was one thing for other boys to see him naked in a dressing room shower after gym class. It was quite another for them to see him disrobed as punishment by his daddy. Mr. Andrews looked over at Brian and asked "You wouldn't happen to also be wearing 2 pairs of underpants, would you?" Brian hesitated, gulped and slowly nodded. "Well then," said Danny's father, "you're both in the same boat. I don't see why we need to adjourn to my room." The significance of that statement for Brian was not lost on Brian, who shuttered, or Danny, who looked over at Brian in horror.

Without further ado, Mr. Andrews ceremoniously pulled off Danny's remaining pair of briefs and threw them to the side. He then slid Danny's tee shirt toward his head so that nothing would obstruct the goal. Danny was now sprawled over his father's lap, buck naked except for the bunched up ring of his tee shirt around his neck, shoulders and upper chest, and his socks. BLAM!! The first spank came down on Danny's helpless bottom. BOOM! SMACK! CRASH! The spanks were now coming in succession. Brian's mind, while anything but clear, remained cool enough to note the effect the slaps were having on Danny's behind. When first bared, Danny's bum had looked a very pale and light. Brian, his eyes fixated on Danny's unfortunate bottom simply because that's where the current action was, noticed that after five or six smacks, the skin started to redden. Amazed at this effect, Brian could do nothing but wince and picture his own cute round little bottom being reddened in exactly the same fashion.

After the 8th or 9th spank, Danny lost all pretenses of "taking it like a man." He now started to bawl and scream and kick. Mr. Andrews simply gripped him tighter to hold him in place and kept right on with the spanking. By now he was really into it, and he was muttering while doing his work. "Don't you EVER..." SMACK! "disobey..." SPANK! "your parents..." BLAM! "like that again..." POW! By this time tears were streaming down Danny's face, although he had stopped begging. He has resigned himself to taking his discipline. After 24 smacks (since the pants dropping), the spanking abruptly stopped, and Mr. Andrews surveyed his handiwork. Danny's bottom was now medium shaded red all over. Brian, who had been cowering for the past seconds, took one look, and went back to cowering. Mr. Andrews then suddenly delivered five more smacks in quick succession, although Danny remained silent throughout the five. "Okay, I think you may have actually learned something this time... although just to be sure..." Mr. Andrews wound up and delivered a 30th smack that was harder than any of the others. Danny, who had though he was done, yelped anew, but then fell silent.

"Okay, you're done." Danny slowly got to his feet and looked over at Brian. Any vestige of modesty was gone from Danny's concerns. He slowly walked to he bed and started to sit down. He winced and though better of it. Instead he gathered to pillows and placed them on the floor adjacent to his bed. He then gingerly started to sit down. The cool soft pillows soothed a little and so he found a comfortable position and sat down. He then took the nearest blanket and placed it over his lap to cover himself.

Mr. Andrews look up softly at Brian. "Okay." Brian slowly rose and walked over to Mr. Andrews. For a moment, he thought of begging for mercy, for Mr. Andrews to tell his father and that his father would surely punish him adequately. He though of rounding on his friend and now claiming he wasn't really as culpable as Danny was and that... But, once again, Brian's sense of justice prevailed. He was right the first time. He had agreed to go along. He was a full co-conspirator. He walked to Danny's father's right side. Gingerly, he lowered his trousers and stepped out of them. He then took off the extra pair of underpants. He then made a move toward Mr. Andrew's lap. Mr. Andrews look at him and smiled. "Sorry." Brian simply nodded and dropped the second pair of briefs and climbed over Mr. Andrews' lap.

Brian was a much more snug fit over Mr. Andrews' knees than was Danny. Not only was Brian 6 inches shorter, he was also built smaller. He suspended comfortably in that position. Lying there, naked for all intents and purposes over the lap of a partial stranger waiting for a punishment that his parents would never inflict on him was an exceedingly strange feeling for Brian. The sensation he felt was more eeriness than it was fear. In fact, now that he was in position, he was sure he could take whatever Mr. Andrews could throw at him.

Mr. Andrews looked down and, for a second admired the little bottom he was about to damage and felt a pang of guilt. Was he really as guilty as Danny? Maybe he should leave Brian's punishments to his parents. But Mr. Andrews drove these thoughts from his brain. What message would it send Danny if Brian could get away with them same act that Danny had gotten his bottom blistered for? For that matter, what message would it send Brian? Even if Brian's parents wouldn't do this, surely Brian would benefit from the lesson on respecting authority he was about to deliver. The more he thought about it, the more he realized that the spanking was necessary for the emotional health of both Danny and Brian.

SMACK!! Brian took it with a poker face. SPANK! BLAM! SMACK! Pain coursed through Brian's body. He certainly had never been hit this hard by anybody in any context. Nevertheless, he needed to withstand the pain. SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! SMACK! Brian could hold out no longer. He yelled out in pain as the 8th spank was landing. He glanced over at Danny, the tears on whose face were still drying. Maybe he imagined it, but he could have sworn he saw the outlines of a smile on Danny's face. Brain closed his eyes tight and tried to picture a far away place. His summer vacation in Florida. The last day of school. Gifts on Christmas morning. But, no image would stay long. Each image would invariably be drowned out by the image of his sore red bottom being pounder over and over again. Sorer and sorer. Undoubtedly redder and redder.

