His Own Medicine. Part Two

by Skinpang <Wacwell@bushinternet.com>

In Part One we learnt that William had spanked his younger brother, Frankie, and got a good hiding himself for so doing. We left him sobbing away facing the wall in the lounge.

William's tears dried up. His father ordered him to go up to his room to do his homework and not to come down until supper time. He picked up his satchel, only too pleased to get out of the way for a while. Once in his bedroom he took his English exercise book out of the satchel. His English master, Mr Warren, had told the class to write an essay for prep that night. William, however did not feel in the mood for writing essays! Sitting with an extremely sore bottom at his dressing table was proving to be somewhat uncomfortable and in any case he found that he could not concentrate on his work. Then he remembered! It was Wednesday and there was no English lesson on Thursdays. It had always seemed silly to him that the class got English prep on Wednesdays but no English lesson until Friday. He could skip his homework that night and do two lots on Thursday night. He was not allowed a television or computer in his bedroom - his computer was in a room downstairs - but he did have a radio. He got on his bed laying on his tummy - a more comfortable way round! - and listened to the music for the rest of the evening.

At breakfast on Thursday morning no mention was made of the events of the day before. William, however, sat through breakfast in complete silence, feeling too self-conscious to want to draw any attention to himself. On the few occasions he accidently made eye contact with Frankie his younger brother had a satisfied smirk on his face!

William was only too glad to get away from his family and go to school. The morning passed uneventfully until the last period of the morning, which was, or rather, was supposed to be, maths. To William's consternation it was Mr Warren who entered the classroom!

"I am afraid Mr Hughes is indisposed this morning!" the English master announced to the class, "As I was free for this period you will have the English lesson this morning and Mr. Hughes will conduct the maths lesson tomorrow in what should have been your English period!"

Mr Warren produced a bundle of large closely printed sheets of paper and walked round the class putting one on each boy's desk.

"This is an exercise in punctuation." he told them, "It is a short story in which all punctuation marks have been removed. I want you each to put your name at the top of the sheet and then fill in the missing punctuation marks. While you are doing that I will mark your essays which you wrote for prep last night. Pass your exercise books down to the front, please!"

William knew that he ought to own up straight away, but his hand just refused to go up! A small pile of books arrived from the desk behind him. With a funny feeling in the pit of his stomach he put his own book with the others and handed them to the boy in front of him. Concentrating on punctuation did not come easy to William. He kept glancing up at Mr Warren's desk where the heap of marked books was gradually getting bigger and the unmarked pile was getting smaller. At last the dreaded moment arrived!



"Why havn't you written your essay?"

"I-I-I wasn't very well last night sir!"

"Oh! I see!" said Mr Warren, "Well you know the rules. If there is any reason why a boy cannot do his prep he should bring a note from his parents explaining why. Have you such a note?"

"Er-er! No sir!" william blurted out, "They forgot!"

"They forgot! And didn't you remind them?"

"I forgot, sir!"

"Your family seem to be a very forgetful lot!" said Mr Warren sarcastically, "Perhaps you had better explain all this to the headmaster!"

Mr Warren rose from his desk and went to the door.

"Carry on with your work until I get back!" he told the class as he left the room.

A hoard of beaming faces turned to look at William!

"You're for it, Foxy!" said one boy, William thinking the same thing!

Mr Warren returned. "You are to go and see the headmaster at once, Fox!"

The number of times William had seen other boys take that lonely walk down the aisle between the desks on their way to the execution chamber! Now he was doing it, all eyes upon him. The few yards seemed like a mile! He tried to put on a brave face. All those who had made the journey before him had tried to put on a brave face. Most had come back with a very different face and a very warm bottom! He knocked on the headmaster's door and entered when told to do so.

"Ah! Fox! So you were not very well last night and forgot to bring a note from your parents. What was wrong with you?" asked the headmaster.

"I-er-er-er had a sort of headache sir!"

"A sort of one! Did your mother give you anything for it?"

"Yes sir! an aspirin."

"I see!" said the headmaster, "And you have no note. Well, I had better telephone your mother and confirm this. What is your home telephone number?"

"I-I-I-i don't think she is at home this morning sir!" said William hopefully, knowing full well that she was!

