The Spank Club Ii.....A Long Night Indeed

by Jeffrey R Keller, Md <>

The Spank Club was busy on the Friday night that I visited. It was heartwarming to see the special interest that was being taken by Dads at this spanking Co-op.....or perhaps I should say ass-warming. Some dads used the spank club for special punishments while others used it on a regular basis. Tonight, there was a "bakers dozen" of miscreants getting an attitude adjustment. Upon the tearful departure of Ben, Jake and John Mayhew were brought in. Jake and John are identical twins, aged 14 and are also patients of mine. Jake is a swimmer at Winslow Country Club and on the Winslow HS swim team. John is a Cross Country runner and on the diving team. Their dad, Larry, brought his sons to the clubhouse naked. With temps outside in the low 50s, and having to await their turn outside, the boys were definitely chilly when they were brought in. The little space heater had taken some of the chill of the room, but it was still on the cool side. Larry made the boys make the rounds shaking the hands of the attendees in the room. Both boys were quick to recognize me and shook my hand....."Hello Dr. Keller....." I am sure they were embarrassed about me being there, but it wasnt like I had not seen them naked before unlike most of the other adults in the room. But the room was filled with a number of men that they had to be introduced to and I would think introductions when you are the only ones naked is awkward, at best. Both boys had almost identical proportions. As memory serves me, they are 58, 128 lbs. Being athletic, they are broad shouldered with narrow waists, size 28 and no fat. I mention this because carrying baby fat early in adolescence is not uncommon even for an active boy. They are both circumcised and have good sized testicles for their age. When I examined them earlier this summer, their gonads were 16 on the orchidometer. Both were in Stage 2 of development with pubic hair but not very dense. Four months later and they had not progressed that much further.

Larry found his boys had been drinking beer. At first they steadfastly denied it but he knew that the cans he found in the garbage were not his brand. Still unanswered was how they got the beer.....what money did they use and what store sold it to them? He had both boys stand in front of him and asked him about where they got the beer. They both gave no response. With a very stern warning he looked at them coldly and really want me to beat it out of you? Still no response. Larry ordered his boys to move the padded steel gray desk out to the center of the room and had each boy go to either end and lay across its padded top grasping each others arms around the elbows. This put their heads with inches of each other. "Look at your brother" was all he said and the each strained to stare back at the other. "Right now, you are getting 30. But before I start counting I am gonna keep wailing away at your asses until you answer me where you got the beer and to make it a bit more stimulating, I am using this until you tell me what I want to know. With that, Larry took a bundle of switches that he must have pulled from the tree outside. He swished the meaty strands through the air and they made an almost siren like noise. Both boys flinched dramatically. I wanna know who you got the beer from .....Im gonna ask you once. Then I start loosening up your tongue with this (swish) and remember as I begin carving up your butts with this, you still have 30 with the belt coming......There was a long pause as the boys looked at each other but gave no response. "Very well......let me know when you feel like answering......" With that Larry started to walk around the two boys..... "Spread those legs boys.....nice and wide and if you move your legs back you know what will happen: We did not know but apparently they did. because it almost looked like they were trying to dig their toes into the concrete. The room grew very quiet. All you could hear was the gentle sound of the wind blowing through the almost bare trees outside and the methodical footsteps of Larry as he circled his boys well presented backsides carrying a very mean looking bundle of switches. It reminded me a bit of the kids game you played at birthdays....Musical Chairs only there was no music other than the monotone swishing noise of the implement and there were no chairs.....just Larry circling his prey like a hungry, angry shark. Without so much as pausing his pace, he finally struck hitting one of the boys squarely on the buttocks. While the twins do have visual differences that do distinguish them apart, Im afraid that I am never certain which is which. But the squeal was loud and the single red mark across the snow white ass appeared rapidly. Larry bypassed the next boy going full circle again before finally making his first cut on the other son which was followed by loud, noticeable hiss. " you know what you are going to feel until you give me names." With that he moved to his original target. Pausing, he took up position behind and to the left of the still mostly white backside. "Ready John?" There was no response other than a visible clenching of brothers Jakes arms: "THWAP!....3 seconds.....THWAP!....3 seconds.....THWAP!....3 seconds.....THWAP!.....3 seconds.....THWAP! All five lashings landed approximately the same spot on Johns ass which was now showing raised welts and a broadening red area radiating from the wounds. Johns response to each lash was sharp and increase grunt as each landing made its mark. By the fifth, his hissing had turned to sharp screams and his head was bobbi! ng with each lash. Further his squeezing of Jakes arms was visibly hurting his brother. Larry moved determinedly behind Jake paused and took his position. THWAP!....3 seconds......THWAP!....3 seconds....THWAP!....3 seconds....THWAP!....3 seconds....THWAP!.... Both boys were now sobbing in mutual misery. Both had well bruised welts on their buttocks. But, both boys held their positions allowing only their heads to turn and bob. "Now boys, I am going to ask this question once again. Before you decline to give me an answer think about how your asses feel right now and how they will feel after you get the promised 30 with the strap and whether you want to entertain additional lashes. You have each gotten five. The next round is going to be ten..... And I wont even start the 30-count with my belt till I get names....."

