Mr Clemence's Wooden Ruler

by Sally Jj <>

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Ever since my twin bro Andrew and I visited the Wilson family, I couldn't get rid of the image of Brian, in his skimpy nightshirt, being slapped on the thigh by his father. His twin brother and older sister appeared to consider it quite normal, but the sounds of that slapping and his yelping, and the sight of him prancing around to avoid the stinging smacks on his bare leg, really turned me on!

I don't think my brother or the three Wilson kids knew what an effect it had on me - I must have been pretty good at disguising it! But since that night, I couldn't help looking at Brian in his cute little shorts in the classroom, and remembering those big red hand-prints on the back of his leg.

About a week after our visit to the Wilsons, I was very successful in playing a little trick on poor Brian. From where I sat behind and to the side of him, I made a little ball of paper, and flicked it onto his bare leg, just before our relief teacher Mr Clemence finished writing on the blackboard, and turned around. He saw Brian jump in his chair and look around to see where the ball came from (of course, I was ernestly studying my bookwork). "You behave yourself!", he snapped at him.

Brian glared around the room, and got back to work. A little while later, I did it again - just as successfully! This time Mr Clemence had had enough. "What's wrong with you, boy?", he demanded. "Get out here and sit on my desk!". We all knew what that meant. Slowly he went to the desk, sat on it facing the class, and put his hands behind his back.

Mr Clemence got out the regular teacher's (Miss Woods) 18" wooden ruler and, tapping it on his own hand, lectured the grinning boy on the need for an orderly class. He bent to pull up the legs of his short shorts. He stroked his legs a couple of times, then delivered a stinging slap across the top of his thighs. I was just about bursting out of my skin, stoking my own legs underneath my short skirt. Mr Clemence lectured Brian a bit more, then, SLAP, SLAP, SMACK, SMACK on the front of his legs. He squirmed and squeeked, but to no avail.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SLAP again! We could see the stripes starting up, evenly spaced down his thighs. SLAP, SLAP, SLAP, SLAP . Brian was now "grinning on the other side of his face", squirming desparately and trying not to cry. "Now get back to work, and don't let me see you disturbing the class again!" he said, tapping his hand once again with the dreaded ruler.

Back at his table, Brian squirmed and wriggled quite deliciously, one hand stroking his stinging thighs while the other one worked on his books. I could clearly see the marks, as his bare legs were fully exposed to view. I had received a few slaps in the past, and could imaging the sharp sting of that ruler.

In the playground, Brian was the centre of a little group of admirers, checking his striped legs and hearing about it all. I quietly joined the group, and was amazed to see that apparently no-one knew who had caused the problem - I couldn't believe my luck! Brian was not talking about how come he attracted trouble in the classroom, but the group conversation had moved onto punishment in general. The kids were talking about how they were smacked or strapped at home, and I thrilled to hear Brian saying that Mr Clemence's ruler was not all that bad compared with getting the strap at home from his Mum. The girls, giggling and looking at his bare, striped legs, wanted to know all about it, and Brian was happy enough to tell!

Remembering the scene when I visited his family, I thrilled to hear of how Brian's Mum or Dad would frequently have a few slaps on the leg in store for the twin boys, or occasionally their older sister. For anything serious, it was a belting around the bare bum! Brian didn't seem to think that it was anything very special - just the way things were.

As the group split up for the next class, he looked directly at me, smiled, and, fondling his stinging thighs whispered "I wonder who it could be that flicked me in the class?" I didn't know what to say, and couldn't help blushing with embarrassment. But one thing was clear: I'd be organising another visit to Brian's home very, very soon.

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