Suddenly Mr. Andrews was at #20. At this point, each spank brought a yelp of anguish. 22...23 SPANK!... screams of "ahhhhhhhh." Finally, Mr. Andrews was at 29, and Brian, although having lost count a while back, notices that Mr. Andrews had stopped and he braced for the finale. It came and it did not disappoint. The sound of the hand coming in contract with the bare skin reverberated throughout the room.

The left hand released Brian, who stood up, although his bottom urged him to bend over once more. For the first time in his life that he could remember, Brian really felt like a spanked child. After his moderate spankings at home he usually felt seething anger at the spanker or a desire for revenge or a sense of unfairness. Now, he just felt like a boy who would do anything right now to avoid having that happen again. Although, Brian was pleased enough to note after feeling his face, he had gone through with ordeal shedding a single tear.

Brian, somewhat proud of this feat, walked over to his underpants. From in back of him, Danny stared at Brian's red bottom and was truly sorry that he had gotten his friend into this much trouble. Oh well. What's done is done. As Brian pulled up his underwear and remained standing (he wasn't ready to test his bottom out quite yet), Mr. Andrews looked at both boys and state matter-of-factly "Well, I hope I don't have to do this again because... next time, there's no guarantee I'll stop at 30..." He then added with a wry smile "I hope the rest of your day goes better than the start of it did," and walked out.

Five minutes later, Danny and Brian lay on their beds, both clad only in tee shirts and briefs and socks, resting their respective behinds, as the pain slowly subsided. Finally Danny spoke up "Sorry I got you into this." Brian, who had vowed to separate Danny's head from his neck at least once while he was draped over Mr. Andrews' knees, merely responded "No big deal. Like I said, I can take a spanking." "Yeah right" laughed Danny. I saw your face. You looked like you'd seen a ghost even before you started getting it. "Yeah, well at least I didn't cry." "That's true" admitted Danny "How'd you do that?" "I guess it helps that it wasn't my father. I was just looking at it as a source of pain to deal with. You were being humiliated also because it was your own father." "Maybe. But I think the real reason is that he went easier on you than on me." "Yeah right!" exclaimed Danny, who started to sit up and emphasize his point. He shortly thought better of it and lay back down. "If anything, he spanked me harder because he didn't feel as bad for me as he did his own son." "There's only one way to find out. We could compare." Mentally noting the stunning turn around from Danny's earlier horror at being stripped on front of his friend, Brain assented. Both boys stood and walked to the tall mirror on the far side of the room. Danny noted "in any case, it's not really a fair comparison because I got spanked before you did, and so more of the redness faded from my butt by now than from your butt." "Oh, stop making excuses before we even look." Danny turned the mirror sideways to get both boys in the picture. Both boys then turned around and lowered the backs of their briefs while craning to look over their shoulders into the mirror. "See" commented Brian, "it's about even." In fact, it was about even, although Danny's slightly lighter general complexion made for a starker contrast between the healthy skin and the spanked skin. "It's only the extra few minutes that makes it look even. Besides, you're smaller and your skin probably reddens easier than mine." Brian thought that this was a bit of a non-sequitur, but wasn't in the mood of fighting out this issue any more, so he just raised he underpants, and went to get his trousers that were still strewn on the floor near Danny's at the position at which he'd dropped them. Both boys pulled their pants back on without too much pain, put their sneakers back on and sat gingerly on their respective beds.

"How do you feel?" asked Danny "Okay. Getting a little better." "Yeah. Me too. But that sting will probably be around for hours." "Hours?" "Yeah. I've gotten other spankings in the past that have left me sore for hours, and this one was no lighter than those. Also, my other spankings have all been with pants, or at least underpants or a bathing suit on." "Well, at least its over with." "Yup." "So, Danny, was it worth it?" "Of course it wasn't worth the candy and the game, but look at it on the bright side. Now we've done something together that we'd never done before. We did something risky together, we got caught together and we got spanked together. That's pretty cool, if nothing else." "I guess so."

The two boys lay back on their bed for another few minutes until Danny broke the silence. "So, was I right that you never get spanked like this at home?" "Oh, were you ever! My dad slaps me every once in a while, but never anything like this. I usually get groundings or can't watch TV. Sometimes when I'm grounded I wish my father would just give me a spanking instead and let me go outside. But, if this is what a spanking means, I'm not too sure." "Does he ever even take you over his knees? "Never." "So, this is your first time over a knees? Welcome to the club" "Well, not exactly my first time. My mom says she used to spank me over her lap when I was real little and Mrs. Mardsley put me over her lap in second grade for fighting..." "Oh yeah, I remember that... It was pretty funny..." "Yeah, you laugh about it all you want. Now I know that was probably happening to you every week back then right here... Anyway, but this is the first time I've ever gotten it like this."

Danny looked at the clock. Well, it's almost 8:00. What do you wanna do? Go back to sleep?" "Are you kidding? Let's go enjoy our freedom and do something fun. We can sleep later." "Deal." Both boys got up and walked toward the front door. Danny asked "So, what do you want to do?" Brian thought moment and responded "Well, let's try something a little less dangerous. I really don't want to spend my entire stay here with a sore butt." Danny could do nothing but laugh as both boys headed out the door.

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