Larry knows how to raise the stakes. He knows how to administer pain and use the threat of additional pain to get to the truth. Neither John nor Jake wanted to add any more to their already raw butts battered by just five. Especially knowing their impending date with the strap. John gave out a name: Trace Jankowski. I know Trace. He is a patient of mine also and his dad owns the local grocery store. Larry moved to the middle of the desk where both boys heads were: "You mean Trace gave you the beer?" The response from Matt: Yeah. "Is that true Jake?" Answer: Yes sir. "Good.....we will have a discussion with Mr. Jankowski after we are done here. But now, you have 30 coming boys in sets of five...."

Mr. Mayhew eased the belt he was wearing from his waist. It was a middling quality leather type belt that was about 2 inches wide. This time, he moved behind Jake. As he was about to start he said to Jake: "Hold your position son" Jake reset his wide stance and was about to say something.....getting out: please....Dad when Mr. Mayhew let loose with his first five volleys with the now folded in half strap: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! rapid fire without any pause all aimed at Jakes upper thighs. Jake screamed and at one point banged his head on the padded desk. But he held his position. Mr. Mayhew moved quickly to position himself behind John and with just as much determination and speed let loose a volley of five assaults aimed at Johns thighs: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! John screamed like a scalded banshee. His thighs reddened quickly, slowly growing more angry as the intensity of the lashings caught up with the nerve endings.

The audience which had been stone silent up to this point started to murmur their appreciation for the intensity of the beating as well as the flinching obedience of his boys as they held position. It was hard to see who was making the comments behind me but I could hear them clearly: "Thats delivering a message."

"Yeah.....and there are 25 more to come too."

"Wait till he lights up their still glowing ass cheeks.....they are gonna really feel those."

"Yeah.....we may need to cover our ears once he starts on those tender cheeks...."

"You mean tenderized, dont you?" (laughter) ..... "there is something to be said about a plain old belt really gets the message across quickly....."

Larry moved back behind Jake: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! --rapid fire strikes aimed just above the tenderized area of his ass. Jake raised his head and his chest part way up before his brother held him down. Then.....moving to position himself behind John: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! --same response but with a sharper scream. From my vantage point, I could see Jakes testicles rise up as he screamed, legs trembling partially out of fear and partially in response to the excruciating pain. I was thinking to myself that if he pulled his nuts up any higher, he was going to give himself a hernia.

"Ten down boys" was all Larry said.. I am sure they could do the math. Moving to behind Jake, Mr. Mayhew took aim and this time his target were the horizontal weals on the center of Jakes ass cheeks: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! That did it! Jake moved his legs together and rose up off the desk while screaming like he has just been branded. Even I was grimacing at this point. Only half way done with their punishment.....these boys were really getting it. "You moved Jacob.....You get two specials at the end....unless you move again. John.....lets see how you obey....." With that he moved behind John. Both boys now openly and loudly crying..still holding on to each others arms..... "boys.....I want you to look directly at each other from this point. I want you to see it as well as feel it." The boys moved their heads and in doing so raised their bodies slightly off the desk, arching their backs and presenting a more inviting target for their now very red asses. Taking aim at Jakes bruised center buttocks: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Jake screamed but he held his position.

