His Own Medicine. Part One.

by Skinpang <Wacwell@bushinternet.com>

They were events which always helped to lift the gloom and bordom of school life for William Fox, in fact, the eleven year old found them positively entertaining. The events in question were the occasions when a boy in the classroom would be ordered to report to the headmaster. William of course was not the only one in the class who would be eagerly awaiting the return of the unfortunate boy to the classroom, for a visit to the headmaster would almost inevitably mean he would come back nursing a very hot sit-upon! His obvious embarrassment and humiliation would be a moment of exilaration for the rest of the class! But it went further than that with William. He had become obsessed with thoughts of spanking, although he had never been spanked himself and he had no wish to be! He went out of his way to avoid getting into trouble at school. No! He had a compulsive desire to be the spanker and spank somebody else!

William had long had his eye on his own younger brother, eight year old Frankie! He had, thought William, a lovely spankable little bottom, but he could not see how an occasion might arise when when he could put this conception into practice! Then one afternoon soon after ariving home from school his mother spoke to him.

"Your dad and I are just slipping down to the supermarket. We shall only be gone about an hour and a half. You and Frankie will be alright here on your own while we are gone, won't you William?"

"Yes mum, I'll keep an eye on Frankie!" William assured her.

His parents drove out of the driveway and he went into the lounge at the rear of the house. Frankie had gone into the garden via the kitchen door. After a few minutes William glanced out of the French windows into the garden and saw Frankie aiming at something with what William thought was Frankie's water pistol. Then he realised that it was not a water pistol but a potato shooter. Now Frankie owned a water pistol; he did not own a potato gun. But William did!

"That little devil!" thought William, "He must have gone into my bedroom and took it! He's always taking my things!"

He dashed out into the garden and grabbed the gun from Frankie's hand.

"You've been in my room again taking my things again havn't you? That's my potato gun! How many times have I told you to keep out of my room and leave my things alone?"

Frankie put on an expression of innocence "I'm not hurting it!" he said.

"That's not the point! I've told you over and over again to keep out of my room!" Then remembering an expression he had often heard at school he added, "You need teaching a lesson my boy!"

Being bigger and stronger than Frankie, William got hold of him from behind under the armpits, lifted the lad off his feet, and carried him, kicking and protesting, into the kitchen. Once there he pulled a chair from under the table and then with one tug sent Frankie's shorts down to his ankles!

"I'm going to give you a good spanking!" William anounced as he pulled his brother across his knees.

Frankie's apologies and protests were of no avail! William was not going to miss an opportunity like this! That pert little bottom looked as if it had been especially designed for spanking!


"No-no-no! Stop William! Please William! I'm sorry! Stop-stop-stop!"


Aooooowl-aooooooowl You're h-h-hurt-t-ting me! Stop-stop!

William thought that Frankie was over-reacting. In any case he was not going to stop now; this was fun! He gave no thought to the fact that it was not much fun for poor Frankie!



Their parents had driven about three miles down the road.

"There's a post box in the supermarket." said Mrs Fox, "You can post that letter you said must go tonight in there."

"Oh! Drat it!" exclaimed her husband, "I forgot it! It's in my desk! We'll have to go back and get it!"

He turned the car round in a convenient side turning and headed back for home. It was a warm summer day and they had the car windows open. As soon as he switched the engine off outside the front door they could hear a commotion in progress inside the house.

"What on earth's going on?" shouted Mr Fox as they both dashed from the car.

They both made a beeline for the kitchen where the noise was coming from. William was so engrossed in what he was doing that he had not heard them. His parents were greeted with the sight of William heartily smacking Frankie's bare bottom!

"William!" yelled his father at the top of his voice, "Stop that at once!"

William, a guilty expression of horror on his face, immediately released his brother. The youngster, crying profusely, tried to run to his mother forgetting that his shorts were round his ankles and fell flat on his face! His mother picked him up.

"All right my love! Mummy's here! What's he doing to you! Come to the lounge with me."

She disappeared from the kitching trying to console her youngest son.

