What Theo Butler Saw!

by Skinpang <Wacwell@bushinternet.com>

It was ten years old Theo Butler`s first day at Octwood School. The other new boys had arrived the previous day but Theo was a day late because his parents had been unable to bring him on the first day of term. As a result another boy, Albert Simkins, a year older than Theo, had been allocated to him to show him the ropes and the layout of the school. One thing he had to do on his first day was to meet the headmaster.

"I`ve been told to take you to see the headmaster between eleven o`clock and midday," said Albert, "it`s eleven-twenty so I will take you along now. Come on, let`s go!"

Albert led Theo up the stairs in the main building and along a corridor to a door with the word "SECRETARY" on it.

"We report to the secretary first to see if the head is ready to see you now. The headmaster`s study is two doors further along. I can`t come in there with you, of course. You will find me here in the secretary`s office when you come out. Okay?"

Albert knocked on the door and, on being bid, entered, nodding to Theo to follow him.

"Morning Mr. Smith. This is the new boy, Butler. Will the headmaster see him now?"

"Ah! Hello Butler! Welcome to the school." said Mr Smith as he picked up the telephone. He announced Theo`s arrival to the headmaster.

"Yes. He will see you now."

"I`ve shown you where his study is," Albert said, "Just go and knock on the door. Come back here when you come out."

Mr Smith was on good terms with all the boys and was quite happy to let Albert take a chair and wait in the office for Theo to come back.

Theo knocked on the headmaster`s door. The headmaster did not call out but came and opened the door himself.

"Ah! Butler! Welcome to Octwood! Come in lad!"

The headmaster opened the door wider and it was then Theo saw something which made his heart miss a beat! At the far end of the room was the headmaster`s desk and bending over it was a boy! The boy had his body flat along the desktop, his arms out straight in front of him, his legs bent slightly inwards at the knees, his trousers and briefs were around his ankles and his bare bottom was on full view! He looked a big boy to Theo, probably about five years older than himself. The headmaster pointed to a small table and chair just inside the door.

"Sit down at that table, Butler. Here is a little questionaire I want you to fill in. It`s quite simple, just a few questions about your hobbies, interests etcetera."

Theo sat down at the table. He did not know how he was going to fill the form in - his hand was shaking like a leaf!

"I will have a word with you in a minute." he said, "While you are filling that in I have another matter to attend to!"

Theo watched the headmaster go over to his desk and pick up a two thonged leather Tawse!

"Right! Now to deal with you, Wilkins! You will get six!" the headmaster told the boy bending over the desk.

There was no way Theo could concentrate on the questionaire, he was transfixed by the drama unfolding before his eyes! The headmaster raised his arm to it`s full height and brought the tawse crashing down on the reluctantly waiting arse!

CRACK! Wilkins gasped. His whole body went taunt as two wide pink weals appeared across both his bum-cheeks!

CRACK! "Aooool!" he shouted out as the second stroke landed.

CRACK! "Arrrgh!" Now he was squirming like mad!

CRACK! "Arrrgh!" Wilkins sprang upright and clasped his stinging buttocks with both hands!

"Get back down!" roared the headmaster, "If you get up again before I tell you to I will start from the beginning again!"

Wilkins resumed the bending position. His bottom was now one big red blob!

CRACK! "Arrrgh!" He started to get up and then realising what he was doing he flopped down again across the desk

CRACK! "Arrgh!. Arrgh!"

"You can get up now Wilkins!" said the headmaster.

The boy sprang to his feet and again clasped his burning cheeks, his face screwed up in agony! He was desparately trying to hold back the tears.

"Now replace your trousers and leave my study! I hope shall not have to deal with you again!"

Wilkins, his face as red as his bottom, probably due to embarrassment because a junior boy was present, dressed himself and left the study, vigourously rubbing his backside!

The headmaster turned to Theo and spoke to him as if nothing unusual had just happened!

"Now Butler! How are you getting on with that questionaire?"

"I-I-I`m s`s`sorry sir but....."

"Ah! I see! You havn`t started it!" said the headmaster with a smile, "I can see what the trouble is - your hand is shaking! It`s your first day here and you are naturally a bit nervous, arn`t you?"

"Y-y-y-yes sir." stuttered Theo.

"Well fill it in in your own time and drop it into my secretary`s office sometime tomorrow. Is Simkins looking after you all right?"

"Yes sir!"

"That`s fine! You can go and rejoin him now."

Theo stood up and the headmaster accompanied him to the door. As Theo was leaving the headmaster made a parting remark.

"Once you have settled in I am sure you will be very happy here!"

Theo was not entirely convinced!

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