Moving back to John without any comment or further fanfare: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! Mike screamed but held his place staring at his brother as ordered. Back to Jake: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! To John again: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! ....and moving back to Jake: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

The boys had ten more coming and Larry was moving with deliberate speed to deliver: Going back to Jake who is now openly pleading with his dad, he nevertheless held his position over the desk, legs apart looking directly into his brothers eyes: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! --These targeted the same area of the buttocks that had been tenderized. Staying behind Jake, he deliver his final five in a medley that covered the entire area randomly: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

Moving to John, he took aim once more at his raw buttocks: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! And then again in a random fusillade: WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP!

"OK can get up now....." And with that both boys raised from their prone position burying their faces by cupping their arms over their eyes. Their posteriors were both an angry red from top of the ass cheeks to the lower thighs. Larry in a commanding voice so he could be heard over their crying said: "Jake you have two specials coming, get into position on the desk.....John, grab hold of his legs. Jake started begging but Larry simply said: "You want that two to become four son?" Jake moved to the desk and laid on his back, raising his legs. John grabbed his legs by his ankles and moved them back to Jakes ears. Larry took his belt and stretched it out and grabbed it so that about 6 inches extended and proceeded to give two well-placed whacks to Jakes scrotum: Whack! ......Whack!

Now we knew why those boys tried to hard to hold their positions. Now we know why they were trying to dig holes in the concrete with their toes. Jake screamed and John grimaced. But it was all over very quickly. With that, Mr. Mayhew told his sons to go wait for him in the car and off they went, still naked just as they had come in. Larry stopped long enough to talk to one of the Dads to check on the address of the Jankowskis. I heard him say: "We are going to make a stop on the way home and see if Mr. Jankowski knows his son is breaking the law....."

Frankly, I had seen enough. I found watching these punishments emotionally draining. But, as an invited guest, I also felt an obligation to stay to see all of the boys punished. By my count, I still had 11 more to go.

I stepped outside to get some air. With that, I heard 3 of the dads steering their boys inside. I guess seeing the time, someone got the idea to hurry up the spankings by doing them in groups. That was fine by me though I cant say for certain how the boys felt. I moved back in and saw 3 boys now naked --two bent over the desk similar to how Jake and John were and one bent over the padded horse. The dads were hard at work delivering their counseling and the boys were responding appropriately with screams indicating that they truly did regret whatever it was that had gotten them their invites to the Spank Club this Friday night.

It wasnt long before they were escorted out and in came George Landers. George is well known in Winslow as the former Mayor and owner of the local Real Estate business. George is an older man and his son Winston (nicknamed Goose is 17. Goose is also a patient of mine. He is a tall, lanky boy who is on the Varsity high school team as a Forward. Goose is 64, 180 lbs and you can tell he spends a great deal of time working out at the gym. Unfortunately, for Goose, his dad came home early today and surprised Goose who was working out on his girlfriend. George has a heart condition and in addition to that has terrible bursitis so he did not feel that he could deal adequately with Goose. So, he engaged the services of ex-marine John Ridenhour who was standing amongst the audience till now observing the white asses being moved in and the red ones being moved out. George asked John to do the honors on Goose. There was this awkward moment as Goose stood there in his jeans and Sum-41 tee shirt and waited as his father entered into discussions with John. Then, John moved up to Goose and with George standing next to him addressed Goose: " Son, your father has asked me to give you a severe punishment for engaging in _s_e_x_ with your girlfriend. I told him that I would do so but that I would call the shots. You have 60 seconds to get yourself naked including that gaudy jewelry you are wearing. Every second you miss over the 60 will add one additional stroke to your punishment." Goose.....starting to strip down looked at John and asked how much of a punishment am I going to get? John responded: "your dad has left it up to me. I want to see your ass before I decide but I am thinking for an offense as serious as yours.....50 with my belt. Goose momentarily froze before he remembered that the clock was already ticking but you can see he was calculating in his mind how he was going to withstand an onslaught of 50 lashes with a belt. John, in the mean time was going over to the padded horse and getting ! it set u p. Within the 60 seconds, Goose stripped down to nothing taking off his gold necklace and his watch, giving them to his dad to hold. Goose is a fine looking young man. He has an excellent physique, broad shoulders and the early stages of hair developing on his chest. He has size 15 feet which show the muscular signs of a good athlete. John positioned the padded horse more to the center of the room and told Goose to place his belly button on the padded top. Goose complied and John proceeded to methodically position the boy exactly as he wanted him....legs well spaced, spared out, legs extended, hands grabbing the forward legs. John showed his expertise and showed no hesitation in handling Goose in some very sensitive areas. This was part of his psychological conditioning of the boy and I was very impressed as he quickly let him know who was boss. He stroked his inner thighs and at one point cupped his testicles and moved his penis so it was bent down and away from the top of the horse. He grabbed his ankles and moved the legs to his liking. He placed his hands on the boys shoulders and slowly stroked down to his lower back sending a noticeable chill. He took his time. Then with a ceremonial flare, John removed his belt....a black, two-inch wide leather model and folded it in two. He then positioned himself behind Goose and said to him: "I want you to start tell your dad how sorry you are while I start to redden your butt.:" Goose did not quite understand but the first two blows were delivered with military style to the sweet spot below the ass cheeks and Goose quickly started to scream. "I said.....tell your father how sorry you are for your actions. I want you talking to your dad while I am administering your punishment and those two you received are not going to count to the fifty I plan to kiss your ass with...." Goose was soon trying to speak in sentences but with great difficulty as John rained down a volley of snapping strokes of the belt delivered in a methodical but dispersed locations! on the boys ass. SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!.... SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! SCHWACK!