"What's the meaning of this William?" bellowed his enraged father, "Why were you hitting your brother?"

"I-I-I er-er! That is umm! He-he pinched my potato gun from my bedroom!" William managed to stammer out.

"I'll give you potato gun, you naughty boy! How could you hit your little brother! Go up to your room this instant and wait there!....... GO!" his father shouted at the top of his voice as he pointed with outstretched arm at the door.

Frankie, his mother caressing him in her arms, was eventually quietened down.

"You take the car and get the shopping on your own." suggested Mr Fox to his wife "And post my letter for me. These two can't be left alone together!"

"Alright dear. What are you going to do about William?"

"While you're gone I'm going to give him some of his own medicine!"

His wife readily agreed. She, like her husband, was feeling furious with William. She left the house and drove away down the road.

"Will you be alright down here on your own for a while Frankie?" asked Mr Fox of his youngest son, "You can watch the telly. I've got a few things to say to that brother of yours!"

"Yes dad. I'm alright now." replied Frankie, who did not want to delay the retribution!

Mr Fox went over to the fireplace and picked up one of his fireside slippers! It was not so much that he had a few things to say to William, but more that he had a few things to do to William!

William sat trembling on his bed wondering what was going to happen next. His father had never spanked him as such; just the odd light slap on the back of the legs when he has been much smaller., but he knew that this time it might be different. When his father entred his room with a slipper in his hand he knew that it was going to be different!

"Please dad! I didn't mean to hurt him...."

"Shut your mouth, boy! I'm going to teach you not to go round hitting your little brother! If anybody is going to do any spanking in this house it's going to be me and I intend to give you a demonstration right now!"

"No!...Please don't, dad. I'm sorry! Really I am dad!"

"Now you know what Frankie must have felt like! Get your trousers and underpants off William!"

William did not move.

"Do as I tell you or you'll feel one of my garden canes across your backside! GET THEM OFF!" shouted his father.

With his eyes already beginning to look watery, William began to remove the said articles of clothing. He could see that with the mood his father was in it would be all the worse for him if he disobeyed! He was hauled uncerimoniously across his father's lap and found himself staring at his bedroom carpet!

"Now you are going to find out what it is like to be spanked, my boy! You should be thourghly ashamed of yourself!"

William was! The slipper desended with a resounding CRACK!

"Aoooowl-aooooowl-aoooowl No dad! Please dad! I'm sorry dad!"

"You will be when I've finished with you!"


William howled with pain and flung his legs up, folding them across his bottom! His father lifted him up and put him across his left knee, trapping William's legs with his right thigh.

"Now try putting your legs up!"


William was squirming and screaming out in agony!



"Have you learned your lesson yet?"

"Arrrrrrrrrrgh-arrrrrrrrrgh! Y-y-y-y-hic-hic-y-yes dad. I'm s-s-s-sorry dad!"

"Alright! Don't you ever let me catch you hitting your brother again!"

His father lifted him up. Tears were streaming down his cheeks as he grabbed hold of his flaming red buns. Mr Fox just sat and watched him for a few minutes until he was over the worst of it.

"Now put your trousers on and come downstairs and apologise to Frankie."

William went down the stairs with his father close behind him. Still rubbing his bottom and still sobbing he was pushed into the lounge. This was going to be the second most painful part of the afternoon, - facing his brother while in this state! The broad grin on Frankie's face certainly did not help! Revenge is sweet!

"I-I-I-m s-s-s-sorry-hic" sniff! sniff! "F-F-Frankie!" he sobbed

Frankie's grin grew even broader! "Okay Billy!"

That was the final humiliation! Everybody knew that he resented being called "Bill" and positively hated being called "Billy." Under normal circumstances Frankie would not have dared to do it!

"Now shake hands with Frankie!" ordered his father.

That formality over, William was made to stand facing the wall until he had finished sobbing. He did not really mind facing the wall. It was infinetly better than having to face his father and brother!

But William's story is not yet over! TO BE CONTINUED.

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