A Jolly Hard Thrashing

by A Bad Writer <Markh11@earthlink.net>

(DISCLAIMER: This story is fiction and of course the author, in real life, is totally against any kind of non-consensual spanking of teenage boys or anyone else!)

Richard Hardness was a typical fourteen year-old. He was about 59" tall and weighed a hundred and fifty pounds (in his underclothes). He had blue eyes and blond hair, his musculature was just beginning to develop but his body was smooth from the neck down without any hair at all (except for his blond pubic hair which of course you could not see when he was in his underclothes, like he was when our story started.)

Richards parents were Lord and Lady Hardness of Hardness Hall in the country of Trollopeshire. They had decided to send him to Caningham Hall, an exclusive public school set in the rolling green English countryside about half an hour from Londons busy streets, while they went abroad for a year to the United States where Lord Hardness was to be the new British Ambassador.

"But Father," Richard said, "Ive read all about that school. They still use antiquated discipline methods there."

"Yes indeed," said Richards father. "I understand the Headmaster, Dr. Squires, is very Dickensian and doesnt give a fig for any of these new European regulations. But I was soundly caned and birched when I was at school and it did me no harm at all. Taught me respect and courage and manliness."

Richard remembered his fathers words now, as he stood almost naked in his white underwear which showed off beautifully the lovely curves of his buttocks not quite muscly enough for a man and a little more protruding than a boys. He could feel the eyes of Peter Thrasher, the eighteen-year-old head of house and captain of the Rugby team, looking at him. He felt like a little boy about to be punished, which in many ways he actually was.

Peter Thrasher was not an unkind person, and he felt sorry for this new boy who he had first noticed a few days ago, at the very beginning of term, wandering around looking lost. First years at Caningham Hall all had to wear shorts, and Peter and some of his fellow prefects had enthusiastically noticed the way Richards shorts emphasized the roundness of his chubby pert bottom.

"I say, Thrasher, look at that," said Guy Belter, the School cross-country running champion. "I could fancy giving that lad a quick six."

Peter smiled indulgently. He was much too mature to indulge in cheap homoerotic remarks and in any case he was worried that if he did, the story would never appear on MMSA Storiess archive. So instead of retorting "Inches, strokes or both?" he contented himself by writing a letter to his disabled half-chinese brother who was at Prep School in Scotland.

But back to our story. Richard flexed the cane in his hands. It was a rod made of rattan, which is a kind of bamboo. It was about three-eighths an inch thick and three feet long, and it was very whippy. It had certainly punished the pert bottoms of many cheeky schoolboys in its time, and now it was about to punish Hardness.

Although Peter Thrasher was a kind boy, he didnt tolerate slackness from anyone in his house. "What have you got to say for yourself?" he asked.

"N-n-n-nothing sir," said Dick. The Prefect towered over him and looked very grown-up in his long trousers and bright blue school cap with matching blazer and tie.

"I dont tolerate slackness from anyone in my house," said Peter, whipping the bendy yellow cane through the air with a deep menacing swish. "You deserve a jolly hard thrashing and Im going to give you one."

"Y-y-yes sir," said Dick. His mouth was dry and his hands were wet and his heart was beating very fast.

"Have you had the cane before, Hardness?"

"N-n-n-no sir," said Dick, wondering why he had suddenly developed a stammer after fourteen years of normal speech.

"Well, its going to hurt your bottom a lot," said Peter, kindly, "but if you get through it properly everything will be forgiven and we can have tea together in my study if youd like. Bend over."

Dicks bottom felt terribly vulnerable in the thin white cotton underpants which clung to it as he grabbed his ankles. He was determined to take his caning as well as he could and be a credit to his father and Peter Thrasher and everyone.

Peter looked at the lovely pert chubby bottom that was about to have its first caning. He tapped it with the cane and was please to see that Dick flinched. "Six strokes," he said, and then drew back the cane and brought it crashing down onto the middle of the virgin bottom that was submissively offered to him by Dick.

Dick heard the noise of the cane swishing through the air, and thought, "this is it." Then the cane landed and for a moment he felt nothing at all. Then a terrible fiery pain spread all though his whole body and he gasped and choked and almost stood up.

"One," said Peter Thrasher.

Dick didnt know how he was going to get through another five like that. The pain was simply indescribable a horrible burning stripe like a firebrand lashing across the tender skin of his poor buttocks. The second was lower and the third was higher and he felt himself starting to cry as the indescribable pain from the cruel cane got worse and worse.

Peter took his time because although he wasnt a cruel boy he did believe in doing a job properly. Numbers four and five he laid low on the crying fourteen year olds bottom and was rewarded with little cries of pain. "Time for the last one," he said, "lets make it a good one, shall we?" And he brought the thin bendy whippy yellow cane down hard on the bending teens white cotton covered bubble butt as hard as he could across the stripes left by the previous strokes in the famous "five bar gate" pattern which was invented by a web-published story writer in 1996 and now features in so many stories of boys school caning.

"Thats it, you can get up," said Peter Thrasher, kindly. "And dont you go slacking off again or I shall have to send you to Dr. Squires for the birch."

"G-gosh no," said Dick. "I-I mean yes."

Peter laughed. "Put the cane away and get dressed, you young scallywag," he said, ruffling the hair of the crying boy, "and lets go for a bit of crumpet." [MMSA Stories, is this joke OK or is it _s_e_x_ual abuse of children, which I HATE - ABW]

Badwriting Inc

To be continued....in the next episode Peter gets to cane Dick BARE!!! Probably and after that Ill probably write a birching scene if anyones interested. All feedback welcome of course except flames which will be ignored.

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