More Fun with Sean and Jase!

by Sean <>

More kewl stuff with me and Jason!

Get this: I was on my way back from school the other day, and I noticed a little sporting goods store that was was going out of business, like EVERYTHING 40% off. Well, anybody who has read much about us dewds, or read my stories KNOWS that we really get into, er .., well ..., sports equipment, like big-time. So, I got a Speedo, some Umbro shorts, and a couple of jocks (can't have too many jocks!) really cheap. Also some t-shirts and Nike shoes.

Jase got a couple of pairs of football pants, the really thin nylon ones. One pair is shiny white spandex. When he puts on a jock underneath them, you can see the straps! Yum! He is pretty big and muscular, with a really tight, round ass, and he looks SOOOOOO FINE in them. Jason found the place and got the white ones for him and a blue pair, with a Dallas Cowboys logo on the left side, for me (I have them on now, and nothing else). He said he had a boner all the way home.

When I got back from school, Jase was wearing them. I got really turned on, and we had to play "Naughty Athlete", with Jason as the miscreant football star. First, I made him bend over a chair, and gave him about 20 good licks with our frat paddle. His butt was pink enough to notice through the tight spandex. Then, I put him over my knees and worked his tight ass over good with the ping pong paddle. That had us both turned on: you should have seen the bulge at his crotch (and the one in my jeans)! I undid the laces (I love those laces!) slowly, and pushed his pants down to his knees. His _c_o_c_k_ was straining in his jock strap, and there was a BIG wet spot in the thin, ribbed fabric.

When he bent over my lap, I could see that his butt was really red. I paddled him until it was deep red, then spanked him with my hand. He kept saying "Please, coach! I'll be a good boy!"; that turned me on, too. Finally, I let him up and pulled down his jock and gave him a blow job. I just barely started to suck him and he came like crazy, shaking and groaning.

I put on Jason's old wrestling singlet, and he put his football pants back on. Then, I got to be the "Naughty Wrestler". I was naked under the singlet, and the thin nylon felt SOOO good against my _c_o_c_k_ and balls.

Jason put me over his knee and paddled my tight little butt hard. It hurt like hell, through the sheer spandex. I begged for mercy (so he paddled harder!). Then he pulled the straps off my shoulders and the suit to my knees.

"Not my bare butt! Please, Coach!" I pleaded, but he held me down tight and blistered my bare ass, first with the ping pong paddle and then with his hand. I was so turned on by the fire in my bottom and the feel of my hard _d_i_c_k_, rubbing against his football pants, that I couldn't hold it back and shot off while he was spanking me. It was wild!

That wasn't all, either. We decided to go out to a gay dance club that night. Jason wore his football pants and a jock. I wore the wrestling suit under my jeans (try it ... it's delicious the way it tugs on you!). Jason got a lot of comments about how hot he looked. Guys kept slapping his butt. We got really turned on, dancing, and, when we went home, I got another good spanking and Jase _f_u_c_k_ed my burning ass. Talk about a fun, _s_e_x_y night!!!

The next day, we went back to the shop and Jase bought a wrestling suit that fit (his old one is too small for him now) and I got some white football pants (only mine aren't shiny like his, but they're thin and fit well, and they have LACES!). We both had boners all the way home. Then, I got the third HARD spanking in two days, first, through my new football pants and then in just my jock. True to form, I shot off in my jock, while Jason whipped my skinny ass! Ow! My butt was still tender when I went to class on Monday.

So, we decided to save it for posterity ... I stopped at Wal-Mart and bought a Polaroid camera, on sale. I took pictures of Jase in his football pants, and he took some of me in his old wrestling suit (with a big boner!). then we took pictures of each other, over the knees, first in our sports gear and then in jocks. The pictures didn't come out too good, but the ones of Jason in football pants looks great, and my skinny ass, over his knees, is VERY red! We decided to maybe get a friend to take some better ones, later. I still have to find someone to scan the ones we have, and then I will post them for everyone to see. Sorry we haven't done this already, but Jason was kind of hesitant, when I came up with the idea. Now, he thinks it's a great turn-on.

Well, that;s about all for now. As you can guess, there is a BIG bulge in my blue football pants. Jason won't be home for a couple of hours yet. I'm afraid I might just have to loosen these laces up and ... well, you know. I can't help it: it's the feel of spandex!

Of course, if he finds out that I have been jacking off, he'll be mad. I'll probably get a good licking. I'll probably enjoy it, too!

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