Unhindered Mischief 2

by Seth Basil <Seth_basil@hotmail.com>

((Sorry for the delay, but Seth's been really busy lately, I present the second episode in this aspiring writers first series, enjoy!))

After spending some time together after the first physical punishment of our life, battered and bruised as we were, we decided to call it a day and both go to our homes to rest, so I told Chris I'd see him at school the next day. Walking home was something else, I felt like a wounded soldier pulling himself with every last bit of strength he had.

Fortunately my house wasn't far at all, for I was soon at the large brick house I call home, two tall trees in the front yard cast their usual shadows over the front, and large untrimmed shrubbery surrounded the front steps. Getting in and making my way through the house to my room was a blur, I threw myself on my bed not even bothering to take off my clothes, I stood there motionless for a long time, my body was tired, but my mind was not as thoughts poured through my head.

Thoughts of Chris.

Until today, I had only thought of Chris as a friend, not even a best friend, as my last one had moved away several months ago and Chris was the only person I'd really gotten along with in High School so far. But today we had both realized that we had feelings for each other.

Even while we were assaulted my multiple belts, most likely the greatest amount of pain I'd ever felt, in his arms, with my head buried in his bare chest, I felt warm, and safe. My hand went under my jeans and I began groping my package thinking about that, along with the other events of the day.

It was like a dream, but it had happened, hundreds of belt marks on my body were proof of it. I'd have jumped up and down yelling in pure joy if my body had allowed it. After several minutes I blew my load in my underwear, I sighed as the feeling rippled through me.

The next day, me and Chris were eating lunch at a fast food place, about two blocks from the school. We sat next to the window on the side facing the street. I was eating my usual chicken sandwich, Chris had a salad.

"That's him." I said, nodding toward a kid a few tables from us. He was wearing regular blue jeans and a hooded black jacket, his hair was brown, in a bowl cut, shaved underneath.

"And he's on the track team? Do you really think we should mess with anymore of those type?" Chris asked looking him over, sizing his future opponent.

"Swim team, and he's only a freshman like us, not senior like those basketball punks." I said trying to soothe Chris's apprehension, "He's the quiet type, I don't think he has any friends, and if he does, I doubt they're the type to look for trouble."

"I'll admit he looks like good game. I wonder if he's wearing a Speedo..." Chris wondered thoughtfully.

"That would be great, but I doubt he is." I replied, finishing off my sandwich.

"So what's the plan Seth?"

"As I've said, when he leaves here we jump him and give him a little scare. Then we let him go on his way and show up to watch swimming practice. I want to make sure he has some mark to be embarrassed about during practice, and I want him to know we're watching him during it." I snapped my fingers in the air to emphasize, "Mind games are always the best. It creates fear and respect, things we need to build so that yesterdays incident isn't repeated. After practice we follow him to see where he's going, and plan from there. I believe our new friend Alec, is going to have one hell of a day."

Chris giggled like the little imp he was at the plan, "Plus we get to see all the guys during swimming practice."

"Certainly a plus, just don't get any ideas, unless it involves pain, and pain only." I grinned at Chris.

"Right. Well, I think he's leaving." Chris pointed out the instant Alec went through the exit doors.

"Alright, just like I explained before we got here, get into position now."

Chris nodded as we both went for the door, I walked through the parking lot to the garbage dumpster, while Chris ran right at Alec, he bumped into him quickly from behind, and went in front of him, still walking. He yelled a sorry back as he continued on his way, as I suspected Alec didn't even acknowledge the incident.

"Dude, what's with this?" Chris turned around holding Alec's wallet up, "You don't even have one dollar." he threw the wallet at Alec disgustedly.

Alec retrieved his empty wallet, somewhat disturbed by the event he tried making his way past Chris, who grabbed him by the arm, "Oh, its not going to be that easy, if you can't pay the toll in cash, then your ass is going to be the one paying."

He escorted him to the trash dumpster where I waited, having found an appropriate stick under a tree. "No money!" he yelled disgusted, I shook my head, it wouldn't have made a difference to his fate, but we could've used a little extra cash.

"Let go..." Alec said, he didn't look or sound too scared, I didn't really know what to make of him.

Chris unbuttoned and unzipped his pants, then lowered them, revealing his gray boxer briefs to us. "Well, I guess its better then boxers. Here, do the honors Chris." I tossed him a stick nearly two feet long.

I went over and held Alec, he didn't resist much, with the exception to a few meek stops and such, I pulled the back of his boxer briefs down, revealing, his perfect, and pale butt.

