Punishment Exercise

by Skinpang <Wacwell@bushinternet.com>

It was three-fifteen in the afternoon and the various classes were in the last period of the day. The school`s head boy, Arnold Thomson had a spare period and was using it to carry out one of his weeklky duties - checking whether any light bulbs needed replacing in the dormitories; if there were he would report it to the school`s maintainance man.

He came to the door of one dormitory and could have sworn that he had heard a thump inside as he got hold of the door knob. He entered. There was nobody in there. He tried the lights and was about to leave when he got the urge to have a better look. He bent down so that he could see under the beds but he found nothing. At the end of the room was a small cupboard; it was only about four feet high and was used to keep brooms and dusters in, because although the school employed cleaners the boys were responsible for giving their dormitories a daily sweep and dust over. Perhaps the thump which he thought he had heard had been something falling in the cupboard. He pulled open the door to be met with a pair of wide open blue eyes! There before him was a boy crouching down in the cupboard!

"You find a cupboard more comfortable than a bed?" Thomson inquired mockingly, "Come out of there Keeler!"

The boy clambered out, his tousled hair, dishevled tie and crumpled blazer giving him an air of untidiness. He was shivering with fear and had guilt written all over his face. Thomson surveyed the pathetic looking fourteen year old.

"No need to ask what you are doing, Keeler! You`re skiving arn`t you? Skipping class! Where are you supposed to be?"

"Er! In the gym! P. E., Thomson!" muttered the boy, knowing that there was no excuse; he had been caught fair and square!

"You don`t like P. E., I presume!" said Thomson.

"Er! No!"

"Well!" exclaimed Thomson, "I can think of something you will dislike even more than PE. My slipper!"

The boy swallowed nervously. Thomson looked at his watch.

"Too late to send you off to the gym now," observed Thomson, "the period would be almost over by the time you get there! Get changed into your P. E. kit Keeler, and report to me in my study in ten minuits time. I will give you a P. E. lesson, followed by a very hot sit-upon! Or perhaps I should say a can`t sit-upon! Now move! If you are not in my study within ten minuits I will substitute the cane for the slipper!"

Thomson returned to his study and waited. Keeler arrived somewhat breathless - he had run all the way in order to get there on time. He was wearing his P. E. attire consisting of singlet, shorts, socks and plimsols. The school issue P. E. shorts were not the same shorts as used for football (soccer) or rugby. They were much shorter - in fact they barely covered the essentials - and fitted more snugly. They were grey and had a silky-like sheen to them. The slightest bend forward from the hips would have them beginning to shape themselves around the bum-cheeks! Ideal for the purpose in hand, thought Thomson!

"Let`s get started!" said Thomson, "Stand erect, arms straight up above your head, now bend over and touch your toes."

Thomson deliberately stood behind the boy so that he would get a good eyeful of that pert young bottom as the seam of the shorts disappeared deep into the cleft when the boy bent over! He made Keeler repeat the exercise several times!

Thomson was trying to think up all the exercises that would show off Keelers bottom to the best advantage! He had him holding his arms out horizontally and kicking up to touch his hand with his foot using each leg alternatively, then on his back on the floor, lifting his legs right up and over until his toes touched the floor behind his head. Next rolling himself up into a ball with his arms behind his knees pulling his legs back and rocking forwards and backwards on his spine.

It had become obvious to Keeler that Thomson was deliberately giving him exercises that would display his hindquarters to the prefect in the most undignified positions, but there was nothing he could do about it!

"The next exercise is excellent for stretching the spine!" Thomson told him. "Get down on your hands and knees; that`s it! Hands a bit more forward. Now arc your back. Stretch your head up - look at the ceiling! Now press back with your arms as if you are trying to push your body backwards! Arc your back more! Go on! More! More!"

Thomson admired the result! Keeler`s rounded buns looked as if they were about to burst through the thin shorts at any moment!

"Now relax! Now repeat!....Relax!...Repeat!....Relax!....Repeat!"

Having run out of ideas Thomson then made him go through all the exercises yet again!

"Stand up! I think that will do!" said Thomson, "It`s time to give my right arm a bit of exercise! This exercise is called wielding the slipper!"

Keeler was shivering and had goose pimples on his legs! Thomson pulled open a drawer where he kept the slipper. It was not, in fact, a slipper but a rubber plimsol which he kept especially for bottom warming! It was unused (on feet, that is!) and had ribs across the soles rather like the treads of a car tyre.

"Now what position shall I have you in? I think on your hands and knees again!" said the prefect, "Get down, this time I want your elbows and lower arms on the floor, place one hand on top of the other with palms upward and bury your head in your hands!" (One of my favourite pictures on the web is of a boy in shorts adopting this position. To view the picture go to the Encyclopedia of Spanking Art; -Google will find it- Click on Let enjoy - Fine Arts - Artists Gallery - Eric Wildman)

With Keeler on the floor it gave Thomson a very long swing as he would stand erect with the slipper high above his head and then bend his back as he brought it down on that perfectly taut rounded target!

Whack! Whack! Whack!

"Does that hurt Keeler?"

"Yes Thomson!"

"Good! It`s meant to!"

Whack! Whack! Whack!

Keeler was moving his bottom about as much as the position he was in allowed him to. It was obviously beginning to get very uncomfortable!

Whack! "Aoowl!" Whack! "Aoowl!" Whack! "Aoowl! Please Thomson!"

"Shut up and keep still!"

Whack! "Aoowl! Aoowl! Arrrgh!

The tears had started. Just three more, thought Thomson!

Whack! Whack! Whack! "Arrrrgh! Arrrgh! Arrrgh!"

"You can get up now!" said Thomson

Keeler clawed up, clamping hold of his burning buns!

Thomson sat down on a chair. "Come here, Keeler, I want to look at your marks!"

Still graspimg his bottom, Keeler went and stood in front of Thomson.

"Turn round!....Drop your shorts!....Bend over and touch your toes!"

Thomson seemed satisfied with the two red cheeks presented to him!

"Okay! Pull your shorts up and get out of here!" ordered Thomson.

Keeler left the prefect`s study still crying profusely! Now he would have to run the gauntlet! It was five minutes past four. The classes had just finished and there would be boys everywhere - in the corridors, the toilets, the courtyard and in the dormitories! He made a dash to his dormitory, vaguely aware of all the grinning faces as the boys watched the scantily clad tearful figure rush past them. There was no hiding place; not even his own dormitory. About half his room-mates were already there! He ran through them and dived face down onto his own bed and burried his face in his pillow in shame!

He would have to face them sometime. And before lights-out he knew they would demand to see his marks!

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