Goose got ten well placed, well delivered imprints on his ass and was now screaming his head off. John showed he was no stranger to authoritative use of the belt. He delivered the blows absent any emotion. He took a pause as he removed his sweatshirt, rolled up his sleeves and then carefully walked around this now crying 17 year old. Once again, he made skin contact.....rubbing his hand down the back of the boy and then feeling his glowing hot globes. "Tell your dad how you are going to make this up to him while I continue to teach you the consequences of your actions....." SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!.... SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! SCHWACK! John once again delivered his blows with military precision. And Goose was thrashing his head side to side and up and down with each blow. I noticed how John moved a step pack as he positioned some of the blows high up in the inner thighs. Once again, he paused, walked around the positioned boy and stopped and once again moved his legs further apart putting a noticeable strain on Gooses face. "I want you to stay extra wide for this next set, you hear me? Dont even think of moving those toes. " With that he launched yet another set of blows this time aimed at the anus and surrounding delicate tissues: SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!.... SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! SCHWACK! Goose was now begging for mercy but John was showing none and I noticed his Dad if anything was smiling while watching his son struggle to accept Johns punishment.

Once again, a pause. Once again, a slow, methodical walk around the boy and once again a slight repositioning.....this time moving his legs closer to the horses legs raising the boys buttocks in the air.....and giving him a better angle at the sweet spot: SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!.... SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! SCHWACK! The now crimson ass cheeks were starting to show more vivid purples and dark reds and Goose was now sobbing continually, but his screams less plaintive. John has broken the boy. The last ten was going to be the most important as he taught Goose the meaning of a sound thrashing so he remembered it the next time he felt _s_e_x_ual urges.....

SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!....SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK!.... SCHWACK! ....SCHWACK! SCHWACK! Upon deliver of the final set, John told Goose to remain in position. He put his belt back on, took his sweatshirt and put it back on and then said to the boy in firm tones: go over to your dad, apologize to him for disrespecting him and say it loud and convincing so I dont need to further intervene......

.....and so Goose did. faced, not to mention red assed.....tears in his a little boy.....stood in front of his father and apologized for violating one of his rules. It was a Kodak moment. And all of us were very impressed at how this young ex marine took charge and delivered a very powerful statement to the ass of a disobedient 17 year old boy who probably thought he was too old to be punished.

There was still quite a few waiting there turn over the desk or over the knee or over the horse but it was getting late and I had to go home and take the family out for dinner as promised. I made my rounds saying my good-byes and left with a new appreciation for what we are accomplishing here at Winslow. It really does take a village and this small town in very short order brought a new reality to the boys who live here. That reality was a deeper understanding of the consequences of doing bad.

Laughing to myself as I drove home.....I was thinking I may have stumbled upon the next great franchise......McDonalds......Starbucks....and The Spank Club!

Questions are welcomed at pedprac@yahoo. com. And a warm salute to a dedicated soul who single-handedly brought Corporal punishment back to life.....MMSA Stories. We will miss you, my friend.

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