Chris didn't waste time with talk, he brought the stick down fast, and hard, with very quick succession. I'll admit, he was better at it then me, the very sound of the blows almost made me shake. Alec was becoming much more lively, but I restrained him well enough, I could tell he wasn't very adept at using that so finely toned muscle. He was also becoming slightly more verbal, at least enough for me to confirm he was living.

After about what I guessed were thirty strikes, Chris brought the stick back slowly, and swung it with all his force, poor Alec practically leapt from my grasp and into the pavement. The stick broke in the process, only about the four inches Chris was holding remained.

Alec began crying slightly, becoming limp in my arms. "Hand me that." Chris tossed me the broken stick, I ran it down Alec's ass until I felt it sink slightly, then rammed it in with only a fourth an inch of it not within him.

"Your toll is pretty much over now, but if you remove that stick anytime before five this evening, what you suffered now will be but a prelude." I motioned to Chris, "Lets go."

We began our walk back to the school. We were both smiling from side to side.

"That went perfect, he had a real cute ass to."

"But its only the beginning right?" Chris asked, even though he knew the answer.

"Yeah, perhaps even as we know it. Anyways, it was a productive lunch hour, you know where the pool is, I'll meet you in the bleachers after school."

And so it was that we met on the bleachers in the school's indoor pool. There were a few parents, and a couple girls also here for the show, they looked up at us occasionally wondering why we were there... if they only knew the hole of it, hehehe.

We watched as the team came out, all slender and slightly muscled, of varying heights, but all with fairly short hair, clad only in the school's burgundy Speedo swimsuits. The girls were diffidently not the only ones to enjoy the show, I had a boner the entire time. Alec did notice us fairly quickly, he looked at us in this wonderful, 'why the hell are they here?' face, we waved and smiled back and him coyly, I do believe I heard the gulp from half across the room, didn't you?

The swimsuit covered most of the marks Chris gave him, but I could still see a number of them around the edges, and judging from the teasing I heard from the other team mates, I wasn't the only one to notice it.

Not to go into details but the practice was certainly entertaining, in fact I believe I would make a point to come to them regularly.

"Maybe you should join the swim team, you'd look really hot in one of those swimsuits." Chris mentioned as we stood in the halls after practice, "You'd probably be better then most of them to."

"Heh, thanks, but I'm not much of the team player type." I eyed Alec as he came out of the locker room, he saw us and turned and went the other way, spooked. "Besides, we're making poor Alec feel uncomfortable enough as it is."

"The stick is still up his ass. I saw it slightly when he bent over to dive, I'll bet he's dying to get it out." Chris laughed as we began following Alec slowly, only enough to see him in the distance, not that he wouldn't notice us no matter how close we were.

"_d_a_m_n_, I missed that. Perhaps we should oblige him and remove it."

Chris look at me confused.

I patted him on the back and grinned, "But we won't."

"Does he live out all this way?" Chris asked ten minutes later, as we followed him down the street.

"I think our friend may be going to the mall." I held out my hand, "He's heading straight towards it."

"Why would he, he has no money?"

"He probably works there." I pointed out.

"Oh yeah, forgot about that." Chris shrugged, "Since I don't work its not something that comes to mind easily."

"Electronic Boutique? Not a bad place to work at all actually, I'll bet he could get us a good deal on some video games." raising my finger to signify the idea. He had indeed gone to the mall, and we followed him through it until he went into this store, we now stood outside the doors.

"Why would he?"

"Why wouldn't he? We own this kid now, whether he'll admit it or not, he doesn't have much choice in the matter. Lets go."

"What do you want?" Alec asked in the most disgusted and annoyed voice possible, seeing us at the counter.

"A good life full of laughs."

"We don't sell those, but if you..." Alec started saying quietly, trying to sound sarcastic.

"The store doesn't, but you do, and you'll be supplying us with it for as long as we see fit." I told him in a calm, yet fierce voice.

"Did you take the stick out?" Chris asked in a stern voice.

"N-no... it's still, uh, there..."

"What time do you get off work?" I asked in a more friendly tone.


"Well then we'll be here at seven to remove it personally, and then you won't have to worry about us being around." I ordered.

"But you said five..." Alec stammered.

"We say a lot of things." Chris grinned.

"Don't do anything stupid while we're gone." I called back as we were walking out the door, we had two and a half hours now to wander the mall, before the finale of this days event, I love my 'job'.

"Lets have some fun." I declared, with the most devious face I could manage.

((So how was part two? Write me your thoughts, to be continued in part three, obviously, until then, goodbye.))

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