Just a Joke

by Skinpang <Wacwell@bushinternet.com>

The six boys were lined up before the headmaster's desk.

"It's six strokes of the cane each!" said the headmaster, "Unless, that is, you reveal which one of you actually committed the act!"

"No sir!" spoke up Jennings, "It's one for all and all for one!"

"Very well," replied the headmaster, "Go outside and I will call you in one at a time."

They went outside and waited at the door. The first boy was called in and came out again within seconds!

"He's let me off!" said the boy.

The second one was called in and he too was out in seconds!

"He's let me off too!" exclaimed the second boy.

The same thing happened to the third, forth and fifth boys! Finally Jennings was called in.

"Right Jennings! You are going to get thirty-six strokes!"

"What!" gasped Jennings, "Thirty-six! But you let all the other boys off sir!"

"Yes Jennings!" replied the headmaster, "You said 'One for all and all for one!' Well, you are the one who is going to get them all!!

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