Brian's Disobedience

by Sally Jj <>

I'm Sally. I live with my twin bro Andrew and Mum and Dad in a little town in tropical Australia (Oz). We have a nice and loving family, but a bit boring, as our parents and quite strict and don't let us do anything very unusual or exciting.

'Drew and I were quite well-behaved, and seldom required discipline from Mum and Dad - a slap on the legs every now and then. 'Drew occasionally got the strap, and Mum whipped me once when we were particularly naughty. Our family was rather prudish - we would rarely see each other naked, but would not make a fuss about it when it happened.

A few years ago we were in a combined Grade 5 6 class, which included another set of boy-twins: Brian and Terry Wilson in Grade 5. What fascinated me about them was that they wore really short-shorts which displayed lovely tanned thighs as they sat in the classroom. I arranged to sit behind Brian and across the aisle, so that I could see him side-on.

Our teacher, Miss Woods used to smack our legs with an 18" wooden ruler for being naughty in class or not doing homework. It was not very severe, but the sting of it, the wonderful slapping sound, and the red stripes on our thighs was just amazing. Brin Wilson and I were the most mischievous pupils in class, and the most often smacked. But I never told anyone how exited I was by it, or how I deliberately baited poor Miss Woods in search of stinging legs.

The start of the rest of my life occurred when our whole family was invited for dinner at the Wilsons' place. Our parents met the Wilsons in the School Council. Brian and Terry had an older sister Anne.

After dinner, the adults went to the loungeroom to talk, and the kids to the family room to watch TV. Soon, Mrs Wilson came and told her three to "get ready for bed". They went off obediently, and returned after a while from their baths, dressed not in PJ's, but night-shirts! They were really short, coming just about to the top of the kids' thighs! As they lounged around talking, the night-shirts drifted around and the kids didn't seem to mind that they were not covered very well at all (especially the boys). I could easily see their sleek tanned thighs, buttocks and dick! Anne made a casual effort at modesty, but her long brown thighs were completely exposed.

Mr Wilson appeared, instructing Brian to fetch some supper for us. He started to say "Why can't Anne do it?". Mr Wilson, without saying a word, grabbed him by one arm, swung round, and whacked him on the back of his right thigh. It made a huge SLAP sound, and poor Brian yelped and squirmed. Again he slapped him, again and again, about a dozen times on the back of his bare thigh. He pranced and squealed, but she never missed. His skimpy night-shirt offerred no protection at all.

The sore and sorry boy sped to the kitchen, and returned shortly with hot chocolate and biscuits for all. As we lolled around, I could see that the back of his thigh was covered with red hand-prints, and he often stroked and rubbed it. Rhe amazing thing was that none of the kids seemed to thing that anything unusual had happened. But it was the most exciting thing that had ever happened in my life, and I had to make a great effort to avoid staring!

Back home and at School, I decided that the Wilson household was where I wanted to be, and resolved to visit a lot more. Little was I to know how soon and fulsomely my wish as to be fulfilled !

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