Step Practice

by Michael Artis <>

Bluethunder was the President of his Chapter of Phi Beta Sigma. He did all the coordination of their "Step" routines before they would complete in various competitions. Now the Sigmas and the Kappas both Step with canes, and it was important that you did not drop the cane during competion.

During practice, Bluethunder had gave everyone a choice; it you drop your cane you either do push-ups or take wood. You had to announce Prior to practice which one you would endure if you dropped it. Most everyone chose wood because they would only receive 3 strokes, unlike the Push-ups were more extensive. Bluethunder had picked wood.

Practice was going fine until Lamar droped his can. He automatically got in the CUT and Bluethunder gave him 3 hard strokes with the WOOD. It was festive for me to watch! So, when Bluethunder was illustrating things, I would make faces, like lick my lips and winkle or do something that made him mess-up. I was so proud of myself when He was stepping and looked at me and lost his concentration. He dropped his cane! I was too happy! One of the brothers Gladly put Bluethunder in the Cut and served him 3 Super Hard Strokes. Bluethunder laughed at first that he made an rare mistake. But the night wat young.

I continued to bother him and break his rythym. I was reasonsible for him dropping the can 9 times! His azz was lit up! The brothers could not believe he was messin up that bad! Nearly everyone got to serve him Wood that night!

When we got home, I was ready to hit the sack. It was a long day and I had an early class the next day. Bluethunder sat on the couch and I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth. When I got out, he was still on the couch. He called for me to come over. I did, not suspecting anything. He said "Give me a Kiss"... I leaned over to kiss his cheek, and suddenly, he grabbed my arm and pulled my down across his lap! I was jolted! I told him stop playin, he replied "Hell naw... you made me drop the cane several times and take wood! You know that That _s_h_i_t_ was embarrassing! Now you gonna pay!" I did not think much of it, as I had not Idead that he had his paddle hidden in the side of the couch, I thought this was gonna be a hand to ass spanking. But I was wrong!

He did not bother with pulling anything down as I was wearing very thin Nylon sweat pants. He began to lay into my ass with the wood. It hurt so bad! Normally. his _d_i_c_k_ would be hard from the excitement, but this time it was not. He meant business because I embarrassed him. I did not count how many he gave me, just know that it was 11:38pm when he starts and 12:06 when he stopped! 28 minutes of non-stop swinging! I was crying like a baby! When it was over, I went to the room and layed face-down on the bed. He told me on my way out of the living room to expect the same tomorrow night! My heart dropped!

He did not come in the room that night, slept on the couch. Then next day, he put me in the Cut and served my wood about 40 times. It was so painful! But, I had to go through it to keep good faith between us. I will always love him!

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