"Well, there is no harm in trying. What is your number?"

William realised that he was getting deeper and deeper into the mire. There was only one thing for it; he would have to tell the truth and take what whatever was coming to him! He plucked up all the courage he could muster.

"I-I'm sorry sir. I didn't have a headache sir! I thought I wouldn't have to hand the essay in until tomorrow so I was going to do do it tonight."

"You have been lying to me, haven't you Fox?"

William put his hand on his stomach as it gave another flutter!

"Yes sir! Very sorry sir!"

"You will be, boy! You were just being lazy last night, were you not?"

"Yes sir!"

"Well Fox! I could have forgiven you not doing your prep considering that you would not normally have to hand it in until Friday, if you had told the truth from the start. But I cannot forgive you for lying to both Mr Warren and myself. I would normally get my cane out to any boy who lies to me, but in your case I am prepared to take into account your exemplary behavior since you joined this school. I will be a little more lenient and give you a spanking instead!"

While this would be infinitely better than the cane, it was well known that the headmaster's spankings were no tea party! His hobby was weight lifting and he had thick muscular arms! Also, unlike the cane or the slipper, he always administered spankings on the bare!

"Remove your trousers and underwear Fox!" he ordered.

William removed the said clothing. He just went limp and submissive as he was laid across the headmaster's knees, and his body fell automatically into the classic otk shape. He felt his shirt tail being pulled up and tucked under his pullover.

"Your posterior is very red, Fox! What is the cause of that?"

"My dad gave me the slipper last night sir!" said William, deciding that he had better stick to the truth from now on.

"Really! Does he often do that to you?"

"No sir! It was the first time sir!"

"And what did you do to deserve that?"

"I hit my younger brother sir!"

"Did you indeed! Why did you hit him?"

"He had taken my potato gun from my bedroom sir."

"So you punched your brother!"

"No sir, I slapped him!"

"You slapped him! Where?"

"In the kitchen sir!"

"I don't mean that Fox! Whereabouts on his body?"

William swallowed hard! "On-on-on his bottom sir!"

"Oh! You spanked him did you? Well, you are certainly getting it back in good measure, arn't you?"

"Yes sir!"

Carrying on a conversation while straddled across the headmaster's lap and with a spanking in the offing was not doing any favours to William's nerves!

"Well! Your tender looking backside merely means that the spanking I am about to give you will hurt even more than it would have done!" explained the headmaster.

There was a loud CRACK! as that hugh hand descended on William's already well punished rump. He gave a jolt. The headmaster had been quite correct when he said it would hurt more. To William the sting felt worse than the previous night's slippering!


William was gritting his teeth and clenching his fists in an effort to prevent himself calling out. But it was stinging stinging stinging! Oh boy! how it was stinging!


That was the one that did it! The crying did not start gradually. William simply exploded into tears! It did nothing to deter the headmaster!

"You have two more to come!" the headmaster informed him.


William was brought back to his feet. He was given no time to compose himself or rub those frying buns!

"Get your trousers back on! Immediately! Or I'll give you another spanking!"

Hastily William dressed himself. He certainly did not want a second dose!

"Now go straight back to your classroom!"

Now William was at last able to provide his bottom with a consoling rub as he went down the corridor to his classroom! The sea of expectant faces were not to be disappointed! They surveyed the tear drenched figure that entered the classroom.

"What did you get?" asked a grinning Mr Warren, "Cane?....Slipper?"

William shook his head. "N-n-n-n-no-s-s-s-sir!" he sobbed.

"Oh! A hand spanking! That's on the bare bottom, isn't it?"

"Y-y-y-y-yes-s-sir!" William replied to an accompanying peel of laughter.

"Right! Go to your place and sit down..........If you can!" - Another peel of laughter!

William had learnt his lesson the hard way. But like all adventures and troubles during the years of youth, time is a great forgetter!. He and Frankie soon became the best of brotherly friends again and at school his classmates soon had others to watch making that dreaded walk to the headmaster's office. He did not regret finding out what a good hiding was like, but he was in no hurry to try another! He had not lost his enthusiasm for spanking - providing somebody else was getting it! He could now see the meaning of the old saying - "It's better to give than to receive!"

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